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6 Amazing Foyer Designs That Give Your House A Classy Look 6 Amazing Foyer Designs That Give Your House A Classy Look

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6 Amazing Foyer Designs That Give Your House A Classy Look

Written by: Angelo Schneider

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We all know that first impression matters. That is why you need to make the foyer design of your house as beautiful as possible. You’d want your guest to step into your home and be “wow, this is gorgeous.” It isn’t just for your guests, obviously! First and foremost, it is for you! You’d want to come to your house every time and have an amazing experience.




So What Is A Foyer?

Before we get to the foyer designs, let’s see what exactly a foyer is. Many haven’t heard of what a foyer is, and that’s understandable. People mostly focus on their living room, kitchen, and bedroom when talking about homes. However, this space in the house is more important than people think.



A foyer is a space that connects the outdoor and the interior areas of the house. It’s the first place people see when they enter your home. This is where you greet your guests. This entryway (another name for it) resembles both a room and a hallway.



With all that in mind, an impressive-looking foyer is a must-have for you all house and apartment owners.



It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large size entryway. What matters is how you design your foyer. Creating your foyer is fun and exciting. You can either add little bits of pieces or go for a significant transformation.



Now, let’s check out these best 6 foyer ideas that can help you make your house look classy.



1. A Curated Entryway

A Curated Entryway



A detailed design is a good thing to have, especially on your entryway. It shows that you’re really serious about making your house beautiful.



The foyer design above shows the classic Arabian theme curated into the very details of the walls tailored with calligraphy and wallpapers. Get yours refined and choose an idea that is classy and elegant. Use soft colors such as brown, white, and beige to create an airy feeling in the whole room.



Sprinkle the area with decorations that can enhance the chosen theme. This could range from a lamp to pottery to foyer table. A white marble floor will also help elevate the classy look.



2. Simple And Chic

Simple And Chic



If you want your foyer design to provide you with warmth and a relaxing feeling, creating a simple entryway is the best option. Simple doesn’t always mean boring. It just means less stuff and more organized. When everything is kept in place neatly, it will automatically create a comfortable atmosphere.



Have a unique designed floor combined with meaningful decorations such as photos of your family or inspirational quotes. To get the classic feel include classic wooden furniture that is simple and timeless.



You can never go wrong with adding some plants in the room. Besides their beauty, plants also give a soothing effect to the room, which you’ll need, especially right at the entrance of the house.



3. Black And White Design

Black And White Design



It can’t get classier than a black and white foyer design. This popular combination of color is known to give a dramatic feel to the room and gives an elegant look. If you’re unsure of what colors to go for, black and white is the way to go because they are neutral colors. You can utilize other colors to the mix.



Have black and white tiles and decorate the room with some art pieces that will certainly add character to the room. If you have a small-sized foyer, eliminate the wall to create open space and a modern look.



A wooden table, brick wall, and a grey sofa are a good combination that will help accentuate the classy look you’re hoping for.



4. Go Artistic With Foyer Design

Go Artistic With Foyer Design



If you’re a big fan of the arts, you can show everyone your interest by putting your favorite collections as a part of your foyer. Let people know about your creativity and create an art gallery right at the entryway. There is nothing more unique than having an artistic foyer design.



Besides paintings and photos on the wall, having some sculptures on the sides of the room and small art pieces on the foyer table will bring in the extra artistic touch to your house.



Remember that having some art in your house is always a good idea, especially when it comes to interior design.



5. Go Bold With Colors For Foyer Design

 Go Bold With Colors For Foyer Design



Creating a classy entrance to your house also means you need to put some bold colors. The biggest thing you can do is paint the wall. Another option is to install a wallpaper that helps rejuvenate the whole space. Now, we are not only talking about the wall. You can go beyond that.



Play around with some decorations and furniture that matches your color scheme. A stylish entrance is one that is eclectic and refined.



Whether you want to put bright, bold colors such as yellow or a more subtle one, bold colors will bring in a vibrant atmosphere into the house and also liven up the room.



Foyer furniture is essential in any entryway design. Have a small central table to put some decorations and a closet to keep coats, umbrellas and other home nitty-gritty.



6. Put In Some Texture In Your Foyer Design

Put In Some Texture In Your Foyer Design



All rooms need texture. It makes any room more appealing. If you have a dull looking foyer, going for some textures in your foyer design will do the trick. Lay down a rug to help create texture on the floor and have a brick wall that will add the extra touch of a homey experience.



Don’t forget to include some entryway furniture such as a foyer table and chair.



Another brilliant idea is to have an inspirational hanging quote on the wall to give a warm welcome to your guests and of course, to bring in the positive energy when you go to work and when you go back home.



Switch around your decorations and see which position fits the best. Think of the foyer space as a blank canvas. Experiment with the design and don’t forget to have some fun!

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