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Home Decor Investments Interior Design Experts Are Crazy About Home Decor Investments Interior Design Experts Are Crazy About

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Home Decor Investments Interior Design Experts Are Crazy About

Written by: Oliver Mitchell

You spend money on decor to make your home feel like a sanctuary. Click here to discover what interior designers are going crazy for.

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Home decor is definitely an investment. The average person spends 62% of their waking time in their home. They also invest an average of £200,000 on their first home. What goes inside it is just as essential as the house itself. The interior decor and features play the starring role in the comfort felt inside. Whether you’re looking to go for a complete makeover or invest more money in new features, there are some interior design investments that experts are raving about in 2023.



Below, we’ve created a list of all the must-have features in a home this year. Plus, there’s a few money-saving tips to shape your space in 2023. The focus, you’ll notice, is on enduring materials, bright open spaces, and sustainability.



Natural Wood Influences


Starting with the best first, natural wood influences are one of the top investments. Natural wood influences breathe a new lease of life into any home. It combines strong features with natural beauty to create a stunning interior decor feature. With natural wood, there is plenty of room to play with the aesthetics. Whether it’s wooden flooring that’s bold and charismatic or wooden sideboards that create a neutral colour scheme and sturdy aesthetic. Comparing wooden flooring tones is easily – and reliable – from stores like www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk.



Experts believe that people’s attachment to the outdoors has grown post-pandemic. This means, any chance to bring the outdoors into the home will be a winning aesthetic in 2023.


A Combination Of Textural Influences


Many people fear playing with textural influences as, if implemented incorrectly; it can look like a mismatch and an interior designer’s nightmare. However, implementing textural influences correctly can bring shape and dimension into any room without creating an overpowering aesthetic. More people now want a home filled with cocooning exuberance – depth, dimension and decadence are a must that textures can help bring to life.



Play around with mixing textures rather than combining patterns. Combining textural patterns without a clear design influence can create an overpowering design that’s harsh on the eye. Instead, consider mixing materials. Leather with fabric, wooden panelling (very much on trend), striped rugs and throws, and sheer materials create a rich interior design focus that draws you in.


Layered Lighting


This type of lighting has always been popular. However, now it’s an essential investment for any interior design expert. Layered lighting also intertwines with creating a textured aesthetic that many people want in their homes. Why? Experts believe more people are paying attention to the finer details in their homes, and lighting is often one of the most overlooked features that help to bring relaxation and tranquillity.



Now, you will notice that nobody wants to ‘turn on the big light’ – and are instead looking to create pockets of light in each room for an inviting hue. It’s very much Hygge inspired. The trend will see you playing with lamps, candles, and overhead lights to create subtle lighting rather than big overhead bright lighting that can be overstimulating and less aesthetically pleasing.


Neutral Soothing Colours


The colour of your home is an investment. Many people select a colour and continue with it for years, sometimes topping up the paintwork as the years go on. As it has been for a long time, neutral soothing colours are very much the investment that interior design experts want people to consider. Bold colours work, and some rooms and some design inspiration drawn from around the world – French-inspired decor, for example, favours brighter colours – but neutral is easier to style and lasts longer.



Neutral colours like stone, olive, beige, and brown are in right now, with the reigning champion, grey, on its way out. Grey aesthetics dominated the interior design world for many years, but more subtle and soothing neutral tones are the investment experts want people to consider.



Designing or redesigning your home is exciting. It’s a time for your creative flare to show its face! Draw inspiration from experts around the world that study the art of interior design. Many features, such as new flooring, lighting, or painting, are ones that last for years to come, and drawing inspiration from experts and trends helps you make the best investments for your home.

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