Best Garage Storage Shelves For 2020

If you belong to a typical, traditional family, the chances are that every room of your house is well decorated except the garage. This space is one of the most neglected spots in almost every house. In fact, one of the most nostalgic features of a home is a messy, unorganized garage. Sad but true.



However, organization and storage were not as simple ten years ago as they are now. Today there are tens and hundreds of ways to assemble your stuff and make your garage look neat. Various kinds of shelves can maximize storage garage and give you more space to store your stuff.




1. What You Need to Know About Garage Storage Shelves

Garage storage shelves



Garage storage shelves are like any other storage compartments that you can use to store extra things that you do not use too often. Instead of being placed in your lounge or even in your backyard, they are placed inside your garage. This allows you to put tools and other garage related things in an organized way.




2. Why You Need Garage Storage Shelves

Why you need garage storage shelves?



Storage shelves that you place inside the house or in your backyard might not be ideal for the storage of mechanical tools and such items. Garage Storage Shelves can be used to organize, assemble, and store garage tools that you do not need every day, but whenever you do need them, you should know where to find them. Garages are commonly fairly untidy. A tool or gadget once lost in there can be very difficult to locate again. So, garage storage shelves can be very useful as they will help you keep everything out of sight, but within reach when you need any of the items.




3. The Ultimate Checklist Before Buying Garage Storage Shelves

There are plenty of things you need to know about storage shelves, particularly, garage storage shelves. These things are important because storage is not only particular to every space and individual needs. It is also an investment you want to be thoughtful about. 



Some of the things you need to know about garage storage shelves before you buy one for yourself include the size of your garage and the space available in it. 



Figure out the space you need for your storage purposes and then buying shelves that fulfill your requirements. 




Estimate the number of compartments you think you might need to organize your tools. 



Quality & Design

The build quality and design of the garage storage shelves also matter a lot when you buy one. These, and many more things, should be kept in mind before you make your decision about what storage shelves you will be buying for yourself.




4. Types of Garage Storage Shelves

When it comes to storage shelves, there are tens and hundreds of different kinds of storage shelves available out there. Similarly, there is a large variety of different types of garage storage shelves as well. All these different types of garage shelves are for different uses, and each of them fulfills different purposes. We will briefly go through some types of garage storage shelves.


These are racks that you put up on walls. You can easily install them on your own without needing any help. They come with high-quality screws in the box. They are small but are pretty durable. The high-quality material makes sure that the shelves do not fall or bend.
These are shelves that provide compartments for storage of tools and also provide a flat table-top surface for you to sit and work on. It is made of excellent sturdy material and will easily hold anything that you choose to store on it. Plus, it comes with a workbench that you can use to do any of the jobs and tasks that you might have to do in the garage, such as fixing or breaking things.
They focus less on the looks and a lot more on the duty they are supposed to perform, holding your storage items. There are so many options that it is challenging for some to pick the best heavy-duty shelf for garage storage. These storage shelves usually have three or five compartments, and each one is durable enough to bear a weight of minimum 800lb.
There are many affordable plastic shelves for garage storage available. These are a little less sturdy than the heavy-duty shelves, but if you do not need all the sturdiness, these might do the trick for you. These will also be pretty helpful if you are in search of a garage storage shelf but have a low budget because these storage shelves are pretty cheap. It will not rust, stain, or dent. 

Modern shelves for garage storage are adequately equipped to store your items without taking up a lot of space. Not only does this have a lot of opportunities for storage, but it also takes up less of your garage space. 

When it comes to utilizing the space to its utmost potential, why let the garage space above your head go to waste? Just get yourselves an overhead garage storage shelf and start storing more items. It can be used for storage, or even decoration by putting seasonal flowers on it. The main idea is that an overhead garage storage shelf will just fit onto the ceiling and provide you some extra space to put your unnecessary things away.


Pull out shelves for garage storage are basically shelves that have sliding compartments. They not only maximize your garage storage but also look pretty neat. This gives your garage a very neat look as most of the things that you put into those compartments are pretty much out of sight. The fewer things you see, the cleaner it looks. 
An adjustable garage storage shelf not only helps you maximize garage storage but also helps you organize garage storage shelves. Adjustable garage storage shelves are racks or any other kind of garage storage shelves that you can manually alter according to the space you have and your need. In most cases, manually adjusting your garage storage shelf is pretty simple and can easily be done without needing much help. 


Hanging storage is one of the best ways to assemble your items without taking up a lot of space on the floor. Keep them in your reach, but keep them away from piling up under your feet. It is washable and very durable. Very suitable to store your garage clothes, shoes, and aprons. You can get rid of a lot of your smaller items piling around. 



5. Benefits Of Building Your Own Wooden Garage Storage Shelves

Wooden garage storage shelves

There are many benefits of building your own wooden garage storage shelves. The first and most apparent benefit would be the reduced costs. Building your own wooden garage storage shelves would cost you a lot less than what you would have to pay if you bought one from the market.



Another benefit of building your own storage shelves would be that you can customize the design to whatever you like. Just get some standard size of wood used for garage storage shelf and you can make as many compartments as you want, the shape of the shelf, the size and everything else about it depends completely on you. you can customize it with the best garage paint color, so you don’t have to just buy one from the market and work with it.



You can build your own garage storage shelves according to your personal preferences and needs. Get creative.




6. How To Organize Garage Storage Shelves

How to organize garage storage shelves




Given the garage storage shelves are themselves meant to be a source of organization, there is always a proper way to store your items on them. To maximize garage storage, it is best if you categorize and separate the things that you want to put on the shelves. You can do this by using organizing boxes and differentiate different categories of items that you want to store. 



For example, assign a different box for your toolkit and a different one for nails and screws. This will not only make your garage look more organized, but it will make it easier for you to locate things in a hurry. It is especially practical and useful for items that are small enough to be lost easily.




7. How To Utilize Garage Storage Shelves

These shelves can be utilized to store items suitable for a particular spot. This means that shelf that can hold more weight can be used for storing heavier items. Shelves that are not as sturdy can hold lighter pieces of equipment and supplies. The right way to utilize garage storage shelves is to decide which shelf is meant for what kind of storage items so that you can fulfill the purpose of storage without breaking or messing anything up. 




8. The Do’s And Don’ts For Your Garage Storage Shelves?

do's and don'ts


Like everything else, there are certain Garage shelves do’s and don’ts.



  • Make sure you measure your space and then decide what you want to store in it. Be smart with the space you have. Utilize it to its maximum capacity but don’t overfill it.
  • Remember that almost every empty space is a potential storage space. No matter how small or big it is, there is always something that you can store in a particular spot of a garage. Empty walls and spacious corners can be filled with racks and hooks. You can hang items like keys, belts, and ropes, and get them out of the way while being easily accessible. 




  • Do not pile up the floor. Keep the ground as spacious and as organized as you can. You don’t want to trip over your own storage items and break something. Similarly, do not hoard items. Make sure you de-clutter every once in a while and only keep the stuff you need. Keeping extra and unnecessary items in your storage will only give you stress and make the place look messy.
  • Do not keep breakable items in your garage shelf. Remember to keep fragile possessions or items from the other rooms of the houses away from your garage. A garage storage shelf is no place for easily breakable items if there is a lot of activity going on over there at all times. 


Keeping in mind these garage shelves do’s and don’ts, you can build yourself an efficient shelf.



Garage Storage Shelves Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




There are lots and lots of questions that people have in mind regarding garage storage shelves and even about garages in general. Answering all of them might not be possible. But here are a few answers to some frequently asked questions about garage storage shelves.



1. How Deep Should the Garage Shelves Be?

The most common, and probably the best answer to this garage storage shelves FAQ would be that the depth of the garage shelves should be whatever suits you best. It should be according to your likings and your needs.



Still, the depth of the garage shelves should be such that they safely store items without the items seeming to be hidden in them. In a garage, 16″ would probably be ideal for storing large items and 12″ would be ideal for small items. If you want to maximize garage storage, then you might even want to go for adjustability.



2. What Is the Standard Size of Wood Use for Garage Storage Shelf?

This is another interesting garage storage shelves FAQ. There are so many different types of materials that people use for making storage shelves for their garages. There is no ‘standard’ size when it comes to the wood that you use to make storage shelves. But most commonly, people will opt for ¾ inch plywood. This is probably the favorite among people who build their own garage storage shelves.



3. Should I Paint My Garage Wall Storage?

It comes down to personal preference when you talk about colors. If you like the color of the wall storage, there is no apparent reason to paint it at all. But if you don’t like the way the shelves go with the walls of your garage, go ahead and be creative. Look through the choices and select the best garage paint color that matches your theme. Just make sure that the paint you use will not do any damage to the material of your storage shelves. In that case, just leave it as it is.



4. How Tall Are The Garage Doors?

The standard garage doorsare about 7 feet high. This is enough for most cars, but, of course, there always are a few exceptions. If you own one of those trucks that have racks or own a vehicle with a rack on top of it, then 7 feet garage doorsprobably won’t be enough for you. You will need taller garage doorsin that case.



5. Make Your Supplies Organized Using Metal Garage Storage Shelves

One of the most popular materials for storage shelves is metal, such as steel or aluminum. These are well popular because of their strength as well as durability. They can hold a lot of weight as well as a lot of your storage items without collapsing or denting. However, some people may not like the idea of having sturdy shelves with edged corners. 



These people include families who have children for the elderly with balance problems since they have a higher chance of being injured through these shelves. 



If you think metal will start to rust and ruin your storage, you may want to consider rust-proof metal shelves available on the market.



6. Tips How To Build DIY Garage Storage Shelves

If you don’t want to invest in market bought storage shelves, you get easily make your own Modern shelves for garage storage at home. DIY garage storage shelves are an easy way to make customized storage space for your individual needs and preferences. Simply take standard size of wood use for garage storage shelf or wooden slabs of your required measurements and stick them to the wall. Make sure you know what weight they can hold so that you store items of appropriate size.



Another easy way to create some DIY space in your garage is to mount old draws on the wall and add hooks to them. This will act as small wall-mount shelves to store your items, and the hooks will give you separate space to hang more things like keys and shopping bags. You can choose the best garage paint color according to your liking and finish it off.



7. Cool Hacks To Maximize Your Garage Storage

Smart hacks always come in handy when you have limited space and want to get the most use out of it. Adding hooks and racks to the inside of drawers and cabinets are some of the best garage shelf space saving hacks that can give you more space while keeping your items hidden and private. You can add a hook to the back of a cabinet door and store your important keys so that they can be organized and safe. 



Using old jars and containers to store your garage items like nails and screws is also, and important hack to save money as well as space in the house. These jars and containers will probably be lying somewhere else in the house, taking up crucial storage space. 



8. Space Saving Designs of Garage Storage Shelves

Apart from the size of the shelf, creative shelf designs also help organize more stuff without taking up a lot of space. They are one of the best garage shelf space saving hacks. Such designs include pull out drawers and cabinets, layers, shelves with hooks, cubes, and drawers.



You want to keep the items stored away while taking up the least amount of storage space in the room. Shelves with compartments and drawers can help you accomplish this. Rotating shelves are another innovative design to store more items in a space-saving way. They take up a limited amount of space while having more storage compartments.



9. Types Of Ceiling Bracket For Your Garage Storage

As discussed earlier, every space is potential storage space in the garage, even the ceiling. Adding hooks and brackets overhead can clear a lot of space on the walls and the ground and keep your items organized. Different kinds of ceiling brackets are appropriate for individual storage needs.



Each of them has their own weight capacity and durability. There are individual brackets for casual, light-weight items such as ropes and containers, while other more heavy-duty brackets for large items such as bikes and hefty mechanical tools. They can be attached to pulleys and ropes in order to create storage for more than one item. These are available in various sizes and prices, so you can get whichever you like and as many as you want.

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