The Complete Guide To Bathroom Furniture

Bathrooms, in a way, are a focal point of many households’ daily routines. The utility of the bathroom is undoubted, but an ill-managed bathroom only leads to more clutter.



Bathroom furniture may sound fancy because it does indeed bring out the aesthetics of the place, but it also adds an impressive degree of utility to the bathroom space. Whether it is your vanity storage cabinets or the wall-mounted shelves, bathroom furniture can add grace, style, and function at the same time.



To meet the needs of the ordinary person looking for bathroom furniture, we have devised a comprehensive guide to chart out your course in buying the best and the most suitable bathroom furniture for your space.




Things You Need To Know About Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture sets, although limited to a few items, still provides users with ample diversity in style, shape, and size. Moreover, there is the traditional furniture versus the contemporary one and the difference in the construction materials, which bring about a different outlook to the bathroom space.



To make sense of all the components included in bathroom furniture collection and how they grace your bathroom space and functions, we will discuss them briefly now.





Beautiful bathroom


When it comes to the style of bathroom furniture, there are usually two different themes to follow. One is the contemporary look, and the other is the traditional one. While both designs present equally good aesthetics, users may have their unique preferences.



The traditional look focuses on wooden fixtures with a canny eye on the details. The wooden panels, doors, and handles of the bathroom furniture boast polished handles with a wooden finish. The look gives your bathroom space a classic yet elegant feel with a touch of vintage beauty to it.



For a contemporary look, the bathroom fixtures are usually glossier and minimalistic in design. Such modern furnishings give your bathroom space a look of a modern spa with seamless drawers without handles that add grace to bathroom space.







While the style of bathroom furniture may be restricted to two denominations, the color schemes one can opt regarding bathroom furniture are much more. These include white, greys, pastel colors, black, cream and ivory, and further combinations of these colors to varying degrees.



The key to decide upon any color is to have a style that you want to adopt in the bathroom space. Here are a few tips to quickly check which major color theme would suit your bathroom:



  • White is a universal color, as well as a timeless classic. There is hardly anything that could go wrong if you opt for white, which provides a neat, clean, and bright look to the bathroom space. Furthermore, it comes in matt or glossy finishes that have their own defining characteristics. Matt provides a contemporary look while a glossy finish gives a spacious look.
  • Next in line are the cream and ivory trappings that provide a sense of calm to the surroundings. The natural hues of this color theme create warmth and a relaxing effect to the bathroom aesthetics.
  • Pastel colors are a good option when the all-weather neutral colors don’t provide the boldness required. You can choose between many shades such as green, blue, and even light pink to create a vintage feel for your bathroom aesthetics.
  • Black is another great option if you want to create a designer look to the bathroom space. Moreover, it provides one of the best minimalistic looks if paired with the right accessories.
  • Grey Scheme has been a popular color due to its bold yet contemporary look. The cool aesthetics provide by the scheme are a contemporary favorite among individuals who are also looking for a minimalistic approach.




Different Bathroom Furniture

We will discuss the types of bathroom furniture in detail later on; however, a brief intro must be given at this stage about what types of available in the market.



is primarily a sink while doubling up as a storage option. Modern units combine the storage option underneath the sink to utilize the additional vertical storage space that is often left without any usage.






Mirrors are a vital accessory to have in the bathroom, without which the bathroom space would feel incomplete. Most mirrors are placed on the walls; however, you can sometimes combine them with a cabinet to form a storage option.




Storage Cupboards

Similar to other items, they also offer a diverse range to choose from and can go with any set of styles that want to adopt in the bathroom.




Wall-Mounted Or Floor-Standing

wall mounted


Another distinguishing feature of bathroom furniture is whether it is floor standing or wall-mounted. Both sets of accessories provide ample functionality, but they work more or less depending on the bathroom space. If you have a medium to large space, then floor-standing furniture is the way to go. They provide enough storage to keep in the towels, bedsheets, and other bathroom accessories.




Moreover, the floor-standing options tend to be heavier and can also support heavier items to be stored; meanwhile, wall-mounted furniture is relatively delicate. The wall-mounted furniture is typically tricky to set up but provides maximum grace and elegance to the whole place.




How To Arrange Bathroom Furniture

Arrange bathroom furniture


In your quest to arrange the bathroom furniture, the primary work that you must do is to assess your storage needs, the space you have in the bathroom, and what style of aesthetics you want to achieve. Bathroom furniture like any other commodity has great diversity, but the good thing about bathroom furniture is the specificity in terms of purpose related to bathroom furniture items.



Measuring your bathroom space is an essential assessment that must be completed for the efficient arrangement of the bathroom furniture. It lets you narrow down your options and also the style you can employ for the bathroom furniture. Make sure you remove all the clutter from your bathroom and keep only the required items so that you can accurately assess your storage needs.



Once this assessment is complete, you have a clear direction in mind about what to buy to suit these particular needs. For example, if you have a spacious bathroom and need to put a closet in the bathroom instead of the bedroom, you can opt for the floor-to-ceiling cabinets that act as your closet for putting all your clothing.



Similarly, a small bathroom needs complementary furniture to keep it neat and slick. It points to wall-mounted furniture as the favored option as it increases vertical storage space utilization. For an efficient and aesthetic arrangement of the bathroom furniture, map out the space you have and compare with what storage needs you to have. Superimpose these two factors with the bathroom aesthetics you want, and you have the best possible arrangement of your bathroom furniture.



Types Of Bathroom Vanity

Vanity amongst the bathroom furniture is perhaps the most vital piece of the jigsaw. Bathroom vanity not only provides a place for the sink go but also sets the tone for the whole bathroom space. Typical households require a sink where they can do their cleaning chores; however, with modern trends, bathroom vanity was also remodeled. Here we shall discuss the most common types of bathroom vanities and how they cater to different needs of the populace.


Sometimes referred to as the freestanding sinks, this bathroom vanity comes in various colors and is suitable for many themes. The significant advantage of the pedestal sink is its minimum footprint making it suited for all sizes of bathrooms. These vanities don’t offer any dedicated storage; for that, you would have to install some peripheries.
More than the aesthetics that some people vie for, the free stranding vanity provides ample storage space for the user to indulge in. Thus it provides an even better option for the pedestal sink that has no storage capabilities. This construction material can include ceramics giving you durability or a wooden finish that provides exquisite grace.

Wall-mounted or floating bathroom vanities are the ones that can be mounted on the wall without the need for ground support. It saves a lot of space for the user and giving a minimalistic feel to the bathroom aesthetic. Moreover, neatly tuck the cistern and can also be utilized as a storage option.


A vessel vanity is a multi-faceted sink that provides aesthetics, storage options, and the usual functionality of a sink. The sink area is designed to be a beautiful bowl-shaped structure that acts as the washbasin with a tap to complement it. The bowl rests on top of what can be called a cabinet, and there can be as much as two to three washbasins. 

It is an alternative to the vessel sink vanity. These under-mounted sinks find themselves more attuned to the home bathroom uses; however, they are expensive and require a flat surface made of marble or granite. This fact increases the price of the ensemble and makes it more of a luxury item. It is a graceful and elegant choice with ample storage under the sink builtin.


Another exquisite and classic bathroom furniture vanities with plenty of storage underneath is the vanity option. The cabinet adds extra storage to your bathroom, making storing everyday items a breeze. Moreover, the top with its sink, tap, and usually a mirror form an ensemble that looks quite chic.  It provides plenty of diversity such as sliding doors, varying shelves, and plenty of colors.





Types Of Bathroom Furniture



These are an excellent bathroom furniture storage for toiletries and small items needed for hygiene. Bathroom cabinets come in a variety of colors, sizes, and construction materials that helps in the selection procedure. 
It is the central place for typical daily bathroom functions making it an instant centre of attention and with the varieties at hand in this item. There is the freestanding vanity, the wall-mounted vanity, pedestal sinks, and so on. Like cabinets, they come in various colours, making them more than capable of bending with the bathroom environment.
Just like a vanity, which is the starting place of your bathroom excursions, no bathroom is complete without a bathroom mirror. The latest technology has also introduced us to heated mirrors that put away fog after usage as well as LED lined mirrors to give you a more illuminated feel when using the sink.
Medicine cabinets are not so different from storage cabinets, but they are sleeker and smaller in sizes. Usually, they are hidden from plain view as they are mirrored but sometimes made of wood or other materials. 




Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide

Couple at furniture and bath store


Now that we have briefed you about the various bathroom furniture types, styles, and various other things to consider, we will help you select the most suitable bathroom furniture. Here are some points that will act as a roadmap in your bathroom furniture hunt.



  • Assess how much bathroom storage you require
  • Measure out the bathroom space as accurately as possible
  • Select a storage type amongst the bathroom furniture
  • Finally, pin down a style you want in the bathroom



Once you have kept these things in your mind, selecting the most suitable items as your bathroom furniture will be much easier.



Buy Purposefully

One of the best advice to anyone who is looking to buy bathroom furniture is to assess their needs, style, and storage requirements so that they accurately know what they are planning to do with the furniture.



It will save you from later hassles of bathroom furniture going to waste or not being utilized properly. For example, if you have some space that you think is needed to tuck away all useful things, including towels and other accessories, invest in a storage cabinet and vanity with storage options. 



Buy Durable

Another thing that must be understood when looking for bathroom furniture is that it should be able to withstand plenty of moisture. There are few waterproof items, but even if you are selecting wooden fixtures for the aesthetics, make sure they are properly treated to withstand the excess moisture.



There are still plenty of construction materials you can opt for, such as stone, ceramic, plastic, and even wood that has been treated to withstand moisture.




Bathroom Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces

bathroom ideas for small spaces


  • Use a wall-mounted vanity to save floor space
  • Wall-mounted cabinets can also be used to save space and store toiletries
  • Use corner vanities in case space are low; this makes use of the bathroom corner effectively
  • Vanity with inbuilt storage to store towels and accessories
  • Cloakroom vanity that can hang your towels or items of clothing
  • Use plenty of mirrors to give a spacious look, including glass walls for the shower area
  • Use mirrored cabinets for extra storage option




DIY Ideas For Bathroom Furniture

DIY laying floor tiles



  • Use the space over the bathroom door by putting a shelf
  • Hang some mason jars on the wall for small items
  • You can also use a magnetic wall mounted holder for your toothbrush
  • Small metallic gift boxes can be repurposed to store toiletries
  • Use a basket for storing toilet paper
  • Make yourself some wall mounted wooden storage cubes
  • Use S-hooks on the railings for extra towel storage
  • Use wooden shelves as layers
  • Do not waste the space over a commode, use it for shelves
  • Floor-standing vertical wooden racks
  • Plastic refrigerator-like racks for holding medicine and toiletries




Best Ways To Protect And Care For Your Bathroom Furniture

  • Ensure plenty of ventilation in your bathroom
  • Make sure your cleaners are not abrasive, highly alkaline or acidic
  • When cleaning leather, do it with a microfiber cloth and lukewarm water
  • For metal surfaces, use lukewarm water with a mild cleaning agent
  • Special care must be taken when cleaning wooden items, make sure the cleaner is compatible with the specific wooden furniture. After wiping the furniture with a wet cloth, remove the soap marks with a dry cloth.
  • Regular maintenance is a must, wipe clean the faucets after every use so that dust doesn’t accumulate.
  • Use a neutral PH cleaning agent to wipe anodized or chrome surfaces.
  • Do not use high pressure or too warm water.




Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Furniture



1. How To Choose High Quality Bathroom Furniture?

Like any other buying guide, the first needs to be that of assessing your space, storage, and style requirements. Make yourself a budget and draw down a list of the most vital furniture that you must have. Now, do some extensive online research about the furniture items that match your style and compare prices on Amazon. This way, you will have a good idea of the market rate and your budget enough to purchase a certain quality.



2. How To Make Bathroom Vanity Out Of Furniture?

Take any wooden cabinet out of your garage, and you can use it as a perfect vanity cabinet. You can drill a hole in the upper wooden portion to allow the cistern to be connected with the bowl on top. Rest the bowl on top of the cabinet, and you have yourself a remodeled living room storage cabinet as your new vanity.



3. What Kind Of Finish Should I Have For My Bathroom Furniture?

Semi-gloss paint is your best bet when deciding on a finishing touch for your bathroom. Experts believe that bathroom paints must be resistant to mildew and moisture and should be easy to wash. All these characteristics are found in a semi-gloss paint that comes in acrylic as well as oil-based options.



4. How Do You Keep Bathroom Furniture From Molding?

Experts believe that mold in the bathroom can be limited if you use certain chemicals to clean your bathroom. These may include the use of hydrogen peroxide, bleach, and vinegar. Using chemicals will work well if you clean with the bathroom doors open and allow proper ventilation. When not in use, make sure the bathroom is adequately ventilated and dry as mold loves a humid environment. Use a fan with enough power for proper ventilation and repair any leaks periodically so that water doesn’t drip.



5. How Can I Have Additional Storage For My Bathroom?

Additional storage can be had in the bathroom by following ways:


  • Mirrored cabinets
  • Wall-mounted cabinets
  • Over the door shelves
  • Vertical wooden racks
  • S-hooks
  • Vanity with storage underneath
  • Shelves over the sink and toilet areas


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