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How To Organize Your Squishmallows How To Organize Your Squishmallows

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How To Organize Your Squishmallows

Written by: Grace Wilson

Discover the best food storage solutions and tips to organize your Squishmallows collection. Keep your plush toys neat and tidy with these expert organization ideas.

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Are you a proud owner of a growing collection of Squishmallows but struggling to keep them organized and displayed in your home? Fear not, as we have some fantastic tips and tricks to help you get your adorable plushies in order. From sorting by size to creating a Squishmallows wall, we've got you covered with creative and practical solutions to showcase your beloved collection. Let's dive into the world of Squishmallows organization and find the perfect way to display these lovable creatures in your living space.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace the playful nature of your Squishmallows by organizing them by size, animal type, or color. Create a visually appealing display that reflects your personality and brings joy to your living space.
  • Transform a plain wall into a captivating Squishmallows showcase. Add themed wall art, accent lighting, and personalized touches to create a whimsical focal point that captivates the hearts of all who encounter it.

Sorting by Size

When it comes to organizing your Squishmallows, one of the most effective methods is sorting them by size. This not only creates a visually appealing display but also makes it easier to locate a specific plushie when you need it. Here's how you can tackle this task:

  1. Grouping by Dimensions: Start by gathering all your Squishmallows and arranging them into groups based on their size. You can have a pile for the large ones, another for the medium-sized ones, and a separate one for the smaller ones.

  2. Utilize Storage Bins or Shelves: Once you have your Squishmallows sorted by size, consider using storage bins or shelves to keep them organized. Large Squishmallows can be placed at the bottom, medium-sized ones in the middle, and smaller ones on the top shelf.

  3. Labeling: To make it even easier to find the Squishmallows you're looking for, consider labeling the storage bins or shelves with the corresponding sizes. This simple step can save you time and effort when retrieving a specific plushie from your collection.

By sorting your Squishmallows by size, you not only create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement but also streamline the process of locating and accessing your favorite plushies.

Categorizing by Animal Type

Organizing your Squishmallows by animal type is a delightful way to showcase the diversity of your collection. Here's how you can bring order to your cuddly companions based on their animal characteristics:

  • Grouping by Species: Begin by gathering your Squishmallows and sorting them into groups based on their animal types. Whether it's adorable pandas, cuddly unicorns, or lovable llamas, create distinct categories for each species represented in your collection.

  • Creating Animal Zones: Once you have your Squishmallows categorized by animal type, consider creating designated "animal zones" within your display area. This could involve allocating specific shelves or sections of a room to different animal categories, allowing each species to have its own spotlight.

  • Themed Arrangement: To add an extra touch of charm to your organization, consider arranging each animal type in a themed manner. For example, if you have a group of aquatic-themed Squishmallows, you could place them near a decorative ocean backdrop or alongside nautical accessories.

By categorizing your Squishmallows by animal type, you not only celebrate the unique characteristics of each plushie but also create an enchanting display that highlights the diversity of your collection.

Displaying by Color

Organizing your Squishmallows by color can create a visually stunning and cohesive display that adds a vibrant pop to any room. Here's how you can bring a rainbow of order to your adorable plushies:

  • Rainbow Spectrum: Start by gathering your Squishmallows and arranging them in a spectrum of colors, following the order of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. This not only creates a visually appealing arrangement but also makes it easier to locate specific colors within your collection.

  • Color-Coordinated Zones: Once you have your Squishmallows sorted by color, consider creating color-coordinated zones within your display area. You can allocate specific shelves or sections for each color group, allowing the vibrant hues to stand out and make a striking visual impact.

  • Gradient Display: For an artistic touch, consider arranging your Squishmallows in a gradient display, transitioning seamlessly from one color to another. This can be achieved by skillfully blending the hues together, creating a captivating ombre effect that showcases the full spectrum of colors in your collection.

By displaying your Squishmallows by color, you not only create a visually captivating arrangement but also infuse your living space with a burst of color and cheerfulness that is sure to delight anyone who lays eyes on your charming collection.

Consider organizing your Squishmallows by size, color, or theme to make it easier to find the one you want. You can use bins, shelves, or hanging organizers to keep them tidy and easily accessible.

Storing in Containers

Storing your Squishmallows in containers is a practical and efficient way to keep them organized while also protecting them from dust and damage. Here's how you can effectively store your beloved plushies in containers:

  • Selecting the Right Containers: When choosing containers for your Squishmallows, opt for clear plastic bins or storage boxes with lids. Clear containers allow you to easily see the contents, making it simple to locate specific Squishmallows without having to rummage through multiple boxes.

  • Proper Sizing: Ensure that the containers you select are spacious enough to accommodate your Squishmallows without causing them to be squished or deformed. It's essential to provide ample room for your plushies to maintain their original shape and fluffiness.

  • Layering and Arrangement: When placing your Squishmallows in containers, consider layering them neatly to maximize space. Start by laying down a clean, soft lining at the bottom of the container to provide a gentle cushion for your plushies. Then, arrange the Squishmallows in layers, ensuring that each one has enough space and is not compressed.

  • Labeling and Organization: To streamline the process of finding specific Squishmallows, consider labeling the containers with the types, sizes, or themes of the plushies inside. This labeling system can save you time and effort when you're searching for a particular Squishmallow in your collection.

  • Stacking and Storage: Once your Squishmallows are neatly packed in containers, you can stack the containers in a designated storage area. Stacking them allows you to maximize vertical space, keeping your Squishmallows organized and easily accessible while minimizing clutter in your living space.

Storing your Squishmallows in containers not only keeps them tidy and protected but also allows you to efficiently manage and access your collection whenever the urge to cuddle or display them arises.

Rotating Display

A rotating display is a fantastic way to showcase your Squishmallows collection dynamically, allowing you to regularly change the featured plushies and keep the display fresh and engaging. Here's how you can create a rotating display for your beloved Squishmallows:

  • Rotating Stand: Invest in a rotating stand or platform that can accommodate multiple Squishmallows. These stands are designed to rotate smoothly, allowing you to effortlessly change the displayed plushies without disturbing the entire arrangement.

  • Strategic Placement: Position the rotating display stand in a prominent area of your living space, such as a shelf, tabletop, or display cabinet. Ensure that it's easily accessible and visible, allowing your guests to admire the charming rotation of your Squishmallows collection.

  • Themed Rotations: Consider organizing your Squishmallows into themed rotations based on seasons, holidays, or special occasions. For example, you can have a festive rotation featuring holiday-themed Squishmallows during the winter season, followed by a spring-themed rotation as the seasons change.

  • Regular Updates: Keep the rotating display fresh by updating the showcased Squishmallows regularly. This not only adds an element of surprise and delight for anyone viewing the display but also allows you to give equal attention to all the plushies in your collection.

  • Interactive Element: Encourage interaction with your rotating display by inviting guests to select the next Squishmallow to be featured. This adds an engaging and personalized touch to the display, making it a fun conversation starter and an interactive experience for visitors.

By incorporating a rotating display into your Squishmallows organization, you can infuse your living space with a dynamic and ever-changing showcase that celebrates the charm and versatility of your adorable plushies.

Creating a Squishmallows Wall

Creating a Squishmallows wall is a fantastic way to turn your collection into a captivating focal point in your home. Here's how you can transform a plain wall into a delightful showcase for your beloved Squishmallows:

  • Wall-Mounted Shelves: Start by installing wall-mounted shelves that can accommodate your Squishmallows. Opt for sturdy and visually appealing shelves that complement the overall aesthetic of your living space.

  • Arranging the Display: Once the shelves are in place, arrange your Squishmallows in an eye-catching manner. You can mix and match different sizes, colors, and animal types to create an engaging and dynamic display.

  • Themed Wall Art: Consider incorporating themed wall art or decorative elements around the Squishmallows display to enhance the visual appeal. This could include framed artwork, vinyl decals, or even a custom mural that complements the whimsical nature of your collection.

  • Accent Lighting: Install accent lighting above or below the shelves to illuminate the Squishmallows display. Soft, warm lighting can create a cozy and inviting ambiance, making your Squishmallows wall a charming focal point, especially in the evenings.

  • Personalized Touches: Add personalized touches to the Squishmallows wall, such as incorporating your favorite photos, trinkets, or memorabilia alongside the plushies. This adds a unique and sentimental dimension to the display, making it a reflection of your personality and interests.

  • Interactive Display: Make the Squishmallows wall an interactive feature by allowing visitors to rearrange the plushies or add their own contributions. This fosters a sense of community and creativity, turning the display into a collaborative and ever-evolving showcase.

By creating a Squishmallows wall, you can transform an ordinary wall into a whimsical and enchanting display that celebrates the charm and character of your beloved plushies. Whether it's in a bedroom, playroom, or living area, a Squishmallows wall is sure to captivate the hearts of anyone who encounters it.


Organizing and displaying your Squishmallows collection can be a delightful and creative endeavor, allowing you to showcase these lovable plushies in a way that reflects your personality and style. Whether you choose to sort them by size, categorize them by animal type, display them by color, store them in containers, create a rotating display, or craft a Squishmallows wall, the key is to infuse your organization with a touch of whimsy and charm. By implementing these innovative and practical tips, you can transform your Squishmallows collection into a captivating focal point in your home, bringing joy and warmth to your living space. Embrace the playful nature of your Squishmallows and let your creativity shine as you curate a display that truly celebrates the unique appeal of these adorable plushies.

Frequently Asked Questions about How To Organize Your Squishmallows

What are some creative ways to store Squishmallows?

Some creative ways to store Squishmallows include using hanging organizers, clear plastic bins, or decorative baskets. You can also try using a bookshelf with cubbies or a storage ottoman to keep your Squishmallows organized and easily accessible.
How can I keep my Squishmallows clean and dust-free while storing them?

To keep your Squishmallows clean and dust-free, you can store them in airtight plastic bags or containers. You can also regularly vacuum or wipe down the storage area to prevent dust from accumulating on your Squishmallows.
What should I do if I have too many Squishmallows and not enough storage space?

If you have too many Squishmallows and not enough storage space, consider rotating them seasonally. You can also consider donating or gifting some of your Squishmallows to make room for new ones. Another option is to invest in space-saving storage solutions like vacuum-sealed bags or under-bed storage containers.
Are there any tips for displaying my Squishmallows in a fun and creative way?

Yes, you can display your Squishmallows in a fun and creative way by arranging them on a wall-mounted shelf, creating a DIY hammock for them, or arranging them on a bean bag chair. You can also use decorative hooks to hang them on the wall or create a cozy reading nook with your Squishmallows as cushions.
How can I prevent my Squishmallows from getting damaged while being stored?

To prevent your Squishmallows from getting damaged while being stored, avoid placing heavy objects on top of them and store them in a dry and cool environment to prevent mold and mildew. You can also consider using fabric-friendly insect repellents to protect them from pests.

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