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Leather Storage Ottoman: Ultimate Guide to Elegant & Spacious Living!

October 26, 2023

Discover the best Leather Storage Ottoman options to revamp your stylish decor. Learn how these versatile pieces complement any room’s aesthetics.

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Introduction to Leather Storage Ottoman

The leather storage ottoman is both a stylish and practical addition to any living space. Resilient, comfortable and versatile, the furniture piece holds dual functionality – a seat or footrest, and a hidden storage compartment. Over time, it has matured into an essential feature within most contemporary homes, appreciated for its multifaceted use and aesthetic appeal. This article will delve into the transformative journey of the leather storage ottoman, offering insights into its various styles, materials, craftsmanship, and numerous benefits for homeowners.

No living room is complete without the plush, inviting comfort of an ottoman. But what if it also offered efficient storage solutions? Enter the leather storage ottoman, a genius fusion of form and function. Keep reading to explore history, design aesthetics, types of leather used, and much more about this versatile furniture item.

History of the Ottoman

Inspiration for the modern ottoman style of furniture hails from the Ottoman Empire, dating back to the late 18th Century. Originating as a central piece of seating in Turkish households, the ottoman was traditionally an upholstered seat with no arms or back. Over the centuries, it has evolved with dynamic changes in interior design styles, but its essence as comfortable seating remains unchanged.

Leather was introduced as a material of choice for ottomans around the late 19th Century. The luxurious material amplified the plush comfort of the ottoman, while its durability made it a preferred choice for homes and commercial spaces alike. Today, a leather ottoman symbolizes luxury, elegance, and an unparalleled taste for timeless classics.

The Ottoman Empire’s Influence on Ottoman Design

The ottoman’s design traces its roots to the Ottoman Empire where the style was widely prevalent. Ottoman palaces were characterized by large upholstered seatings, usually piled with plush embroidered cushions. These were essentially floor-based and were central to the seating arrangement in a typical Ottoman living room.

Different Types of Leather Used in Ottomans

Leather used to upholster ottomans is available in a wide variety, each differing in texture, durability, and finish. The common types include full grain, top grain, corrected grain, and faux leather. Full grain leather, considered the highest quality, preserves the hide’s original texture, showcasing natural imperfections that lend an authentic, rustic look. Top grain is a slightly lower quality than full grain but still offers decent durability and a smoother feel due to its sanded and polished surface. Corrected grain leather is one that has been buffed to remove blemishes and boasts an artificially created grain pattern. Lastly, faux leather is a synthetic version that imitates the look and feel of natural leather but usually falls short in durability.

Each type of leather comes with its own set of pros and cons. While full-grain leather is highest in quality and durability, it might not be preferred by those who favor a uniform texture. Meanwhile, faux leather may appear attractive due to its budget-friendly price tag, but it lacks the longevity of its natural counterparts.

Leather Storage Ottoman Style and Design

Leather storage ottomans are a fantastic blend of aesthetic appeal and functionality. With various styles available, they seamlessly blend into any home décor – be it contemporary, traditional, or a mix of both. Most designs incorporate a lift-up or hinge-open lid for easy access to the storage compartment, with the lid often doubling as a comfortable seating or footrest.

Common designs include round, square, or rectangular shapes, but variations such as octagonal or irregular shapes are not uncommon. Some have exposed wooden legs for a more traditional look, while others are entirely upholstered for a sleek, modern appearance. Custom designs may feature intricate stitching patterns, extra padding for added comfort, or unique finishes that add a unique flair to the room’s décor.

Spotlight on Unique and Custom-Made Designs

No two homes are alike, and sometimes, a standard design simply won’t do. For such bespoke interiors, custom-made leather storage ottomans serve as a perfect choice. From distinct shapes and sizes to unique leather finishes and personalized embellishments – the choices are vast. Today, designers experiment with one-of-a-kind pieces featuring bold and creative interpretations of the classic ottoman, elevating the room’s aesthetic whilst maintaining its utility.

The Craftsmanship behind Leather Storage Ottomans

Creating a leather storage ottoman calls for skilled craftsmanship. The manufacturing process begins with the selection of high-quality hides, which are then conditioned and cut to the ottoman’s specifications. The hides are stitched together, and the ottoman is upholstered, hiding the intricate frame beneath a cushion of comfort. The storage compartment is carefully constructed and fitted, ensuring easy accessibility without compromising on the unit’s sturdiness.

The quality of craftsmanship reflects in the furniture’s durability and aesthetics. Skilled artisans ensure the leather is stretched and attached perfectly, without wrinkles or sagging, and the storage compartment operates smoothly. Attention to detail is crucial, as even minor flaws can stand out and affect the overall quality and look of the piece.

Appreciating the Handiwork

Each leather storage ottoman is a testament to the artisan’s talent, dedication, and meticulousness. Understanding the handiwork that goes into making each piece elevates one’s appreciation for this subtly sophisticated furniture unit. It’s more than just furniture – it’s art.

Practical Uses of Leather Storage Ottomans

Leather storage ottomans are hailed for their practicality. The built-in storage space can house a variety of items, from books and magazines to extra throw blankets—cleaning up the clutter in your living space has never been this stylish. Moreover, with a durable flat top, these ottomans can serve as a coffee table, a comfortable footrest, or even an extra seating option when entertaining guests.

But their use is not restricted to living rooms alone. They can be a chic addition to the bedroom, serving as a space to store bedtime reads or extra sheets. In the hallway, they can store shoes while providing a seating area for comfortable footwear change. The potential uses of a leather storage ottoman are as diverse as one’s imagination.

Comparing Utility with Other Types of Furniture

When compared to other pieces of furniture, the leather storage ottoman reigns supreme in versatility. Its compact size, combined with storage and seating features, makes it a more flexible choice than conventional coffee tables or chairs. Plus, its leather upholstery ensures more durability and longevity than fabric sofas or benches. Therefore, investing in a leather storage ottoman is investing in style, comfort, and versatility.

Benefits of Having a Leather Storage Ottoman at Home

A leather storage ottoman can bring multiple benefits with its introduction to your living space. Their major appeal lies in the convenience they offer in terms of additional storage. By neatly tucking away miscellaneous items in its confinement, a leather storage ottoman aids in maintaining a clutter-free, organized room.

Moreover, their functionality as a piece of furniture is not restrained to storage alone. When not used as a footrest or an additional seating arrangement, this versatile piece fits right in as a coffee table, ready to hold trays or magazines.

Decor Potential of a Leather Storage Ottoman

While functionality is the primary allure, leather storage ottomans do not lag behind in the style sector. Whether you prefer a classic black leather ottoman or a piece in a bold color to add a pop to your room, the choice of leather can greatly influence the overall vibe of your space. Arrange it in your living room, bedroom, or even the entryway, and watch it seamlessly merge with your existing decor, bringing in a touch of elegance with its presence.

Size and Shape Options for Leather Storage Ottomans

Leather storage ottomans come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making it easy for anyone to find an option that best fits their space. Choose a large square or rectangular ottoman to use as a coffee table, or opt for a smaller, round ottoman if you need a subtle addition by a reading chair. Some even come in unconventional shapes, like octagons or ovals, perfect for making a distinct style statement.

For those seeking a customized piece, many manufacturers offer tailor-made options. This allows you to handpick not just the size and shape of your ottoman, but also the type and finish of the leather, creating a piece of furniture unique to your home.

Choosing the Right Size and Shape for Your Space

When deciding on the size of your ottoman, it is crucial to consider the scale of other furniture in the room and the amount of floor space available. A too-large ottoman might make the space look cramped, while a too-small piece may appear lost among larger furnishings. Similarly, the shape of the ottoman can also impact the room’s overall aesthetic. Round and oval ottomans tend to create a softer, more relaxed look, whereas square and rectangular ottomans provide a more structured, formal atmosphere.

Care and Maintenance of Leather Storage Ottomans

A leather storage ottoman is a lasting investment with the right care and maintenance. The surface should be regularly dusted and wiped down using a soft, damp cloth to prevent dust accumulation. As for deep cleaning, many manufacturers recommend using a leather conditioner to keep the material supple and prevent cracking.

In case of spills, it is advisable to promptly blot, avoiding scrubbing that could potentially damage the leather. Given that leather is susceptible to fading under prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, placing your ottoman away from windows can preserve its coloring.

Pro Tips to Extend Lifespan of Your Leather Ottoman

One of the most effective ways to prolong the lifespan of your leather storage ottoman is by regularly conditioning the leather. This can prevent drying out and cracking. Additionally, keeping sharp objects, hot items, or dyes away from the ottoman can prevent scrapes or stains that could mar its look. With these simple yet effective care and maintenance tips, you can ensure your leather storage ottoman remains a beloved piece of your home décor for many years.

Popular Brands of Leather Storage Ottomans

When shopping for a leather storage ottoman, certain brands stand out for their quality, style, and durability. Some of these include Pottery Barn, known for their luxury leather pieces, Ethan Allen, admired for exquisite craftsmanship, and IKEA, popular for their functional and affordable designs. Just as important is Wayfair, a notable online retailer delivering a wide range of leather storage ottomans suiting every budget and style preference.

Each of these brands offers distinctive features. For instance, Pottery Barn ottomans often showcase deep button tufting and bronze nailhead details, while Ethan Allen leans more towards sleek modern designs. Meanwhile, IKEA strikes a balance between elegance and functionality with pieces that address the need for storage without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Where to Purchase

These brands, along with numerous others, are widely available to purchase both online and offline. Due to the convenience and variety online shopping offers, it remains a popular choice for many. Websites like Wayfair provide extensive filter options to help narrow down your preferences and make the shopping experience more accessible. On the other hand, physical stores offer the unique advantage of getting a firsthand feel for the product, assessing the leather quality, and gauging the storage capacity.

DIY Leather Storage Ottoman

For those who love to get hands-on, creating a DIY leather storage ottoman can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. Building your leather ottoman allows personalizing the piece to your exact requirements, from size and shape to choice of leather and detailing.

Once you’ve conceptualized your design, gather the necessary materials, including a solid base box (which will act as the storage compartment), foam padding for cushioning, your preferred leather fabric for upholstery, and other tools such as a staple gun, scissors, and adhesive.

Step by Step Guide to a DIY Leather Storage Ottoman

Begin by securing the foam onto the lid of the base box, which will serve as the cushioned seat of the ottoman. Attach your leather fabric of choice, ensuring it is tautly pulled and evenly stapled to the underside of the lid. For the storage box, after ensuring all edges are smooth, go ahead and upholster it using the same method, creating continuity in the design. Piece together your storage ottoman by attaching the upholstered lid to the base with a pair of hinges, and voila! You have created your very own leather storage ottoman.

Comparing Leather Storage Ottoman with Other Materials

While leather storage ottomans are widely popular for their elegance and durability, ottomans made from other materials like fabric and vinyl also offer certain advantages. For instance, fabric ottomans come in a wider range of patterns and colors. They also add a softer, cozier feel to rooms and are typically more affordable than leather ottomans.

On the other hand, vinyl ottomans are known for being easy to clean and maintain. They are generally more resistant to spills and stains – an ideal choice for homes with young children or pets. However, they may lack the refined aesthetic that leather brings.

Choosing the Suitable Material for Your Home

Choosing between leather, fabric, and vinyl ultimately depends on your personal style, budget, and specific needs. Leather storage ottomans are a great investment if you prefer a sophisticated look and don’t mind the extra care they may require. However, fabric or vinyl ottomans may be more suitable if you prefer easy maintenance, affordability, or want a more diverse selection of colors and patterns.

Tips for Buying a Leather Storage Ottoman

Buying a leather storage ottoman is an investment, and taking a few key considerations into account can ensure you find the perfect piece for your home. First and foremost, identify the type of leather. Genuine leather tends to have a unique grain pattern and warm touch, while faux leather often has regular grain patterns and lacks the texture of genuine leather.

Bargaining is another important aspect while purchasing a leather ottoman, especially when buying from physical stores where prices can sometimes be negotiated. It’s also crucial to inspect the storage capacity of your ottoman according to your needs, as it ranges vastly across different models and designs.

Essential Features to Look For

While shopping, pay special attention to the quality of construction, as it greatly affects the lifespan and functionality of the ottoman. Check if the storage lid opens and closes smoothly, the stability of the piece when sat upon, or the level of comfort the cushioning provides. Ideally, the upholstery should be tight and the stitches even. Furthermore, make sure your choice fits into your home aesthetics and space considerations.

Safety Precautions for Leather Storage Ottomans

While leather storage ottomans are safe for use, certain precautions should be taken, especially in homes with children or pets. Sharp corners should be avoided or properly covered to avoid injuries. Additionally, ottomans with heavy lids should have safety hinges to prevent the lid from slamming shut.

It’s important to note that leather possesses fire-retardant properties, making leather ottomans a safer choice against fire hazards. However, this doesn’t make them completely invulnerable to fire; caution should be exercised when placing them near fire sources.

How to Safely Store Items in a Leather Storage Ottoman

When using the ottoman for storage, make sure not to overload it, as excessive weight can damage the structure and upholstery over time. Keep in mind that items kept inside should not be sharp or have rough edges that can damage the interior of the ottoman. It’s also advisable to frequently clean the storage area to maintain its longevity.

Eco-Friendly Leather Storage Ottomans

As sustainability becomes a growing concern, many companies are exploring eco-friendly alternatives to traditional leather. These alternatives include materials like faux leather, recycled leather, and even plant-based leathers derived from fruits and fungi, which carry a lesser environmental impact.

Brands like IKEA and HomSense have started offering eco-friendly ottomans, incorporating innovative solutions while still providing quality furniture.

The Future of Eco-Friendly Leather Storage Ottomans

The market appears to be heading towards a more eco-conscious direction, with increasing demand for sustainable products. This indicates a promising future for eco-friendly leather storage ottomans with continual advancements in material technology and design innovation to further reduce their environmental footprint. Eco-conscious homeowners and interior designers are likely to make these sustainable pieces a preferred choice in home décor.

The Effect of Leather Storage Ottoman on Home Value

A leather storage ottoman can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room with its sophisticated look and luxurious feel. They often serve as a focal point in living spaces, instantly elevating the room’s overall decor. Their practicality coupled with style makes them a desirable piece of furniture for potential homeowners or renters, providing functional storage solutions without compromising on style.

However, whether the inclusion of a leather storage ottoman can increase the actual monetary value of a home is disputable. There may not be a significant increase in property value, but a well-furnished and thoughtfully decorated home can certainly attract higher selling prices or rental rates.

Examples of Homes Sold with/Without Leather Storage Ottomans

Realtor reports and anecdotal evidence suggest that homes staged with well-designed, high-quality furniture pieces, including leather ottomans, tend to generate more interest. Homes with such attractive features often see quicker sales compared to unfurnished or poorly furnished properties.

Lifespan of a Leather Storage Ottoman

Like other pieces of leather furniture, the lifespan of a leather storage ottoman depends on the quality of the leather, craftsmanship, and maintenance. On average, a well-crafted, high-quality leather storage ottoman can last for several years, even decades, with proper care. The fact that they tend to age well, developing a unique character with time, makes them a worthwhile investment.

However, lifespan may vary, and factors such as exposure to sunlight, usage, and care can have a significant impact on the durability of your ottoman. For example, spillages left untreated, consistent exposure to heat, or scratches from pets can reduce its lifespan considerably.

Is it Worth Investing In?

In terms of both aesthetics and functionality, a leather storage ottoman is indeed a valuable addition to any home. Despite the upfront cost, the long-term benefits – appealing style, longevity, and versatility – make it a worthy investment.

Expert Opinions on Leather Storage Ottomans

Experts from the field of home décor and furniture design often emphasize the role a leather storage ottoman can play in enhancing a space. They appreciate the multipurpose use of ottomans, servicing as an additional seating area, storage unit, and a style element.

These professionals often highlight the durability of leather storage ottomans, asserting that good quality ones can withstand daily wear and tear better than fabric ottomans, gaining a beautiful patina over time. They also agree on the functional practicality of having a stylish storage solution at home.

Expert Views on Style, Durability, and Practicality

Expert interior designers often recommend leather storage ottomans as a perfect blend of style and utility for homeowners. They appreciate the multiple design options available, from traditional to contemporary styles, allowing homeowners to choose one that complements their décor. They also advocate the durability factor associated with leather products, suggesting that it’s relatively easier to clean and maintain compared to other upholstery materials.

Gospel by Designers and Homeowners: Why they Love a Leather Storage Ottoman

Designers and homeowners alike have a common love for leather storage ottomans as they bring both style and practicality to homes. Designers often appreciate the unique aesthetic value that these pieces of furniture bring to a room, making it a focal point. They are especially appreciated for their versatility as they can fit seamlessly into different types of interior decor styles, from classic to contemporary looks.

Homeowners, on the other hand, love their functional aspects. They provide a chic way to declutter and organize, maximizing storage space especially in smaller living spaces. Beyond the aesthetics and functionality, leather storage ottomans are highly praised for their durability and long lifespan, which adds value to the investment. The fact that they can also be used as additional seating space or as a footrest adds to their appeal.

Favourite Features among Users

Most users favour leather storage ottomans for their high-quality, plush finish that brings luxury to a room. The top design feature that customers love is the hidden storage compartment, which is perfect for stowing away everything from throws, magazines to toys, helping keep the living room tidy. Many also appreciate that they come in a range of styles and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for their homes.

The Most Encountered Problems and Solutions

The most common problems encountered by owners include scratches and spills, which can affect the leather over time. However, with proper maintenance and use of leather cleaning products, these issues can be easily addressed. Users are advised to handle their leather storage ottoman with care, avoiding placing sharp objects on them or exposing them to excessive sunlight, which can cause the colour to fade.


Leather storage ottomans make a stylish and practical addition to modern homes. Rooted in history and enhanced by modern craftsmanship, they offer an impressive blend of luxury, function, and comfort. These versatile pieces of furniture are not only a refined visual element but also provide valuable storage solutions, especially in compact living spaces. With a range of styles, sizes, and designs available, you can easily find an ottoman that complements your home decor.

While they require a higher initial investment compared to other types of ottomans, their durability, elegant aging properties and maintenance ease make a leather storage ottoman a sound investment. With the right care, they can last for years and even decades, providing homeowners with a timeless piece of furniture that combines practicality, comfort, and style.

As you consider incorporating a leather storage ottoman in your home, remember to keep in mind your space, decor style, and storage needs. Whether you opt for a classic round ottoman or a large rectangular one, this versatile piece of furniture is bound to add a touch of elegance and functionality to your home.