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How to Store Cigars: Beginner’s Guide to Cigar Storage How to Store Cigars: Beginner’s Guide to Cigar Storage

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How to Store Cigars: Beginner’s Guide to Cigar Storage

Written by: Sophie Thompson

Discover useful tips and tricks on how to store cigars within. Keep every stick in A+ condition without having to do much upkeep.

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Some products forever possess the love of people! They are universal, most sought-after, and forever deemed as an unavoidable part of our everyday life. Cigars fall in such a category where some people are drawn to them for life. People are enthralled by the attractive sizes, fine cutting, variety of colors, and intoxicating cigar fillings.



Do cigars go bad? Yes, it does!



If you love to smoke cigars and store some of the unique and splendid fine cigars produced extensively in various parts of the globe, you need to know one important thing, i.e cigars MUST be stored in a humidor. 



Some have the habit of storing it in a sealed plastic cover along with a clean damp towel, but it will not help you in the long run because within a few days you begin to witness your cigars losing their charm. So if you want to do it the perfect way then humidors are the only right thing. 



Yes, storing cigars play a crucial role in its lifespan. Therefore, we have decided to give you a broad insight on this topic. So stay with us until the end of the article if you want to be a pro at this topic!



What is the Best Way to Store Cigars?

Wondering how to store cigars long term? The answer is very simple – humidors! 



Humidors can save your cigars from drying out and losing its flavor. A humidor is a simple box that keeps all your cigars safely inside. It helps to retain moisture without making it susceptible to any harsh weather at all. Therefore, it is the best way to store cigars. 



Cigars are as good as new and even fresh after several years when placed inside a good humidor. The temperature inside a humidor is perfect and very similar to the conditions in which the cigars were grown, rolled, and fermented. 



How Do You Keep Cigars Fresh?

To get a charge out of a cigar you need to master the art of keeping your cigars fresh! Trust us, it isn’t rocket science!



To know how to keep cigars fresh you only need to make sure of one thing – maintain the same temperature of the environment in which cigars were produced. We know it isn’t that easy a process either. But if you can get this done consistently, you can always have access to fresh, high-quality cigars whenever your heart always yearns for one. 



Let’s help you a bit more by properly listing down how to store cigars long-term like brand new.



  • Buy the Right Humidor

By getting your hands on a good humidor, you can make sure your cigars are fresh. The reason why humidors are always raved about is because of the temperature that can be adjusted as per your cigar types. It can give the accurate temperature of the climate in which cigars are manufactured. By doing so, cigars can retain the moisture and also get rid of the excess moisture that usually results in a fading cigar.



There are also cigars that won’t let you have your first smoke without placing it inside a humidor. This is because the factory has added extra moisture to the cigars so it stays fresh until it reaches the cigar dealer. If you place them inside a humidor for a week, the cigars get stabilized.



  • Maintain the Right Temperature

There is a common saying that if you need to enjoy a cigar, you need to travel to the country in which it is made. Cigars are known to be fresh at a temperature where the humidity is between 68 to 70%. But we know, as seasons change, it is extremely tough to maintain a consistent temperature. 



As a rule of thumb, always try to increase the temperature inside the humidor by 1%. So if the external temperature is 65 degrees, keep the temperature inside the humidor as 66. Now you do not have to travel places to smoke a cigar of your liking. Get one and store it inside the humidor by adjusting the temperature and you are good to go!



  • Know How to Store Cigars WITHOUT a Humidor (IMPORTANT)

If you do not want to splurge on humidors, you need to master how to stock and store cigars. Do not worry, we’ll divulge how!



  1. The most common way is to keep them all inside a Ziploc plastic bag (but it won’t last long)
  2. Get a clean sponge, wash it using drinking water and store them all inside the Ziploc bag.


If you do so, then cigars can stay for at least 30 days and you don’t have to spend on humidors. Yes, it is as simple as that!



A humistat doesn’t require electricity to function (thank God). It always has a consistent temperature inside which has a relative humidity of around 70%. So you know it is a great option. 



A hygrometer shows you the humidity levels of the environment you are in. Go for an analog or a digital hygrometer based on your liking. Can it get any better than this?



Cigar Box Vs. Humidor – What’s the Difference?

Wooden Cigar Humidor


Yes, there is a considerable difference between the two! Let’s dive more into the Cigar box VS Humidor. A cigar box is made of paper, wood, or cardboard! Also, it doesn’t have any humidity control features. A humidor is made of wood that is tightly sealed and lined with cedar. The main feature of a humidor is that it has humidity control settings that keep your cigars fresh. 



A cigar box is easily accessible and if need be, you can even make one at home. You get the ready-made cigars always in a cigar box. Also, the cigar boxes never retain the freshness of the cigars after days. So your cigars’ scent may fade and it will gradually lose its vigor.



A downfall of humidors is that it is NEVER CHEAP. But it always regulates the temperature and makes sure the cigars are fine and fresh to use forever. It has a humidification device that exudes moisture. So by now, you know what’s the difference and why you should always opt for a humidor over a cigar box.




What are the Best Humidor Brands?

Before getting fooled by any advertisements or fake reviews on e-commerce sites first you need to approach the local tobacconist who can help you in judging the best humidor brands that suit you. Now, we have curated some best ones you can never go wrong with!



5 Best Cigar Humidor Brands 



brown anthony holt humidor


This amazing luxury humidor is highly considered to be a man’s pride. Being able to withstand the tests of time in a stiffly competitive market since 1915, this cigar humidor brand can be a real source of envy.



  • Daniel Marshall 

daniel marshall humidor


A striking symbol of class and style, these humidors have been able to make heads turn with their exceptional designs. You can stand out from the rest if you have a Daniel Marshall humidor because it has always added to the elegance of plenty of dignitaries, celebrities, and US presidents.



  • Diamond Crown

diamond crown humidor

Tobacco aficionados can never get enough of Diamond Crown humidors. If you have smoked Diamond Crown cigars, you know why it is a clear stand-out from its rivals. So when they possess a plethora of humidors, you know it is definitely the BEST!



  • Craftsman’s Bench

Craftman's Bench humidor


Ah! The cigars from Craftsman’s Bench are real beauties. So can it go wrong with the humidors? One out of 10 aficionados would definitely have a Craftsman’s Bench humidor. Need we say more?



LV humidor


Not just ubiquitous in fashion, but also in world-class humidors! They are always known to store more than 75 cigars in one humidor and the humidity control settings are well praised by highly reliable and popular tobacconists.



How Do You Store Cigars Without a Humidor?

Even though we have mentioned a bit about how to store cigars without a humidor, let’s elaborate further here. You can store cigars in several ways.


  1. In a Tupperware airtight container – Buy a brand new airtight Tupperware container or get one from your kitchen. Place your cigars inside. Ain’t this simple?


  1. Humidification Pouches – These pouches can maintain your cigars at optimal temperatures. So when you are traveling, this is one of the best options to store your cigars.


  1. Ziploc bags – Get a damp towel or a damp sponge, place it inside the Ziploc bag. Make sure you place it on one end. Now take a few cigars and place them on the other end. DO NOT keep the cigars in close contact with the damp towel (the only condition to follow). 


So how long do cigars last without a humidor? In all the aforementioned methods, not more than a month.



What is the Optimum Temperature for Cigar Storage?

The best cigar storage temperature is in a relative humidity of 70%. Never ever store your cigars below RH 70%. Some even store it in between 62% to 70%. But it is always ideal to make the temperature consistent to prevent the cigars from any unnecessary dryness.



What is the Best Humidity for Cigars?

The best humidity for cigars has always been the 70/70 rule. The unwritten yet most followed rule is to keep your cigars at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 70% humidity. This is considered to be  the ideal humidity for cigars.




How Long Do Cigars Last in A Plastic Wrapper?

If you have placed your cigars in a plastic wrapper, you would be constantly worried about how long do cigars last in plastic wrapper? The answer is not more than 30 days.



If you need your cigars to last really long, then the only option you have is a humidor.


Should You Keep Cigars in the Fridge or Freezer?

You have very often heard some great people recommending you a fridge or a freezer for storing all your cigars. But, kindly REFRAIN from it! It is neither advised to place your cigars inside a fridge nor a freezer. Your cigar will lose its very essence to the core. Therefore storing cigars in freezer or a fridge is not the best way to store your cigars.



Is Storing Cigars in a Tupperware Okay?

Storing cigars in Tupperware is ideal if you are planning to access your cigars very soon. If not, it cannot be looked upon as an ideal way of storing cigars because it can’t last you any longer than 30 days. But, storing inside an airtight Tupperware should be OK if you only possess a few cigars and if you are going to using it immediately.




Other Cigar Storage Tips for the Long Term

We have covered almost every cigar storage method in this article. But, let’s quickly brush upon a few here.


  1. Ziploc bags – Let it be storing cigars in cellophane or Ziploc bags, you know by now that it is safe to store cigars. As long as your plastic bags are air-tight and Ziplocs, you needn’t worry about anything at all. Make sure you place only a few cigars inside the Ziploc bags and you are good to go for 4 weeks. These Ziplocs are excellent cigar bags!


  1. Tupperware container – By now, you know that anything air-tight serves as a best friend for cigar storage. Storing all your cigars in an airtight container is one of the best options if you don’t have a humidor with you.


  1. Airtight jars – Just like how you store your cigars inside the Ziploc bags and Tupperware containers, air-tight jars also serve you as one of the best options to store your cigars for a few weeks.


  1. Humidification pouch – Get one of these fine humidification pouches that can retain the moisture levels really well and place your world-class cigars inside them. It will serve you a good 30 days.


  1. Coolerdor – Considered to be one of the most economical ways! Get a cooler and wash it well with soap and water. After it gets dried, line it with Spanish cedar. Adding a hygrometer at this point is a great idea (but not necessary). A hygrometer will help you understand the temperature and humidity (to know about the best hygrometers read below). With a coolerdor you can store many cigars at one go.


The 5 best Hygrometers in the market



1. Scotte Digital Hygrometer

One of the most finest and highly rated tobacco hygrometers in the market which can help you get the right temperature for all your cigars. 


2. Goabroa Mini Hygrometer Thermometer Digital

You can never go wrong with it because it is so precise in its temperature reading.


3. Mini Hygrometer Thermometer

Great value for money! You can get two for a simple price of $5.


4. Veanic 4-Pack Mini Digital Electronic Thermometer

It is as simple as it can ever get! Compact and great, that’s what people claim this to be.


5. AikTryee 4-Pack Mini Digital Indoor Hygrometer

Yes, it’s 4 in a pack! If you are in dire need to gift a few of your tobacconist friends some hygrometers, here you go! This is the best option out there!



We have covered an exhaustive guide for a beginner who needs to know it all about storing cigars. So, we hope your journey fancying tobacco becomes as memorable and exciting as much as we enjoyed writing this. Let’s bring in some fun-filled cigar storing days ahead!

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