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Round Storage Ottoman: Explore Top Designs & Uses | Home Decor Guide

October 26, 2023

Discover our comprehensive guide on Round Storage Ottomans. Explore stylish designs, multi-use benefits, and tips on choosing the perfect piece for your space, all in one place.

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When it comes to home improvement or interior design, furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes are highly desirable. One such piece is the versatile round storage ottoman. Not only does it provide additional seating in any room, but it also offers hidden storage making it an excellent solution for space-limited living areas. In this comprehensive guide, we will take a deep dive into the world of round storage ottomans, exploring its history, varieties, benefits, and how to choose the perfect one for your home.

History of Ottomans

The ottoman has a rich history, tracing its origin back to the Ottoman Empire, hence its name. Originally, it was designed as a piece of furniture with no sides, often used as a coffee table, a foot rest, and sometimes even as a seat. As history evolved, so did the ottoman. While it maintained its inherent multifunctionality, an additional element of storage was introduced, leading to what is known today as the storage ottoman. The round shape, in particular, has gained popularity in modern homes, owing to its neat appearance and the fluidity it adds to the room aesthetics.

The Evolution of Ottomans

The storage ottoman came about in response to the needs of modern homeowners who value utility as much as aesthetic appeal. In smaller spaces, there’s a pressing need for items that double up in function, leading to the birth of round storage ottomans. With their sizable interiors, these round ottomans took storage solutions to the next level.

Relation between Home Improvement & Storage

If you are striving for home improvement, then efficient storage systems are paramount. Tidy spaces tend to look more curated and inviting. Unfortunately, not all homes are blessed with ample storage options. This is where multifunctional furniture pieces, such as a round storage ottoman, steps in.

Storage Challenges

Homeowners often grapple with a determined number of storage dilemmas. Limited space, organization issues, and the need for easy accessibility of stored items are just a few. Thankfully, the round storage ottoman addresses these concerns with its dual functionality and aesthetic value.

The Solution: Round Storage Ottomans

A round storage ottoman offers a unique, stylish, and practical solution to the common home storage issues. Not only does it provide additional seating space, but it also contributes to the overall decor of the room while serving as a secret storage space for items that need to be kept away from sight, tackling home improvement and storage simultaneously.

Understanding Storage Ottomans

Storage ottomans are characterized by their dual functionality design. On the surface, they appear as regular ottomans – an upholstered seating or foot rest that often complements the overall decor of the room. However, when the top is lifted or removed, it reveals a storage compartment.

Variety and Diversity of Storage Ottomans

Storage ottomans come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles. They can be square, round, or rectangular. They can be simple or elaborately designed. The variety and diversity reflect the manifold possibilities for customization according to your personal liking or room decor.

Storage Ottoman: A Stowaway Piece

The primary purpose of a storage ottoman is to serve as discrete storage. It provides the perfect hideaway for items like blankets, books, remotes, toys, or any other objects that might create clutter otherwise.

Benefits of Round Storage Ottomans

Are you looking for a way to enhance your space with a piece that is functional yet fashionable? Look no further than the round storage ottoman. The benefits are three-fold – effective space management, aesthetic enhancement, and dual-functionality.

Space Friendly

Pertaining to space management, round storage ottomans are compact and fit snugly in any corner or area of your home. They provide storage for your items without taking up significant space themselves.

Nifty Aesthetics

When it comes to aesthetics, the round design of these storage ottomans is visually appealing, providing a soft contrast to the angular lines of your other furniture pieces. They come in a variety of fabric options and designs that can seamlessly integrate into your existing decor.

Dual Functionality

Perhaps the biggest benefit of round storage ottomans is their dual functionality. They provide seating or footrest options, while the hidden compartments offer storage for various items, thereby keeping your space tidy and clutter-free.

Choosing the Perfect Round Storage Ottoman

Purchasing a round storage ottoman is an investment in your home’s aesthetics and functionality. Therefore, the right selection is fundamental. But how do you make an informed choice?

Decoding Aesthetics

Compatibility with your room’s aesthetics should be prioritized. Consider the existing color palette, style, and size of your space, then choose a round storage ottoman that complements and enhances these elements.

Size and Storage

While aesthetics are crucial, it’s also necessary to consider the size of the storage space within the ottoman. The goal is to find a balance between the ottoman providing significant storage space and not being too bulky or overwhelming in the room.

Comfort and Quality

Additionally, consider the quality of the ottoman. It should provide comfort for seating and durability for storage. Investing in high-quality material will ensure that your ottoman looks good and performs well for a long time.

Different Materials of Round Storage Ottomans

Round Storage Ottomans come in a variety of materials which not only impacts the aesthetics but also durability and maintenance. The choice of material has a significant role in matching the ottoman to your room’s decor and your lifestyle needs.

Leather – A Classic Choice

Leather ottomans are a classic choice that exudes elegance and sophistication. They are durable, easy to clean and often associated with a luxurious aesthetic. However, they may require special maintenance like conditioning to avoid cracking over time.

Fabric – Versatile and Colorful

Fabric ottomans provide a broader range of colors, patterns, and textures, allowing more flexibility in matching your room’s decor. They tend to create a warm and cozy feel but may require more cleaning diligence to maintain their appearance.

Wood – Sturdy and Traditional

Wood ottomans, often with a cushioned top, offer a balance of traditional charm and durability. They can withstand a lot of weight, perfect for doubling as a coffee table. However, they may require occasional polishing to maintain their shine.

Making a Statement with Design & Color

An ottoman’s design and color play a key role in setting the tone of your room. A touch of creativity can turn this functional piece into a focal point of your room.

Choosing the Right design

The design of your ottoman should harmonize with the style of your room – a sleek, minimalistic design complements a modern room whereas a plush ottoman with details like tufts or buttons goes well with traditional decor.

Color Play

The color is not only about matching your room’s palette but also in creating a mood or making an aesthetic statement. A neutral, soft hue can help the ottoman blend with the decor, while a bright, vibrant color can make it stand out as a centerpiece of the room.

Cost-Efficiency of Round Storage Ottomans

Round storage ottomans may require an initial investment, yet their long-term benefits and versatility make them a cost-effective choice for home decor.

Comparing Costs

When compared to other large furnishing items that provide seating or storage, ottomans often come at a fraction of the cost. Although prices can vary based on size, material, and design, they tend to be more affordable and adaptable.

Investments with Returns

The dual functionality of storage plus seating, or even as a tabletop, delivers great value for the cost. Moreover, a well-chosen ottoman enhances the room’s aesthetic appeal, contributing to the overall ambiance and comfort of your home, an aspect that’s hard to quantify in monetary terms.

Longevity and Durability

A quality storage ottoman can withstand wear and tear from regular use, ensuring its usability for years to come. If maintained properly, the ottoman remains aesthetically pleasing and functional, making it a worthwhile investment.

Placement Ideas for Round Storage Ottomans

Choosing the right placement for round storage ottomans can enhance their functionality and aesthetic impact. Given their versatile nature, they can fit in beautifully in any part of your home.

Ideal Placement in the Living Room

In the living room, the ottoman can ideally serve as a centerpiece. Keep it in front of your couch to use as a coffee table or footrest. If your living room has a larger area, you can show off a set of two or more matching ottomans, providing extra seating for guests.

Use in the Bedroom for Versatile Functionality

A storage ottoman at the foot of the bed can provide a chic look and a convenient spot for storing extra blankets and pillows. You can also place it next to a dressing table or under a window for a comfy seating option.

Creative Use in Other Locations

Apart from the living room or bedroom, storage ottomans can be handy in the entryway for putting on shoes, or in the kids room for storing toys. They can also add a touch of comfort and class to a home office or study room.

How Round Storage Ottomans Enhance Room Aesthetics

Along with providing additional storage and seating, round storage ottomans significantly contribute to the aesthetic appeal of any room. Here’s how:

Accentuation with Round Storage Ottomans

The round shape of these ottomans creates a distinct point of interest in the room. They break the monotony of orthogonal angles in the room and can match well with any decor style – contemporary or traditional.

Complementary and Contrast Ideas

While you can choose an ottoman that complements the tone and texture of your furniture, a contrasting piece can also add depth and interest to your decor. For example, a brightly colored ottoman in a room with neutral tones can serve as a beautiful contrast.

Current Trends in Decor with Round Storage Ottomans

Today’s home decor trends are leaning towards minimalism and clean lines. A leather or fabric round storage ottoman pairs well with this trend because of their sleek lines and multipurpose use.

Easy Maintenance Tips for Round Storage Ottomans

Taking care of your round storage ottoman is essential to maintain its looks and extend its life. Here are some easy maintenance tips.

Routine Cleaning and Care

Regularly dust and vacuum your ottoman to prevent build-up of dirt. It’s also important to clean spills immediately to prevent stains. Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to maintain the fabric quality.

Treating Stains and Fabric Care

For fabric ottomans, a mild fabric cleaner can be used for stain removal. Always test the cleaner on an inconspicuous spot before using it on the entire ottoman. Leather ottomans, on the other hand, may require a specialized leather cleaner or conditioner.

Longevity and Durability Tips

To enhance the longevity of your ottoman, avoid placing it in direct sunlight to prevent fading or in damp places to prevent mould. Regularly turn the cushions (if any) to ensure even wear and tear. Taking care of these little things can keep your ottoman looking new for a long time.

Do-it-Yourself Storage Ottoman Ideas

Creating your own round storage ottoman can bring a personalized touch to your home decor. The process is relatively simple and can be done using basic tools and materials.

Basic Knowledge and Skills Needed

Making a DIY round storage ottoman requires basic carpentry skills such as cutting, sanding, and joining. Knowledge of upholstery like padding and fabric fitting is also essential. The use of proper safety gear, including gloves and protective eyewear, is vital.

Understanding Materials and Costs

The costs of a DIY ottoman depend on the materials used. The project typically requires wood for the frame, foam and fabric for the upholstery, and hardware for the storage space. Quality of materials chosen will impact not just costs but also the aesthetic and durability of the ottoman.

DIY Instruction Overview

The process starts with building the wooden frame. The storage box is then fitted onto the frame. Next, foam is cut to the size of the lid and securely attached. The fabric is then stapled onto the foam, folding neatly at the edges. Detailed tutorials and step-by-step guides can be found on numerous DIY websites and blogs.

Comparing Round and Square Storage Ottomans

Round and square storage ottomans, while both versatile and attractive, have different characteristics that make them suitable for different spaces and styles.

Design Differences and Their Impact

Round storage ottomans have a soft and cozy appearance, making them ideal for informal or contemporary settings. On the other hand, square ottomans reflect a more formal and traditional style, perfect for formal living rooms or offices. Round ottomans also offer better flow of traffic, while square ones fit well in angular spaces.

Storage Capacity Comparison

Both types can offer ample storage space depending on their size. However, square ottomans might provide a bit more storage space due to their angular design. But remember, the available storage space ultimately depends on the internal design and size of the ottoman.

Room Compatibility Overview

Choosing between a square or round ottoman depends largely on the existing furniture in your room. For a room with lots of square or rectangular shapes, a round ottoman can break the monotony. Conversely, a square ottoman can complement a room with curvy furniture.

Advancing from Traditional to Modern Designs

The design aesthetics of round storage ottomans have advanced significantly, moving from traditional, heavy designs to sleek and modern ones.

Evolution of Design Trends in Round Storage Ottomans

Earlier, traditional designs, with elaborate detailing and heavy fabrics, were common. They usually had a vintage or classic look. Nowadays, modern designs with sleek lines, lightweight materials, and minimalist aesthetics dominate the trends. Contemporary ottomans often combine different materials, like metal and upholstery, for a unique look.

Examples of Modern and Contemporary Designs

Modern designs can range from Scandivanian-style ottomans with wooden legs and a simple fabric top, to industrial-style pieces combining leather upholstery with a metal base. Contemporary design also incorporates trending colors and patterns. Some innovative designs also feature convertible tops, transforming from a flat seating area to a tray table.

How to Choose Design based on Room Ambiance

The design you choose should complement the existing ambiance and decor of your room. A minimalist modern room could benefit from an ottoman with clean lines and solid colors. A more traditional room might go well with an ottoman featuring an ornate design and textured fabric. The key lies in harmonizing the ottoman with your space and style.

Round Storage Ottomans for Children Room

Round storage ottomans can be a practical addition to a child’s room. They don’t just offer seating and storage, but also bring in a stylish element that can appeal to children.

Importance of Storage in a Child’s Room

In a child’s room, storage can often be a challenge. Children’s rooms are often filled with toys, books, and other items, and a stylish round storage ottoman can provide extra space for these items while keeping the room tidy and organized.

Safety Considerations for Choosing Ottomans in Children’s Room

Safety is of paramount importance in a child’s room, so it’s crucial to choose a round storage ottoman with child-friendly features. Soft edges can prevent accidents, and a slow-closing lid can protect little fingers from getting pinched. Also, non-toxic and stain-resistant fabrics are both safe and practical choices.

Popular Design Choices for Children

Round storage ottomans for children’s rooms often come in vibrant colours and fun patterns to appeal to young ones. Some ottomans even feature popular cartoon characters or motifs like animals, cars, or stars. The key is to select a design that matches the room’s decor and caters to your child’s preferences.

Luxurious Round Storage Ottomans

Luxurious round storage ottomans are perfect for those who want to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their home.

Overview of High-End Luxury Ottomans

Luxury ottomans exude class and elegance and are often made from high-quality materials like leather, velvet, or high-end upholstery. They may showcase exquisite craftsmanship, plush padding, and intricate details like stitching or tufting. Additionally, high-end ottomans may feature innovative storage solutions with seamless design integrations.

Difference Between Standard and Luxury Round Storage Ottomans

Compared to standard ottomans, luxury ottomans are distinguished by superior craftsmanship, premium materials, and more sophisticated designs. While they come at a higher cost, they provide a higher level of comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Is It Worth Investing In a Luxury Piece?

Investing in a luxury ottoman can be a wise decision for those who prioritize quality, sustainability, and long-term value. Not only do these pieces offer increased durability, but they can also elevate your room’s ambiance significantly.

Customizable Round Storage Ottomans

Customizable round storage ottomans offer the opportunity to tailor your furniture to meet your specific needs and personal style preferences.

Options and Freedom in Custom-Made Pieces

Custom-made ottomans offer a wide array of options. You can select everything from the size and shape to the upholstery fabric, color, and storage specifications. This gives you the freedom to design a unique piece that perfectly fits your space and expresses your personal style.

Pros and Cons of Opting for Customizable Ottomans

Customizable ottomans can bring a unique touch to your home and cater to your specific needs. However, they generally take longer to procure and can be more expensive than off-the-shelf options. Regardless, the end result can be a piece that fits your space and style perfectly.

Cost and Time Factor for Custom Furniture Pieces

Custom-made pieces are usually more costly due to the work involved in designing and creating a unique piece. The time taken can also be longer due to the attention to detail required in customization. Despite these factors, the personalized touch and tailored fit often make the investment worthwhile.

In-depth Review of Top 5 Round Storage Ottomans

Given the vast array of options available in the marketplace, purchasing an ideal round storage ottoman can be a daunting task. To make your decision easier, we will conduct an in-depth review of the top 5 round storage ottomans.

Detailing and Specification of Each Product

The most important factor to consider while purchasing a round storage ottoman is the product’s specification. This includes details such as dimensions, the materials used, available storage space, the weight it can carry, etc. We will provide a detailed review of these aspects for each of the top 5 round storage ottomans.

Comparison of Cost, Aesthetics and Durability

Round storage ottomans can range significantly in terms of cost, aesthetics, and durability. We will include a comparative analysis of these factors, providing information on the relative affordability, visual appeal, and long-term stability of each product.

Personal Recommendation

Based on our in-depth review of each product’s features and benefits, as well as its potential drawbacks, we will offer a personal recommendation on the round storage ottoman that offers the best balance of cost, aesthetics, and durability.


In conclusion, round storage ottomans are versatile pieces of furniture that combine functionality with aesthetics. They not only help you declutter your space but also add an element of style and elegance to your home. They come in various materials, sizes, and shapes, making it easy to find one that suits your specific needs and preferences. This guide has provided you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about which round storage ottoman to purchase.

Quick Recap of Key Points and Ideas

As we recap the article, remember the critical role that round storage ottomans can play in enhancing your space’s elegance and functionality. Consider factors like materials used, storage space, size, and design when choosing an ottoman. We’ve also considered the pros and cons of different types of ottomans and provided in-depth reviews of some top options from the market.

Encouragement to incorporate a round storage ottoman in home improvement plan

We encourage you to consider a round storage ottoman as part of your home improvement plan. It’s not just about decluttering space or adding seating; it’s about improving your home’s aesthetic appeal and overall comfort.

Final thoughts and closing statement

In the end, the choice of a round storage ottoman comes down to your personal taste and requirements. We hope that the information provided here has been helpful to you in your decision-making process. Just remember, whichever ottoman you decide to go with, the end goal is to create a comfortable, stylish, and practical space that you can be proud of.