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65 Office Storage Ideas For The Modern Employee

November 25, 2019

A home office is essential for anyone running a business, employees who are working from home, or students who need space to study. Whether it is a nook in the house, or a pull-out table for signing contracts, or a large room, these pieces will blend seamlessly into your work area. These easy office storage ideas will improve your productivity and boost output efficiency no matter what your office needs may be. Let our ideas help inspire you to create a conducive workplace to get you in the right head space and succeed in your goals. 





It’s hard to keep track of important office documents when there is a ton of paperwork on your desk. You want your files well-kept and organized as they are essential for keeping your office space tidy. Keep piles of papers in a filing cabinet for easy access, and to make room to write or keep track of your taxes on your table. The last thing you need is added stress from papers scattered around your work station. This Monarch Specialties file cabinet will keep documents out of the way for an efficient workplace.




This exquisite piece comes in Dark Cherry, a deep brown wood finish that gives your space that composed feel. Put it in a room with modern elements, and it blends right in while giving flat walls a certain pop. Not only will it never look out of place, it will also stand out and give your room an open and unique personality. Best of all, you can assemble it right out of the box – just make sure you empty out all the wooden pieces before throwing out the packaging.




Achieve that executive, corporate look, even in the confines of your home. With its gray tones and ergonomic design, it will fit into the contour of any room, so you can easily integrate it into any space. In addition, its solid-built construction is made of high density commercial made particle-board, giving you a durable desk that will last you for ages. The desk also has two grommets that allows you to string through wires and manage them without breaking a sweat, thus eliminating knots, tangles and twists from chargers and connections.




The Kennedy Executive Desk is perfect for the CEO working in earnest in his work space. This enormous desk will fit multiple pieces of avante garde equipment perfectly. The exterior consists of dark american walnut wood with a smooth finish, while its front and side panels are painted silver for an exquisite and refined look. Moreover, it has a faux leather pad and mini ports for wires on the main desk that enables your equipment to remain plugged in at all times. It’s not just a workstation – get this to stay one step ahead of the competition.




A 5-drawer storage system that features a state-of-the art design, allowing you to add or remove its casters for complete mobility. It is made with composite wood with two locking wheels and features cut-out handles which allow you to use it with ease. For seamless operation, its drawers will not lock nor get stuck when you try to pull them out.




Contemporary feel, with a serious tone, this well-built credenza is a sleek and unique addition to your office space. The base is made of heavy duty steel coated in powdered silver, giving it a certain weight to it. In addition, the body is made of steel, MDF, high density particle board and engineered construction, so it’s made of premium materials. Moreover, this credenza has three storage drawers, two file cabinets and one storage compartment. The storage compartments can hold legal, letter-sized or A4 paper for sound file-keeping. Keep track of all your files, papers, documents and stationery with it as it will host just about any size of paper in its storage. Invest in a quality product like this one, and we guarantee each penny is well spent.




This affordable wood file cabinet is designed to keep your home office stylish and functional. It’s perfect for your apartment or a studio-type condominium. You’ll be able to easily integrate it into small spaces as it takes up virtually no floor space. Your printer can be placed on the top, whereas each cubby can be filled with paper for printing. There’s a lock on the top drawers so that you can keep confidential documents concealed for peace of mind. Due to its size, you can easily put it underneath your desk or at its side, so it can serve as an extension to maximize your space.




Metal storage cabinets are perfect for storage of office supplies, be it a pair of scissors, a stapler or even a pile of documents. It’s well built, so you can make the most out of its durability. Each shelf can hold up to 33 pounds of weight, which effectively translates to 11 boxes of wine per compartment. You can fit any standard sized printer inside, with more room to spare. It’s also suitable for storage of books, reading materials, magazines and even journals. 




This linen organizer won’t scratch your shelves or drawers, as it is made of soft fabric. It’s perfect for storage of files and paperwork, as it can fit letter and legal size folders. You can easily spot your important files and easily label it. In addition, it’s collapsible too. So if you’re not using it, store it away in a cabinet or drawer as it doesn’t take up room at all. Interior dimensions of the bin measures 13.25″ Width x 16.25″ Depth x 10.75″ Height.



A mesh desk organizer would fits all your needs perfectly. This particular option comes with 5 vertical trays for storing your folders and files, with each of them measuring 2 inches. Plus, it has two compartments at the bottom. Its pull-out drawer that has three other compartments for easier organization of tape, post-its, glue and even a calculator. Use it to your heart’s content: there’s plenty of space for all your small office items.




This printer stand has three different-sized compartments to accommodate your printing paper, ink, highlighters and even staplers. Easily put it on top of your desk, cabinet or shelf – it acts as an extension to your storage. The modular design gives it a robust body that elevates your printer for easy access. You no longer have to keep your printer away from your desk, as it’s there right by your desk whenever you need it.




Another storage filing system for your office needs, you can keep different types of paper in it, whether it’s glossy paper for printing photographs, or legal-sized paper for contracts. It’s quite versatile too, as you can keep other forms of storage on it as well such as DVDs, USBs, and even a hard drive. Keep an assortment of newspapers, magazines, or even journals at each level to keep your reading material in order.




This modern shelf is eye-catching and can enhance your office space significantly. Not only does it boost your productivity by allowing you to access all your essentials, it also keeps your essentials tidy, without you having to pull out any drawers or swing any doors. Keep storage bins in them for a more concealed look. Alternatively, if you like the open look, you could showcase your decorative items in each level too. Store different kinds of office items in it: be it a globe, folders or books, there’s plenty of space to keep your items safe and within reach.




The Bonnlo Wood File cabinet comes in a natural grain veneer finish that is scratch-proof, water-resistant and wear-resistant all at once. You’ll never have to worry about it getting damaged from splashes of liquid. With its durable construction and 4 heavy duty casters, it can support up to 150 pounds of items. It’s sturdy enough to keep your printers and scanners as it’s made of heavy-duty MDF panels. Furthermore, it consists of 3 lockable drawers and two shelves that will surely meet your office storage needs. Easily move it around without scratching your floor. 




Why get two tables or desks when you can have just one? This L-shaped desk is large enough to accommodate both your desktop computer and printer, with space left over for other items/equipment. Its drawers can accommodate letter-size papers, folders and holders, while a vertical compartment serves as a computer tower with a grommet hole. Keep your CPU connected while managing the wires. It’s all you need to put all your items in place and keep in control of your tasks throughout the day.




Multi-functional? You bet. Not only is this product suitable for the bedroom, you can keep it in your office as well. It’s perfect for storage of books, paper, accessories and even more space for your stationery. Also, it has smooth drawer slides that can be fully extended in one swift motion. Furthermore, it uses a soft-close hinge mechanism that won’t make any noise when closing the door. Its metal handle is easy to grip, so you’ll have full control of it even when you’re in a hurry.




Looking for something fancy? How about this seagrass-woven cabinet from Birdrock? It provides a soft accent to the room and opens it up for a more spacious and collected look. Its eco-friendly design gives you a taste of nature while you stay busy indoors. Keep your letter-size and legal-size files in it with ease as each measures to fit files of varied sizes. Keep all your files and papers in a neat arrangement, so you can breeze through your tasks with ease.



A 6-drawer roll cart that assimilates perfectly into any room in the home, you can use this one for different purposes e.g. storing small essentials for your office space. Keep it beneath your desk as it’s great for keeping all your pencils, pens, post-its and letterheads within an arm’s length. Moreover, Adeptus makes use of wood from sustainable forests, so for every tree cut, two new ones are planted. Thus, you don’t have to worry about depleting the environment of its natural resources, as every penny is well-spent on this one.



It’s good to invest in well-built storage systems, and this Mahogany Ford Executive Modern Desk from Zuri Furniture is no exception. This large desk gives you ample space to place your computer because the desk consists of a CPU tower. It also has wire management ports, so you can easily slide the wires in without anyone taking notice. In addition, it has a space for you to keep your printer separate, while keeping it within reach. The mahogany finish is robust and elegant, making it perfect for the budding executive to the boss calling the shots. 



This 4-drawer rolling cart is transparent and enables you to identify what items are inside right away. Also, it consists of 4 individual tiers in which you can keep a range of different size items. The top compartment of the IRIS USA Drawer features a nook, with varied compartments to keep all your tape, clips, pens and post-its. It’s a great addition to your filing system, so  check it out right now.




An excellent pick for the office, this spacious and charming storage cupboard contains 4 equally-sized compartments that allow you to store letter-size and legal-size folders, for convenient and accurate file-keeping. This cupboard can be used to extend your desk space, so you can fit it just about anywhere. It is highly durable too as it is constructed from high density laminate board. You can choose to lock it for added security/peace of mind. 




A storage system that is both multi-functional and easily accessible, the Coavas storage cabinet features three tiers of open shelves, which is plenty of room. Immediately view your books and magazines on three different levels. Easily access your important essentials with one hand. Thus, you can now put all your pet supplies, college books, paper supplies and more. Although it may seem small, do not underestimate the capacity of this storage shelf. It is durable as it is attractive and will last you for many years. Overall, it is a reliable shelf to straighten out your office organization. 




Each of these file organizers from Seagrass and Abaca is made by hand, and that variation makes them unique. This file bin can store legal to letter size files, and even hanging files. The wheels won’t scratch your floor as it is supported with wheel bearings, thus allowing smooth movement across any surface. In addition, it’s versatile too as you can use to roll it around your home office with ease. It’s also equipped with carrying handles for easy transportation.





What about a bookcase for your office? This one from Homfa features 6 different-sized compartments, namely 3 open cubes, 2 large display shelves, and one closed-off section. It gives you ample space to put all your important office essentials, whether it be paper to load into your printer, or reading materials on your desk area. Additionally, it’s sturdy and quite easy to clean, so you won’t have any issues maintaining it.




The ultimate all-in-one study table and computer desk, this office storage solution does not take up much space yet boasts a generous amount of storage. It comprises two spacious drawers at the bottom to keep your important office supplies such as legal pads, books, and envelopes. In addition, you can store two computer monitors on the top tier. Overall, it’s a handy desk for all the essentials you want to keep in place.




Here’s a fashion-forward ensemble for your office space. Although it’s retro, it can fit any modern interior with its simple and sleek design. This bookcase organizer fits different sort of files with its varied compartment sizes. Thus, you can store magazines, books, letter and legal size files, slim glass bottles, and all your important office needs. This is made out of medium density fiberboard (MDF) that is tough, for that extra durability you need in order to keep it for the long term. 




You can do so much more with expandable storage: the Teraves Reversible computer desk does just that and more. Put two of these together, and incorporate one long desk space for yourself to put all your office items in. In addition, you get reversible shelves so you can adjust their angles for convenient access. Not only that, you’ll also get a glass particle board body that is water-resistant. The thick steel frame of this desk guarantees maximum strength and durability, so you won’t have to worry about your table buckling under the weight of items.




One of the best in the market, this is made from commercial-grade materials: think a durable metal frame, melamine and particle board. In addition, it has metal legs that are designed to carry 80 pounds of weight. It features two drawers, one large for files and important contracts stored in envelopes. The contemporary aesthetic of this beautiful desk will complement light and airy spaces nicely. Its white finish is easy on the eyes and lends a tranquil look to your office space. 




Assembling an office storage product by yourself may be tricky. However, it needn’t necessarily involve the help of a handyman. The Bizzoelife Wood File Cabinet is one to look out for since it is spacious, convenient and 100% worth the purchase. In addition, this file cabinet is perfect for office organization since it has 2 drawers and 3 drawer doors. That’s five different compartments to store all your files, books, magazines, reading materials, office supplies and more. It measures 35.4“L x 15.7”W.




Modway’s two tier mid-century designed display stand is a unique piece that gives your space that modern flair. Whether you’re renovating your office or looking to add some storage to it, this is your guy. Coupled with a walnut grain laminate finish, the vintage-like exterior of this media console makes a contrast to any modern blueprint. It’s made to stand out and yet blend in with its surroundings. Apart from slatted sliding doors that conceal unused media items such as cameras, chords, speakers or keyboards, it also has cable management ports for easy organization of devices. No more unruly wires from now on!




L-shaped corner desks are a thing these days. The question is, can they fit into your space? Besides the fact that L-shaped desks provide a lot of writing space/room for work activities, it also gives it a modern look to your interior with its elegant design. The glass provides a lot of lucidity, the structure an appealing yet ergonomic display. It also has a keyboard tray made of retractile wood and allows mobility. The desk can hold a computer display, CPU and other components. Its design is simple, effortless and endearing.




A credenza that is an air of credence, at least to the modern employee. This home office idea is a great one. First, take a look at its unyielding veneer exterior, giving the office space a delicate touch, but a strong finish. It consists of two storage drawers, with two doors behind. Furthermore, each cabin is equipped with file holders for added convenience. Add this office storage product to your work place, and you are sure to give it an impressive presence. 




This compact desk features a brown oak finish and simple design. So, you can definitely work with the space that you have and save for additional storage. It is made from laminate particle board, medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and powder coated metal tubes for maximum durability. The desk provides plenty of space for writing, reading, signing paperwork and accomplishing tasks.




This modern and stylish desk from Dproticus features a heavy duty powder-coated metal frame and a body made of medium density fibreboard (MDF).  Its dimensions of 47.2” x 23.6” x 33.8 provides more than enough room for computers, printers, monitors and even speakers. Moreover, it can carry up to 150 pounds of weight at a time. Thus, you’re getting a very sturdy and well-built desk for different purposes. The white shade of this desk provides a clean and subtle look that’s perfect for any office space.




With no smell or toxic odors, this desktop organizer is suitable for those trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It comprises two sections that you can rotate and adjust depending on your needs. You can use it to decorate your work space while keeping your items in check. It weighs six pounds so it’s definitely compact and lightweight. Bid goodbye to unruly clutter forever and get one step closer to your dream office with this desk organizer.




This mesh monitor stand and riser is perfect for keeping your screen at an optimal angle, thus eliminating bad posture while you work. In addition, it is made of mesh material that is breathable and ventilated, so as to prevent mold from building up. It’s quite stylish too which gives a modern accent to your space, a perfect motivation for those moments of pressure from a heavy workload. Apart from this, there is a built-in drawer and side compartments to keep paper, books and reading material in place.




This literature sorter fits any desk or table, add it on top to maximize your storage space. It features eight individual compartments, so you can organize your reading materials. In addition, it has plastic channels and labels, so you can build your own index filing system. Made in the USA, it is built close to home. In addition, it consists of a strong corrugated board, for a durable and convenient finish. Thus, lighten your workload because your office organizing will be an easy task you can write off your to do list. Last, it’s great for organizing letters, forms, contracts and documents.




A six slot file storage organizer brought to you by AmazonBasics. Now, you can create a well-coordinated office space to help you get rid of clutter. The organizers help you heighten your productivity, contains clutter and evidently gives dimension to your space. In addition, it offers an attractive and professional appearance. It’s suitable for any office, home or business. Moreover, it is made of breathable steel mesh, that allows ventilation and air circulation. Last, it’s backed with a one year warranty from Amazon.




This organizer cart is the best mobile solution for a spacious work area. It’s one of the best home office ideas as you can easily remove the drawers and slide attached side drawers, thus you can customize and be flexible in terms of your needs. Moreover, it’s frame is of stainless steel with a chrome finish. It consists of fifteen drawers you can pull out for easy access. Now, you can take your office supplies anywhere you need them. Plus, you get to keep those much-needed items private. Last, it’s lightweight and only weighs 17.6 pounds.




This desk monitor stand riser is suitable for any monitor, computer, laptop, or notebook. It consists of two compartments on each side for your iPad, cellphone, calculator, pens and other office essentials. It’s the right tool and aid in order for you to accomplish your goals. The removable nook on top allows you to clean it with ease, and to organize items faster. In addition, it raises your monitor just the right height, to keep you focused. Thus, you no longer have to strain your neck, and you’ll improve your posture as you work. The dimensions of this desk monitor stand at 20.25″W x 11.5″D x 5.8″H.




This shatter-resistant plastic container from mDesign can hold all your highlighters, pens, and writing materials without trouble. You can take it anywhere with you on business trips, or keep it stacked away quickly in your home or office. It’s a simple and efficient great way to manage your clutter, without taking too much effort or time. So you can always keep your desk items in check, and allocate more time into getting your tasks done. Lastly, it’s made of quality BPA-free and chemical plastic, that is not harmful nor possesses any odor. 




Maximize your space today with this over-the-door hanging organizer from Homyfort. Not only do you get to pick out your highlighters, pens, and post-its instantly, you save so much on floor space too. It has durable, tear-resistant pockets that allow you to manage your office organization without breaking a sweat. In addition, it’s a frugal choice, as it’s one that you can use for the long term. Lastly, you can keep as much as 5 magazines or 600 pieces of papers in each pocket. Talk about a large capacity!




You can customize the arrangement of this expandable Xcosrack bookshelf according to your needs and preferences. It features three drawers for easy storage of your pens, clips, books and a small alarm clock. This desktop bookshelf is both easy to clean and install for optimal efficiency. Thus, all you need is to wipe it with clothes or tissue paper. Two casters allow you to lock and move it anywhere you want. 





This office organizer from Purzest is minimalist and sleek. It consists of 3 different bays to keep all your remotes, phones, and office supplies neatly organized. It consists of wood, and has a brown, classic finish. The ergonomic design will boost your efficiency as it is visually stimulating. No assembly is required: just put it on your desk and start putting your items in place.




The possibilities are aplenty with this desk. The Seville Classics airLIFT has pneumatic height technology that lets you adjust it according to your needs, within the range of 6.2” to 19.2” inches. In addition, it has a capacity of 33 pounds, so you can fit your CPU and keyboard in with no issues.




With six levels of storage, you know that you’re taking your office organizing skills to the top. Thus, this letter tray from Simplehouseware gives you a chance to keep your papers, mail and documents contained. Thus, you’ll have easy access to your important files, and keep track of them without a minute put to waste. Moreover, It comprises five tilted trays, so you can slip your fingers gracefully and effortlessly without creasing your documents. Its dimensions of 4. 25”L x 12. 75”W x 16. 5”H allows you to open up your desk space while staying organized. 



This full set from Blu Monaco consists of five gold pieces that will complement and provide an upscale look to your desk. Thus, it would surprise you how adding a little movement and style to your area will change your mood. Moreover, this five individual piece set allows you to organize in different areas of your space, to keep your senses aware and stimulated. Hence, liven up your storage in order to lighten your mood. Last, each and every piece in the set consists of solid steel construction, perforated metal design, and reinforced sides and bases. It will not crack, peel, chip or rust. So you know that it’s well built, and you’re getting your money’s worth.




Looking for a do-it-yourself statement piece, but can’t seem to find the time or resources to put it together? Here’s an idea we think you’ll love – the Marbasse Desk Organizer. This desk organizer is made of wooden panels that you can cut, shape, drill into and modify to your liking. Otherwise, you can be content with how to place it together as designed. So assembly will prove to be a fun ordeal after all. Moreover, it only takes about twenty minutes to put it all together.




Slide its two drawers without any issues, for maximum mobility. In addition, there is plenty of space for your pads, notes, pens and office supplies. Besides, the “H” design allows the desk to hold monitors and printers up to 38 pounds of weight. Thus, you’ll experience a seamless and budge-free operation. Also, you can raise your monitor at 4.2” at height, for a clear visual experience, and healthy posture.





This letter tray from Designa is sleek and sturdy. Thus, you can keep all your essential items in it’s partitions, holders and compartments. It also features a stackable design so you can strategically keep all in place, and save you time. Moreover, you can install and disassemble each piece at any time for convenience. It’s large storage capacity will leave you with more space to spare. The dimensions of this piece measures 14.38″ *13.63″*14″ inches, for maximum space consumption. You can use it as a file holder, letter organizer and tablet niche. Thus, it’s versatile and a a space saver too.




This twin double rack is a couple of baskets for all your office organization needs. Thus, keep all your files, paper, documents neat and tidy. Now, you can maximize your empty wall space, and save on floor area. Apart from this, it’s durable and sturdy, and it boasts of indestructible material. Moreover, it has a minimalist and stylish appeal, freeing your desk of clutter while making your office attractive. Both decorative and functional, sport it in any home or office and get all your tasks done in no time. Last, it’s an easy and seamless installation, so it’s straightforward, stress free and a reliable storage item for the long run.




Having trouble with an uneven floor surface? Fret no more, this one from Fedmax is a quick solution. You no longer have to worry about your office storage toppling over with this one. The reason: with its state of the art leg levelers that give it weight and even balance. Thus, it doesn’t matter how topsy-turvy your home foundation is. Because this metal storage cabinet will stand its ground. Plus, it has adjustable shelves to accommodate different storage item sizes. Last but not the least, it can hold up to 180lbs of weight, so don’t hold out on office storage. Get one to keep all your items in place today!





The workload is enough stress and strain put on the body, you don’t need the extra tension on your shoulders. Not to worry, this wood monitor from 1home keeps your posture in check. While it levels your desktop screen for a comfortable view. Furthermore, it features an ergonomic design. So you get to be more productive no matter what tasks you take on. This also allows you to incorporate it into any desk space with ease. It has a 66lbs capacity, so don’t worry about those heavy-weight machines. Further, it has a space-saving keyboard slide. A management hub for cables, slots for holding a cellphone, and more.




Vintage as it is homey, Kate and Laurel designed this piece with aesthetics in mind. The rustic feel of this barn cabinet gives you a touch of the countryside. Even when you’re in the concrete jungle. The rugged build engineered for longevity, as it is versatile to use. Besides, three right and two left shelves provide ample space. So now you get to keep all your office storage needs in one place.




Bring the cadence of the woods into your home with this Sauder Beginnings bookcase. With two adjustable shelves that you can modify to your heart’s content. Also, it has an enclosed back panel for built-in reinforcement. Besides, it has a wooden construction that makes for a well-built, sturdy body. What more can you look for on a shelf? The beautiful Highland Oak finish gives any room warmth and dimension.




Made of 12MM PB and wooden legs, this sturdy bookcase is one for the long run. Its load-bearing performance is also above par, with 80 lbs of weight capacity. Easily manage cords or wires and even gaming consoles with it. It has 4 tiers, 3 drawers, and 1 shelf.



High gloss doors amplify the look and give it a sheen. Clean it easily, and keep all your office supplies as you see fit. Assembly is effortless as it comes with clear instructions and all tools needed. It’s one of our best office storage ideas, get one to complete your home office set up today.





You can store up to 66 pounds per wooden shelf. This versatile storage is compact and lightweight. Thus, allows you to maneuver it easily around the house if needed. Furthermore, it comes in a black color that exudes class and sophistication. Store all your important office essentials in it, and it won’t disappoint. You can mix and match from different colors to choose from. Besides this, it comes with easy to assemble hardware so install it in seconds.





Looking for easy assembly? Do it with the JJS rolling wood file cabinet, even in 30 minutes or less! It’s easy to stack and file A4 files with its components. Apart from this, keep it under the desk to maximize space. Melamine-coated medium density fibreboards make maintenance easy, and durability on the build indestructible.



It also has two heavy-duty casters that glide with ease, be it a rug or a marble floor. The lockable breaking wheels prevent any accidents or sudden movements. Giving you complete control of where you want to go, or where you want to situate it. Keep moving forward with your work goals with this office storage idea in mind.





Versatile enough to use as a storage cabinet or a standalone credenza, be it for the office or living room. Bush Furniture planned this piece down to the last detail. With its brushed nickel handles, to its euro style hinges. It’s a sophisticated choice that isn’t overbearing. Also, it has adjustable shelves to meet your storage capacity needs. So you can store up to 200lbs worth of office items on top. Further, there’s a range of different finishes to choose from, so easily integrate it into any space in the home.




Do you picture yourself with this industrial wood shelf in your office? It’s not just good for your extensive reading material, or storage for your print references. Walker Edison combined steel and high-quality medium density fiberboard. So to create a premium product. With a full 60 pounds of solid weight to provide you one of the ultimate office storage ideas in the market. It has versatility and durability to give you optimum performance. This office storage has four office storage shelves.



With the middle adjustable ones, and six unique storage spaces. Thus, there’s ample room to host all those varied office storage needs. Mesh side panels are breathable. This reduces the risk of mildew growth in your documents and paperwork. Each of its angle iron legs provides enough support for heavy-duty usage. Plus, it’s the shelf that moves with you, with it’s a movable center foot. So stay organized wherever you are in the house with this office storage shelf today!





Exuding contemporary minimalist to luxury interior design. This trendy office storage cabinet compliments most spaces. t’s super easy to keep in any space as it’s vertical design takes virtually no space at all. Also, you get two layers of spacious storage space, including three drawers, with one door that swings.



So, you can organize your office items without breaking a sweat. Assembly is easy and direct, as the instructions are easy to follow and clear. No complicated tools mean quick and seamless assembly. It’s one of our best storage ideas to date, so get yours today. This product has an extensive ten-year warranty.





This product comes with a whopping 5-year warranty. South Shore is confident of its products long-term, so quality is beyond the question. The royal cherry finish gives any room a rustic appeal, be it a home office or a study. It’s also versatile enough that you can adjust the inner shelf for storage. Be it office documents, office equipment, or even office supplies. Besides, it has a unique two-door pull-out design for easy access. Conceal all those private essentials even in a hurry. It’s eco-friendly as well. So keep the peace with the environment while keeping your home office clean and tidy with it too!




Have you ever thought of nesting organizer bins for your office? These bins are great to situate anywhere in the home. Be it your kitchen, or home office, these plastic storage bins are compact enough space to fit in. The highly durable material allows you to make use of them for the long term. Save space, and organize all your hard to find storage supplies. Such as markers, clips, pens, papers, and post it’s. With this organizer, your office storage will always be in check. Each order comes in a pack of eight, in two sizes. Thus, you’ll be able to spot which storage contains which items right away.




Pressed for space to put your gadgets and gizmos? This one from Lztyfee keeps twenty-four individual units safely in place. It also comes in two variants, one with 24-grid slots, the other comes in 36-grid ones. Do so much more when you have less to think about, while you keep track of your communications within the day. Thus, you manage all your executive tasks, while you keep your phone within your reach. You never have to miss a meeting, chat, reminder, or e-mail again. Ultimately, what makes it on our list is its ergonomic design that allows efficiency. Now, you no longer have to ask the question, “where’d I put my phone?”.




Keep it off the desk and on the shelves! Otherwise, keep it on the desk and make room in file cabinets. Now, you can do both because Simple Trending came up with a great office storage idea. This file box is a stylish and trendy solution for office organization. Also, you get to save space on your desk and floor area. This file box storage bin mounts on the wall. It also comes with an easy assembly mechanism you can execute with nothing but an Allen key. Sounds super easy, don’t you think? It’s intended that way, so save your time and resources while you create a productive workspace.



In conclusion, the best way to get a well organized and efficient work space is through making the right choice. We hope our picks will help resolve your storage issues and give you new ideas to keep it neat, tidy and collected for an efficient work experience. Thus, you won’t regret giving these picks a try as we’ve taken full consideration of price, materials, capacity and functionality, so these are the best ones you can find. Remember, always think outside the box as you fill those office storage spaces with joy and fulfillment. Last, these will prove to be the storage items you need to improve your work and life balance.




Office Storage Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

Office storage FAQ


1. How to Create More Storage Space For Small Office?

Wall shelves and storage drawers are the answer to all your storage questions. Getting these for your office will not only give you a lot more space for holding your items but also add a hint of elegance to it.



2. How To Maintain Office Storage?

Using stackable boxes and portable office storage units can effectively help you maintain an ideal environment. Just put all the lesser-used items in them and you’ll be able to free up lots of space.



3. How To Maximize Storage Space For Small Office? 

Getting rid of extra furniture and instead utilizing the walls for building storage shelves will help you increase the storage options in your office.



4.  What Are Some Tips To Stay Organized?

  • Remove all the junk
  • Plan all your daily activities using a planner
  • Mark every important task on a calendar
  • Put everything at its place after using instead of throwing away just anywhere
  • Perform an office-cleansing activity fortnightly to free up space



5. What Kinds Of Office Storage Furniture You Need To Your Place? 

  • Wall shelves
  • Pegboards
  • Stackable boxes
  • Portable storage boxes
  • Cabinets with wheels
  • Desks with drawers and cabinets under it



6. How To Maximize Your Office Storage Drawers?

Building your drawer divider could save you a lot of money while increasing storage. These dividers will help you put everything in order from supplies to stationery and from notes to tiny paper clips. No more hoarding of items and making them a mess.



Moreover, regular cleanups of your office storage drawers could be of great help in providing you with a huge space.

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