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Announcement from Connect Design
connect design logo is delighted to announce that we have entered merged our websites and expertise with the hardworking team at, a leading provider of storage spaces and products. Go back.

With the combined expertise of two sites, we look forward to bringing customers stylish yet hassle-free storage solutions to last you for a long time. Try these, and you’ll easily become the next 인싸 (popular person) in your social circle!

To review some of the most popular articles in, we have curated the following guides for your reading pleasure:


About Connect Design

행복 (haeng-bok): that sheer feeling of joy products x design bring you. Innovative and stylish products that guarantee better living! Equal parts functional and #패션 (fashion), these run the gamut from office, kitchen to every other possible product possible to meet your daily needs. Grab a case for your beloved iphone, a cotton blanket for your lover, and many more. Save precious time with our carefully curated picks, gathered all at one place. Contrary to popular belief, simple living can be beautiful as well – try our products and feel the effects for yourself today. 좋은 것들은 더 나은 삶을 만들어집니다! (Good things make for a better life!)