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How to DIY Fabric Storage Boxes? How to DIY Fabric Storage Boxes?

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How to DIY Fabric Storage Boxes?

Written by: Sophia Turner

Dive into our splendid DIY fabric storage box ideas that's guaranteed to give you the best storage box ever. 100% FOOL PROOF & RELIABLE! Do not miss this!

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Fabric storage boxes are convenient and versatile. It is sturdy and very attractive, especially when you DIY a fabric storage box it gives you a sense of pride forever. Their versatility makes them great for a lot of different spaces and environments.


Add a fabric bin to your home and see how you can reap the benefits from it. The best thing is, you can craft it on your own. In this article, we will show you how to DIY Fabric Storage Boxes.


Let’s Make A Fabric Storage Box


Materials Needed:

  • Fat Quarters
  • Cutting Mat
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Medium Weight Two-sided Fusible
  • Iron
  • Sewing Machine/ Sewing Kit
  • Clips
  • Grommets
  • Scissors


Step 1: Cut The Fabric

Cut the fabric


To make these fabric storage bins, we have to cut the fat quarters into squares, or 18″x18″ pieces. So trim 3″ off of the long end with the rotary cutter on the cutting mat. Trace the shape of the box on the fabric. If it is a box with square sides, you can just measure and draw them on the fabric, otherwise keep the sides on the fabric and outline.


Cut the interfacing into 6″x6″ squares. It will take 9 squares to fill one of the 18″x18″ pieces of fabric. Go back and trim off 1/4″ off of one side from 8 of the squares. To 4 of those squares, go back and cut them diagonally.


Now lay a piece of the fabric face down on your work surface and place the interfacing on top. The untrimmed 6″x6″ square will go in the centre, the other 4 squares on the top/bottom/left/right, and the diagonal pieces in each corner, with the tips pointing from the center to the outer corner. You can see 1/4″ of fabric remains showing all around the interfacing.



Step 2: Iron The Fabric

Iron the fabric


Iron a 1/4″ hem around the edges of all the fabric pieces.


An easy way to do this is by creating a “cheat sheet” with a piece of cardstock. Draw a 1/4″ line across the edge of the paper, fold the edge of the fabric over the paper to meet the line, and iron down.


Once all four sides of the fabric are iron hemmed, go back and tuck the interfacing back into place and use the hot iron to fuse the hem to the interfacing.


Lay the 2nd piece of fabric face up on top of the exposed interfacing, lining up the corners. Start from the edge and iron the 2nd piece of fabric to the interfacing. Flip the fabric over and fuse the 1st piece of fabric to the interfacing with the hot iron.


Step 3: Sew The Fabric

Sew the fabric


Sew along the edges of the fabric to keep the hems together and give the fabric a nice, clean edge. Because the interfacing pieces are cut into sections, you can bend fabric into a box shape, folding the corner flaps inward. Clip-in place and stitch around the edge.


Step 4: Design Your Fabric Storage Boxes

Design your fabric storage baskets


If you want to add further decoration to the storage baskets you can add metal grommets. Use a Crop-a-dile to cut through the layers of fabric easily, punching multiple times to make a large enough hole for a grommet. Or use super sharp scissors to cut a hole. Follow directions on the grommet box for attachment. 



Uses Of Fabric Storage Boxes


1. Can Be Used As A Storage Bin For Toys 

YueYue Small 4 Pack Fabric Stroage Box with Lids


Storage boxes are mainly used to store different kinds of lego, puzzles and toys. They are perfect to place all your toys because it is wear-resistant and highly durable. Nothing comes close to this in organizing all your clutter because this is a set of 4.


2. Storage For Makeup & Brushes 


Awekris Large Storage Basket Bin Set


Storage boxes are the best to organise your cosmetics. It helps you find the right thing without taking away your time by tidying up space and organizing it very well. They are very durable and lightweight. But it is also sturdy and compact. 


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3. Can Be Used As A Snack Holder


mDesign Soft Stackable Fabric Closet Storage Organizer

It may not come as a feasible idea, but yes! Storage boxes are the best solutions to stack away all your Frito-Lays, biscuit packets and what not? Is there any other better way to organise your snacks? Just store all your snacks in these storage boxes and place it in your living room when you organise a party. Trust us! It can’t get any better than this.


4. Perfect As Craft Bins


 StorageWorks Closet Storage Bins

The storage boxes give a clear view of what this box holds. Therefore, it can be the most perfect choice to store all your craft items such as colorful threads in one, stickers in the other and yarns and stamps on the third one.  Wow! It might be a stunner in your living room. 


5. Perfect Storage For Nappies

 3 Pack Sturdy Stackable Storage Bins Box

When there is a newborn at home, then your house is filled with endless nappies, baby powder and baby clothes. Instead of storing everything inside the cupboard, why not store it inside the storage box. This will make your life easier by not taking away much time to spot the right nappy or right cloth for your baby. Try this out! 


6. Store All Your Innerwear


GRANNY SAYS Open Storage Bins

If you have limited wardrobe space you could keep a storage box with your inner wears in it. You no more have to use noisy polythenes to store your undergarments. Having a storage box for this will help you organise your clothes really well inside the wardrobe. Also, by doing so, there is only very less scope for clutter!


 ClosetMaid 31493 Fabric Storage Bin


A single storage box is perfect for storing all your teabags. Wouldn’t it be a splendid idea to store all your teabags next to the kettle? It might look great and unique!



So its high time you make a fabric storage box on your own and use it for different purposes to avoid the clutter and tidy up your space! Hurry up!!

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