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35 Stunning Bathroom Storage Over Toilet Ideas 35 Stunning Bathroom Storage Over Toilet Ideas

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35 Stunning Bathroom Storage Over Toilet Ideas

Written by: Henry Campbell

No need to worry about a cramped up bathroom! These bathroom storage over toilet ideas are sure to provide the space you need.

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Tired of trying to fit everything inside your small bathroom? Tired of bending down to grab your everyday toiletries? If your answer to these questions is “yes” then it is time for you to invest in an over the toilet storage space. By investing in bathroom storage over the toilet, all of your storage problems will be solved in an instant. Below are some of the most stunning bathroom storage over toilet ideas that you will love!



35 Stunning Bathroom Storage Over the Toilet Ideas - INFOGRAPHICS




This bathroom storage over the toilet is available in two main colors, such as black, and white. It is ideal for a minimalistic theme. The bathroom stand comes with rack shelves for organizing your small bits and bobs you would need in a bathroom. To add more character you can even put up a small plant on one of those racks. Moreover, the product is water-resistant and does not corrode easily. Each of its three shelves is strong enough to hold 5 kg, 7 kg, and 9 kg of weight, respectively.





This over the toilet storage comes in two styles, as a wall shelf, and as a space saver. The product is lightweight yet sturdy. It comes with three shelves that are made up of wood and a metal frame. You can easily store your hair, skin, and body cleaning tools and products without the fear of it collapsing. Moreover, it offers easy assembly and great value for money. The traditional yet modern look will complement the majority of the bathroom themes.





The product is available in two different sizes; each of which seamlessly fit as an over the toilet storage. Moreover, the product comes with a spacious shelf, and one cabinet with two more shelves. The design can be best described as traditional, sturdy, spacious, delicately decorative, and highly functional. Moreover, the product is coated with NC paint which makes it easy to clean and is highly resistant to water and rust. You can also use it as a bathroom towel storage because of how water-resistant this product is.





This piece of bathroom furniture is available in two designs, such as the linen tower design, and the space-saver design. Moreover, the space-saver design comes into two trendy colors such as white, and espresso. While the linen tower is only available in white. The product comes with a drawer, a tall and spacious shelf, and a small two-door cabinet. It is very easy to assemble and comes with all the essential hardware items and detailed instructions.





Simple and beautiful design; the product is perfect for medium-sized bathrooms. Moreover, the product comes with four storage spaces and can easily fit the majority of toilets.





The bathroom cart has a unique design and is manufactured from high quality and anti-corrosion iron. The product can easily hold up 17 lbs. of weight for a long time. Its three shelves are spacious enough to hold your essentials along with a little decorative candle and/or plant here and there. Moreover, the product is easily maintainable and very easy to assemble.





It is completely up to you if you want to use this bathroom over the toilet storage as a bathroom standing rack or if you want to mount it on the wall. The best part about this product, apart from its refreshing appearance, is the flexibility it offers. You have 3 sturdy shelves which can be adjusted as per five different distances according to your needs.





The design is traditional, but the use is modern. The product comes with a spacious shelf that has enough height to store your jumbo shampoo and conditioner bottles. Apart from this shelf, this bathroom furniture comes with a cabinet which is also very easy to assemble. You can find this design in very limited colors but this specific one is available in a rich espresso color. Moreover, the cabinet comes with tempered glass windows so you can say that the product is efficient, functional yet very aesthetic.





This bathroom cart over the toilet storage is ideal for those who do not want their toiletries on display. The product can be used as a over the toilet wall cabinet or even as a standing bathroom cart. Additionally, the product comes with one shelf and a cabinet that has two shelves as well. One of those shelves are fixed and the other can be adjusted as per your needs. Its design is traditional but the white, and gray color options add a modern touch to it.





This product is definitely one of the most minimalistic pieces of bathroom furniture in this list. It comes with four shelves which can be adjusted according to your desires. Each of these shelves can support 22 lbs. of weight with ease. The best part about this product is that you do not have to use any tools to install it. The item is simply supported by your floor and ceiling. Hence, no drilling or hammering is required in the installation process. Moreover, the product is rust and peel proof. It is secure and made of stainless steel.





This bathroom storage over the toilet is stable, durable, and very easy to clean. The product comes with a wide shelf and a cabinet with clear windows. Moreover, you get two wide and spacious shelves inside the cabinet.





This piece of bathroom storage comes with three storage spaces, such as one spacious shelf, one cabinet, and then another top storage space. The cabinet has a translucent window that allows you to view its contents. Moreover, the cabinet is further divided into six compartments for extra organization.





This space saver over the toilet storage can easily hold up to 22 lbs. of weight. It comes with a shelf, a two-door cabinet, and sleek design. All of this makes it ideal for a small bathroom. Moreover, the product has been manufactured with a sturdy material which makes it durable, waterproof, and also mold proof.





A shelf and a two-door cabinet will fulfill all your organizing needs at a great price. Moreover, the product fits the majority of the toilet seats. However, do take all the necessary measurements before you make the purchase. 





The best part about this product is its adjustable height feature. You can adjust the height of this bathroom to stand up to three levels. Apart from this cool feature, the product comes with a rather attractive appearance which is always a plus. Like most over the toilet storage ideas, it comes with a shelf and a cabinet, but what sets it apart is its beautiful design.





The product is made from good quality MDF material which makes it sturdy and more durable. Each of its shelves could support up to 11 lbs. of weight. It has a very different design as compared to all the other enlisted over the toilet storage options. It comes with two cabinets, each of which has four shelves. Then it has top storage and you can even use its top surface as a storage or best decorate it with plants etc. Moreover, the product can also be used as a bathroom towel storage.





The product is available in various modern, trendy, and elegant colors. The maximum capacity this bathroom stand can hold is up to 110 lbs. It is functional, aesthetic, sturdy, and everything that you need.




This is your typical over the toilet storage bathroom cart except that it has been made out of wood with a bamboo finish. Furthermore, the product comes with all the necessary hardware tools and also provides easy assembly.





It is strong, efficient, and very aesthetic. The bathroom stand comes with two drawers, two shelves, and top storage space. It will easily fit the majority of the toilet seats which is great. Moreover, the product comes with an in-depth guide with elaborate instructions.





The space saver cabinet is constructed from veneer and hardwood. Moreover, it comes in two traditional colors. The metal hardware adds to its traditional look and makes it an aesthetic choice for your small bathroom.





The product comes with an adjustable shelf so you can easily fit in your tall bottles of shampoo, conditioner, or even spray tan, etc. All in all, it is a great purchase. 





This over the toilet storage perfectly showcases the ranch/farmhouse look with a barn door and texture. The product comes with two roomy shelves that are also very easy to install.





The product is so easy to assemble that you don’t even need tools for it. It is made with thick tempered glass with a metal tube mount which makes it extremely durable. Moreover, it comes with adjustable height levels and in two trendy colors.





This is your traditional bathroom stand with a shelf and a two-door cabinet. The product is stable, sturdy, spacious, and stylish. What else could one ask for?




This is a rather simple bathroom stand with three shelves which makes it ideal for cramped up spaces. You can store the tall items on the top storage with ease. The product is easy to assemble as it comes with all the essential hardware and a detailed guide.





A simple bathroom cart that comes with two roomy handwoven baskets. The back is crossed which provides extra support to the overall structure.





Sturdy, elegant, spacious, and supportive back and sides keep your items organized and protected.





The product is a rather petite version of a typical bathroom cart. It comes with one shelf and is ideal for you if you do not have much to organize in your bathroom. Moreover, it is made with stainless steel which prevents it from corrosion and makes it easy to clean in general. The best part is that there is no need for installation so your bathroom is safe from all sorts of damage.





Beautiful and spacious design; however, one con is that it does not provide fall-proof protection to your products. Something could tip over and break. So, it is best that you invest in small organization baskets to go with this product. Moreover, it is sturdy and made from high-quality materials that add to its lifespan.




This over the toilet storage is ideal for people who not only have little products to organize but also want to add character to their bathroom. The best part is that it comes with back and side protection so your products don’t fall down.





Simple and clean design, this bathroom stand is ideal for lightweight items as it is on the lighter side. However, it is perfect for you if you just need a bathroom towel storage.





It is a very attractive and high-quality design. Plus it provides side and back protection to your products which is great. Moreover, the product is sturdy and has a long lifespan.





Fun design. Efficient product. That is the best way to describe it. This is a smaller and more compact version of an over the toilet storage. 





One spacious shelf and top storage is ideal for people with small bathrooms and not much to organize. The best part is that you can simply open and close the bathroom cart like a beach chair and it comes with a bathroom towel storage.





The bathroom stand is rather simple and only consists of one top shelf where you can put your essentials. The product can easily support 75 lbs. of weight. Moreover, it is ideal for a really small bathroom with extremely cramped up space.




We hope that these over the toilet storage ideas helped you find the solution for storing your essential bathroom items in a cramped up space. Make sure you keep your theme and budget in mind while purchasing any of the recommended items in this list.

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