52 Most Coveted Storage Cabinets In 2022

November 25, 2020

Dishware storage cabinet with plates and cups inside


Storage cabinets are essential to the composition of every home, but what exactly are they? Simply put, they are multi-functional pieces of furniture that are often aesthetically pleasing as well. From artsy to minimalistic chic, this list contains them all. Check out the options below and find one that’s perfect for adorning your home with.




Why You Need Storage Cabinets?

Storage cabinets provide many benefits and advantages. Here are some of the primary reasons why you need storage cabinets?



1. Maximizes Your Space

Lack of space can be a huge problem at home and in offices. Sometimes, when you accumulate too much stuff, you tend to clutter your space without even realizing it. That’s why it is important to make the most of the space by using storage cabinets.



Even if there are limitations to the amount of space, storage cabinets will make full use of your available cubic spaces than traditional shelves. This is true if you are storing small to medium-sized items with irregular shapes and sizes. Traditional shelves can work fine for regularly shaped, uniform-sized items like stackable rectangular boxes.



2. Better Organization

One of the major reasons why you need storage cabinets is that it provides organization. It makes your valuables easily accessible. You won’t have a hard time looking for what you need, especially the small and medium items. The sturdy shelves, neat compartments, and labelled cabinets provide better organization and help a lot in managing the clutter.



These cabinets often provide compartments for each individual item. And so, your valuables are less likely to get lost or misplaced. Depending on its design, you can also view items easily from the front to the back corners of the drawer.



3. Improved Security & Protection

Most storage cabinets offer improved protection for your valuables. It keeps your items neat and clean when compared to traditional shelving where items are often left out in the open collecting tons of dust, dirt, and grime.



Storage cabinets also offer greater security for valuable assets and tools. It is available in a range of locking options, whereas shelving is open and unlockable. Now, with the advance of modern technology, the locking system has improved even more to protect and secure your important files or belongings.



Even in a locked storage room, additional locking systems on drawers can reduce shrinkage. Rows of shelving units can block the light and inhibit airflow. But drawer cabinets keep stored items out of sight resulting in a much better-lit storage area and improved ventilation.



4. Durability & Flexibility

If you just store your belongings in boxes, they may get scratched or damaged. If you put them on shelves, they may also get easily damaged or knocked over. That is why storage cabinets are perfectly suited to withstand time and environmental wear and tear.



Depending on the type of material, storage cabinets are durable and meant to last long. This ensures that the items stored inside are secured and protected. These cabinets also come in different sizes and styles. It provides flexibility based on the space and size of the location.



5. Added Mobility

Some storage cabinets feature added mobility. It is the best choice if you need to move your stuff easily. A shelf is always in angular and often awkward to move, but you can buy certain storage cabinets that have wheels for moving around easily. This is really convenient if you want to physically transport your stored items to another location, because the funda is really simple, push it!







Wide enough to fit multiple documents yet compact enough to fit underneath your office table, this filing cabinet comprises open storage spaces and file drawers that are designed to keep your documents and supplies neatly organized. It features a large file drawer that keeps multiple hanging file folders organized. It is possible to shift and change the hanger rod; this filing cabinet can accommodate legal-size, letter-size, and A4-size folders without any issue. A single lock system secures the drawer, keeps your business private, and can be extended fully for easy access. Four wheels enable this printer cabinet to be moved and adjusted freely, while built-in brakes on each caster add extra stability.




What every office needs but would most likely be unseen, this storage cabinet makes an ideal storage solution for your office or home. Its spacious compartments can help you organize your sundries and make a neat space possible. Multi-purpose and able to fit in any room, the ZENY 5-drawer cabinet is made from durable MDF and painted with non-toxic, eco-friendly paint. Features a ball-bearing slider design, you’ll be able to put in or take out items more conveniently. It is also equipped with four casters for swift mobility, with two of them lockable for stability.




The perfect organizational tool for your home or office, this Halifax wide cabinet is perfect for expanding  storage with its extra drawer and cabinet space. It features five gliding drawers and a 2-compartment cabinet, all of which are easily accessible with cutout handles. Optional locking casters can be used to create a mobile yet stable unit. In a modern black finish, the cabinet is made of durable composite wood that will fit with any decor.




This unique rustic wood grain makes the printer cabinet a comfortable fit for home and office and adds a retro style to your room. Features 2 spacious drawers and three large storage shelves, this filing cabinet is designed to keep office machines and documents organized. It can also be used as a desk or console table. Thanks to five 360° rotatable wheels, this mobile storage cabinet can be freely moved and modified without scratching your board. 




A hidden cabinet is a perfect choice for your office or home. This office storage cabinet features a rustic and industrial design. It comprises a discreet storage cabinet with an open shelf. This small side cabinet’s elegant louvered door opens as though by magic when lightly pressed. Behind that, the height-adjustable shelving offers plenty of storage space for all your documents. A robust mix of sturdy steel and hard-wearing engineered wood gives this multi-purpose shelving a high degree of stability.  You can load its top surface with office equipment of up to 66 lb.!




A tall, slim yet very spacious storage cabinet solution for your home and office needs, this one sports a dark cinnamon cherry finish and an intricate frame. This high cabinet is perfect for the kitchen, basement, workshop, or virtually anywhere a storage solution is required. With its four adjustable shelves and full-width upper shelf, this cabinet is excellent for stashing laundry, blankets, pantry items, and more.




The HOMECHO storage cabinet organizer features enclosed one large cupboard and three side shelves that keep everything tidy and out of sight. Stylish, enclosed storage works for books, personal items, or supplies. The accent cabinet has an attractive retro design, and rustic brown fit most decor themes. Works at home as a kitchen storage cabinet or in the living room as a combination bookshelf and storage unit. A small footprint allows for room-placement flexibility.




This storage cabinet is an excellent A blend of beauty and functionality! Romantic, rustic brown wood tonal appearance embellished with some staid black. A strong metal frame completed with durable particle boards makes the ladder bookshelf with drawers quite sturdy with remarkable durability. Unique designed fabric drawers with wood front look It keeps up to 5-10lbs – beautiful and exquisite yet supportive. The outstanding workmanship makes it possible for the drawer chest dresser to have a long service life. For fast and straightforward assembly, the dresser cabinet comes with detailed instructions and labeled parts. Simple to clean and maintain – use a damp cloth to wash.




Bonnlo Wood File cabinet is perfect for your filing purposes. It features three drawers and two shelves. For pens/pencils, post-it notes, office supplies, address labels, stamps, etc., two drawers are optimally sized. One deep drawer on the bottom accommodates letter-size hanging file folders. The two folder supports are made of stainless steel that is strong and not easy to bend. Features 3 locks to keep your important documents safe. With the casters, it can be moved easily to an area of your office.




Ample surface could easily hold your printer, coffee machine, scanner and, decorations. 2 open shelves designed for easy access to your ordinary books or documents. Moreover, three lockable drawers keep your belongings secret and private. High-Grade particleboard wood construction assures weight capacity up to 132lbs in total. Classic white melamine finish makes the surface scratch-resistant, waterproof, and easy to clean. Larger bottom drawer serves for files and documents. 4 superior wheels removable for stationary or mobility, easy to move anywhere you like. You can clean the floor thoroughly without any worries while using the rolling file cabinet.




This 5-drawer cabinet fits every color perfectly. Scheme and tone. For the office, studio, kitchen, and bedroom, its basic design and practicality are subtle. With the casters off, it can be used as a vanity for makeup as well. Designed using 0.63″ thick MDF panels that can hold up to 100lbs in total. This item comes with this item.” four heavy-duty casters where two are lockable, so you can quickly move it around without damaging the floor. Premium melamine finish makes the cabinet resistant to With scratches. The cabinet is simple to clean and is constructed with sturdy MDF panels designed to last. You can store office supplies, everyday needs, and cosmetics in this 5-drawer cabinet. By storing them all in one drawer, keep your belongings neat and easy to find.




Articulus file cabinet printer stands office organizer credenza features an all-around finish in white oak color. Two drawers on metal rails allow for easy storage, along with the two-door cabinet featuring two shelves. The product dimensions are approximately 51.25 “W x 15.5” D x 24.5 “H. Easy care and easy to clean. Wipe around with a smooth, dry cloth to get rid of the dust and grime.




Built to secure your most valuable materials and documents. INVIE Steel Cabinet features two adjustable shelves. Each of the frames can accommodate up to 132lbs in this cabinet, offering plenty of space to organize your kitchen goods, supplies, equipment, etc. For protection, the swing handle has a lock and a three-point locking mechanism. It will secure your file protection better. Profit from a second key that can either be used by co-owners or as an emergency backup set in case of loss/misplacement. Our metal cabinet is made of reinforced construction of a steel frame and corrosion and stain-resistant powder coat. It is an excellent secured storage solution for any garage, utility room, or office.




This rolling storage cart can be used in your office as a printer or at home as a microwave cart. The moveable cabinet features one open space and four closed storage room behind two doors and divided by an adjustable shelf. At five inches, seven inches, and ten inches, the rack can be balanced differently. There is one open storage space in the cart, which makes accessing your products fast. There are four 360° rotatable casters for quick travel. 2 of them come with brakes, and to prevent slipping, you can stop and move the cart when you need to. The door’s metal hinges come with a hydraulic rod, which can achieve the effect of silence, reduce the buffer, and prevent finger injuries. Two adults with enclosed instructions can quickly install the rolling cart.




Basic low vertical storage solution for your everyday need in the office or at home. Complete with open storage spaces and file drawers, this filing cabinet is designed to organize office machinery, paper, files, and supplies. Premium melamine finish makes the cabinet resistant from scratches. Built with 0.63″ thick PB panels that can accommodate up to 100lbs in total. It comes with five heavy-duty casters (2 are lockable), so you can quickly move it around without damaging the floor. Features a desktop for the printer and two top shelves and drawers to store your files and documents. The bottom cabinet and shelf provide additional space for registers and large-sized folders. It is possible to lock the top drawer to protect your papers further.



II. Home


II. A. Living room




To provide that extra charming country feel, add this TV stand in your living room. Features hidden storage room with adjustable shelving behind the barn styled side doors to suit your media and accessories while providing a combination of a rustic and modern style of the farmhouse. Made of robust high-grade MDF, this entertainment center will fit most TVs up to 65-inches. Though still giving it a homespun feel, it will keep your living room looking tidy as a storage console.




The Santa Fe TV stand is a gorgeous rustic style TV stand. Constructed with solid pine and pine veneers in an Antique Black and Aged Distressed Pine finish. A finish that offers just the right amount of distressing can blend easily with other rustic, distressed, warehouse, farmhouse, or Loft looks. Two sliding barn style doors that slide side to side on a black metal track. A metal mesh type look adds to the rustic and rusty look of the two side doors. Four (4) total interior shelves are removable and flexible, offering versatile storage options for components such as audio, video, and gaming. Ideal for most flat-panel 65″ flat-panel TVs and up to 70″ Added to the anti-tip kit for protection. 




Rustic and modern elements meet in this clean-lined TV stand, create a feeling that you’ll enjoy being at home, whether it’s in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Crafted from high-grade MDF with a wood grain finish and sturdy laminate that’s versatile enough to blend with various color palettes and aesthetics. Features two cabinets covered by barn-inspired doors while its open-top shelf and two lower shelves are ideal for media players requiring easy remote access. Display decor, movies, or your book collection with your electronics on the center open shelving. Including cord management and adjustable shelving for a comfortable fit for all of your items. Ships ready-to-assemble with step-by-step instructions. 




Christopher Knight’s vision of sophistication meets function with our stylish yet straightforward television stand. This stand brings together mixed materials in complete harmony, featuring a two-toned wood finish and beautiful glass, making this piece suitable for any living space. To provide enough storage space that makes a clutter-free area for your entertainment systems, two cabinets, and a shelf, complete this stand. Our television stand, finished with a polished mid-century modern look, brings durable support and chic design to any room in your house.




This TV stand in the farmhouse has a sentimental presence combined with all the modern modifications needed to make this a dream entertainment stand for the current era. It has cord management solutions and customizable shelves so that you can arrange electronics according to your choice. Four tempered glass doors feature metal corner accents with a traditional fretwork style incorporating a rustic element into this classic console. The doors have soft, tight hinges, too. To this charming country-style media stand, a beveled top and bottom add the final touches.




An inspired piece of furniture made of particleboard. This discreet storage cabinet with two louvered doors is a perfect choice for those who can’t decide between a cupboard in the living room and a sideboard in the dining room or a rustic and modern design. The sturdy combination of robust steel and hard-wearing engineered wood provides a high degree of stability for the multipurpose shelf; load up to 66 lb of products on the top surface. This small side cabinet’s elegant louvered door opens as though by magic when lightly pressed. Behind it, a height-adjustable shelf provides all your secrets with plenty of storage space. 




A classic sideboard, you can keep it a clean look in your living room/kitchen/bedroom. With its durable shelf board, you can use the door enclosed space inside the cabinet. With the open area on top, you can make varying decorations with your favorite flower pots, antiques, candle holders, handicrafts, and more to accent the entire room in many different ways. A maximum load capacity of up to 50kg/110lb is possible for the Yaheetech P2 MDF sideboard. Included are easy-to-read assembly instruction manuals attached to each wall cabinet package. With the QR code there, you can get an identical digital manual as well. Besides, our customer service team will assist you with your inquiries about the installation and stuff.




Highlight your living space with this 32-inch modern farmhouse buffet. It can blend into every area if you set it as an entertainment center in your living room, bedroom as a storage cabinet, kitchen as a buffet, or gateway as an entrance table. Providing your appliances, clothes, shoes, linens, or décor with additional storage space in your home. It can support up to a 34 inch TV as a TV stand. Made of high-grade MDF, strong laminate, and metal, with a sliding front door for open and closed storage to shut off either side of the shelving.




With this 58-inch high-boy media stand with an electric fireplace, build a cozy, entertaining space in any room of your home. Crafted from high-grade MDF with a durable laminate finish, this transitional style TV stand accommodates most flat-panel TVs up to 60 inches. This entertainment center features adjustable shelving behind two glass doors, open shelving to fit your media components and accessories, and a cable management system to maintain a tidy space. Installation for electric fireplaces requires no technician to plug into a standard household outlet, and no venting required.




Our 47″ TV stand is designed to upgrade the entertainment center’s space and bring a touch of sophistication and glamour to your living room. Manufactured from high-quality, engineered timber, this TV cabinet is safe and robust for long-term use with six strong legs. Additional features, two sliding barn doors allow you to freely adjust the door position and add an aesthetic feeling to this TV stand. Your den, your doorway, your office, and more, the multifunctional stand with a classic look can be used as a TV stand, gaming table, or sideboard in your living room, your den, your doorway, your office, and more.




With this charming storage cabinet, industrial accents and rustic wood tones build a warm, welcoming look, making it ideal for creating a sleek landing pad in the entrance, dining room, or living room. Nobody wants a table that wobbles every time you put a glass of water on it; our stable cabinet features adjustable feet for balancing on small floor irregularities and preventing scratches on the floor. You don’t have to spend your whole Sunday afternoon figuring out how to put it together, merely following the assembly steps in the illustrated instructions, and you’ll set it up before you know it.




This mid-century modern buffet cabinet serves as a surface area that can store dishes, flatware, and so on. The top surface is usually used to display decorative accents, such as candles, lamps, and artwork. This credenza storage cabinet is great for storing anything you need in your home while keeping them out of sight. The console cabinet is made of high-grade laminate MDF board with sturdy metal legs, which enhance the sideboard’s stability. Gorgeous marble veins with warm walnut color and chic gold legs give this wonderful piece a unique style. The living room cabinet has four drawers and one cabinet. Each door has a metal handle that allows you to open easily. All parts and accessories are included. Easy and quick maintenance as well by wiping with clean, dry cloth when needed.




Unique designers were introduced to shape this accent cabinet to its French country charm that blends with must-have storage space. It’s a must-have to fill out space in any area, from your dining room to your living room. This piece is elegant, stable, and sturdy, featuring a pinewood body, beautifully cutout motif, and aluminum alloy drawer pulls. Crafted from a pine wood frame, it is finished with antique features in a solid hue. It showcases two glass cabinet doors fronted by a cutout motif for visual interest. Wide drawers and cabinets have plenty of space to fit in. This flexible and stylish piece is intended to provide a hassle-free setup experience for clients. No assembly is required; anyone can begin enjoying this elegant and understated table.




This TV stand will give a charming country feel to your living room while also providing your electronics and decor with plenty of storage space. With two sliding barn door-styled cabinet fronts for a flexible design where, depending on your needs, you can either close the middle or both sides. Adjustable shelving and cable management make keeping your devices in one place convenient for you. The high-grade MDF is based on this media console. This entertainment center’s contemporary farmhouse theme will become a piece you’ll enjoy in your living room.




This accent chest is made of a solid wood frame and MDF panels, which are sturdy and durable. A large and smooth top surface not only allows placing more items and perfect to touch. Rubber pads at the bottom protect from damaging the floor. The chest storage table will help you easily and clearly organize your things. It functions well in your entryway as a console table, sofa table, buffet table, storage cabinet, sideboard, or entry table; even great in hallways. And living rooms. Features 2 storage drawers, four woven rattan baskets with distressed finish create instant charm in your home. The stylish style brings a sense of sophistication and perfect decor to your home. No assembly required on this storage chest; anyone can begin enjoying this elegant and understated storage cabinet.



II. B. Bedroom




For houses, schools, dormitories, and several other sites, this chest of drawers is suitable. Color diversification that fits all types of home decoration, fashion, and basic design helps save a lot of space. Made of a high-quality strong steel frame makes this drawer storage cabinet more durable. MDF wood top is easy to clean. Plastic feet protect floors. Easy pull drawers with wooden handles for smooth opening and closing. This Dresser Storage Drawers with four drawers designed for easy storing, you can keep your clothes, books, etc. The vertical design easily suits anywhere you choose to put in several houses, bedroom, corridor, or entryway positions. For simple DIY self-assembly, the hardware and installation manual are included.




You can add additional storage space to any room in your home with this storage cabinet from the Harbor View series. Behind the two louvers are detailed doors with a full upper shelf, and four adjustable shelves are secret storage so that you can store clothes, towels, blankets, and more. This stylish storage cabinet will keep you organized with ease, completed in a beautiful Antiqued Paint and detail with solid wood knobs.




Need a place for your abundance of stuff to store? Check out this cabinet for storage from the Sauder Select collection. It features a garment rod behind the full-length door and a fixed shelf after the upper door, one fixed and one flexible shelf, and two easy-to-access sliding drawers. Finished in a dark Cinnamon Cherry, this piece is the ideal storage solution for you and is detailed with frame and panel doors and sides.




Extra logistics is always a plus! This storage cabinet from the set of Sauder Pick will behave room for all stuff. This cabinet is great for stashing laundry, blankets, pantry items, and more with its four adjustable shelves and full-width upper shelf. This tall cabinet finished in dark Cinnamon Cherry and detailed with frame and panel doors and sides, is ideal for the kitchen, basement, garage, or anywhere a storage solution is required.




This excellent bathroom storage cabinet provides a stylish element to the design. Designed with comfortable modern white wood style and a beautiful shape. It’s functional and suitable for any room. Perfect choice for fitting modern style furniture. The cabinet with doors for the bathroom storage is made of high-quality MDF and eco-friendly lacquer paint finish. The handles adopt zinc alloy for beautiful looking. It is also stable and long-lasting enough to sustain continued use for a long time. Meanwhile, the cabinet is built upon four legs lifted. This feature makes it possible to use the bathroom cabinet to keep the product from water immersion. Each door has a knob, a magnetic switch, and two metal hinges for easy opening and closing. 




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