The Ultimate Guide To Have The Perfect Outdoor Storage Bin

The amount of stuff you can accumulate over the years can be staggering. In such situations, the standard storage options such as the attic, garage, and even storage sheds can end up being cluttered with items of all sorts. To enhance your storage capabilities and give your outdoor space a fresh new look, opt for the outdoor storage bins.



Outdoor storage bins come in different varieties, thereby making them the perfect choice for everyone. They cater to the aesthetic savvy people as well the utilitarian who may want to store their outdoor items of use efficiently.



This guide will go over all the necessary information you will need before buying the perfect outdoor storage bin. From insight about the different types, sizes, and materials available to the utilization of these storage bins, this guide covers it all.




Find Out All You Need To Know About Outdoor Storage Bin

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There are many things you must know about outdoor storage bins before purchasing them. Outdoor storage bins may seem like a straightforward item, but like many items on the market today, the sheer variety and diversity of types related to one item can overwhelm the buyer.



For this purpose, this guide will help you learn about outdoor storage bins, waterproof outdoor storage box, outdoor storage cabinet etc and how to manage them, how to clean them, how to utilize them efficiently, and, most importantly, which ones to buy, given your requirements.



Outdoor storage bins are an efficient way to store all the clutter that makes your outdoor space messy. These bins add grace and purposefulness with their dual functionalities of storage and also act as seating benches or sometimes as tabletops.



Therefore, outdoor storage bins are a perfect way to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space while providing ample storage space.



The first thing to know about these outdoor storage bins is that they come in different shapes, sizes, styles, and construction materials. This variety makes them highly suitable for everyone’s needs, be it a storage enthusiast or an outdoor landscape aficionado.



The diverse sizes of these storage bins make them ideal for storing a large number of items such as cushions, gardening tools, kids’ toys, and pool tools. You can even keep your electronic tools in these bins – provided the storage bin doesn’t lead to moisture buildup inside.



Furthermore, the different colors of these storage bins also make them suitable as decoration. The utility of the storage bins is undeniable. They are easy to store and maintain, and they are easy to move around, especially if you buy the ones that come with wheels under them. Their lightweight construction makes it super easy for you to move them around the patio and deck safely.



Finally, storage bins are not limited to storing items of household use or clutter alone. They also help in trash removal from the house as a temporary by acting as a temporary abode for these useless items before you figure out what to do with them. Trash bins also come under the category of outdoor storage bins and are highly effective for waste removal.




6 Reasons Why You Need An Outdoor Storage Bin


There are many reasons why you may need an outdoor storage bin for your yard, lawn, or the deck. These reasons mainly stem from the inherent benefits these storage bins provide and also the immense utility they offer.


  • When the outdoor space is cluttered, and you want to organize this space with a suitable storage option, opt for an outdoor storage bin.
  • Another reason why you may need a storage bin is to store things securely. Outdoor storage bins offer protection against the weather as well as theft.
  • When the storage situation inside the house becomes critical, get yourself some extra storage with these storage bins.
  • If you want an affordable and sturdy option for outdoor storage, these bins are the answer.
  • Are you tired of limited variants in colors? Opt for these storage bins, which come in various colors to complement your outdoor aesthetics.
  • If you don’t want heavy-duty storage options, opt for outdoor storage bins made of resin with a wicker construction. These bins provide the beauty of the wooden construction while the functionality of plastics.




Where To Buy Outdoor Storage Bin?

If you are an expert online shopper, then you have various options at your disposal. Furthermore, the people who do not like to buy online can visit the retail stores for a physical inspection of the items. The best place to buy outdoor storage bins, however, is the internet. Websites such as Amazon, Walmart, and Aliexpress are a few who deliver quality products straight to your deck.




Types Of Outdoor Storage Bins

Storage bins come in various different types. These outdoor storage bin types are classified according to the material of construction. Let’s take a look at a few common types:

Plastics are a versatile material. Outdoor storage bins constructed of plastic are waterproof, weather-resistant, durable, and sturdy. They provide a reliable storage option for your outdoor space due to their strength. Plastic outdoor storage bins are easy to maintain and clean, making them a good choice for the typical household.
They provide a waterproof and weather-resistant structure that keeps your belongings safe from wear and tear. The construction is similar to the plastic ones with the addition of polypropylene used as a construction material apart from polyethene. These benches are easy to manoeuvre and can stow away your gardening supplies, tools, and other outdoor items. 
These synthetic variants are designed to produce maximum efficiency with style. Moreover, resin storage bins can mimic the wooden outdoor storage bins, which provide an exquisite look to your outdoors. Perhaps the most dominant trait of these resin outdoor storage bins is their durable construction. 
Wicker is the material that is visually represented as a woven fabric structure. This woven structure is made from pliable materials, and in the case of furniture and boxes, from resins. This stress-bearing capability comes from the inherent material used in the design such as resins, which are polymers and have outstanding durability and strength.





How To Organize Outdoor Storage Bin


When you are looking to organize outdoor storage bins, it can be a hassle without proper planning. Especially if you have a lot of clutter, and you haven’t assessed your storage needs before buying the bin. This assessment is of paramount importance because, without it, your outdoor storage bin will be another item added to the existing clutter.



Hence, the first thing to do when organizing your storage bin is to assess your storage needs so that you can easily accommodate all your belongings inside the storage bin. These belongings may be in the form of cushions, household tools, electric tools, or gardening supplies.



Be sure to invest in multiple storage bins if you have diverse kinds of items that can’t be stored together. For example, cushions are made of fabric or foam, which makes them susceptible to damage by other materials, especially heavy-duty tools. However, if you only have one bin, make sure there is ample compartmentalization done in the storage bin to keep these items separate.




How To Utilize Your Outdoor Storage Bin

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Earlier, we stressed upon the utility that outdoor storage bins provide to the prospective buyers. When looking to utilize storage bins, one must be knowledgable of the dual functions of such storage bins. Depending on their design and purpose, these outdoor storage bins can be used as tabletops or benches for sitting along with their primary purpose of storage.



The versatile utility and durability of outdoor storage bins make them a dream item. Apart from this, any person fond of outdoor aesthetics should also not miss out on the chance to decorate their outdoor space with these efficient storage bins, which also provide a touch of grace and style.




The Basic Do’s And Don’ts For Outdoor Storage Bins

Outdoor storage bins are designed for some basic things. These storage options must not be confused with all-purpose storage yards or sheds. Although they provide ample versatility, there still are some dos and don’ts of storage bins that you must keep in mind.



Most storage bins can safely be used for stowing away household stuff such as gardening tools, pool tools, electric tools, kids’ toys, grills, cushions, and pool towels. However, there are some things you should avoid putting in outdoor storage bins. These include hazardous materials and chemicals that readily react with other substances. Although most outdoor storage bins are made from non-reactive materials, it is still a good practice to not take the risk at all.



Moreover, plants or living things must not be stored in these outdoor storage bins. Other items that shouldn’t be stored include files, folders, books, valuables, delicate materials, gas tanks, wet items, and food.




How Can Storage Bins Improve Your Outdoor Area?

Storage bins come in a lot of varieties, including different shapes, styles, and colors. Moreover, this variety also includes different materials of construction such as wood, wicker, and plastic. From a purely aesthetic point of view, the costlier wooden storage binCheck Latest Price , the more exquisite and rustic the resulting look.



An outdoor storage bin’s importance can be measured by the fact that these bins improve your outdoor area by removing all the clutter. This gives the area a cleaner look and making the space look organized. Moreover, materials such as wicker are classy and give you a more contemporary look for the outdoors. The availability of storage bins in different colors also makes them suitable for all kinds of outdoor looks.




Secrets To Have Decorative Storage Bin

  • To make the most out of your storage bins, you can look for options that will add to the aesthetics of your outdoor space. For example, buy a coffee table storage bin that can house small items for storage and act as a tabletop for your patio.
  • The ottoman storage bin is a uniquely designed seating bench with storage capabilities. This bench can seat two people simultaneously and can give you all the storage space you need.
  • Storage bins that can act as minibars; these bins have space in between the top and the bottom storage area, making it suitable to house glasses and bottles.




How To Make Your Storage Bin Safe In Food Storage?

If you intend to use a food-safe storage binCheck Latest Price , there are certain types of plastics that you should avoid. These codes are 3, 6, and 7, which should be avoided for food storage duties. Moreover, it is safe to store canned food in the storage bins, provided the bins are waterproof.



To make your outdoor storage bins safe for food, you must dry the outdoor storage bins first. Any moisture in the containers will harm the food items inside. After moisture removal, thoroughly clean the storage bins and make sure the food is not subjected to high temperatures. Make sure there is proper ventilation and cooling for the food items; otherwise, the food items will perish.




Essential Tips On How To Properly Clean Your Outdoor Storage Bin

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in case of wooden storage bins in order to properly clean your storage bin. These wooden storage bins can react with certain chemicals; hence the use of such substances must be avoided at all costs, and cleaning the wooden bin must be done carefully.
  • For a plastic storage bin, you can perform the process of cleaning like any other household item. For this, you need an all-purpose cleaner, a brush and a towel or old rag to clean the moistened surface. It will remove all the dirt and stains from your outdoor bin storage. You can also bleach, a detergent and a scrubber to clean plastic materials including wicker and resin.




Outdoor Storage Bin Frequently Asked Questions



Here are some outdoor storage bin FAQs and their answers to help you in your quest to buy, maintain, and protect storage bins. These outdoor storage bin FAQs will cover how to utilize the bins, protective measures you can take to preserve them, with a particular emphasis on waste bins and their utilization.



1. Is Storage Bin Safe To Leave Outdoors?

Yes. It is safe to leave storage bins out in the open as most storage bins are waterproof and are also resistant wear and tear from harsh weather conditions. If you have a wooden storage bin, you need to may want to paint the bin with a coat of sealant to prevent the moisture damaging the wooden surface. This sealant coat will also prevent the growth of mildew.



2. Where Is The Best Place To Put The Storage Bin?

Ideal storage bin placements include the area on your patio or the deck. Storage bins can instantly make for a graceful addition to these outdoor areas. Moreover, the placement of outside storage bins is dependent upon the style of these storage bins. For example, garbage bins must be put in a less visited place or hidden from plain sight. Benches or tables that are used as storage bins can be placed in the patio with chairs for seating purposes. In an open environment, the storage bins can be placed under the windows to give an aesthetic look.



3. Things You Need To Do To Organize Your Things Using Outdoor Storage Bins

It is of immense importance to assess your storage needs and the items you need to store in order to effectively organize them using outdoor storage bins. After this initial assessment, you will be more than capable of organizing everything that you need to keep efficiently.



Organize your things based on the nature of the items you plan on storing inside. For example, a fabric bin cannot be used for storing gardening supplies. Make sure the storage bin you are buying is suitable for the things you plan on storing in them.



4. The Best Outdoor Garbage Bin Storage



Modern households generate a considerable amount of garbage daily. Storage bins can help with efficiently managing all the trash. Waste disposal has cycles for which you need to store the trash in your house temporarily.



For this purpose, you need the best outdoor garbage bin storage for efficient waste management. The best garbage bin is the one that is sturdy, doesn’t leak odor, and is easy to handle around the house. The most functional garbage bin has wheels for mobility, a lid for easy dispensing of trash, and resists everyday wear and tear due to weather elements.



5. When You Need To Store A Lot Of Stuff With Outdoor Storage Bin

In case you need to store a lot of stuff in your bin outdoor storage, it is highly recommended that you purchase the largest size amongst the storage bins. These extra-large bins provide ample storage space for all your needs and can store more than 150 gallons volume of items.



6. Which Company Is Better To Buy Outdoor Storage Bin?

There are a few brands such as Akro-Mils, CleverMade, and Suncast, that catch the eye when it comes to outdoor storage bins. However, Rubbermaid is the best brand to buy from because it provides high-quality and durable outdoor storage bins for your needs. Rubbermaid bins provide durability, strength, and resistance to extreme weather conditions.



7. How To Organize DIY Outdoor Garbage Bin Storage?

It is very convenient to construct your own DIY outdoor garbage bin storage by using household tools at your disposal. This requires planks of wood and the knowledge to work wood into different shapes. Construct a small wooden container for your trash storage, and you are good to go regarding waste disposal.



Similarly, there are other DIY options at your disposal, but are for hiding garbage storage bins from plain sight either by constructing a small shed or painting over the bins. These enclosures include wooden enclosures or plastic and aluminum ones. You can make a wooden enclosure for your storage bin at home using a DIY approach.



8. How To Utilize DIY Outdoor Garbage Can Storage Bin

Garbage cans come in a lot of varieties, but the most common one these days are elongated plastic structures that are easy to maneuver and put the trash inside. If you have these traditional bins at your disposal, you can either put them in plain sight, which is not recommended, or build a small storage shed out of wood or plastic to hide them away neatly.



These small sheds for garbage bins not only improve the outdoor look but also limit the foul odors that may leak from the trash inside the cans. Nowadays, there are many innovative designs to put your trash cans inside. These DIY solutions include wicker construction, wooden boxes, as well as outdoor storage sheds. You can utilize your DIY outdoor garbage can without having to display it out front. Simply invest in a decent enclosure or an outdoor shed to hide away the garage can.

More Outdoor Storage Bin Ideas