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30 Best Outdoor Storage Bench Waterproof & Durable 30 Best Outdoor Storage Bench Waterproof & Durable

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30 Best Outdoor Storage Bench Waterproof & Durable

Written by: James Anderson

Outdoor storage bench waterproof for maximum durability! Beautiful and multi-functional, it's time to find the best option for you.

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Getting an outdoor storage bench waterproof is the single greatest decision you’ll ever make. Not only will you be adding extra outdoor storage space, but the bench will also serve as a place where you can relax after a rough day at work.



We have compiled a list of the best outdoor storage bench waterproof (e.g. diy waterproof outdoor storage bench, outdoor waterproof storage bench) available on the market today. We’ll also be giving you expert advice to help you choose, organize, and maintain your very own outdoor storage bench.



30 Best Outdoor Storage Bench Waterproof





The Keter Eden Garden Storage is a sturdy, waterproof, and weather-resistant storage space. It is a safe option for storing items that need to be kept in a ventilated yet dry place. Apart from having a storage capacity of 265 liters, it’s also very stylish and capable of seating 2 adults at a time. This lockable storage option will help to ensure that your items are always secure.





Suncast WRDB 12000 Hybrid Deck Storage is a versatile and attractive plastic storage container that you can use anywhere you please. It has a storage capacity of up to 120 gallons with dimensions measuring approximately 27.5″ x 54.5″ x 24″. A hinged lid makes all your tools and accessories easier to access. Additionally, it features water-resistant poly resin for reliable performance throughout the seasons.





The Keter Novel Plastic Deck Storage is very durable thanks to its polypropylene resin plastic build. It has a storage capacity of 90 gallons (485 lbs.) with interior dimensions measuring 45.3″ x 19″ x 22.3″ (L x W x H). The materials in this particular product ensure that it doesn’t rust, peel, fade, or get dented. For extra security, this product comes with a lockable lid.





Keter Denali 150 Gallon Resin Large Deck Storage is a weather-resistant resin storage product that features a wooden texture. Made from weather-resistant polypropylene, you can rest assured that this box will remain rust-proof, dent-proof, and peel-proof at all times. It has a storage capacity of 150 gallons (660 lbs.), with internal measurements standing at 56.2″ x 25″ x 25.1″ (L x W x H). 





Lifetime 60186 Heavy-duty Outdoor Storage is constructed from high-density polypropylene (HDPE) plastic that helps ensure that it is weather-resistant, water-resistant, and protected from UV light. It has a storage capacity of 116 gallons (439.11 lbs.) with exterior dimensions of 4′ 2.3″ x 2′ 1.2″ x 2′ 2″ (L x W x H). Apart from that, it also features powder-coated steel hinges and a lockable spring-hinge lid. 





Suncast Elements 30-Gallon End Table features a water-resistant polypropylene resin to keep it in impeccable condition. It has a storage capacity of 30 gallons with dimensions measuring 34″ x 20″ x 18″. This large waterproof outdoor storage box can serve as a side table and a bench. It also features a hinged lid which makes it easier to access its stored items.





Keter Westwood 150 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box is a durable, weather-resistant resin storage unit that requires very little maintenance. It has a storage capacity of 150 gallons (570 L) with dimensions that measure 61 in. x 28.5 in. x 25.4 in. (L x W x H). It also has an automatic easy-opening mechanism that helps make opening and closing the storage box a breeze. With its stylish, wood-paneled appearance, this product is sure to enhance the look of any deck. 




Keter Borneo 110 Gallon Resin Deck Storage is made from weather-resistant propylene resin which ensures that it remains rust-proof, dent-proof, and peel-proof. This roomy storage box has a storage capacity of 100 gallons with internal dimensions measuring 45″ x 23. 4″ x 21. 3″. Get your money’s worth with this durable pick.





The Keter Brightwood 120 Gallon Resin Storage is made from propylene resin plastic, so it’ll remain in pristine condition even with prolonged exposure to the elements. This heavyweight clocks in at about 804 lbs. and boasts a storage capacity of 120 gallons. Its exterior and interior dimensions measure 57″ x 27.5″ x 23.7″ and 54.3″ x 23.5″ x 21.7″ respectively.





The Suncast 73 Gallon Medium Storage is made from a water-resistant polypropylene resin that makes it super durable. It has a storage capacity of 73 gallons, and its dimensions measure 22″ x 46″ x 23″. For easy transportation, it features handles and rolling mini wheels. Moreover, its lid helps ensure that things kept inside remain dry since any rain droplets will roll off its surface easily. 





You can’t go wrong with the Suncast’s 122 Gallon Waterproof Outdoor Storage. Made from water-resistant polypropylene resin, it has a storage capacity of 122 gallons with interior dimensions measuring up to 52″ x 28.75″x 26″. Access items quickly using its easy-open lid.





A delightful faux leather option, this one is resistant to water and comes with a memory foam-padded seat. It has a storage capacity of 250 lbs. and its dimensions stand at 15″ x 15″ x 30″. Not only is it easy to assemble, it can also be folded when not in use. The perfect option for the modern man and woman.





Protect your items with Lifetime 60298 Heavy-duty Outdoor Storage, a durable and sturdy option that can accommodate two adults. It’s 4′ 9″ x 1′ 8.7″ x 1′ 11.7″ (L x W x H) and has a storage capacity of 130 gallons. Apart from a lockable lid and UV-protected panels, it also features a spring-hinge lid that opens at angles greater than 90° and shuts softly.





Sayagold Garden Patio Storage is a rattan waterproof outdoor storage box. It is covered with polyethylene rattan which will help prevent any rusting and fading. Additionally, it has a storage capacity of 360 lbs. with dimensions measuring about 39” x 19” x 14” (L x W x H). It is capable of seating two people comfortably. Additionally, its upper cover can be opened and closed without a hitch.





The Office Star Metro Vinyl Storage Ottoman has overall dimensions of 32″ x 16″ x 18″ (W x D x H). Its interior dimensions measure 29¼” x 12½” x 10¼” (L x W x D) which makes it wide and tall enough to easily accommodate files. It can comfortably accommodate two people, and its cushion top is so soft that you’ll feel perfectly at home while sitting on it.





The Suncast DB97050 Extra Large Storage is a plastic storage container made with water-resistant polypropylene resin for maximum durability. With a storage capacity of 129 gallons and dimensions measuring up to 29″ x 53″ x 27. 5″, you’ll love its space-saving design. It features a lid that flips open on hinges, giving you easy access to the items (tools or accessories) stored inside. Moreover, it can be used for different purposes in your home and yard.





Lifetime 60040 Deck Storage is made from a rigid, dual-wall High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) that is fade-proof, dent-proof, and crack-proof. Moreover, it features a lockable lid and UV-Protected panels. It also features a controlled spring-hinge lid that opens at angles greater than 90° and shut softly. On top of all that, it has a weather-resistant seal that ensures that its interior remains dry at all times.





Suncast 124 Gallon Extra Large Storage is made from a durable, multi-wall polypropylene resin construction that allows for easy maintenance. It has a storage capacity of 124 gallons with its dimensions measuring 52.75″ x 29″ x 26″. With this storage product, you can store virtually anything you want — grill supplies, tools, gardening items, pool toys, and more. 





A must-have for every home, First Hill Faux Leather Storage is a perfect blend of utility with sleek, modern style. It features safety hinges that help prevent the lid from slamming shut on your fingers/hands. Furthermore, it is very easy to assemble since you only need to twist the legs on. Its dimensions measure 48″ x 18″ x 16″ (L x W x H).





This Keter waterproof outdoor storage bench is made from a durable, polypropylene, UV-resistant resin that ensures that it won’t fade, rust, dent, or peel. Its dimensions measure up to 45.9″ x 15.6″ x 22.4″ (W x D x H) with a storage capacity of 71 gallons. For easy movement, it comes with built-in handles and rollers. It is also very easy to assemble as no tools are needed.





This wing outdoor storage bench offers the practicality of a storage unit with the aesthetics of a sleek and contemporary design. Moreover, this storage bench has a hinged lid and also doubles as extra seating with a flat-top surface.





Elegant and comfortable, Furinno Tioman is sure to fit into your space. Made from dark red Meranti wood and treated with teak oil, Tioman outdoor benches tend to be more durable than most benches. Whether you want to enjoy a cup of coffee with your loved ones or read a book alone, this is a perfect choice.





This premium storage bench provides seating and storage in your foyer, mudroom, or entryway. The bench features a split seat, allowing the user to rest on one side of the bench while retrieving articles from the storage compartment on the opposite side. Moreover, it’s very easy to assemble.





This comfortable outdoor storage bench seats two to three adults and is suitable for use in your home. The bench features an elegant and classic design with curved armrests and boasts plenty of storage space for keeping your items safe and secure. 





Durable, beautiful, and comfortable, we’d pick this fir armchair any day. Its base seat also functions as a storage box. When the lid of the box is opened, various items can be stored inside; it can be used as a bench with a backrest when the lid is closed. It is suitable for use in courtyards, balconies, and terraces.





This beautifully crafted large storage bench has ample storage for blankets, pillows, books, toys, and more. Made from eucalyptus, the bench is sturdy and boasts a high load capacity. This bench is designed with a slightly sloping backrest and a wide armrest, making it comfortable to sit and relax in. Its simple, neutral appearance makes it a terrific addition to your outdoor space. 





Still looking for that perfect storage box? Made from high-quality acacia wood and coated with teak oil, this outdoor storage box waterproof is durable and will last you for years. Its spacious interior can hold gardening tools, fitness equipment, and cushions. Additionally, the round handle at its top makes it easy for you to get what you want. 





Featuring classic styling and a crisp white finish, the Chavannes storage bench is a delight to own. Whether you place it at the foot of your bed or the entryway of your mudroom, it’s sure to give you your money’s worth. Create an inviting space with this light and bright bench and rest comfortably knowing you’re getting the best of form and function.





Comfortable and functional, the Better Homes and Gardens Camrose Farmhouse Bench is ideal for any porch or entryway. Thanks to its E-coated and powder-coated finishes, it’s resistant to rust: it’s unlikely that you’ll have to replace your storage box any time soon.





Exhausted from responsibilities in life? Take a load off both your feet and your patio with this Outdoor Patio Resin Wicker Loveseat Sofa with Cushions. It’s crafted with UV-resistant outdoor resin wicker and has a durable powder-coated steel frame. This loveseat is fitted with an under-seat storage space where you can stash pool toys, outdoor linens, and other small objects. 

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