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How to Make in Blender: Ultimate Guide for Novice Users

October 28, 2023

Discover our comprehensive guide on ‘How to Make in Blender’. Learn easy techniques, go-to recipes and secret tips to up your blending game.

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Ordinary life can get busy and chaotic, making it easy to overlook the importance of organized living spaces. But home improvement and storage go hand in hand. When used effectively, efficient storage can drastically transform an environment, making it not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally optimal. This article delves into how such improvements can revolutionize your home, providing space-saving ideas and insightful strategies to create harmony and functionality in your living space.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create your own custom Blizzard at home using a blender, with just a few basic ingredients and simple steps. Enjoy the satisfaction of making a delicious frozen treat from scratch and get creative with flavor combinations!
  • Indulge in the joy of serving and savoring your homemade Blizzard, garnished with your favorite toppings. Share the delight with friends and family, or simply revel in the satisfaction of creating a unique and delicious frozen treat at home.

Defining a Functional Home

Firstly, let’s understand what constitutes a functional home. One of the key principles of functionality lies in efficient space utilization. Each item in your home should ideally have its designated space – this is where storage plans come into play. Clutter often disrupts activities, causing delays and unnecessary stress. By having everything organized and easily accessible, you ensure a smoother flow of daily tasks, thus saving time and effort.

Living in a clutter-free home can also significantly impact mental wellness, fostering tranquility and comfort. A well-organized home promotes a sense of control over your environment, thus reducing anxieties and contributing to a happy, productive lifestyle.

Essential Components of a Storage Plan

Good storage planning starts with an honest evaluation of your home’s current state. Identify what is causing clutter and why certain areas always seem disorganized. Are there unused items taking up space? Are there frequently used items that lack proper storage? Questions like these help in formulating a plan that addresses your home’s specific needs.

Benefits of Efficient Home Storage

The benefits of efficient home storage extend beyond just having a clean living space. Properly planned storage systems increase the utility of available space, accommodating more items without making the area feel congested. This also helps to keep belongings safe and secure, preventing damage due to mishandling or improper storage.

Moreover, an organized home can effectively reduce daily life stress by eliminating time wasted on locating items. When items are put back in their designated spaces after use, it becomes easier to know where to find them when needed. This creates a pleasing and efficient environment, leading to increased productivity.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Besides functionality, efficient storage also levels up your home’s aesthetic appeal. An orderly home looks inviting and spacious, which can boost your mood and overall well-being. Moreover, creative storage solutions can also add to the decor, enhancing the visual aesthetics of your home.

Principle of Sorting and Decluttering

Embarking on the journey of home improvement and storage begins with the critical step of sorting and decluttering. It’s about sifting through your belongings and identifying what’s necessary and useful versus what’s not. Effective sorting can significantly reduce your storage needs, freeing up much-needed space for other purposes.

Start by categorizing items based on usage frequency, purpose, or functionality. This process might seem time-consuming initially, but it helps streamline subsequent steps like storing and labeling. It’s also a key step in maintaining your decluttered home in the long run.

Turning Decluttering Into a Habit

Decluttering isn’t a one-time task – it’s a gradual process that becomes substantially easier when incorporated into your lifestyle. Start by making small changes and set achievable decluttering goals daily. This practice reduces the overwhelm and keeps your home organised consistently.

Implementing Storage Solutions

Now that you’ve sorted your belongings, the next step is to implement suitable storage solutions. The type of storage you pick should be based on your space, personal preference, and the nature of the items. Baskets, containers, and boxes are excellent for storing small items. More prominent items might require shelves or under-bed drawers.

Remember to use labels – they’re an effective way of tracking what’s stored where, particularly when you have numerous similar-looking storage containers. Accessibility is another crucial factor. Store frequently used items in places that can be effortlessly reached, while seldom-used items can be stored in more remote areas.

Choosing the Right Storage for Your Home

Understanding your space and storage needs forms the basis of choosing the right storage solutions. Consider seeking inspiration from home decor websites or stores. This can help you discover innovative storage solutions that blend seamlessly with your home decor while providing necessary storage functionality.

Vertically Maximize Your Space

When discussing storage, vertical space is often overlooked. Walls provide ample storage opportunity without encroaching on your living space. Simple solutions like wall-mounted racks can hold items like books, tools, or kitchen utensils. For narrow spaces, tall, slender shelves can work wonders.

Adding hanging storage in your closets can also generate more space to store clothes, shoes, or accessories efficiently. Furthermore, hooks and rails can be installed almost anywhere – behind doors, inside cabinets, or even on the side of your furniture.

Think beyond Traditional Shelving

Wall storage doesn’t necessarily imply installing shelves. There are many innovative ways to utilize wall space. For example, pegboards can be a fun and unique storage solution for your kitchen or workshop. They’re customizable, expandable, and can hold all kinds of items, from cookware to tools. Similarly, magnetic strips in a kitchen can hold knives and other utensils, freeing up counter space.

Use Your Corners

Often overlooked, corners can provide an untapped reservoir of storage space. There are various ways in which these spaces can be creatively incorporated into your storage plan. For instance, corner shelves can house decorative items or books, thereby beautifying your space while being functional.

Corner cabinets, particularly in kitchens or bathrooms, provide room for bulkier items. Even in living spaces or offices, a well-placed corner cabinet can create much-needed storage for files, toys, or electronics. Floating corner shelves also offer an aesthetically pleasing alternative for displaying decor or cherished memories.

Embrace the Possibility of Corner Spaces

It’s all about perspective. Corners, instead of being seen as awkward, can transform into unique storage solutions. For instance, an otherwise vacant bedroom corner could host a sleek storage chair, while a corner in your entryway could become a useful area for shoes, keys, and hats.

Store Tools Efficiently

Whether it’s a full-fledged workshop or a small tool collection for necessary home repairs, tool storage can be quite challenging. A tool rack storage system, for instance, offers easy access and superb organization for your tools.

A magnetic tool strip, similar to the culinary equivalent, provides a wall-mounted storage solution for metal tools. It not only saves space but also prevents tool damage that could occur when tools are jumbled together in a box.

Utilize DIY Tool Storage Hacks

From repurposing old pegboards to reinventing paint cans or unused mason jars for small items like nails and screws, DIY tool storage options are boundless and rewarding.

Under-Bed Storage

The space under your bed is often underutilized, yet it presents substantial storage potential. Rolling drawers can be customized to fit the bed’s size, providing an excellent place for storing items like shoes, bed linens, or seasonal clothes.

By using vacuum-sealed bags, you can store a massive chunk of seasonal clothing or bedding under your bed and reclaim precious closet space. Similarly, under-bed storage boxes, provided they fit, can hold a wealth of different items while keeping them dust-free and organized.

Leverage the Space Beneath

Under-bed storage does not necessarily mean an aesthetic compromise. There are countless stylish under-bed storage products on the market today, from rattan baskets to trendy roll-out drawers, all created to complement your bedroom decor while providing that valuable added storage.

Over-Door Storage

Another overlooked storage solution in most homes is the space over doors. This space can be utilized cleverly to solve multiple storage problems. For instance, an over-the-door rack can hold anything from shoes in your bedroom to cans and spices in your kitchen. They are easy to install and saves significant space.

Pocket door organizers provide multiple compartments ideal for storing different items. They fit snugly at the back of any door, be it your wardrobe, kitchen, or even bathroom door. This solution is especially beneficial where floor space is at a premium.

Creative Uses of Door Hooks

Door hooks can serve as quick and simple storage options. They offer an accessible place for hanging things like bathrobes, towels, coats, or bags, keeping these items off the floor and within easy reach. A variety of stylish and sturdy hooks are available today to add functionality and a decorative touch to your doors.

Smart Kitchen Storage

The kitchen area requires efficient storage solutions to keep everything from cooking utensils to food ingredients orderly. Utilizing cabinet door organizers can help you maximize space and keep similar items together for easy access. By having this kind of organization, you’ll spend less time searching for what you need.

Stacking shelves in cabinets allow you to fully utilize vertical space. It creates extra surfaces within the cabinets for dishes, glasses, or dry goods. By using this type of storage, you can double the space within your cabinets.

Utilizing Unused Spaces

There are typically a number of unused spaces around your kitchen which can serve as cabinet storage if properly utilized. Areas above the refrigerator or oven, empty wall space, and even corners can be used for storage with the proper fixtures, such as hanging racks or magnetic spice containers.

Bathroom Storage

Bathrooms often have limited storage space, making it crucial to maximize what’s available. Behind-the-door towel bars provide a great space-saving solution that keeps towels tidy and within reach. They can also be used to hang bathrobes or other toiletries.

Corner shelves can be installed in free corners to house items like toilet rolls, bathing supplies, or even decorative plants and candles. For more extensive storage, mirrored storage cabinets can serve a dual purpose by offering a large area to store products while serving as a mirror.

Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose furniture has been steadily growing in popularity due to its space-saving properties. These cleverly designed pieces have dual functions so they conserve space while adding to the functionality of your rooms. For example, an ottoman with built-in storage can serve as seating, a footrest, and a place to store books or blankets.

DIY storage furniture also offers a customized solution to meet your individual storage needs. For example, you can create a coffee table with compartmentalized storage beneath the tabletop. These practical, creative, and cost-effective solutions can solve your home storage issues while adding a personal touch to your living spaces.

Benefits of Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose furniture greatly assists in decluttering and organizing your home, giving it a cleaner, more spacious look. Also, these pieces are usually designed to integrate seamlessly into your home decor, and in many cases, they add a certain stylish flair to the interior. They often prove to be cost-effective as you’re essentially getting two (or more) furniture items for the price of one.

Seasonal Storage

As the seasons change, our needs change along with them. By rotating our closets and routinely storing away unneeded seasonal items, we can keep our homes clutter-free and make necessary items more easily accessible. This could include storing away heavy winter clothing during the summer months or storing holiday decorations when they’re not in use.

For items that aren’t used frequently, like holiday decorations, consider offsite storage. Offsite storage facilities provide an extra space to store seldom-used items and can even be temperature-controlled to ensure your belongings are kept in optimal condition.

Children Room Storage

Keeping a child’s room clutter-free can often feel like a losing battle, but the right storage solutions can make all the difference. Start with storage bins for toys, which come in a plethora of fun designs and colors. Not only do they keep toys off the floor, but they also make cleanup easier for children.

A bed with built-in storage is another smart solution. Drawers and shelves can hide away clothing or house books, freeing up room in the closet and reducing clutter. Bookcases and shelving installed on the walls can house trophies, photos, or collectibles while keeping floor space clear.

Garage and Outdoor Storage

A garage and an outdoor shed are additional extensions of your home that require efficient storage planning. Making optimal use of your garage space is crucial for keeping it tidy and ensuring it serves its purpose. Installing a ceiling-mounted storage system could be an excellent option for storing items that are not regularly needed, such as camping gear or off-season sports equipment.

An outdoor shed can act as a versatile storage space, accommodating gardening tools, bicycles, or workshops. Always consider shelving and cabinets to maintain organization and optimize floor space. Creative ideas for outdoor storage, such as wall-mounted tool racks, can keep tools accessible and neat. You can also create DIY storage boxes for managing smaller items effectively.

Add a small amount of milk or cream to the blender with ice and your desired flavorings. Blend on high until the mixture reaches a thick, creamy consistency.

Regular Home Improvement and Storage Checks

Maintaining an organized and functional home requires attention to detail and regular maintenance checks. By scheduling and performing systematic storage checks, you ensure that your storage system is still working as efficiently as it should. This approach will help you keep tabs on items you no longer need or want and identify areas that may require a storage overhaul.

Set up a checklist to help you with these checks. The list should be customized to match your storage plan and could include tasks such as sorting and decluttering, checking garage storage, outdoor shed, attic, or basement. It is advisable to perform these checks at least twice a year to maintain an effective storage system.

Professional Help for Storage and Organization

While many individuals are perfectly capable of planning and implementing a home storage system on their own, hiring a professional organizer may be a wise choice in certain situations.

Professional organizers have the experience and knowledge to quickly identify and address problem areas in your home. They work with you to implement storage solutions that suit your specific needs, lifestyle, and home layout. Not only can they help save time and effort, but they can also provide valuable tips, strategies, and resources for ongoing management. If you’re considering hiring a professional organizer, take care to choose one who is reputable and has a proven track record of success.

Cost Implications of Home Storage Improvements

While home storage improvements can necessitate a financial investment, they can also provide substantial cost benefits. Efficient home storage can free up valuable space, reduce the time spent cleaning, and make your home a more enjoyable place to live. The initial expenditure can vary widely, depending on the extent of the improvements and whether you decide to do-it-yourself or hire professionals.

For budget-conscious homeowners, there are many affordable DIY storage solutions that can significantly improve your home’s organization without breaking the bank. Upcycling furniture or other household items can also provide creative and cost-effective storage options. Remember, the objective of home storage improvement is not to create an additional financial burden but to make your home a more efficient, organized, and enjoyable place to live. The long-term benefits of better home storage, such as improved functionality, aesthetics, and decreased stress, often far outweigh the initial costs.


Home storage improvements can play a vital role in making your home more functional, clutter-free, and enjoyable to live in. Efficient home storage is more than just simple organization – it is about designing a system that is tailored to your specific needs, lifestyle, and home layout. It can utilize vertical space, corners, under-bed and over-door spaces, multiple rooms like the bathroom, kitchen and kid’s room, and more serious storage spaces such as the garage, shed, or attic.

The benefits of having a well-planned storage system are immense. Not only does it maximize the available space and enhance your home’s aesthetics, but it can also significantly reduce daily life stress. Investing in home storage improvements is a step towards a more organized and balanced home life. Whether you’re embarking on this task by yourself or with professional help, maintaining regular checks and refining your storage plan is instrumental for an organized home.