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15 Different Kinds Of Waterproof Outdoor Storage 15 Different Kinds Of Waterproof Outdoor Storage

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15 Different Kinds Of Waterproof Outdoor Storage

Written by: Olivia Parker

Grab these splendid waterproof outdoor storage to keep your storage items safe from the rigorous rain and severe humidity. Catch hold of them right away!!

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Most of our outdoor items include wood, plastic, and metal, all of which have different tolerance levels to the weather. Your outdoor furniture, tools, and supplies can be seriously damaged if exposed to unfavorable environments. Such as humidity, extreme temperatures, and direct sunlight. Wood tends to rot, plastic starts to melt and metal can get extremely hot or rusty.




Therefore, keeping your outdoor storage items safe from rain and humidity is important. However, it can be a challenge.
We can all relate to the panic we go through every time it starts raining outside. There’s this urgency to run and bring everything indoors. Or perhaps cover our outdoor possession with plastic sheets and whatnot.




The easiest way to solve this problem is to create waterproof outdoor storage in your lawn or back-yard. This way you will not only keep your items organized and out of the way but also keep them safe from the weather.




In this article, we go over all the things that you need to consider while making your purchase for outdoor storage. Moreover, the guide will provide you with suitable options for waterproof outdoor storage, so that you can manage, organize, and protect your outdoor supplies easily.




Things To Consider When Choosing A Waterproof Outdoor Storage

Storage Shed



When it comes to buying waterproof outdoor storage for your place, it is important that you keep certain things in mind. Figure out what your primary and secondary needs are, and then make your final decision.





You need to know how much space you have in your outdoor area and how much of it you can use for storage. Take accurate measurements of the free space before you invest in a storage shed. Additionally, be sure to take in to account the overall size requirement. 




Storage Needs

Make a rough estimate of the number of items you’ll eventually be putting inside the storage shed. This will help you decide the size of storage you should purchase.  Moreover, if you own unusually large items, it’ll be wise to invest in a larger storage space.




Budget And Durability

Decide what your budget is and make sure that you look for storage that falls within the range you’ve set. However, getting waterproof outdoor storage is an investment, so you want to make sure that your purchase is durable and will last you a long time.




Privacy And Security

Keep in mind that you’ll probably be storing your valuable possessions inside the storage space. ensuring that they are safe and secure at all times would be an obvious priority. Therefore, choose waterproof outdoor storage that gives you the option of installing doors, locks, and alarms.




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Portability And Versatility

Opt for waterproof storage that you are easily able to move around. Plastic storage spaces are relatively lighter and are easy in terms of mobility. Storage spaces that have built-in areas for items restrict you in terms of usage. Try to get storage space that is multi-purpose.





The color, texture, and design of your waterproof outdoor storage should complement the overall appearance of your property. Hence, before you invest in waterproof outdoor storage, take in to account the color and overall design that you’d like your storage to have.




Waterproof Outdoor Storage Options



With a capacity of about 131.8 cubic feet, this storage shed is made out of polypropylene resin plastic and steel that provides long-term durability and weather resistance. The material is guaranteed not to rust, rot, or require repainting. It is waterproof and UV protected so it will stay in good condition and easily sustain harsh weather conditions. Moreover, it includes a skylight, a window, and a vent to ensure a well-lit environment and good air circulation.




You can use this to store big items like lawnmowers, bikes, and outdoor furniture, or smaller items such as garden tools and supplies. Additionally, it provides all of these convenient features without compromising on aesthetics. The shed is made of an attractive wood-like material that looks very chic in an outdoor space. All and all, it is a great option among outdoor sheds and a perfect waterproof outdoor storage option.




This particular waterproof storage shed offers both aesthetics and security. It has a solid wood construction that has pre-made shelves to organize your items, similar to an outdoor storage cabinet. Moreover, the wooden material ensures durability and an attractive appearance. In addition, it has shutter doors that allow the space to be ventilated and add a layer of privacy, just like any outdoor storage cabinet.




These doors have a wooden lock in the middle so that you can store your items safely. The texture of the material is smooth to your hands. As a result, these outdoor sheds can be adjusted by the feet on an irregular surface. Furthermore, the shed has an Asphalt roof that protects it against harsh winds and rains. The roof is titled so that water would not accumulate at the top after rain. The dimensions of this storage shed are 34x19x63 inches.




This storage shed is perfect for people who do not want a big waterproof outdoor storage. It has a storage space of 70 cubic feet and is perfect for storing regular yard items. Additionally, it is made out of durable steel which resists water and heavy winds. It is also resistant to corrosion and rust. It has built-in doors with padlocks for added security. If you have a small storage space outside, this will be perfect for you. However, it is made of metal so keep in mind that it will get warm during the hot summers.




It comes in the color browns if it fits the aesthetics of your small outdoor space, be sure to check it out.




With a large capacity of 70 gallons of storage under the seat, this storage bench deck box is perfect for your patio or outdoor seating. It acts as an outdoor storage bench and provides a convenient space for two people to rest.




It also allows you to hide away your unattractive or unwanted outdoor items, for example, your sheets, tools, or garden ornaments. Moreover, it is made out of a durable and strong weather-resistant polypropylene which does not rust, peel, or dent easily. It is compatible with padlocks so you can securely put away your storage items.




Plus, it is very stylish and fits right into any outdoor area. It looks like wood and has an elegant feel to it. Moreover, this piece is available in three colors: beige, brown, and grey.




Suncast has been one of the leading brands that provide outdoor storage solutions. This one is another masterpiece. It is a deck box with 60 gallons of space and a beautiful plastic exterior. It is perfect for your patio, yard, porch, and garage storage. Moreover, it has a water-resistant poly resin exterior that resists rust and water.




Its material makes it look as good as new for years on end. As beautiful as it is, it is also very versatile. You can use it for both outdoor and indoor storage. It can store clothes, cushions, toys, gardening tools, equipment, gloves, laundry, and honestly anything else you want. The lid cover allows you to access your items whenever you want and also keeps them hidden and secure. This keeps your items dry, clean, and safe from dust.




The top of the box is conveniently raised slightly so that no water can accumulate on the top of the lid. It has a beautiful color and an elegant look so you can style it easily anywhere you want.


This storage shed by Rubbermaid is as convenient as any waterproof outdoor storage container. It has a horizontal shed and a vertical shed that protect the items stored inside. It is perfect to store your lawn, garden and patio cushions, equipment, and supplies. You can even store your barbecue and picnic supplies in it.




You can add a shelf inside it if you want to organize your items even more. It has a tough exterior made of weather-resistant material. Additionally, it is guaranteed to not rot or rust like other metal and wooden sheds. It is easy to assemble and looks very simple to style in your backyard or open space. These outdoor sheds have great internal and external dimensions to give you maximum usage of the space inside.




With a convenient height of 5.8  to 5.9 feet, this waterproof outdoor storage box also has the facility to lock your storage. It is made out of waterproof material with a sloped shed that does not allow water to accumulate at the top after rainfall. The galvanized steel protects it from extreme temperatures and humidity.




Moreover, the steel also contributes to the fact that it is resistant to denting and damage. It is easy to install and takes about one hour for two people to assemble it. You can use it to store bikes tools, baskets, mowers, equipment, supplies, and much more. It comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large, each appropriately priced so you can pick whichever size and price you are comfortable with.



This one has an excellent storage capacity of 90 gallons. This storage container box is a perfect fit for your waterproof outdoor storage needs. It is very versatile and you can use it to store your patio items, extra cushions, sheets, toys, gardening tools, and supplies and anything else you may want to put aside. Additionally, it has a resin construction which means that it is made from polypropylene plastic. This particular material provides long-term durability, strength, and water-resistance.




It also keeps your deck box safe from rusting, feeding, and denting. It can also act as a comfortable seating space and holds as much as 485 lbs., so it can act as a great outdoor storage bench. Moreover, provides its users the option to lock the lid and keep their items safe, hidden, and away from harm.




With 6 x 3 feet dimensions and anesthetic, water-resistant exterior, this waterproof outdoor storage cabinet is perfect waterproof outdoor storage. It can be used to store bikes, ladders, BBQ equipment, pool supplies, toys, sports supplies, and basically whatever you want to keep away from the extreme weather. Furthermore, it allows you to lock the door with a padlock so that your items remain safe. The transom windows are a huge help because they allow natural light to come through. Moreover, it also has a very sturdy, reinforced floor that allows you to store large heavy items like tractors and lawnmowers. Additionally, its durable construction with multi-wall panels ensures the strength and stability of the outdoor shed.





Another beautiful Suncast waterproof outdoor storage option is this lightweight, resin chair that has a capacity for two people to sit on. Moreover, it provides you a large space under the seat to store and hide away your unattractive or unwanted outdoor items. Additionally, you can store your picnic sheets, cushions, and gardening supplies in it. Furthermore, it has a beautiful and durable exterior that resists rusting and denting.




Its wicker pattern gives it an elegant look so you can place it outdoors in your lawn, in your patio, or even in your garage. This outdoor storage bench comes in three colors: white, java, and taupe, so you can pick one according to your color theme and design. Because of its durable material, it is very easy to maintain and clean. Apart from this, it is designed ergonomically and has a contoured air cushion at the back, which ensures a comfortable sitting experience.






This rustic storage unit is weather-resistant and designed to sustain rough usage. Made out of durable resin, this horizontal storage shed has a heavy-duty construction. The interior is large and spacious enough to hold at least two trash cans. The design also features a single-touch opening lid that you can lift without having to touch the shed as a whole. 






Add elegance to your garden by installing this modern steel outdoor storage unit. The storage unit comes in two different colors that you can pick from: green and yellow. Additionally, the design of this storage unit features firm steel construction. Moreover, the storage unit is highly versatile in terms of usage. You can store your garden tools, bicycle, your kid’s toys, any unnecessary old items you no longer need.  Another great reason why you should definitely consider getting this storage unit is that it is super easy to assemble. So, you’ll have a weather-resistant storage unit in your garden ready to use with minimal effort involved. 






Another storage unit by Ketter on our list. The storage shed comes with printable and drillable walls. This basically means that you can customize your storage shed according to your liking. Furthermore, it features a storage capacity of 35 cubic feet. Moreover, this storage unit is designed to be resistant to bad weather and can easily sustain UV exposure. For extra security, this storage unit also comes with a lockable design. 






With an elegant design, this gorgeous storage shed looks like a cabinet at a first glance. However, the shed is not simply beautiful to look at, it’s highly functional as well. It comes with a weather-resistant, dent-resistant body that can sustain exposure to harsh environments and changing temperatures pretty easily. Furthermore, the construction does not rot or rust like your average metal or wood outdoor storage unit. Overall, you get both elegance and practicality packed into one single storage item. 






This great storage shed only takes a minimum of 1 hour to assemble. Featuring multiple opening directions, the storage shed puts ease-of-use at the forefront. The overall design, therefore, is highly user-friendly. Like any other storage unit, this particular piece is also super functional. You can store everything from extra supplies and garden tools to your bicycle and trash cans. Overall, it’s a highly durable storage unit that will last you a long time. 




Final Thoughts

In conclusion, your waterproof outdoor storage is a very important decision to make. Moreover, it is a long-term investment and should be made once, with complete attention and by following a rational good thought process. There are certain primary and secondary requirements that you should keep in mind, majorly, the size of your outdoor area, the storage items you want to store, and what your budget is.




There are a number of items available on the market like outdoor storage cabinets, deck boxes, sheds, and outdoor storage benches that you can choose from according to your particular demands and needs.

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