70 Bedroom Storage Products For A Relaxing Space

November 25, 2019

Bedroom Storage, Bedroom Storage Ideas

When it comes to bedroom storage, most of us might feel a little unsure as to where to begin. There is a high chance that over time you’ve accumulated various articles that don’t quite belong and you’re left with a room feeling a little mismatched and cluttered. 



With our ultimate guide to bedroom storage, you will find that with a few simple tricks and a little DIY you could completely refresh a gloomy bedroom on the cheap! 



In our ultimate guide to bedroom storage, we’re going to show you how to achieve a better bedroom while working with what you got. You will be surprised to find out how easy it is to completely revamp your current space! 



Your dreams of better storage, a cleaner space, and making your bedroom truly yours can become a reality. What’s more? You won’t even need to break the bank to achieve it. 



In this first portion, we’re going to take a look at bedroom organization and what it takes to bring your bedroom to its most efficient state. We will show you how to plan, categorize, gather, organize, maintain, and overall optimize the space you have. 



By the time you’re done with this ultimate guide to bedroom storage, you’re going to wonder why you’ve put off this project for so long! Here are some brilliant bedroom storage ideas.






One of the most basic forms of storage is a box, but who says it can’t be used as something more? An ottoman or bench almost always goes hand in hand with your bed, but can also be your secret storage space to keep clutter away. With its textured wood grain and sleek black leather upholstery, this bench by VASAGLE will definitely make a great accent piece for your bedroom.





The storage cube concept is an easy way to create your own customized bedroom storage furniture. You can stack them however you want to create various shapes for a focal point in your room, from subtle rectangles to a staircases. Keep your favorite memorabilia or most treasured books on display with on this minimalistic shelf.





An otherwise basic shelf is made more interesting with alternating boards on its back. With its chessboard-like appearance, this wooden cabinet encourages you to be more creative with how you sort the items stored in it. Figurines and toys are recommended on the fully open compartments without backing, while books and similar objects typically need some form of support. 




Give your bedroom a relaxing feel by going for cabinets that are made from textured fabrics instead of wood or metal. One advantage of choosing the latter is that they are light and thus easy to handle. When it comes to how you organize your items, the variation in drawer size also give you plenty of flexibility to experiment with different combinations.




If you’re looking to get additional storage outside of your cabinets, you could also consider getting shelving! This set of shelves comes in different sizes so you can arrange them in a creative way for a more interesting effect. Before everything else, consider what you’re going to store so you can visualize how your shelf arrangement can complement the objects you’re putting on them.





Often, the most stylish furniture tends to be understated. This fully exposed bookcase features what is probably the sleekest design you can find on the market. The dark wood tone blends in flawlessly with the black metal while its beautiful wood grain takes center stage. The best part about this is that the joints are absolutely clean and seamless. Its surfaces are also perfectly flush to create a perfect box shape.





Large spaces inside your closet deserve to be used to the fullest. Closet organizers are essential when it comes to further organizing the items inside. This makes the closet easier to clean since you can simply pull out the organizers whenever you need to. This set by Amazon comes with a handle to make carrying them around easy, while the black fabric is a universal design that anyone will love!





If you’re not fond of fabric ottomans, opt for those with leather finishes as these are easier to clean. This can easily function as a bench in an office or even additional seating in your living room. Whenever you need to store something, you can simply lift the seat cover and store your belongings inside.





With its dot-and-line look, this cube storage shelf has a rather contemporary feel. Here, you have boards that are easily connected to round joints which result in a quirky and fun look for your shelf storage. It looks super chic in black but also comes in other neutrals such as white and grey. No need to worry even if you’re a furniture novice, as this is a breeze to assemble.





Vanity tables can be a great designated area for storing beauty products and other daily essentials. This is better than having bottles of toner or facial washes scattered about in random places in your room. With its raw, wooden texture, this vanity table has a rustic look, but includes an element of modernity with a surprise LED mirror.





Jewelry storage is often overlooked since jewelry tends to be small. However, storage is important since they keep stray pieces from getting lost. What you can do to make sure your jewelry and other small objects are given proper care is to buy specialized furniture such this one from SONGMICS. You can install it as an add-on to your existing cabinet and give your jewelry their very own home.





Affordable options, such as this storage bench from Seville Classics, prove that storage doesn’t have to be expensive. This storage chest is a simple box that comes in a nice neutral finish that can go with any space. Its tufted cover makes for comfortable seating and you can access the large storage space within simply by lifting it up.





Our wardrobes are usually just a large open space in the middle, and there’s actually a lot of space left over after we’ve hung up our clothes. We can further maximize this by using hangers with multiple tiers. Instead of hanging just one pair of trousers on a single hanger, why not make it five at a time?





Corners are probably the biggest nightmare to manufacturers of furniture. If you’ve noticed, the corners in a cabinet system are usually the most tedious to design as and use. Not only are they hard to reach, it’s always awkward when it comes to how the doors or drawers are placed. Give your bedroom corners some love by using this corner shelf that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional.





Different seasons require different types of clothing. It’s no fun when you have many clothes just hanging in your closet that you bought but have never worn. You can easily give your closet more room to breathe by placing seasonal wear in foldable bags such as these. Its clear cover lets you easily see the clothes, so it’s easy when you’re looking for something specific. Its shape is compact enough to fit under your bed or at the foot of closet interiors.





One of the greatest advantages of fabric is that it comes in so many different colors to suit various tastes. Why not apply this to your bedroom storage cabinet as well? Using different shades of neutrals can make a design look more youthful and fun. The different shades of brown make it easier for you to compartmentalize items, and remember where you put a certain object.





Acrylic organizers are probably the most popular type of desktop organizer right now, and for good reason. As it is transparent, it will not only complement any existing furniture, but also make it easy to identify what you need as well. This acrylic organizer shouldn’t just be limited to storing makeup items. It can also be used as storage for smaller objects like stationery, sunglasses and wallets.





If space is limited, it’s time to get creative. The fact is, you can maximize virtually any surface in your room: even your door can serve as a storage area! Hanging organizers can be your best friend, especially if you find yourself tip-toeing in order to navigate the room. This particular design can be hung over doors or cabinets to help keep your room clutter-free. Such organizers also tend to be more affordable compared to cabinets.





If you have items that require to be moved around a lot, keep them in storage carts. Maybe you like creating art, or perhaps you have an extensive skincare regimen you carry out religiously every day – these activities typically involve a large number of items. This is where mobile storage works the best. Wheel your things out, then easily put them away when you’re done using them.





Super luxurious and comfortable, this tufted bench with small arms serves as the perfect addition to your bedroom or living room. You’ll get a two-for-one deal with this: a beautiful piece of furniture that also helps to keep your space clean and organized. No one would ever suspect you of storing your handbags or knickknacks underneath its seat.





From fashion to interior design, marble is a gigantic trend in the world of design right now. A logical progression from neutrals with a plain and flat finish, marble gives subtle texture without going overboard and that’s why it’s so widely loved today. Why not have it printed on your fabric cabinet for that beautiful accent?





Sometimes, all you need is a simple cube system storage with multiple compartments. These tend to be unassuming and unimposing – they have clean forms that won’t clash with the designs of your existing furniture, and can fit right into the nooks of your homes. This particular organizer is great for storing shoes or bags in your hall or entryway.





Being able to maximize your storage space may not just be about making use of your vertical space, but also all faces of an organizer itself. This rotating makeup organizer takes up little space, but cleverly uses height to its advantage. You’ll be able to easily access your items thanks to its rotating mechanism.





Minimalist designs make use of modular wardrobes, such as the one above. The deconstructed look for wardrobes is all the rage, but it is also a surprisingly affordable trend. Without all the fancy wood finishes, you’re left with a metal frame that’s more affordable. Your room will also become more pleasant to look at without the extra clutter.





Your nightstand can be your favorite storage space as it usually holds your most essential items. These can include things that you usually take with you to bed, as well as things that you use as soon as you wake up. Why not make it an centerpiece for your room by choosing this industrial design that features black metal and textured wood?





Cube storage doesn’t have to be limited to ones with round joints and small opaque boards. Make your shelving interesting by going for this wire mesh design that’s reminiscent of a grocery shopping cart. Its grid pattern can give your walls an interesting pop of texture while providing a ton of storage at the same time.





Ottomans aren’t limited to just rectangular forms, so don’t be afraid to play around with furniture shapes by choosing options with half-moon designs, such as this product by Joveco. You’ll get a sizable storage space under the seat and a nice little accent for any space in your home! It will definitely round out the tail of your bed nicely.




If you like to stack your clothing storage bins, these organizers feature a clear face on one side so you can easily see the clothes you need without having to sift through them individually. Their neutral colors will also ensure that they blend well with your closet.





Shelves can have an interesting design and not just a fully boxed form. This wood shelf has a slightly diagonal form, making it more unique to the eyes. The generous gaps between the shelves lets you store more than just your favorite books – it can fit even your larger figurines.





Your clothes can even be more organized when separators are involved. When we stack our clothes, the difference in sizes can cause imbalance in weight, which can make your clothes fall on top of each other. You can open your closet and be surprised at the mess that gravity has made. An easy solution – keep your clothes in line with this closet organizer.





For a more polished approach to your shelving, why not choose furniture with a metal-and-glass design? Without warm wood tones or heavy materials, your storage shelf will appear cooler and lighter. It is also easy to move around and easier to clean.





Aside from storage ottomans, benches can also have large compartments like shelves underneath. The neutral design of this piece will match your interiors without a hitch and will probably look great as a seat in a walk-in closet or your foyer. You can store your favorite shoes underneath.





Take things a notch higher with this retro beauty of a cabinet. The combination of black paint and the textured wood will give your space a lot of warmth. To further soften the look, place a fabric throw with your favorite scented candle on top. You can easily create a mini-foyer in your own bedroom to store and access your essentials.





Give your hanging organizer a vintage twist by opting for this one that features a whitewashed wood finish. Apart from serving as a cute accent for your room, it also provides you with more than enough storage for your jewelry or other accessories such as belts. The rod can also be used to hold your face towel or scarves.





This contemporary wood cabinet is made more interesting with its intricate monogram engravings. The alternate white and light oak finish also gives it a Scandinavian feel that will look luxurious against any setting. Clean, crisp, and beautifully made, it will definitely wow first-time visitors to your house.





For a vintage look that will never go out of style, look no further than this rich brown leather bench. There’s a dedicated shelf under the seat in which you can store your shoes, and the beautiful detailing on its legs make it look like it could be the seat to a fancy piano.





Add an industrial touch to any room with these shelves which feature thin metal framing and a finished plywood surface. Despite it consisting of heavy materials, the overall product looks quite light thanks to its unique design.





Plastic wardrobes tend to look a bit cheap, but this cube organizer is an exception. Its translucent surfaces are perfect for minimalist interiors while its black circular joints give it a cute little accent. This is also a great way to maximize closet space because folded clothes generally take up less space than those which are hung.





Take your storage ottoman game to the next level with this incredibly fancy furniture by HUMO. All aspects of this seat are the epitome of luxury and quality. The light cream fabric upholstery contrasting with the dark wood legs are reminiscent of a timeless Chanel color motif. This bench looks like it belongs in an expensive motel or a high-fashion boutique.





Hanging organizers can become a decorative item in your room too! This one features a minimal herringbone pattern with small pops of color. It will definitely look adorable no matter where you put it. It can give your doors a nice accent, while keeping your items safe and within reach.





Fixed shelves don’t have to be completely symmetrical or boxed in. They can become a focal point all on their own when arranged in interesting formations. The alternating spaces of this product from Emfogo encourage you to be creative with how you display your things. You can create some symmetry by making sure the items you display are of a similar size.





If you’re not a fan of the jewelry cabinet attached to your doors or cabinets, you can opt for this standalone product that can double as your floor mirror. Multi-purpose furniture such as this can really save you a lot of space, especially if you live in smaller spaces such as an apartment or a condominium.





Your pillows and duvets deserve to be tidied up too, and you can achieve this by getting large foldable bags that can hold the linens of a single bed. Surely, people who live from place to place will find this useful as they need to put away their pillows constantly.





Kids’ rooms deserve to be organized too. With all the toys lying around, it’s important for there to be an easy storage solution that even kids can use. With a toy storage like this, you can simply place the toys inside the open baskets, and organize them by category. The plastic material is also very easy to clean and maintain.





If you don’t have the space for a nightstand, you can opt for a wall-mounted shelf such this one. You can then easily store your phone and chargers when it’s time to sleep, instead of accidentally kicking your phone to the floor. Your phone might also overheat if you accidentally put it under your pillow.





This may look like any old bench, but it’s actually also another place where you can store your things. Its studded edges give it a nice shin while the rustic wood finish of its crossed legs contrast nicely with the softness of the seat cushion. The design itself is versatile enough to be placed anywhere at home, from living room, bedroom to entryway.





The picnic basket design is clearly the inspiration for this closet organizer. The lid opens two ways so it can be opened partially even if there are things stacked on top of it. There are also handles so you can carry the organizer around easily.





Multi-purpose furniture takes on a whole new meaning with this shelf with a dedicated lamp. This will definitely go perfectly beside your bed, or even your couch. Place your favorite books on the shelves and read via the light of its LED light. With this, you can certainly give your home the modern cabinet that it deserves!





With an integrated shelf design, your work desk can also serve as storage. This simple design alternating from dark wood boards and black metal framing will fit effortlessly into your space, while the shelves are able to accommodate numerous books. People who work from home or have online classes will fall head over heels for this bedroom storage.





Expand your cabinet space with this hanging organizer that you can simply hang over the door. The muted wood tone is quite universal so it will compliment most tones in your room. With its sleek shape and unassuming form, this is definitely a storage solution that you should consider.





Your shoes can have their dedicated storage with this specially designed storage bench. The 9 compartments are perfect for your sneakers while there’s a larger space for a pair of boots. This is definitely the perfect bench to place in a walk-in closet or your bedroom! The white painted wood makes it look clean, while the textured gray cushion gives it the appropriate touch of softness.





Today, even dirty clothes deserve proper storage. Placing them on a chair until laundry day is bad practice. Especially now during a pandemic, clothes worn outside must be placed in a specific place to prevent bacteria and germs from spreading. This laundry organizer has three different zones to make doing the laundry easier for you.





Your vanity table can be a focal point for the corner of your room. This design features a multi-faceted approach to properly utilize a tricky area of any space. It creates a satisfying fit for that nook and you have tons of storage for your beauty needs. You can definitely get ready in style!





The entryway of your bedroom deserves a spot where you can place your essentials whenever you need to go out: from jackets to hats and even your bags. This creates a designated space where your items can be organized according to your needs/preferences. The industrial design is also a nice accent to your room while the vivid wood tone is sure to warm the space up.





A straightforward storage cabinet can be the best thing for your bedroom sometimes. This fabric cabinet features a dozen small compartments that can accommodate anything from shoes to art supplies. Its design is incredibly simple and it will fit anywhere you want in your home.





The bed frame can also be turned into a storage space given the right opportunity. This cushy design will surprise you with its large pull-out drawers that can store small suitcases or bags of clothes. Thanks to its smart design, the bed storage proves that any open space can be utilized.





Another modern cabinet with that deconstructed look, LITTLE TREE designed this wardrobe with hard black steel framing that’s contrasted with glossy white panels, resulting in a chic and fashionable. This closet can easily earn its place even in more upscale homes.





Make your closet or vanity feel like you favorite boutique with this wallet organizer that comes in a pretty, stainless steel finish. You can keep your wallets or small purses neatly aligned on this while it sits comfortably on top of your vanity table or even a low cabinet.





VASAGLE takes the industrial aesthetic a step further with this storage bench. This design features a smaller compartment underneath the tufted seat and includes a mesh shelf that’s suitable for storing your shoes or bags. Again, it will provide your room with a rustic accent and a whole lot of personality.





Woven natural materials are an unbeatable method of freshening up your space. When chosen correctly, the right clothes hamper can help provide a relaxing feel to your bedroom. This sizable laundry basket features calming neutral tones that will soften your interiors while keeping your dirty clothes in one secure place.





Don’t limit your clothing storage to just shelves and cabinets. Sometimes, even a coat rack will do the trick!  With this rack, you can hang your bag, your coat, and other items/accessories you’d normally use when you go out. Especially now, having a designated space for your “outside things” is highly important. Not to mention, it takes up less space compared to a cabinet.





Although fabric finishes are known to give a soft element and can lighten things up, it can also provide a lot of depth and texture. This industrial inspired design has a warm wood finish. It’s paired with black metal detailing as well as dark textured fabric drawers that give off an almost concrete or metallic appearance. 





Your vanity table can even have its own storage stool that’s almost like your own secret spot. It’s so small and pretty that hardly anyone would think of it as anything more than a chair. It also comes in various trendy colors to suit your personality. The velvet finish combined with the gold legs will compliment any table nicely.





A touch of a tropical vibe can be injected to the bedroom with this woven basket cabinet by Winsome. If you don’t need all the wood and heavy finishes, woven rattan can give you the lightweight feel you want while still being very durable. It also promotes good air circulation for the things you have stored. This is particularly useful in the summers when heat is your enemy.





Your bedroom closet can be as simple as this shoe bench design. It has eight hooks in the middle portion for your bags or caps while your shirts can be neatly folded in stacks on the bottom shelves. There’s a handy rod on the top to hang your other clothes as well. Overall, it’s a great example of minimalist design that does the job.





Another cute hamper you can consider getting is this patterned one by FANKANG. Its black fabric is in contrast with the warm brown leather handle which gives you a cute design that’s perfect for a bedroom for anyone in any age. It’s fun, unique, and most importantly useful!





If you have a lot of shoes but absolutely nowhere to put them, why not consider this hanging organizer? It has individual plastic slots to securely store your shoes while the plastic is very easy to clean. Using an organizer like this is definitely better than living with a tower of shoe boxes in the corner of your room. Also, deciding on what shoe to use is easier since you can see them neatly displayed instead of going through boxes one at a time.





Storage ottomans usually come in plain fabric finishes (especially since these are the easiest to sell), but you can make your ottoman more interesting by getting one with a unique and colorful pattern! It will definitely make for a beautiful contrast with neutral furniture and make you feel like a pro at decorating.





For that super industrial look, you can go with a simple, all-metal, exposed wardrobe. They’re super affordable and quite light. It’s also highly recommended for people who just need a place to store their clothes and bags without breaking the bank. At first glance, it seems like something you would find at a restaurant pantry but you’ll see it’s highly functional and a no-nonsense piece of furniture.





Another smart way of utilizing your wardrobe space is to use a hanging organizer to sub-divide the large open space inside. This particular organizer has a lot more depth than most other organizers to accommodate various things such as shoes, shirts, or hats. Basically, you can truly expand your wardrobe and fully utilize the interiors. There are also thoughtful side pockets for extra things such as sunglasses or even a power bank.



There are new storage innovations everyday, so you don’t have to limit yourself to just getting a cabinet whenever you need to store something in your bedroom. Almost anything from lamps to desks can be turned into multi-purpose storage, as this list has shown you.



If you’re short on space, you could always opt for hanging organizers that can be attached to doors, or the rods that can be placed inside your cabinets. It’s all about how you want to divide your space, but you should also definitely be creative with how you use bedroom storage products. For example, a shoe bench doesn’t have to be just for shoes, but can be used for objects of similar sizes as well. After all, your bedroom can be an extension of your personality – so why not include how you personalize your storage as well?



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