The Ultimate Guide: Bedroom Storage

Bedroom Storage, Bedroom Storage Ideas

When it comes to bedroom storage, most of us might feel a little unsure as to where to begin. There is a high chance that over time you’ve accumulated various articles that don’t quite belong and you’re left with a room feeling a little mismatched and cluttered. 


With our ultimate guide to bedroom storage, you will find that with a few simple tricks and a little DIY you could completely refresh a gloomy bedroom on the cheap! 


In our ultimate guide to bedroom storage, we’re going to show you how to achieve a better bedroom while working with what you got. You will be surprised to find out how easy it is to completely revamp your current space! 


Your dreams of better storage, a cleaner space, and making your bedroom truly yours can become a reality. What’s more? You won’t even need to break the bank to achieve it. 


In this first portion, we’re going to take a look at bedroom organization and what it takes to bring your bedroom to its most efficient state. We will show you how to plan, categorize, gather, organize, maintain, and overall optimize the space you have. 


By the time you’re done with this ultimate guide to bedroom storage, you’re going to wonder why you’ve put off this project for so long! 


Bedroom Organization

Your bedroom is where you retire to after a hard day’s work and therefore should emulate a feeling of calm and serenity – however, it is that you deem calm and serene. One thing is for sure though, a messy, disorganized bedroom is not going to help you be the best you that you can be! 


If it has been a while since the last time you deep-cleaned your bedroom, you’re going to be feeling a tad overwhelmed at the prospect of taking on the task of organizing your space. 


How To Organize Your Bedroom

When you’re beginning to organize your bedroom, it helps to first divide your room into different sections. By doing this, you get a better understanding of what is needed from each section. 


Dividing your bedroom mentally also familiarize you with spaces you might have originally overlooked. These spaces, more often than not, can serve to act as extra storage space that you might have overlooked. 


Once you’ve taken in the various spaces of your bedroom, you can begin to move on to the next step which involves you planning which sections require what. 



When it comes to the planning stage of organizing your bedroom, you’re going to want to get a rough idea of what you’re going to need for your bedroom. We suggest you start with bigger items before thinking about the smaller less vital pieces. 


For example, if you’re thinking about getting a new wardrobe, you’re going to need to measure the space you plan on working with. Additionally, you would want to think about what needs to be thrown out. A new piece of furniture is a great opportunity to declutter your space!


Furthermore, deciding to invest in a new piece of furniture could mean a chance to rearrange your room. As we said, you might realise that you’ve been wasting heaps of space by not properly utilizing the area you’ve been given. 


To make your life easy, make a list and decide what items make the cut and which items are being booted. From there, you can decide if any of the items from the second category have the potential to be repurposed.


Move the items you have decided you’re not keeping out of your way so you get a better picture of what your room actually looks like. You’ll be surprised how shifting an armoire could actually breathe new life into your bedroom. 



Bedroom Organization, Bedroom Storage


Now that you’ve already sat down and given your venture into organizing your bedroom some thought, you are ready to start categorizing! When it comes to categorizing your bedroom, one should start by breaking up your bedroom into various sections. 


For example, your sleeping area, your closet, your vanity, and your desk. Think about how these areas function both individually and how you can make them work together. We find that a good way to go about this is to decide on the basic theme you want your room to fit. 


Once you’ve decided on a theme, it can act as a foundation for the rest of the decisions you make. What this means, is that if you decide you want your room to have an overall minimalistic and modern feel, you can start by looking at what you already have that works with this theme. 


Items that already complement your selected theme can be moved around as you please. Items that do not work to your overall theme can be moved to a separate area in your home or you might want to think about refurbishing or repurposing them. 


In essence, that antique, brown armoire might not work with your minimalistic theme, to begin with. However, with a fresh coat of white paint and a change of drawer handles could lend a modern feel. Additionally, an interesting shaped piece of furniture could work as a statement piece.  



A big part of bedroom storage and organization is in gathering the necessary items and tools for any refurbishing or repurposing projects that you have decided to embark on. 


On the other hand, the gathering also involves selecting items that are versatile enough to act as staples for any bedroom. We find that a sturdy chest of drawers is something that every room could do with. It works both as an incredibly functional piece while also being great at acting as a divider for your room. 


Additionally, you might want to think about gathering smaller items that will aid you in your overall journey to an organized bedroom. This might include drawer organizers, suspension rods, and some S-hooks – just to name a few. 


Don’t worry, we will go on to explain where all these knick-knacks fit in. And how they will help leave your space feeling 10-times roomier than you ever dreamed it could. 



Now that we’ve covered the bases, we can get down to business. Organizing your bedroom is no small feat. As you can tell, there are several steps for you to complete before you get down to the actual organization. 


Refer back to where we mentioned dividing your bedroom into various sections. It doesn’t matter if you have a small bedroom. Creating clear lines between your closet space and your actual bed will be more helpful than you realize. 


Next up, take a look at everything you have chosen to store in your bedroom. Do they really need to be there? Take this opportunity to let go of those hoarder-esque tendencies. Choose to keep the essentials. As Marie Kondo says, “does it spark joy?”, if not it is undoubtedly time to toss it. Or at least move it out of your bedroom, which should be reserved for rest and recuperation. 



Bedroom Storage, Maintaining Bedroom Organization

Many of us find that the hardest part of organizing a space is the maintenance that comes after. When it comes to maintaining your newly organized bedroom, we think it helps to stick to a few simple rules! 


Once you’ve completed the decluttering process, and have moved all the non-essentials out of your space, aim to keep it that way. Each item should have a designated space. Often enough, we get lazy and drop our things wherever we deem most convenient at that current moment. 


Similarly, many of us prefer to leave chores like the laundry ‘for later’. This kind of procrastination often leads to a heavier load for us to deal with when we finally get a chance. Which can leave us feeling that keeping our bedrooms organized is far more daunting than it needs to be? 


A good trick is to label things and plan a roster. Assign space to shoes, work clothes, home clothes, even miscellaneous items. This will inevitably make your life easier when it comes to searching for something. And if you get into the habit of putting things where they belong right away, you avoid ending up with clutter. 


Additionally, coming up with a cleaning schedule that functions weekly means that chores don’t pile up and leave you feeling overwhelmed.  


Bedroom Organization Ideas

Now that we’ve walked you through the basics of bedroom organization, it is time that we give you some solid ideas as to how to walk the talk! In this next portion, we will walk you through some out favourite ideas for decluttering, upcycling, and making use of existing furniture in ways you might not have originally thought to. 


From your bed to drawers, and cabinets – we will open your eyes so you can make your furniture work twice as hard. 



We’ve mentioned earlier on, how important it is to declutter your bedroom. Not only is your bedroom where you go to rest and recuperate after a hard day at work but clutter also makes it seemingly impossible to keep your room organized. 


Have you made that list that we spoke about? Your bedroom should contain your bed, clothes, and vanity. Ideally, you should keep everything else in a separate portion of your house. However, not everyone has this luxury. And many of us might need to keep our workspaces within our bedroom. 


Decluttering and dividing your room into specific areas will help you keep a semblance of order. Think about things logically, what doesn’t actually belong in your bedroom? Some of the biggest culprits are: 

1. Books you have read
2. Old magazines
3. Spare cables and chargers
4. Items you wish to donate 

They collect dust and only serve to make you feel like your space is cramped and a mess. 1 and 2 should be in the storeroom, or at the very least tucked away under your bed. Number 3 can be put out of sight, which instantly tidies up desk space or the area around your computer. Lastly, number 4 needs to be dropped off at your nearest charity ASAP! 


Additionally, when you’re decluttering your room, go through your closet and drawers. We guarantee you will find items you’ve forgotten you even had. Make it a point to divide your belongings into 3 separate groups. 

1. Keep
2. Throw
3. Donate 

It is of utmost importance that when you’re decluttering you be completely honest with yourself. If you haven’t used an item in the last 6 months there is a good chance you can donate it. That old shirt with the holes? It is time to throw it out! You will be surprised by how much space you actually have to work with once you’ve completed this step. 


Recycling & Up-cycling

Even if you’re not the most environmentally conscious person around, recycling and up-cycling items is a fabulous way to save a couple of bucks. With a few easy tweaks, you can turn an old set of drawers into a stunning wall shelf that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 


Had you gone ahead and thrown it out, you would have had to have spent more purchasing a new shelf and missed out on a chance to show off your creative side. 


Similarly, an old ladder can be easily transformed into a display shelf and with a new coat of paint, you can have it add to the theme of your room. Perfect for your scented candles and a spot to drop your wallet, phone, and keys. Never leave the room without them again! 


Utilizing Beds

No bedroom is complete without, well, a bed! If you’re dealing with space constraints, your bed is definitely something you should take advantage of when it comes to additional storage. Many of us forget that the space underneath your bed is a great place to tuck away items that you need or use less often. 


However, if you’re desperate for storage for items that you use relatively often, that doesn’t need to rule out your bed. For example, castor wheels attached to boxes or crates make it incredibly convenient to pull out and store additional items. 


Alternatively, you might want to DIY a platform bed that doubles as heaps of extra storage space. All of this without adding to the clutter of your room! 


Utilizing Drawers

Bedroom Storage, Storage Drawers

Whether you have big drawers or little drawers, to efficiently utilize them, it boils down to keeping them nice and organized. There is nothing worse that digging through a messy drawer when you’re in a hurry! 


These simple drawer dividers will make a world of difference when it comes to using your drawer space properly. What we love about these is that they’re adjustable and fit most types of drawers. Additionally, you can easily choose to remove them and use them in a different drawer, should you see the need. 


Another quick tip that we can’t get enough of is Marie Kondo’s method of folding. Do it right and you will be left with a tidy drawer with clothes you can actually see. No more rifling through your drawers looking for that exact black shirt anymore. 


Utilizing Cabinets

If you find yourself struggling to properly utilize cabinets, you will be pleased to know that there are easy changes that you can make to get the most out of your cabinets. If you’re looking for a simple solution to getting more into your cabinets, hanging fabric shelves are a good option. They don’t take up much space but give you extra storage for anything from shoes to folded clothes. This method is especially handy for those of you who don’t have many clothes to hang. 


Alternatively, if you’d rather hang more than have to sit through folding every article of clothing, get yourself some S-hooks. This is a nifty way to hang multiple items on one hanger. It saves a tonne of space and means that you have to spend less time dealing with laundry! 


For an even more orderly look and feel, colour code your clothes when you’re hanging them. Additionally, you will find that it is even easier to find things when you’re rushing to get ready. This is our favourite trick for open shelves and cabinets since it leaves your wardrobe looking akin to art. 


Bedroom Storage

Basics Of Bedroom Storage


When you’re trying to reorganize your bedroom, it is of utmost importance that you consider all options. Bedroom storage goes beyond a simple shelf or a boring set of drawers. Efficient bedroom storage requires you to seek out every nook and cranny that might have previously gone unnoticed. 


Put on your thinking caps and we guarantee that by the end of this you will have discovered at least 5 extra spots that not only work as storage but give your bedroom more than a hint of flair! 


In this next section, we’re going to walk you through some of our top picks for some essential pieces of furniture for your bedroom. 


Bedroom Storage Dresser

Every bedroom needs a storage dresser. Somewhere you can not only put a few of your everyday essentials but get a whole lot of much-needed storage space. We’re going to give you a quick look at our top 3 favourite bedroom storage dressers – we even have a top pick for those of you who are working with a budget! 


What Does It Do To Optimize Space?

Let us take a closer look at our Top Pick – the Nathan James Theo Industrial Bookshelf. While classified as a bookshelf here, we certainly think it has the potential to fit right into your bedroom as a storage dresser. 


Why do we love it? This particular storage dresser combines a shelf and a chest of drawers. Meaning that you get twice as much from one item. It may look like less in terms of storage space but it certainly lends towards giving your room a minimalistic, industrial feel which is all the rage right now. 


Its shelves are perfect for books or some of your favourite personal items that you’re dying to put up on display. Additionally, we think this storage dresser will be perfectly complemented by a full-length mirror. Something of a new age vanity, if you will. 


How Does It Help You?

How does this dresser help you? For one, being on the slightly smaller side, it will definitely help you to declutter your room and space. It is time for a dresser detox where you only keep the essentials! 


Most of your bigger, bulkier items can remain in your closet while you use this piece for everyday necessities. 


How Can You Be Creative With It?

We also particularly like this piece as its sleek industrial look means that you can line several of them side-by-side to create a wider storage dresser that gives you more storage space. 


Additionally, placed side-by-side these storage dressers give the illusion of a floor-to-ceiling shelf. If you’re a bookworm this is the perfect solution to creating the feeling of your very own library. The matte wireframe can be thanked for this as it takes inspiration from library ladders. 


The Nathan James Theo Industrial Bookshelf comes in two colours – one darker and the other lighter. We love that we have options and can choose the one that best complements the overall theme that you are aiming for. 


Efficient Storage To Maximise Space

As we’ve mentioned this is our top pick due to its minimalistic and industrial feel. It gives you ample storage without feeling like it is overwhelming the room. This is especially useful if you’re working with a smaller space for a bedroom. 


Maximize space in your bedroom by keeping trinkets on trays on these shelves while using the drawer space for notebooks, stationery, or even your unmentionables! A drawer divider will help you make full use of the space provided and smaller space means less room for clutter! 


On the other hand, you could take a look at these fabulous alternatives to your typical bedroom dressers. 


Bedroom Storage Cabinets

Your cabinets are most likely going to be doing a large part of the heavy lifting when it comes to bedroom storage. Therefore, you’re going to want to look for something roomy enough for all your clothes and other essentials. 


However, this does not mean that you should settle for a storage cabinet that does not mean you should be stuck with eyesores as storage solutions. Here are some of our favorites. 

What Does It Do To Optimize Space?

Ensuring that you have a storage cabinet that is both solid and easy on the eyes is something that many of us struggle to do. With our Top Pick, Usikey Dresser Storage Tower you will struggle no more! 


We love this piece as you will find four removable drawers plus a cabinet section! We’ve said it before and we will say it again, removable drawers like the ones seen here are a super-effective way to keep your space neat and organized. 


How Does It Help You?

The removable drawers are fantastic for hiding away the clutter that we all undoubtedly manage to accumulate. They’re also a great way of separating and storing a variety of things whether they are hobby or work-related.


The best part of these removable drawers is that you can afford to let things get a little messy without having to worry about how it is going to affect your room as a whole. The drawers the little mess that will inevitably form. This also allows you to spend less time organizing and arranging. 


How Can You Be Creative With It?

This piece will look great as a bedside staple or makeshift vanity. It can easily be transformed to meet your needs. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and creativity. Choose to fill the space above it with either a mirror or some floating shelves


The Usikey Dresser Storage Tower is a solid, versatile piece that has the potential to blend with any theme you might already have going for your bedroom. 


Efficient Storage To Maximise Space

Being such a versatile piece, it can be used to store a myriad of items from clothing to craft supplies. If you’re using it to store clothes, you can try either rolling your clothes to reduce the space taken or adopt Marie Kondo’s method. 


Alternatively, you can try labelling each of the pull out drawers according to your needs. This will make cleaning up a breeze and reduce the mess made when you’re searching for a particular item. 


Bedroom Storage Bench

We especially love the next item on our list, the bedroom storage bench. This is a must-have for any bedroom. Available in a wide range of colours and styles, you should have no problem incorporating it into your space. 


Typically placed at the foot of your bed, the bedroom storage bench also works wonderfully near a window. Bedroom storage benches get five stars from us because they not only give you extra seating space but they pack a tonne of well-hidden storage. Let us take a look at some of our favourite picks. 

What Does It Do To Optimize Space?

In terms of giving you extra storage space, the Christopher Knight Home Living Sheffield Tufted Fabric Storage Ottoman does wonders. Not only does it give you somewhere to sit while you’re getting ready, but it also opens up to provide a world of storage. 


This bedroom storage bench is perfect for anything from shoes to books or even spare blankets for those extra chilly nights. 


How Does It Help You?

Instead of using your precious closet space, your bedroom storage bench is a great alternative to keeping the likes of shoes and extra quilts within arm’s length but out of sight. 


If you aren’t afforded the luxury of extra space, a storage ottoman is one of our favourite ways to get in spare storage without needing a bulky bookcase or shelf.


How Can You Be Creative With It?

While this is our Top Pick, you can also use your bedroom storage ottoman to add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral room. Select a storage ottoman in your favourite colour and ensure you have this colour accented throughout the room. 


You will be surprised how much having a statement piece of furniture can brighten up your bedroom without being as overwhelming as painting the whole room in that solid colour. 


Efficient Storage To Maximise Space

As we’ve mentioned, our favourites spots for your bedroom storage bench are either at the foot of your bed or by a window. Putting it at the foot of your bed means that you can easily reach it if you have stored spare bedding. Alternatively, if you’ve stashed your shoe collection here it makes for an ideal spot to put your shoes on just before you head out. 


On the other hand, placing it below a window instantly gives you your very own reading nook. With space for all your favourite books and magazines, this is every book lover’s dream. 


Bedroom Storage Foldable Chest

If you’re looking to spruce up a smaller bedroom, or are looking for furniture for your dorm room in college, foldable options should be your go-to. 


These drawers and ottomans give your extra storage when needed while they are easily folded and tucked away when not in use. The perfect option for your college dorm or a smaller bedroom. Foldable storage chests give you options and we can’t get enough of them! 



What Does It Do To Optimize Space?

While all foldable storage chests give you the option of some much-needed storage space, our Top Pick stole our heart with it’s textured gray pull out drawers. Just because you’re looking for alternative storage solutions doesn’t mean you should compromise on the design! 


This particular set of foldable storage chests will help you easily keep your space organized and tidy without having to commit to a bulky, wooden chest of drawers. 


How Does It Help You?

As we’ve mentioned, the Sorbus Dresser with Drawers is our Top Pick because it seamlessly blends style with functionality. Which means that you don’t have to make the tough decision between something that looks good and something that best caters to your needs. 


It is also highly versatile in terms of what you can use it for. It easily fits in as a bedside table but can also be placed by your door to hold and store daily essentials. Style it easily with a potted plant, your favourite candle, and a tray for all your trinkets. 


How Can You Be Creative With It?

If you already have some existing floating shelves, this will make a great fixture below it. The Sorbus Dresser is low enough that it will not overwhelm existing floating shelves but it will give you heaps of extra storage space.


What makes it even better? Since it is a foldable chest of drawers you can easily shift it around as needed. 


Efficient Storage To Maximise Space

The main point of investing in a foldable storage chest of drawers is that it can be kept with ease. So when not in use, simply empty and fold your Sorbus Dresser before stashing under your bed or in your storeroom. 


While this may not be the most adult piece of furniture you own, you can’t deny that when it comes to convenience, there’s no winning! 


Frequently Asked Questions About Bedroom Storage


Now that we’re drawing to the end of our ultimate guide to bedroom storage, you might find that you have a few unanswered questions.


Fret not, we will cover a couple of the more frequently asked questions and you can feel free to leave a comment if there are any burning questions you feel we have not covered. 


1) How To Optimize The Space In Your Bedroom? 

Bedroom Storage, Creative Bedroom Organization

As we’ve mentioned, when you’re looking at ways to make the most of the space you’re working with it is best to get creative. For example, your bed can be more than a bed by looking at storage beds instead of regular bed frames. 


Additionally, you can take a couple of existing wall shelves and add a dresser or chest of drawers below it. Instead of letting a whole wall go to waste with a few shelves, you can have the added space that comes with a set of drawers. 


You can also rely on some of the nifty tricks provided by Marie Kondo! Not only can you start by decluttering your room based on what sparks joy but you can also pick up a few methods of folding and storing your clothes and items. 


Optimizing the space in your bedroom is more than just getting more storage, it is also heavily reliant on storing smart! 


2) What Is The Cheapest Way To Organize A Bedroom?


If you’re looking for the cheapest ways to organize your bedroom, we suggest either DIY or refurbishing projects. While they may take a little more efforts, both can help you save a pretty penny. 


Additionally, when it comes to refurbishing existing items that you have lying around, you will be surprised with what you can make of it. More often than not, a fresh coat of paint and varnish can completely transform a piece of furniture that you were ready to give up on. 

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