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12 Best File Storage Boxes (2021 Edition) 12 Best File Storage Boxes (2021 Edition)

30 Storage Boxes to Keep Your Documents Tidy

July 21, 2020

12 Best File Storage Boxes (2021 Edition)

Written by: Zainab

Instantly reduce clutter with these incredible file storage boxes. Organizing and transporting your files has never been easier!

Can’t find the document you need in that mess you call a desk? There are two things you need to do. The first step is to sort everything out, keep the important ones, and throw out the rest. The second and most important step is to invest in multiple file boxes.



A file storage box is what you need if your work desk is cluttered with files, brochures, pamphlets, and whatnot.



Top 12 File Storage Boxes You Can Buy

Office paper



Given below is a list of Top 12 File Storage Boxes you should definitely consider buying. These file organizers are stylish, durable, and will protect your files and prevent them from going missing.





This file storage box is stackable, clear, and comes with a list of characteristics that make this product efficient, safe, and easy to access and store. It’s made from durable plastic which makes it sturdy. Moreover, these plastic file boxes can easily fit legal and letter size files and folders. Furthermore, the product is lightweight, easy to assemble, and definitely provides value for its price. The lid of the box is airtight which makes it moisture resistant, dust-proof, and weatherproof.





This seagrass file storage box is handwoven, making every single one of them unique. The filing box can easily store legal- and/or letter-size files and folders. Moreover, the filing box comes with a lid to protect and secure its contents.  The storage box’s wheels make it maneuverable. You can use it to store virtually any item. You can purchase the product in two colors, namely natural seagrass color and espresso.





This filing box is made out of linen and is capable of storing both legal- and letter-size folders and files. It comes with five plastic tabs and five hanging organizers to keep your files organized within the box. Its stackability and collapsibility are its other great points. 





This beautiful charcoal filing box is all you need for your office storage. You can purchase the product in various pleasant colors such as cream, grey, and navy. It is made up of linen and can store legal and/or letter files with ease. It is collapsible, stackable, portable, and just about everything that you need in a good storage box.





The lockable document organizer has a handle that enables it to be hung on walls and transported easily. It also keeps your files safe from spilling over with its snap-tight buckle. 





This pack of clear plastic boxes is durable, stackable, and easy to access. It is lightweight and comes with a latching lid for additional portability. 





You can maximize your office storage with the help of these aesthetic black plastic boxes. They can easily organize your letter- and/or legal-size folders and files while keeping them secure with their snap-tight lid. They are sturdy, easy to use, lightweight, stackable, and easily portable. What else could you want in the file storage box?





Available in small and medium sizes, this storage filing box is sold in packs of 10. You can easily assemble cardboard file boxes like these without taping them up. The box is reusable and can be easily dismantled or reassembled. As the box is secured with a lid, you can conveniently carry the box using its handles without worrying about its contents spilling out.





The product is available in a pack of six in three different sizes: small, large, and extra-large. They are available in various fun colors like violet, stem yellow, black, red, and onyx. They are sturdy and will not break even if you accidentally drop them.





You can stack them up, label them, and carry them with ease through their side handles. The box has been made from clear and sturdy plastic which lets you access the contents quickly. Moreover, the filing box comes with a snap lid to keep your files secure.





Portable, stylish, and flexible, the only flaw of this box is that it does not come with a lid. Nevertheless, keeping contents safe is not an issue due to its firm grip and six tabs to keep your letter-sized files organized inside.





Durable and stylish, the product is all you need if you have a large pile of files to organize. It is made from thick recyclable fiberboard and is secured with a lid.



9 Types of File Boxes for Your Office Storage

File Storage Box



When you start shopping for file storage boxes online, you will likely be overwhelmed by the number of options available. There are so many file boxes in a variety of different colors, and so many materials to choose from. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the most common types of file boxes for your office storage.



1. Linen Filing Box



A linen filing box is ideal for those who want their house or office to look organized yet fashionable. This type of file storage box provides easy access to items and allows you to grab the required files quickly without having to rummage through all of its contents. This document organizer is perfect for storing both legal-size and letter-size files and folders. The best part about these cloth file boxes is that they are collapsible and stackable, making them easy to use.



2. Chest Document Organizer





These metal chest boxes with locks are ideal for storing important/confidential files. Sturdy and attractive, most of these document organizers come with a single-combination or double-combination lock. This is a great feature to use when storing important documents. These boxes may look heavy, but they are actually easy to carry. Moreover, they also come with rubber feet to prevent skid marks on your floor or rug/carpet.



3. Desk Storage File Box





These desk file boxes come in various shapes and are either made out of mesh or plastic. They are best for storing immediate files that you have to use on a daily basis. They can conveniently hold letter-size files and folders. Moreover, you can easily carry them around whenever needed.



4. Mesh Metal Filing Box





If you are looking for something stylish yet effective then these are the ones you should invest in. These types of file storages are sturdy, and their mesh material allows you to locate the file(s) you want instantly.



5. Fireproof Filing Box




The name says it all. This file storage box is fireproof and will keep your files secure for thirty minutes to an hour depending upon its temperature capacity. Moreover, such file boxes come with a key lock and an “after-the-fire replacement” guarantee.



6. Snap Lock Document Storage





The filing box is assembled through snaps made from heavy-duty metal to secure your files. They are also stackable and collapsible which makes them easy to store.



7. Cardboard File Storage Box





These cardboard file boxes usually come with a lid which is ideal as it prevents the contents from scattering all over the floor upon dropping. They either come in a monotone look or colorful patterns. They are sturdy enough to safely hold all of your important files.



8. Woven Document Organizer





These document organizers are made from a material called seagrass, a material that looks like hand-woven wicker.  The set comprises one large basket and two small ones, and boasts a stylish salt-and-pepper finish.



9. Hanging File Office Storage





Made from 10% recycled materials, this product is perfect for office storage as it stores your files to expand your office space without cluttering your floors.


Why Are File Storage Boxes a Necessity?

Stack file folders with documents



You are already worried about that upcoming deadline and you’ve yet to prepare for a meeting with a VIP client, but you can’t even find the file you need amidst the clutter of your workspace. Isn’t that extremely stressful? A file storage box becomes a necessity to clean up your space and find the things you need without worry.



1. They Make Organizing Easy

Files in a cabinet



By using a document organizer, you will always be aware of where your files and folders are. You’ll be able to access important documents without having to waste your time. 



2. They Are Stackable & Easy to Store

Documents File in the Brown box in office



As its name implies, the best part about stackable file boxes is that you can place them on top of one another to save plenty of office space.



3. They Make Your Office Space More #Aesthetic

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With colors ranging the gamut from classy monochrome to pretty pastels, you will surely be able to find decorative file storage boxes that match the overall theme of your office space.



4. You Can Easily Label Them




To make your file boxes more organized, you can easily label them with the help of some tape and a marker.



5. They Are Affordable

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File storage boxes are extremely affordable, especially if you buy them online. They are one of the most common types of storage, and online retailers usually have discount sales going on. Moreover, you can also find coupon codes for more discounts. 




So, when are you getting yourself a new file storage box? Clean up all your clutter and be amazed by the new space you have with our file storage ideas. The best part is that you will always know where exactly your document/file is. If that’s not a dream come true, we don’t know what is.

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