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Save On Office Storage: Your Ultimate Office Storage Guide

Managing your office storage without thorough planning can be a hassle. To be able to plan this endeavor; you must have knowledge about your office and your needs – including the amount of storage space it has, your personal storage requirements, and the characteristics of the furniture you will place.



This buying guide will provide you with everything that you need and much more to organize and save on your office storage. It goes over all the factors you will need to consider when organizing office space such as layout, lighting, and ambiance along with several tips to manage the space efficiently.



The Importance Of Office Storage

Office storage


Businesses and offices demand efficiency. Efficiency that cannot be attained by haphazard management of office storage. Efficient management increases office harmony and employee productivity. Employees waste less time looking for documents in messy filing cabinets and more time focusing on their assignments and executing their tasks properly.



Things To Consider When Organizing your Office

Things to Consider


What makes office organization a tedious task? Well, that depends on who you ask. Mostly, it’s the planning phase that requires quite a lot of your attention. You need to take several factors into account in order to ensure that the decisions you make ultimately allow you to maximize your storage space and leave your office looking more appealing than what it looked like before. These factors are discussed in detail below:


Space Of Your Office

When organizing your office, the space of your office is the primary deciding factor. For utilizing this space, you need to have knowledge of the requirements of furniture, filing cabinets, employee workstations, and so on. These factors help you to decide on how you can manage and optimize your office space to the fullest.



Small office storage requires more innovative solutions to prevent space wastage. You can use pedestal cabinets under the desks as well as opt for the sliding door Tambour cupboards to save on space. These cabinets will maximize space under the desks as well as tight corners where you cannot open the doors of the cabinets.



Getting to grips with large office space can also be a challenge as you will look to cram everything in. However, the smart move would be to make the space seem spacious yet efficient at the same time. You can achieve this by designating common spaces for all employees, cabinets in the corners, and pathways between the workspaces to give a neat and spacious look.



Light Of Your Office

lighting of the office


The lighting in your office greatly affects the way you organize things. This is because natural light is known to play a big role in the productivity of employees. Considering businesses want to maximize productivity, they look to increase the natural light avenues in offices. Which is why lots of companies install large windows to light up the office well and good.



What effect does this have on the organization of your office, you may ask? Getting to know your lighting intakes for natural light as well as artificial lighting fixtures will make you plan better for the long-term organization of your office. The workplaces are designed so that maximum natural light could reach without the harmful effects of glare, be it direct or indirect glare from the screens.



This determines the placement of workstations in your floor plans and hence indirectly dictates where most of your filing cabinets and storage lockers would go.



 Ambience Of Your Office

ambience of the room


Ambience can be described as the environment of a workplace, room, or a living place. It can be soft, loud, authentic, austere, lavish, gloomy, and a host of other varieties. The ambience of your office is the image you want to project on prospective clients as well as employees of what the office culture and environment will most likely be.



This makes the ambience of the office, a very important factor when organizing the office. Sometimes, you can go with a minimalistic ambience. For this, you need more elegant storage options to keep the clutter out of sight. At other times, you can be looking at more of a functional approach, and thereby compromise on the aesthetics when organizing your filing cabinets.



The ambience of any office directly affects the productivity and the wellbeing of the employees who work there. This makes it an important factor to be considered when organizing your office space. Buying appropriate storage supplies that go along with the ambience of your office, can greatly project the image of your office in the way you want.



How To Buy Office Storage – Your Storage Guides

how to buy



Storage Space

The first and foremost step before buying your office storage is to get a good idea about the available space in your office. This is extremely important as it will provide you with a good indication of what furniture you can place in the office. Moreover, visualizing a layout for your office and where individual components such as desks and cabinets will go will be a real help when buying office storage items.



It is also of utmost importance that you don’t confuse space for the dimensions of office rooms. This will lead you into a false sense of security and you may buy more items then required. Careful visualization of the furniture plan along with the placement of electrical sockets and other connections will help you pin down the location of the work desks.



From here on out, you can easily estimate the space left to you and where to put the filing cabinets and drawers. Careful consideration must also be given to leaving some free spaces to avoid the space looking too cramped. Thus, efficient know-how of the layout for the office space can help you a lot in narrowing down your choice for office storage.



Storage Cost

cost of storage


All businesses run on the notion of making profits and hence cost is almost inevitably always a factor to consider before buying anything. Think of your office supplies as an investment and as you consider all the pros and cons of an investment, buying storage for your office will seem like a simple task.



The first step in determining whether you can afford a certain option is to come up with the budget for your storage and furniture needs. This will prevent you from buying costly items and also give you a fair idea of what can be purchased with the budget that you have. Moreover, make a list of items depending on the priority of such items. For example, the chairs and tables are an absolute necessity. The cabinets and drawers per desk should also be considered and any additional storage space can be listed down as less urgent.



Sometimes, you may have to compromise on the aesthetics and give functionality a greater priority. Other times you will have to look for multipurpose office storage items to get both advantages at once. These may include a cabinet that can also be used as a table for housing your fax machine or printer.




Whilst you may have noted down the space available to you, sometimes storage needs may be the defining factor for purchasing a storage solution. This scenario occurs in a paper-rich environment and offices that have to deal with a lot of paperwork. This makes filing cabinets, drawers, and storage cupboards a must-have and hence you need to start by calculating how much storage space each employee requires.


Estimating on the higher side and building a contingency will allow you to accommodate any uncovered storage needs while also giving a more spacious feel to your office. Today’s offices require minimal storage requirements because of less hard-copy documentation. Hence, it is prudent to calculate the storage needs per employee before going to the market for buying office storage.




The texture of your storage items can also play an important part in the office storage selection. This is due to the importance of certain finishes and textures like a wooden texture that is more traditional and helps build a familiar feel to the office. Moreover, contemporary offices may opt for a glossier and bright finish as this helps to bring out the brand image more clearly. These brighter colors project these modern companies and startups in a way that appeals to a younger audience.




Office storage fixtures are usually made up of wood or metal with some instances of plastic-made options. The type of material you want to select for your office depends upon several factors. The most important of these is to make sure your storage options blend in with the ambiance of your office so that they don’t look out of place.


Metal and wood are sturdy and durable, meanwhile, plastic is known for its diversity. The material choice is usually dictated by the aesthetic needs of the office and its interior design. On that note, choose wood if you are interested in a more traditional looking design and look for metal storage options to compliment a contemporary office space look.




Just like the furniture in your office helps to accentuate the aesthetics and the brand image, the storage furniture can perform the same task. The variety of shapes, forms, and colors of these storage items make it easy for your to experiment with your office space and explore different styles.



The image you want to portray for your company can be easily projected by the storage options you place in the office. For example, for a traditional and unified look for all departments of the company, you can have a synchronized style by housing wooden storage cabinets and fixtures. Some companies go for sustainable options and opt for storage items that are made from re-cycle material. Your choice ultimately depends on the image that you want your company offices to portray to the public at large.  



Types of Office Storage Ideas


These well-crafted cabinets provide a rugged look and sound organizing capabilities. The drawers come with dividers that help you organize small stuff efficiently and with a clear view that helps you see the items stored inside the drawers. This makes it ideal for storing small items such as stationary and notebooks which you can retrieve easily whenever you require. The plastic drawers are easy to label/ mark and they provide greater accessibility by letting you know what they house inside without any need for opening them.
File cabinets are a great way of storing your documents and office supplies including stationery items. The Hirsh SOHO 3 Drawer File Cabinet fulfills all our personal storage needs in the office by providing 3 drawers which you can prioritize by keeping smaller items in the top-drawer and the heavier documents and books in the lower ones. It is an economical and lightweight option with a charcoal color that blends in most office environments. Moreover, the middle drawer comes with a lock and key to store your valuable items for safekeeping.
One of the best desk office storage is this 3-Drawer file cabinet from DEVAISE. An anti-tilt design makes your documents safe and a lock which makes for increased security in storage. Another advantage of this filing cabinet is the ability to handle all your legal and letter size documents in the hanging file drawer. The two upper stationary trays are removable and you can change the trays as per your requirements. The anti-tilt features allow only one drawer to be opened at a time and rolling wheels make this a great storage accessory with the ability to be moved around the office without any fuss.
The DESIGNA 3-tier metal rolling utility cart is a great accessory to have in your office. It not only provides you with a movable option but is also super sturdy and has a spacious design that lets you move around large office files with ease. You can easily place a basket on the top drawer and further increase your organization of items stored. Moreover, the side storage baskets help you to store smaller accessories like a stapler, markers, and safety pins. Made of steel construction, the cart is strong and durable and will easily be an important office companion to all your storage needs.
Organizing your files was never easier and more fun. With this AmazonBasics file organizer, you can say goodbye to your unorganized ways. The 25-pack file organizer provides optimum storage for your files and documents. They can be easily housed in your desk drawers, file boxes, and even metal file cabinets. The coated rod tips on each file make sure that they glide easily within the drawer you place them. Furthermore, they come in assorted color combinations and the labels can be customized for easy identification. Thus making them an efficient way to organize all your documents and files.
This 4 drawer cabinet can provide all the storage space that you require to operate a small office. If you have a higher workload, you can easily stack these cabinets together and make more space. The higher side drawers are perfect for accommodating hanging files of letter-sized documents. There is also a lock on the two top drawers so that you can secure the important documents in it safely. Moreover, a sturdy metal finish will make sure that your investment is secure by providing you the durability you require.
Protecting your valuables, such as highly important trade secrets or proprietary documents is made easier by this AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Box Safe. This 2.1 cubic feet storage fixture provides you unmatched safety and convenience. It provides the peace of mind you are looking for when saving your most important documents.



How Do You Store Things?

Storing your home or office supplies usually take a side thought when compared to the furnishing and the design of your interiors. However, storing things can be seen as an art that you can master simply by investing in the right storage supplies. Offices contain a lot of these items and an unorganized office doesn’t appeal to clients or the employees. Here are some of the basics on how to store your things in the office.


Label Clearly

Storing away all your items can reduce the clutter in your office. Hence, the efficient storage of your office supplies and documents can make your office space neat. To start storing your stuff, make sure to label them clearly and with sufficient details if required. This will make the retrieval of documents a breeze and also increase the productivity of the employees.


Make an Index

make an index       


Another organization essential is to make an index of all the files in each drawer or cabinet. This makes frequent trips to the filing cabinets and rummaging all the files a distant memory. This indexing can be done either on hard copy or digitally and also it can be done alphabetically thereby increasing the organization.



Adding Colour To the Filing System

colorful files


Color-coding your files and employing a different color for your filing cabinet can add a lot of convenience to the whole storage endeavor. Not only does it brighten the filing cabinet, but it also lets you distinguish the file-folders at a glance.



Using Storage boxes

Sometimes, you have to archive your documents as they grow in number. To accomplish this, employ storage boxes in office supply storage and stack them over each other to save more space in the office.



Digital Filing System

As discusses above in the indexing files section, you can make a digital copy of your filing index and make your life a lot easier. This is because all employees today use the internet and gadgets more than their notebooks. A glance at the index on their smartphone and they can find any file in the storage.



Apart from indexing, you can also scan all your documents and make digital copies of each. This has the added advantage of saving space as you don’t require many copies of the documents. The documents are more secure in this format as well by having multiple backups at different locations.



Office Storage Hacks


20 Clever Storage Hacks for your Office

smart hacks


  • Get rid of all that you haven’t used in a long time.
  • Depending on the space of your room, get a custom-built desk with drawers under it.
  • Don’t keep a lot of stuff on your desk, utilise under desk storage efficiently
  • Use a single medium-sized jar for all the stationery.
  • Allocate space for your files, rather than throwing them everywhere.
  • Get portable drawer sets for storing all miscellaneous items used sparingly.
  • Use file drawers for all the papers and files to increase mobility.
  • Use storage shelves along the wall to store books, décor items, essentials, etc.
  • Use stackable boxes to increase space utilization.
  • Find alternatives for all the items on your desk which you think can be removed.
  • If you’ve got a table clock, remove it and get a wall clock instead.
  • Lessen the files by saving the content on your pc or laptop.
  • Put all the paperweights, staplers, pins, and punching machines in a drawer under the desk.
  • Put your photo frames on the wall instead of putting them on the desk.
  • Magazine holders can be used for holding all the publications and extra files.
  • Clear your shelves and drawers from time to time to make space for new stuff.
  • To keep your things properly stored inside a drawer, get drawer dividers.
  • Don’t get a chair that’s too huge. A medium-sized comfortable chair would do great.
  • Increase the space by investing in a smaller PC.
  • Lastly, get the right size of the furniture, shelves, and boxes.



13 Ridiculously Smart Office Organizing Hacks



  • Keep all the wires and cords away simply by taping them under the desk.
  • Keep your printer, fax machine, and scanner in an enclosed drawer or cabinet.
  • Using a magnetic strip will let you store tiny items like rubber bands, paper clips, pins, etc.
  • Clear glass jars are excellent for holding supplies.
  • Keep a calendar in your cabin with all your important meetings and conferences mentioned in it.
  • Use sticky notes or a diary to make a to-do-list so that you don’t miss out on anything important.
  • Make a project board and mention every big or small project that is coming up. Cross out when one is done.
  • Files and folders that aren’t important yet laying on your desk, put them in a drawer which you aren’t going to use frequently.
  • Check if all the items are at their designated places. If not, rearrange the entire space and put everything at its place.
  • Keep everything that is of frequent use nearby while keeping everything else away.
  • Label all the shelves, drawers, baskets, boxes using a label maker.
  • Arrange all your files according to their type and significance. Keep those of clients separate from those of customers.
  • Sort out your desk, the piles of paper and files, basically, everything which you think needs rearranging. Throw away all that is unnecessary.



5 Easy office Storage Hacks

  • Get rid of all the junk. Remove everything that you haven’t used in months like furniture, decoration items, plants, files, stationery, etc.
  • Use trays and jars for holding all the stationery and supplies.
  • Make use of the wall space and get custom made wall shelves for storage purposes.
  • Get stackable portable boxes and put away all that you don’t need too often, in them.
  • Try lessening the use of paper by digitally storing all the important documents on your laptop/pc.



10 Easy Ways To Maximize Storage Space For Small Office

  • Begin with a deep clean of your entire office. You’ll be amazed to see how much space was occupied by the junk.
  • Get rid of extra furniture items. In a small office, the seating should only be for the permanent workers in that room.
  • See if there’s enough light in the office. If not, let the natural light illuminate the room, making it look more spacious.
  • Instead of throwing a few rugs and mats here and there, get wall-to-wall carpeting done to maximize the floor area.
  • Get a working desk with wheels instead of a fixed desk for increased mobility and shared space.
  • Keep as little stuff in your office as possible. Move out all the unnecessary equipment and follow a minimalistic design.
  • Use the wall space and get vertical wall shelves to make use of the vertical room.
  • Use design software for more ideas and techniques on increasing the storage size of the office.
  • If you still think there isn’t enough room for all the workers, try telecommunicating where some of the employees work from home on specific days.
  • Ask other employees for their suggestions on maximizing the storage space.



Office Storage Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

Office storage FAQ


1. How to Create More Storage Space For Small Office

Wall shelves and storage drawers are the answer to all your storage questions. Getting these for your office will not only give you a lot more space for holding your items but also add a hint of elegance to it.



2. How To Maintain Office Storage

Using stackable boxes and portable storage units can effectively help you maintain office storage. Just put all the lesser-used items in them and you’ll be able to free up lots of space.



3. How To Maximize Storage Space For Small Office

Getting rid of extra furniture and instead utilizing the walls for building storage shelves will help you increase the storage options in your office.



4.  Tips To Stay Organized

  • Remove all the junk
  • Plan all your daily activities using a planner
  • Mark every important task on a calendar
  • Put everything at its place after using instead of throwing away just anywhere
  • Perform an office-cleansing activity fortnightly to free up space



5. Office Storages That Will Make Them Envy You

Here are some insightful little hacks that will spruce up your office desk and make it the envy of your colleagues:

  • You can turn your shoe-box lids into wall art by sampling painting over them.
  • The use of cereal boxes as your file-folders.
  • Stack some of your cereal boxes to create letter trays for the desk.



6. Built-In Office Storage Cabinets Project

Built-in office storage cabinets can save you a lot of space as well as provide durability and strength. These are often built along the walls of the office and thereby cover a side of the wall and make it useful. There are no empty spaces left between the wall and storage, making it an ideal office storage option.



7. A Must try – Smart Office Storage Ideas

A smart office doesn’t need to be huge. It’s all about how effectively you utilize the small space. Tips like using shelves, mason jars, storage boxes for holding all your supplies can be super effective and space-saving.



8. Reasons For You To Have A Home Office Storage

The reasons can vary from person to person but here are a few of them:

  • To keep all your necessary office items neatly organized so you don’t have to hunt for them
  • To keep your home office tidy and avoid any mess
  • To maximize your productivity while working from home
  • To keep all the important documents and supplies close



9. Kinds Of Office Storage Furniture You Need To Your Place

  • Wall shelves
  • Pegboards
  • Stackable boxes
  • Portable storage boxes
  • Cabinets with wheels
  • Desks with drawers and cabinets under it



10. Home Office Storage Ideas You’ll Never Regret To Have

  • Getting a small table with a comfortable chair for your workstation
  • Having a set of stackable boxes
  • Drawers under the work desk
  • Drawer divider to keep everything organized in the drawers



11. Different Office Storage Boxes For Different Files

Organizing files according to their types and sizes can be tedious. Not all of them can be dumped in a single box. It’ll be hard to locate one file among all plus they should be divided based on their classification. You can find many different storage boxes for files here on Amazon easily.



12. How To Maximize Your Office Storage Drawers

Building your drawer divider could save you a lot of money while increasing storage. These dividers will help you put everything in order from supplies to stationery and from notes to tiny paper clips. No more hoarding of items and making them a mess.



Moreover, regular cleanups of your office storage drawers could be of great help in providing you with a huge space.

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