65 Bathroom Furniture For A Refreshingly Good Time

September 1, 2023

Whether you’re stuck at home social isolating or not, it has become increasingly important to create a feeling of satisfaction whenever you’re at home.



A few months ago, you could simply visit a park or a mall to unwind and be in a pleasant place. Unfortunately, those days might not come again for a long time, so now – more than ever before – it’s important to create your own little paradise at home. 



One of the most underrated spaces in any home is actually the bathroom. When it comes to bathrooms in apartments, they tend to be small and people try to keep it just as it is. This is usually out of fear that adding more items/accessories/furniture could make it feel more cramped than it actually is.



While this is true, bathrooms deserve every bit of that attention that you give to any other space at home. The power of carefully picked bathroom furniture can really make all the difference and give life to your bathroom! Check out our top picks below.




The area above the toilet is usually the most underutilized space of a bathroom. Usually, we place a towel rack over it but it can actually be more than just extra storage for towels – we could turn it into a station instead. This over-toilet shelf design is especially popular in smaller apartments because it rests above the footprint of the toilet, thus saving precious floor space.





Like this Homfa cabinet proves, your medicine cabinet doesn’t have to be bland – it can actually be super modern and sleek! The slightly tinted mirror combines the colors white and gold color for a trendy and luxurious feel. We love the seamless transition from mirror to white painted boards!




Like a lot of Sauder’s products, this narrow bathroom cabinet is all about understated elegance. Its crossed compartment may look like a wine rack, but it’s actually an elegant area to store your towels. Also, the light touch of stone above the cabinet is like icing on the cake! So gorgeous.




Do you want to feel like a celebrity while doing your bathroom routine? Then this backlit mirror cabinet might be perfect for you. The front is a full mirror with an LED border to give you complete vision of what’s going on. Behind it, you can keep your items neatly stored, from facial washes to first-aid kits.





Whether you have a spacious bathroom countertop or a lot of shelves, you can keep things organized and manageable by using clear bins like these!  By using bins to organize your items, you can simply pull the bins away, clean the bins, and then put your items back in a matter of minutes! Who knew this would be one of the ultimate bathroom accessories?





Given the right opportunity, even your toilet paper holder can be a great conversation starter.  Although this product was designed to hold mainly towels, you could also use it as a tissue holder if you want to. Its unique industrial design can give your toilet a nice touch and let’s be honest – many of us use our phones while we’re inside our bathrooms.  As such, this little shelf is sure to come in handy.





Narrow spaces can be equipped with equally narrow storage solutions. This neutral beauty has the ability to instantly freshen up you bathroom. There are usually a few awkward spaces/corners in every bathroom, with those typically occupied by bathroom accessories like plungers. Thanks to its compact size, this product can fit into most corners, and you’d instantly have a chic place to store toilet paper, shampoo and more.





Kohler’s modern take on the conventional bathroom medicine cabinet is admirable – here, you have a minimalist’s dream of a border-less mirror floating above the sink which can be opened to reveal items behind it. Not only is this cabinet sleek, it also goes with most decor styles and is highly functional. What more could we ask for?





Bring industrial design into your bathroom with this sophisticated white-and-gold number. It’s rare to see pipes painted gold, so this one is particularly refreshing to see. Its rugged pipes are contrasted by smooth shelves to create an interesting accent piece for your toilet!





Looking for something super sleek and modern? Opt for this aluminum-and-glass option. Its sleek and modern frame give it an almost-masculine look, but don’t be deceived: this can easily earn its place in any bathroom. There’s something about the combination of steel and glass that makes it feel decidedly grown-up.





If you desire a softer finish on your bin organizers in the bathroom, you could opt for a fabric organizer over plastic or metal ones. Thanks to its waterproof lining, this particular bathroom accessory has been designed to absorb moisture. Its pretty cream color will freshen up the look of your space in an effortless manner.




This simple bathroom wall cabinet would probably go with anything. Crisp and white with with minimal detailing, its cabinet doors also provide you with a nice mirror and exposed shelving to keep your most frequently used items at the ready. This cabinet is so versatile, its use doesn’t have to be restricted to the bathroom, it can be used in the kitchen too.





The impact that a towel rack can have is often underestimated. If chosen carefully, your towel rack can help to keep the look of your bathroom coherent. For example, you could complement a silver bar with other silver hardware. So if you want to have a black hardware motif, this one would make a great choice any day.





Have a bit of extra space in your bathroom? With its square side resting nicely upon any wall, this cabinet can easily spruce up an empty corner. It then tapers off into an elegant curved shelf design that gives it a unique asymmetric look. You can store your cleaning products in the cabinet while keeping toilet paper on standby with its curved shelves.




No matter how big or small your bathroom counter is, it’s always a good idea to choose organizers with added vertical storage instead of one that takes up a lot of counter space. Also, choosing one that’s made from clear material – like acrylic or plastic – can make it look more spacious than it actually is.





If you want your over toilet shelf to be more “country style”, Spirich has their own design with nostalgic curved detailing that makes it almost like retro furniture that’s been modernized with a fresh coat of white paint. The linear recesses on the cabinet doors also create a more homely feel!





You might find that your bathroom has dead corners that you don’t know what to do with. This is where corner cabinets absolutely shine. Sometimes, rectangular cabinets might fit into a tight space, but there might not be enough space to actual open it, let alone use it. The advantage of having corner cabinets is that they’re able to maximize every inch of space by opening diagonally.





Give your bathroom a little vintage flair with this metal toilet paper stand, which is perfect for storing your backup rolls. They can sit neatly at the corner instead of in a cabinet elsewhere in the house. We recommend complementing this with more contemporary pieces to create a nice accent.





Rag hooks can be an eyesore. Especially plastic ones! There’s also a risk of getting things caught accidentally in them. This design by Eiqer features a flush button with a subtle “X” in the middle to hang your rags. Apart from being sleek and convenient, the steel finish makes this affordable bathroom accessory look extra luxurious.





This cute little egg-shaped cabinet can certainly complete your bathroom vanity experience. Its shape looks almost futuristic and can be an excellent conversation starter. You’ll have tons of compartments to fit even the most comprehensive skincare routines! This is also a great example of vertical storage that has a small footprint.





If you’re not exactly comfortable with the idea of drilling holes in the wall, these towel rings are perfect for you. This towel ring has a metal hook via which you can install them instantly. As pictured in the photo above, their heavy black tone contrasts beautifully with a light all-white motif.





This simple bathroom vanity organizer is bound to be an easy winner in anyone’s eyes. It’s clean, chic, and most importantly spacious. The clear drawers let you see the contents inside, so you won’t have to manually pull everything out when searching for something. Its transparency is then offset with a translucent white casing, making this an organizer suitable for virtually every bathroom.





From its faux marble finish to the diagonally cut hand grab, this bathroom cabinet is an excellent contemporary choice. You can instantly turn this into your bathroom’s storage station by storing unattractive clutter in the cabinet and keeping your favorite items on its exposed shelving and tabletop.





This may look like your standard steel towel rack, but you can actually be more creative with this than you might think. Not only can you hang this off of cabinet doors, you can also hang it on existing towel racks to extend them for further storage. This rack is also expandable to accommodate items of different sizes.





If you require even more storage in your cramped bathroom, you can opt for a mobile cabinet such this one. It’s narrow enough to fit tight spaces in your bathroom, but mobile at the same time so you can easily take it out whenever you want to clean it. The solid white frame and translucent compartments make it super chic and modern as well!





Making use of all faces of the room is even more crucial when dealing with a limited amount of space. This means even using your door. Usually, the back of the door is fitted with adhesive clothing hooks, but why not take it a step further with this metal towel rack? With 5 clothing hooks, it can fit so much more than your standard bar.





For that extra deluxe feel in your bathroom, why not go for a brushed stainless steel finish? Thanks to its adhesive installment method, this option also does not require drilling. Stick it onto your bathroom wall to make it look like a million bucks.





It’s also very important to consider thin organizers that are wide instead of boxy ones that tend to take up a lot of space. This way, this long strip can fit right into the corner formed by your bathroom counter and the wall – almost like a baseboard. The differently sized compartments are also perfect for storing anything you can think of!





Sometimes, your best organization buddy can be as simple as a wooden tray. This can easily delineate different zones for different categories of your things. Also, adding wood to your bathroom can give it warmth and life as opposed to plastics and ceramic. You can style it with your favorite bath salts and scented candles, or just a houseplant and tissue rolls (like in the photo above).





If you’re not ready to commit to a tall cabinet, worry not as there are also low/short options available. The louvered country style design of this product gives it a homey vibe, while the coat of white paint makes it look like it came straight out of an interior design magazine.




Give your bathroom that hotel vibe by opting for this portable towel rack. When not in use, it can stay flush against the wall then you can pivot it to easily retrieve your towels. Viola – you have a cool shiny towel bar that makes you feel extra fancy every day of the week!





Who says storage carts are just for fancy restaurants or beauty salons? You can keep your bathroom essentials within reach at all times with a storage cart. This comes in especially handy when you have an elaborate bath ritual. You can bring out the cart beside you at the tub, light up a scented candle, get your bubble bath or bath bomb and have the bath of your dreams. Once done, you can easily stow it away in a narrow area of your bathroom.





There’s something especially cool about designs that appear as if they were drawn with one stroke of a pen. This C-shaped towel bar is a great example of this. Its simplicity makes it pleasing to the eyes, and yet it is a complete design where you can find no faults with. So satisfying!





If you already have a big mirror and just want a bathroom cabinet that does the job, this design by Tangkula gives you just the right amount of storage. Two shelves in a closed compartment with your go-to favorites just on display on its bottom shelf. It’s always beneficial to go the simple, no-nonsense route.




Your trash bin is just as important as any of your other bathroom furniture. After all, it’s incredibly satisfying to see your bathroom to have matching tones and complimentary finishes all around. Never neglect your trash bin! The understated copper tone of this product will go great with furniture of warm-toned finishes like wood. Thanks to its generous size, it can contain plenty of trash at a time.





Numerous studies have shown that combining other rituals with showering can actually save you a lot of time. If you’re someone who brushes their teeth while in the shower, you’ll definitely love this stick-on organizer. Made from silicone, it’s not only easy to clean, but also resistant to dirt and bacteria. 





If you want to inject a little character into your bathroom vanity, this vintage wooden makeup organizer might just be the one for you. With its antique look, it’s a refreshing choice in a market that’s saturated with acrylic makeup organizers. As they say,  some things get better with age.





If you can’t fit a cabinet with two doors into your space, opt for one with a single door instead. This particular product sports an elegant dark wood finish for a more mature look, if you’re not into an all-white motif. In fact, this can easily work as an accent table to hold your home landline, and books on its middle shelf. Cleaning products can be tucked away safely in the bottom compartment.





Make your towel rack extra fancy with this golden toned towel bar. As it is self-adhesive, it requires no drilling to be installed. In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to have a simple and cute gold towel bar to make your experience the best one possible.





This tissue roll holder almost looks like a fire hydrant was stripped and repurposed into something for your bathroom. Instantly give your space a well-needed accent with this cool product by Excello. It also gives you a space to place your phone because – admit it – we’re on them almost 24/7.





Whether they’re real or fake, plants can instantly give your bathroom so much life and warmth. When you put them in a nice planter, they can serve as decorative pieces that break monotony and clean the surrounding air. However, if you have your reservations about keeping live plants, this plastic set will surely serve you well.





This rustic shelving set can instantly give your bathroom the look of a stylish bathroom that’s worthy of any interior design magazine. The neutral but dark tone of the wood, combined with its stark black metal detailing, will contrast beautifully with the white ceramic of your sink and toilet as well as the existing finishes on the walls.





Maximize your countertop storage by going for a tiered tray set like this one. It’s just as easy to remove as organizer bins – making it a highly useful bathroom accessory. For some people, the high walls of a bin can prove overwhelming as they enjoy seeing more of their products, so trays like this one might suit them better.





Another clean option for your bathroom floor cabinet is this one from Haotian. There’s almost something about the design that makes it feel nautical. When you pair it with tropical materials such as a woven rattan hamper, you can easily recreate the feeling of a resort bathroom right in the comfort of your home.





This bathroom accessory makes use of both sides of your cabinet door. The hook hangs over the upper face which hangs two different holders on either side of the door. One side has a hand towel bar, while the other is a wire basket to carry your essentials, such as your favorite skincare products or hair treatments.





Your mobile storage cabinet can look much lighter with a metal mesh design for the compartments to make it as if they’re floating above one another. Thanks to its open design, it’s light and thus easy to move around.





Thanks to its asymmetrical compartments, Sauder’s interpretation of the over-toilet shelf is interesting to the eyes. The single door paired with the small shelving makes it look less conventional. The touch of black stone also gives it a nice accent and makes it look a tad more luxurious than your average over toilet shelf.





Your linen hooks can be as fancy as anything else in your bathroom, so don’t settle for less. This stick-on hook can provide your bathroom with a nice gold accent while you can be less worried about getting accidentally caught or hurt by its sharpness.





A lot of us can probably agree that shower racks are incredibly important in a bathroom. You could store all of your essentials there instead of leaving them on the floor. Let’s face it – bending down to pick your shampoo up is a giant hassle. This chic black shower rack can definitely put an end to this unpleasant experience in next to no time.





Even your toothbrushes can have a pretty home if you wanted. This rose gold and acrylic bathroom organizer is an accessory you won’t want to miss out on. The design itself is incredibly simple but the use of materials makes it look so luxurious!





For that extra punch of character in your bathroom, this grainy wood finish on a cabinet will certainly break the monotony of an otherwise bland space. Made from sleek black tubular metal, you will have an industrial design that is super trendy but also incredibly useful.





If you’re not a fan of painted wood, our over toilet shelves also come in warmer wood tones. This one from Glitzhome is more natural and has a traditional look. Its cherry tone will no doubt warm up your bathroom instantly.





Your wall cabinet can have a touch of industrial design thanks to its exposed hanging hardware. However, FURINNO’s wall cabinet is pretty standard and will definitely go with any bathroom, thanks to its simple design and large capacity.




Tension rods aren’t just for curtains anymore, as this shower rack by ADOVEL shows. You can easily have your own standalone compartment for your shower essentials without losing your security deposit. Here, you have a stable metal pole with lots of shelves to meet all of your needs.





If all you require is a few shelves for your toiletries, opt for this hanging shower rack that you can simply mount on the shower head. The black tone will go with anything and you will have everything you need within reach. Hang your loofah conveniently from one of these hooks!





Metal can really make your space feel cold so a lot of people still prefer using wooden furniture as their bathroom storage. Here, you have a very vintage-looking wall accent because of the whitewashed wood effect that makes it look like an antique while still maintaining the makings of a functional bathroom shelf.





There’s nothing more satisfying than matching bathroom accessories. Especially for younger people just starting out, they feel more like adults when they have these fancy-looking but well-priced matching furnishings. White and gold is always a great combination and you can be proud to display these for guests to admire.





Stainless steel will always be the best material for your shower rack because it doesn’t rust and is also incredibly easy to clean. This design is also very sleek and modern which will elevate the look of your shower area.





Bathroom sets have become more prevalent today because people in new homes don’t have to go through the trouble of carefully matching their furniture. This way, you have a whole set ready to be placed for an effortlessly coherent bathroom design. Combining glossy white with matte warm wood tones is a no-fail formula for that fresh summer look.





If you don’t want to think too hard about the choice of trash bin for your bathroom, stainless steel is also the way to go. It makes anything look instantly fashionable while also still very functional thanks to its easy to clean properties. The minimalist shape of this bin is also very calming to the eyes.





Make your bathroom cabinet more interesting with this curved design with side shelves. The middle is a mirrored cabinet to store your more private stuff. On the shelves, you can display some decorative items like in the sample photo or maybe your essentials that you want within reach.





This hanging shower rack design is more adaptable to different diameters of the neck of the shower head. Also, the completely boxy tiers for storage are quite aesthetically satisfying instead of the usual curved metal mesh design when it comes to shower racks.





Marble is a giant trend in design nowadays probably because it’s a more interesting approach rather than just plain white or black. The small natural patterns give the design more texture and life. Why not apply the same principles to your bathroom accessories? These will definitely go with even the most luxurious homes.





This bathroom space saver is a unique example of adaptable storage. Depending on your preference, you can either stick this to your wall in a line or form a corner by folding the rack. Since it comes as a set of two, you can be creative by mixing and matching as you feel is best.





Your accessory set can also be as simple as a set of gray. This set alternates the gray with a shiny metal accent to keep it from being too boring. However, they’re bound to match with anything you have in your bathroom because gray will always compliment anything.



Sprucing up your bathroom can feel a bit intimidating at first, but you will definitely enjoy it when you start shopping around for what you need. If you’re stuck at home like most of us, you’re probably experiencing some cabin fever so redecorating is a fantastic way to improve your mental state. In the process, you will surely learn a lot about yourself, your tastes, and your overall vision for your home. Even if you don’t plan on staying there forever, there’s no harm in turning your bathroom into a refreshing escape where you can completely be relaxed and most importantly, at home.


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