Best Living Room Storage: The Ultimate Guide

November 25, 2019

Retro style in beautiful living room interior with grey empty wall


Why Do We Need Living Room Storage?

For several reasons, your living room is the most crucial part of your home. Most importantly, it is the ideal place to receive and entertain guests. The well-equipped living room serves about the same purposes as the reception, meeting hall, and relaxation center, put together.  Proper living room storage does not only serve the purpose of helping you store relevant materials, but also adds aesthetic color to your living room. 




Top 3 Living Room Storage Products


The Ultimate Living Room Storage Ideas To-Do List

Change, as believed, is a constant thing. Overtime: through the years and decades, we have experienced new innovations and trends in every industry. The ultimate living room storage ideas of will definitely be centered on well-being, comfort, luxury, creativity, and sustainability. In most cases, there might even be a rebirth of many old designs, with a touch of arts and creativity or even technology. So if you ever consider refreshing the heart of your home with great living room storage designs, here is a to-do list for your shopping desire in this year:


Wall Storage

living room wall storage - storage shelves


A wall-mounted chest of drawers will not occupy much space, that is, if space is Paramount to you, but would provide lots of concealed storage. You should be able to keep a lot of stuff in the storage unit. Another beautiful thing with it is the rare beauty it brings to your walls! If you’ve got no fireplace, then you might want to consider conventional storage units. With enough space on the wall, this unit looks just stylish, adding interest with things you display on their open shelves.


Storage Ottoman

Storage ottomans are simply great options for living rooms because they serve a dual purpose. Aside from having a sweet comfortable place to rest your feet, you could get stuck in miscellaneous things you don’t want all over the living room like DVDs, games, magazines, remotes, blankets, extra pillows or even sheets. Thus, they are just apt for storage as much as they are for decoration.


Below Stairs Living Room Storage

Another amazing living room storage idea that you can opt for is utilizing the space under your Stairs. This space can be used as a closet space with pull-out shelves or racks for a number of storage purposes like storing shoes, coats, sheets or it can be used as a mini Library. It is an amazing living room storage idea that creates lots of space in your house.


Framed Window Cabinet

This is another huge space-saving choice you may just want to opt for. Window seats provide you the perfect place to sit and it has a unique way of making you feel closer to nature. They provide a level of comfort while also beautifying your home. Framing your windows with bespoke storage is also super amazing.


What We Need To Consider Before Buying Living Room Storage


While some might find joy in researching and choosing living room storage, to others it can prove to be quite a tedious task. Often, this is due to the fact that they have little or no information regarding what to look out for when buying furniture. 


The aesthetics of your house weighs heavily on your choice of living room storage. How, then, can you find the right storage options for your house? What should you look out for before purchasing storage for your living room? Below are key factors to consider before purchasing living room storage for your house.


Size Of Your Home

The size and shape of your house is the first and most important factor that tends to affect your choice of living room storage. This is because the furniture should be able to fit into your house and at the same time leaves ample walking space for ventilation, aesthetics, and for easy movement. Living room storage like storage Ottoman, wall storage, wall hooks or maximizing the space in your stairs would suffice.


Materials Used

Living room storage are made using different kinds of materials ranging from plastics, wood to metal or steel. They all have their peculiarities and disadvantages all depending on one’s environment and climatic condition. Experts in ergonomics have proven that wooden furniture, in general, is much better compared to others made from other materials. One advantage they have is the fact that they are easy to assemble and maintain. However, if your house happens to be located in an area that is infested with termites, then you may need to consider other alternatives.


Features/Things To Put In

Before you make any purchase, have the list of items you intend to put on it as this will guide you to know the kind of feature to look for. With that in mind, consider going for features that will be able to suit your preferences.



Irrespective of your class or the cost of the storage, quality and the durability of the product or furniture should not be overlooked. Remember that your living room is your guests’ first point of contact with you. As the most used part of your home, the quality of your living room storage to a greater extent reveals your taste.


Moreover, aside from the quality of your living room storage telling more about your test, it does save you some money. Just imagine purchasing a substandard piece of furniture for your living room and end up spending more on getting it fixed a few months later.


Color Of Furniture Or Storage

The color of your living room storage most harmonize with the colors of your living room as well as the colors of other decorations and furniture. Choosing a color that clashes with the decorations and other furniture will render your living room unattractive and unappealing.



Comfort here means you should be satisfied with the choices that you made. It would be irrational to purchase a piece of furniture that might look attractive but unpleasant. In a nutshell, irrespective of your rationale, your choice of living room storage should make your home welcoming and beautiful without compromising comfort.



Money though a measure of value and sometimes quality should be within your budget. This, however, does not mean you should patronize products made from substandard materials, because they will not give you much service before they get damaged.


Where To Buy Affordable And High Quality Living Room Storage

Storables is one of the leading storage product websites to buy just about anything (including any living room storage designs of your choice).  Our prices and the quality that we offer are second to none.


Types Of Living Room Storage

Whether classic, contemporary or modern, these living room storage options are sure to excite and add a delightful touch to your space.
If the floor isn’t enough, why not take storage to the walls? These creative living room wall storage solutions are both easy to clean and maintain.
Instantly free up space with these adorable living room cube storage picks: not only are they pieces of art, they can be used to store things as well.
Neatly store your favorite sneakers, sandals and more using brilliant shoe storage products that are guaranteed to make life easier.
Chests to stash decor, accessories and and more! Let your cluttered living room be a thing of yesterday with these super versatile storage chests.
Sip on coffee, chat with friends and rest your aching feet with fabulous living room storage bench sets – these are value-for-money, guaranteed.


Best All-Time Living Room Storage Ideas

Does your living room feel dull and cramped? The correct living room storage options are able to instantly transform any space into a vibrant and useful one. If you’re lacking inspiration (and motivation – trust us, we’ve been there), jump-start your storage for living room makeover journey with this article.


How To Utilize Living Room Storage

Living room storage is primarily meant to create enough space to accommodate relevant items without looking out of place. They are designed to add some style and decoration to your living room. The best way to utilize them is to place them (or hang) them where they can be conspicuous without impeding movement or airflow.


Which Is Better – Plastic Or Wooden Cabinet?

Since durability is a factor most buyers consider before buying a storage cabinet, wooden cabinets are generally most preferred. While plastic cabinets may be very beautiful and, in most cases, cheaper, they are not as durable. However, a plastic cabinet will be the better choice in places infested with termites. Nevertheless, a wooden storage cabinet is of a much high class.


Best Living Room Toy Storage

No matter how disciplined and organized you think you are, there are chances of having your living room messed up with clutters of toys. This is most applicable to you if you have very active and playful kids around you. Enter toy storage products: not only are they readily accessible, these are affordable and sure to save you a headache as well.


How To Maximize My Small Storage Cabinet For The Living Room? 

The best way to maximize small storage cabinets is to ensure that they only serve to house relevant items. A living room storage wouldn’t be the best place for clothing items, utensils, etc. Hence, provision should be made to accommodate other non-fitting items. The space under the bed, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and etc. would come in handy to reduce the pressure on small storage cabinets.


What Are Some Space-Saving Living Room Toy Storage Ideas To Try? 

Most of us parents probably have had the experience of stepping on a Lego piece at 2am, or tripping over the stray a Barbie placed in the middle of the living room. As fun as toys are for the kids, they can often be a hassle to deal with. If you have a kid or have one on the way, here are some great tips to try pronto.



DVD Storage Ideas For Your Living Room


Here are a few DVD storage ideas that would help you avoid cluster:


Build a shelving case for that purpose

Depending on the number of DVDs you have littering your living room space, you can opt for a small shelf.


Make use of binders

Categorizing your DVDs into different beautiful binders may just be the apt way to keep them organized. Another beautiful thing about this idea is the fact that you can always easily locate your choice DVD anytime.


Best Colors For Your Living Room Storage Unit



Gray color living room storage is elegant and tends to provide a nice backdrop for your artistry. Gray is a popular neutral color for just about any part of the home. However, it appears to be the best choice for your living room, give the sophisticated appearance it tends to give your furniture pieces.



Interestingly, blue appears to be the most used color in most American homes. It has been generally argued that the color blue has a calming effect on your home. Blue is generally attractive for several reasons: First, it is a primary color that doesn’t look too bright nor gloomy. It just appears aesthetically perfect. Blue is most preferred for you if your living room has hardwood floors. Blue colored living room storage sets always appear clean and orderly without sacrificing color.



Green has often been associated with harmony and renewal. This is because of its closeness to nature. If you a fan of decorative flowers (of any color), green is just the right color to blend with them. Besides, it has been proven to have a soothing and calming effect on the human mind. If you don’t have the financial wherewithal or energy for a bevy of house plants (if you are a lover of flowers), green walls and storage units could just be the apt color to fill the void you could be missing. Green can give you living room a natural and modern at the same time, giving you full satisfaction.





Frequently Asked Questions About Living Room Storage


1. How to build toy storage for the living room?

Colorfully painted cartons, tilted bins (in their units), lidless bins, etc. can easily serve as toy bins.


2. How to DIY Living Room Storage?

While potentially time-consuming, making your own living room storage is a fulfilling process that both adults and kids will enjoy. For more information, be sure to check out our detailed DIY living room storage cabinet guide.


3. How to get rid of the bad smell from your shoe storage from living rooms?

There are different ways of eradicating shoe smells from your shoe storage. One of them is through the use of natural deodorants like baking soda. All you have to do is to locate the stinky shoe and, then, sprinkle someone or two tablespoons of baking soda in them, shaking them thoroughly.


4. How to clean blanket storage in the living room?

Depending on where you want to clean, you may not have to get rid of its contents. However, if the interiors require some cleaning, you have to get rid of the clothing materials for a thorough cleaning.


5. How to hide storage totes in the living room?

Depending on how beautiful they are, they can be kept in plain sights. However, if not so aesthetically appealing, they can be hidden behind some more beautiful pieces of furniture.


6. What color storage is best for the living room?

Colors like blue, beige, white are just apt.


7. What color of fabric storage bin goes with a brown-mix outdoor living room?

Here, you can opt for colors like black, grey, gold or gold. You could even go for a brown fabric storage bin too.


8. How to create storage in a small living room?

The use of space-saving furniture like wall-mounted chests, storage ottoman, etc. would help to save space.


9. How man storage tables can I have in a living room?

Depending on the size, a table or two is just normal. Anything beyond this may be a bit too excessive.


10. What are some innovative living room storage ideas to try?

Although there is no lack of information on living room storage on the internet, we’ve consulted the experts to bring you the best and easiest living room storage ideas you can try today. 


11. What’s The Best way to clean your living room storage ottoman?

You can make use of a soft damp piece of clothing or a sponge to lightly brush to get rid of dirt.

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