The Complete Guide To Living Room Furniture

A living room is not just another space in your house. It’s one of the most critical places in the house because it’s probably the one place where you and your family spend most of your time. Also, it’s where you usually invite guests in.



Living rooms should be designed around the idea of comfort and relaxation. Hence, picking the right furniture for your living room is crucial. This guide will highlight some of the most important factors to consider before investing in living room furniture. Moreover, we’ll also go over some ideas on how to organize and to turn your living room area into a cozy hangout space.




Things You Need To Know About Living Room Furniture

living room


You need to create a living room that projects your personal sense of style, which is why it is essential to pick out the furniture that not only meets your personal needs but also matches your taste.



However, you can easily end up buying the room item if you don’t plan your purchase ahead of time and do your own research. Living room furniture sets are a hefty investment, and so, there are a few things you must keep in mind to avoid making any wrong decisions.



Measure The Living Room

Always start with the measurements and never rely on vague ideas you might have. Remember, merely looking at a room would never give you the right idea of the size and measurements. Using a meter or yardstick, measure the length and width of the living room.



Floor Plan

Floor plan of a house top view 3D illustration. Open concept living appartment layout


Creating a floor plan would make the furniture shopping so much more convenient as you will have a clear-cut idea of the items you would need. Make rough sketches on a piece of paper outlining where different pieces of furniture like sofas, chairs, tables, etc., would go. Make sure that you keep at least one meter distance between furniture items so that there is enough space to move around the room. After all, you don’t want your living room to seem congested.



Measure The Doorways

You don’t want to pick up a piece of furniture only to find out that it doesn’t fit through your front. That is a nightmare you want to avoid at all costs. You must measure the width of your doorways beforehand to avoid any mishaps of this sort.



Type Of Furniture

types of furniture


Think about the usage of your living room. Are you going to use it occasionally for guests? Or should you go for a cheap living room furniture if your family regularly doesn’t use it? For the former, you can get some elegant, even delicate furniture items. For the latter, you would need sturdy and robust furniture that can withstand the daily usage, especially if there are kids in the house.



Longevity Is Key

There is no doubt that furniture shopping is expensive. It is not something that you can do every year or even every two years. Therefore, it’s better to get the items that are of excellent quality and are durable enough to last for an extended time. If you are buying a living room sofa, look for one with stain-resistant, durable fabric cover. For cushions, it is better to buy the ones filled with foam, as the foam is more comfortable and sturdy.



Stick To A Theme

It is best to buy the furniture that compliments the interior decor of your living room, including the shade of the walls, color of the rugs and carpets, design of the fireplace (if any), etc. Do not rush into buying everything that catches your eye as it may create chaos in your living room. Each item should coordinate with the other and match the overall theme of the room.



Basics First

Plan the budget for the necessary furniture items first before moving towards the extras like complimentary tables or ottomans. Purchase the essentials, including living room sofa, living room chairs, coffee table, center table, etc., first and then see if you can still invest in extra items.



Room For Extras

Once you are done with adding the basic living room furniture, see if there still is enough vacant space left for any extra items. Small living rooms can usually get congested and chaotic with lots of furniture. Just see if there is one meter of a gap between all the stuff and if you still find some new area, place another seat or a small kiddy table.




How To Arrange Living Room Furniture

couple arranging things in their new apartment .


Once you have gotten all the furniture, it is now time to start arranging the living room. This could be an intimidating task if you haven’t decided on the placement of every furniture item beforehand. Here are a few ideas to conveniently set your living room without any mismanagement.



  1. The first thing to do is to determine a focal point of your living room and then arrange furniture around it. The focal point could be an actual item in the living room like the television, the fireplace, a window, etc. This way, you would know the direction you will be facing towards when sitting in the living room. The standard viewing distance between television and the sitting area must be 8 to 12 feet, while the viewing angle is no more than 30 degrees. So, all the living room sofas, chairs, and other seating items would be placed facing the focal point.
  2. Furniture should be placed in a way that makes it easy for people to talk without having to strain their necks or talk loud. Have a few conversation areas in your living room, whether it is a big one or small, to make it easier for people to talk.
  3. Once you are done with the seating items, it is time for the rest of the stuff. Whether it is an ottoman or a coffee table, it would go in the middle of the seating furniture. The ideal distance between the sofa and the table would be 18 inches so that all the items on the table are within reach. If you have a smaller space, it would be better to get nesting tables that can be expanded and folded up according to the requirements. TV stands or any media consoles would go under the television while storage cabinets would be placed against the wall.
  4. Leave room for walking area. Spare at least 30 inches of space between the items so that people could walk around comfortably without colliding into each other or with the furniture.
  5. Side tables could be used as extra seating around the nesting tables or coffee table, only if you have enough space. Put one on each side of the sofas, near the table. This way, everyone would be able to set down a snack or a drink without having to go all the way to the coffee table.



Do not add anything extra to the living room if there is enough seating already. Doing so will only make it look overcrowded and mismanaged.




Living Room Furniture Styles

There is no limit when it comes to picking up a theme to build your living room around. There are hundreds of ideas available to choose from according to your aesthetic sense, budget, and style.



Your living room is the embodiment of your inner self and your design appeal. You do not have to spend a ton of money on building a lavish living room. Just some creativity with a hint of comfort would work great for designing a cozy, peaceful living room space that speaks elegance.




Modern furniture


Modern living room furniture is the most commonly used choice when it comes to picking up stuff for a living room. Designs from the vintage times of the 20s, the mid-century era of the 50s and 60s, and art deco themes of the 70s are some of the best options when it comes to modern furniture. These all represent a minimalistic yet elegant aura, especially when combined with the right kind of curtains and rugs.



Modern furniture is often built of earthier elements, mostly wood. They possess an earthier hue and charisma with shades like turquoise, grey, rust, and various shades of browns and blues.




contemporary furniture

Most people think that contemporary and modern furniture are the same things, while in reality, that is not the case. Contemporary furniture is much bolder than the modern is, and comes in new-age materials.



Contemporary furniture is made of glass, metal, and other state-of-the-art materials. It features striking colors that give out uniqueness and, at some level, a hint of funkiness. This type of furniture is usually used in otherwise small living rooms, so the use of bright colors helps in enhancing the interior design and appeal of the room.



However, at the same time, depending on the taste of the owner, contemporary furniture can feature minimalistic designs like those of modern ones.




Eclectic style


Think of really bold and bright colors in a room with some artsy paintings on the wall and rugs of splashy shades on the floor. That’s what a perfect eclectic room looks like. The furniture is mostly five to seven-seater sofas covered in dark shades like navy blue, maroon, black, with printed cushions on them.



The tables are mostly of metallic glints, with wooden side tables that have carvings of different shades. The basic idea behind eclectic furniture is to pick items that mix and match with each other and compliment the overall chic theme of the living room.




Traditional furniture


For people who love keeping their living room effortless and comfortable, traditional furniture is the thing for you. The history goes back to the Victorian period when traditional style furniture was made up until the modernist movement took over. Traditional furniture is built by unique craftsmanship, involving hand-carved designs on dark-colored wood. The material is, most of the time, high-quality wood, as traditional furniture is considered to last for generations.



The core theme of a traditional living room is symmetry. Furniture used in traditional living rooms mimics that of used in ancient times by royal monarchies.




Living room in rustic style


If you are someone who loves vintage, somewhat old Italian interior designs, rustic furniture would be the right choice for you. Adding rustic furniture to your living room would give it a look like that of a small cottage in the countryside. This kind of furniture is usually handmade and involves materials like wood, cane, and other earthy stuff that give out a rough, unfinished, and more of a natural ambiance to the interior of the house.



To incorporate a rustic theme into your living room, starting with the basics would be a good idea. Use a vintage trunk in place for coffee table with some ottoman designed chair or sofas around it. Other furniture items of warm natural shades with a stony, rocky texture would add more to the overall rustic look of the room.




Types of Living Room Furniture


Sofas are the essence of a living room as they define seating space within a living room. Other stuff like couches or side tables/chairs can be placed on either side of the sofa. A sofa must be placed in front of the focal point in the middle of the seating items, meaning if the focal point of your living room is television, then the sofa would be in front of it for clear viewing. A sofa should be super comfortable and built of sturdy material with stainless or easily washable clothing.
Picking the right kind of coffee table is imperative for two reasons.  Depending on the interior design of your living room and the rest of the furniture, there are multiple choices available for coffee tables. For modern or contemporary design, a table with glass or wooden top would seem excellent. For a traditional or rustic theme, anything that’s simple with a somewhat rough texture would be perfect.
TV stands in a living room could vary according to the kind of TV you have. If it’s a wall-mounted LCD, you’d need a media console to be placed below it for keeping the gaming consoles, movie players, media player, etc. LCD monitors could also be placed on the top shelf of media consoles. If you want to fix the LCD/plasma in a bracket stand, then a TV mounting bracket stand would be the right choice for you.
Storage ottomans are an excellent item to elevate the interior of a living room. They are a multipurpose furniture item, which means you could use them as an added comfortable seating item while utilizing the generous storage space they have for storing valuables out of sight, but not out of reach. Use them to rest your feet on while sitting on a couch, or as an extra place to sit.
Chairs are super handy yet chic to match with the rest of your living room’s interior. Armchairs are another great choice as they provide added comfort to rest your arms comfortably. Moreover, chairs are the best fit for people who do not want to share seating space with anyone else.
There are a bunch of options available to pick from; the most commonly used are the multi-tier bookcases that can be adjusted next to a wall. These bookcases are not only great for holding your collection of books and journals but can also hold other stuff like decoration items, plant pots, etc.




Living Room Furniture Buying Guide  


How To Choose A Sofa?

Man Relaxing On Sofa At Home


  • Try out different sofas with increased depth so that you can assess just the right one for you and your family. Don’t decide based on the look of the item as it may not be comfortable or robust enough.
  • Get the one with excellent back support. You don’t want to hurt your back and spine with a sofa that has a hard, uncomfortable back.
  • A solid hardwood frame goes a long way. Buying a sofa with a durable frame is always a good idea, as it will prevent any damages or cracks occurring in the sofa over time.
  • Always measure the floor of your living room so that you make no wrong decisions of size while purchasing.



How To Choose Upholstered Ottoman?

storage ottoman


Choosing an ottoman for your living room could be somewhat tricky. You must consider a few things before making the purchase.


  • Take some measurements for the size you think would go right with the overall look of your room. You don’t want it to be either too big or too small in front of the rest of the furniture.
  • Decide its purpose, whether you want to use it as a coffee table, as an additional seating area, or just to put your feet on. If you’re going to use it as a table, then go for a flat top surface ottoman that is of the same height as the sofas in the living room would be good. For other purposes, you may get one that isn’t too high and of the same material as that of the other furniture.
  • Your living room should have enough free space to fit an ottoman. Don’t get one if it’s going to make the room look overcrowded.




Living Room Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces

  • Buy items that will complement the size of the room and not make it look chaotic.
  • Nesting tables in place of coffee tables would be the wise choice as they can be expanded and folded up according to space.
  • Don’t buy sofas or chairs that are of bold and dark colors as they will seem huge in a small room. Go for the furniture that feels light.
  • A five or seven-seater sofa wouldn’t look good in a small living room. Choose the furniture wisely while keeping in mind the size of the room.




DIY Living Room Furniture Ideas

Sometimes you may not find the perfect ottoman you have been dying to get for your living room or the rustic shelves you had your eyes on for long. However, it’s pretty easy to build these things yourself. Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about the quality of the material either since you would be getting everything yourself.



Start off by designing the base of your ottoman storage bench with wood. Make sure you cut out the right amount of size that you need. Cut out the sides and fix the basic structure together. Move on to the next step and fill up the ottoman with foam and use fabric to sew it all together.




Best Ways To Protect And Care For Your Living Room Furniture

  • If your furniture comes with a care or precautions label, thoroughly go through it. You might not know how to clean and protect a specific material. Reading the instructions from the label would give you a clear idea of the maintenance.
  • Avoid keeping furniture items into places where they receive direct sunlight. Some materials may not be able to withstand long exposures to sunlight and could be damaged in a short time.
  • Regularly clean the furniture with a dry cloth to wipe away the dust. Be very gentle with the cleaning to avoid damaging the fabric or design.




Frequently Asked Questions About Living Room Furniture



1. How To Choose High-Quality Living Room Furniture?

  • Read up reviews of the items that you are planning to buy before heading to the store. People leave their reviews on their purchases online, which could help you in choosing the right quality of furniture.
  • Always get your furniture from a renowned place because the chances of poor quality stuff are minimal there.
  • Check for the furniture items with extended warranties like 10-15 years or more.



2. How Long Should Living Room Furniture Last?

It depends on several factors like quality, price, usage, maintenance, etc. A high-quality sofa may last for over ten years if used occasionally. For furniture items that are used regularly and roughly, you might need to get them renovated or changed within five years or even less.



3. How To Clean My Sofa?

Check out the instructions manual that came with the sofa. It would have all the dos and don’ts of cleaning and maintenance for the sofa.



4. How To Mix And Match My Living Room Furniture?

  • Coordinate the colors of different furniture items in different colors.
  • For example, if you buy a sofa covered in grey cloth, you could put cushions of siege green or light blue shade.
  • If your ottoman is in beige, then matching this shade with that of the cushion of the chair would be a great way to mix and match.



5. How To Choose A Style For My Living Room Furniture?

It depends on how you are going to utilize the living room. If it’s a place reserved only for guests and events, then a formal theme would be the right choice. For regular use, it’s better to make it more homely and comfortable with a hint of modern or rustic furniture.

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