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20 Best Waterproof Outdoor Storage Box Picks 20 Best Waterproof Outdoor Storage Box Picks

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20 Best Waterproof Outdoor Storage Box Picks

Written by: Amelia Brooks

Easily protect your items from the natural elements with these waterproof outdoor storage box! Find the one that best suits your needs with our top picks.

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Waterproof outdoor storage box options are hard to come by. Why? Because there aren’t a lot of good ones in the market. These outdoor storage boxes, however, are sure to meet your needs. They are perfect for small items you want to keep tucked away next to your outdoor storage bench, or you could use it as a small table for your furniture patio set. With plenty of options to play around with, it’s a great and fun way to keep things in order. So delve into the choices below – you won’t regret it, for sure.



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This beautiful Suncast gallon deckbox is perfect for your yard, pool, patio, deck, garage and shed. It performs excellently in the outdoors because of its strong and durable build: it is made of poly-resin construction that prevents it from getting damaged by water, mildew, and rust. It is perfect for storing essentials you want to keep close to the pool or backyard such as sunscreen or throw pillows. In addition, you’ll have yourself a place for your favorite designer sunglasses when you aren’t wearing them.


This deep tone deck box features an in-lay faux design that’s easy to incorporate into your outdoor space. In addition, it will not rust nor fade as it is made of 100% waterproof resin. Therefore, you can keep it outside on a rainy day, while sipping a cup of chamomile tea without a worry. It’s also perfect for patio storage, you can keep fertilizer for plants, or even a couple of seeds to grow your garden close by. In terms of versatility, it most certainly takes the cake as there’s plenty of use for it both inside and outside the home.


Two is better than one, amirite? Well, in this scenario, it most certainly is the case. These two outdoor ottomans can double as mini outdoor compartments. Because of this, you can easily store your magazines and books in it, to catch up on your reading while lounging on the porch or backyard. You can easily complement it with other pieces of furniture and its minimalist design and rattan-like exterior proves to be pleasing to the eye. There’s no need for assembly of any sort as it comes as is!


This outdoor wicker storage ottoman is perfect for storing multiple items as there is ample space inside. Go ahead and put in whatever you want: linen, cushions, garden tools, etc.! With measurements of 51.4 x 22 x 26.4 inches, it only takes up an ample amount of floor space, so it’s neither too large nor too bulky. Also, it’s suitable for using indoors or outdoors, so you can keep it anywhere in the house. 





This BirdRock home woven storage cube would make an exceptional addition to your outdoor space. Each basket is beautifully hand-woven and crafted for a “one and only” piece you’ll love. This waterproof outdoor storage box comes with a lid that can be used to protect your items. The basket measures 18″ wide x 18″ deep x 17″ high and weighs 15 lbs. It’s great for storage of dog toys, remote controls, books, magazines and an assortment of other objects. 




Plastic gives off an objectionable odor. However, worry not as this outdoor storage box from Homspark does not have the usual dubious stendch which most other plastic products give off. This outdoor box is made of resin, which is a composite material that mimics stone and metal materials. Well-built and easy to maintain, you won’t experience any cracking, chipping or fading because of the molded resin walls. In addition, you can easily clean it with water and soap – just wipe it off and you’re good to go. 




A 97-gallon box that is a beauty to behold, this product is easy to place: simply put it in your yard, garage, porch, patio or deck. Large and spacious, its internal dimensions stand at 23″ x 42″ x 35″. In addition, you can store multiple items in it, such as pool toys, grill supplies and even a couple of power tools! Plus, it’s waterproof, so rain droplets will trickle off it without seeping into the interior. No matter what the weather is like, you’ll know for sure that all the contents will remain safe and dry.




Simplify your life and stay prepared at all times with a deck box like this. Great for use in your garden or pool, you can create a safe haven for you and your family even outdoors. Protect those little fingers from harm by keeping sharp tools out of the way today. 

This outdoor storage box is quite versatile as it can transform into just about any sort of outdoor furniture: side table, center table, or even a small storage bench or stool. Also, it’s the perfect centrepiece for a furniture set, as its simple design allows you to integrate it into pieces of different layouts. It’s that last piece of the puzzle for completing your outdoor blueprint. What’s not to love about it, really?




What do you get when you put together practicality and aesthetics? The resounding answer: this SC Classic Wood outdoor deck box. This useful option features a square design with a brown exterior finish that allows it to blend in seamlessly with the outdoor elements. Its 30-gallon storage capacity is great for keeping pool buoys, a garden hose and even a few bags of fertilizer for your potted plants. This one will retain its form even with harsh weather conditions as it is made of UV-protected resin.  It will surely be a reliable companion for many years to come.





If you’ve been meaning to DIY your own outdoor box, good on you as that’s a great alternative. However, if you just can’t seem to find the time or resources, this storage box is just the thing for you. It’s easily customizable for the one who wants to add a certain element here and there. Its walls can be painted, drilled into, hung on or cut however you please. In addition, there are adjustable brackets that can support an extra shelf. So you can modify the compartments inside, anytime you want. Lastly, you can keep all your important things inside without having to worry about break-ins as it can be locked for extra security.





This outdoor storage box is great for putting all your plastic dishware, grill tools, blankets, throw pillows, pool toys, and books. The best part about it is that it has plenty of space measuring 33.45” D x 33.45” W x 24.30” H. The frame of the box is made of iron for maximum durability. In addition, you may use it as an informal table, good for a tea session or lounging with a plate of bagels on a hot summer’s day. Made from faux wicker to withstand harsh weather conditions, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it will last for a long period of time.






This 26-gallon outdoor storage bin can hold up to 50 pounds of weight. It can hold bags of sand, salt, ice melter with more space to spare. Although it is smaller than others on the list at 23.25 x 19.00 x 22.75 inches, it’s perfect for use in more compact spaces. It’s also constructed with UV-resistant recycled polyethylene. This means, this box will function well even if exposed to direct sunlight. So now, you have a quality outdoor storage box that is suitable for storage of your outdoor needs. You’d be pleasantly surprised by how well this small yet multi-functional box can perform. 





This mid-size outdoor storage box is suitable for use anywhere in the home. It’s multi-functional and robust enough to store household items ranging from patio supplies to garden tools. In addition, this storage box is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), so it can withstand extreme weather conditions and direct sunlight exposure, and give your household items full protection from the elements. A padlock enables you to latch it close securely for security.





This easy-to-assemble patio outdoor storage box is made from durable material that will withstand extreme weather conditions. You can keep multiple items in it,  including boots, footwear, garden shears, towels and even hose pipes. It’s also easy to rearrange and place in the backyard, patio, garden or deck. Also, it’s lightweight as it weighs 13.88L. Thus, it’s so lightweight that you can carry it around and move it whenever you want to. Moreover, it comes in a dainty white that is pleasing to the eyes. Match it with other dainty-colored furniture to create a complete set for the outdoors.





Weather-resistant and highly durable, this product mimics the appearance of real wood, and features a heavy-duty design for storing all your belongings. This waterproof outdoor storage box is huge. Also, there’s different types of outdoor items you can store in it, like construction helmets, tool boxes, some rope, cleaning agents, cushions, toys, bags of garden soil and more! There’s not an inch of space that’ll go to waste. In addition, the lid has a 660-pound capacity, so that means over four medium sized people can sit on it at a time. Safe, durable, organized and full of capacity, it’s all you need in an outdoor deck box.




Don’t you just love the mocha brown of this large waterproof outdoor storage box? It’s as pretty as it is spacious, with a 19-gallon capacity or roughly 159 pounds. Therefore, you can stuff a couple of blankets, cushions, shirts, linen in there among other things. Moreover, this box requires little to no maintenance at all. The material will not rot, rust, or chip off even in intense weather conditions. In addition, you can use it as an end table, so it’s just the perfect height to reach. With only 12 pounds on its body, this large waterproof outdoor storage box is a keeper. Move it around without breaking a sweat!


Next to the 150-gallon options, this outdoor storage box may appear miniscule but it more useful than it seems. This large waterproof outdoor storage box can fit just about anywhere and weighs 15.9 pounds, so you can transfer it easily without putting unnecessary strain on your joints/muscles. This patio deck box is fitting as patio storage, as it made from high-quality resin. Its front panel is attractive as it features an interwoven faux style, mimicking interwoven fibers in a basket pattern. You can easily lift it open for easy access to your pool toys, outdoor cushions, garage tools, and even a small bag of fertilizer for your azaleas.



Not a fan of assembly? Well, here’s the ultimate waterproof box that will do the trick. This premium outdoor bench with storage does not require any tools to be assembled. Just latch on the panels and the pieces in place, and you’re good to go. You can use it in your garage, utility room or porch. It’s great for storage of those small items that are hard to find. Therefore, you can keep your keys, slippers, craft items and even some sunblock in it.




Last but most certainly not the least is the Suncast 13-gallon end table. This small storage box is perfect for keeping cushions, towels, and even pool toys if you like. It is made of poly-resin material that is waterproof, so it won’t rust or peel even when it rains. It’s also decorative as it features a wicker pattern that provides a simple touch and accentuates your outdoor furniture. The lid flips open easily on its hinges, and effectively protects your belongings protection from mildew and water damage.




So there you have it – our best waterproof outdoor storage box picks. These are the best ones in the market, and definitely provide you ample storage for all your needs. It’s quite discreet as it keeps your items hidden, and gives you enough security that it keeps your well-loved items and tools protected. You won’t go out of style with these simple yet decorative patio storage bench products that are both timeless and cohesive.

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