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10 Best Stuffed Animal Storage Solutions To Declutter The Mess 10 Best Stuffed Animal Storage Solutions To Declutter The Mess

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10 Best Stuffed Animal Storage Solutions To Declutter The Mess

Written by: Amelia Brooks

Decorate your home in STYLE and make guests rave of your creativity! These stuffed animal storage solutions are guaranteed to hide the mini zoo at home.

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Babies and stuffed animals make the cutest combination ever. It all starts off rather innocently: a tiny teddy on the stroller, a cat plushie on the crib. Before you know it, though, your house is filled with bears, unicorns, and every other stuffed animal imaginable. Gradually, these cute toys will take up more and more space in your house, leaving you struggling to deal with the ‘mini zoo’.



But that’s when stuffed animal storage comes to the rescue: these storage solutions are easy on the pockets, and are guaranteed to save your sanity. Good news is that there’s plenty more where they came from – just take a look at these extraordinary storage ideas.



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1. Hammocks To Get Stuffed Animals Off The Floor

stuffed animal hammock

Hammocks aren’t just for people, they are for stuffed animals too! Pamper your child’s best stuffed animals in a Toy Hammock.


Even when your child outgrows toys and you want it in the display,  a toy hammock may do the trick.


Vary the height of this toy net according to your requirement. If you want to just display the stuffed animals, hang them high. But if you want your child to pick up their toys, hang the toy net within their reach.


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2. Cribs and Caged Storage For The Stuffed Animals


2.1 Cribs

Group of colorful fluffy stuffed animal toys closeup with hanging red small baby shoe on a white crib fence


Turn your child’s old crib to a simple and practical stuffed animal storage. 


2.2 Caged Storage

caged storage

Photo from Amazon

A zoo or barn themed cage would be perfect for your child’s ever-growing stuffed animals. Your kids will love it and would be more than happy to toss their stuffed animals back in the cage.


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To make a DIY stuffed animal storage is not rocket-science any more. If you have an elastic cord roll and a drill you can transform any cabinet into an amazing stuffed animal storage cage. The elastic cord forms the bars of the cage. So it makes it easy for your child to move stuffed animals in and out.


If don’t have a cabinet to experiment on, use PVC pipes and bungee cords to build stuffed animal storage cage. This helps to make a flexible storage cage that can make use of the otherwise wasted space in your house.


3. Storage Solutions On the Wall For Stuffed Animal


Make use of the wall and ceiling space with the storage solutions mentioned below.


3.1 Wall-mounted Buckets and Baskets

Soft plush toys for children sitting in row on wooden shelf, different toy animals for kids on yellow wall background with copy space.


You can attach lightweight plastic baskets or metal bins to the wall with the help of hooks. Keep the toys sorted in these containers and take one basket at a time easily off the wall.


3.2 Storage Bands On The Wall


They help to keep the toys on the wall and can be adapted and stretched depending on the size of the toys or objects placed there. A cargo net works like magic.


3.3 Shelves On The Wall


Shelves are great for storage and display of your child’s best-stuffed animals. Mount high shelves on the wall, just below ceiling or corner shelves for optimizing space.


3.4 Canopy For Storage


A canopy can be tied at the bottom and turned to gorgeous stuffed animal storage. They will look wispy and kids will love it.


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3.5 DIY Stuffed Animal Storage


A simple idea is to fix a curtain rod at the height you prefer. And let your child’s best-stuffed animals hang off it.


You can reuse planters to store the stuffed toys. Fixing one near the wall of the bed will be a thoughtful idea. Go for the hanging ones if you don’t have too much space. You can paint and decorate these planters for a more customized look.


4. Storage Bags For Stuffed Animal Storage

animal storage bag

Soft toys come in all different shapes and sizes. A bean bag can easily accommodate all of your stuffed animals.


If you don’t want to tire yourself picking up stuffed toys. Bring home a puff bag, and enjoy watching your children doing all that work for you. Kids would run around gathering toys to stuff the bag and make a pillow to cuddle with or to make a chair they can sit on. This stuffed animal would soon be their favorite thing to play with.


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5. Repurpose Your Shoe Organizer

shoe organiser



Surprisingly, shoe organizers give you some of the best stuffed animal storage ideas. A pocketed shoe organizer can hold up to 20 or more small and medium-sized stuffed animals.


Shoe organizer helps to neatly display all the stuffed animals. This makes it easy for the kids to grab their favorite stuffed toy without making a mess.


They can be hung behind the door. Or else keep it inside the closet, if you want the stuffed animals out of your sight.


A revolving shoe tree is another very useful storage solution. Your child can rotate it and easily reach the toys they want, rather than pulling out loads of them at once.


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6. Hanging Mesh Organizers


mesh organiser                                               

These are probably the most popular stuffed animal storage. Not just in IKEA, a hanging organizer can be found anywhere these days. They come with 4 to 7 compartments. And provides enough storage space. They can be hung from the ceilings or the top of bunk beds. 


These toy nets help to keep small stuffed animals sorted. Your kids can have easy access to their best-stuffed animals.


A tiered closet organizer can also be reused to serve the same purpose. Make use of the extra space in your closet and hang an organizer to keep the stuffed animals hidden.


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7. Display Racks To Keep Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animal toys in the rack


7.1 Wooden Display Racks


Wooden racks are great to display your child’s best stuffed animals and make it a part of their room’s decor. These racks provide a huge storage space. One of this stuffed animal storage would be enough to contain all of your child’s toys.


7.2 Bookcases


In addition to keeping the books, A bookcase can also become a niche for the cute stuffed animals.


7.3 Ladders


Place a sturdy ladder against the wall and keep all the stuffed animals on the steps. It will be fun for the kids. This way the stuffed animals will be displayed and kept sorted. A ladder can add to the aesthetics of the room as well.


8. Storage With Wheels

Wooden cart with stuffed toys on table

8.1 DIY Stuffed Animal Storage With Wheels


A toy box on wheels under your bed is a brilliant stuffed animal storage idea. It uses the wasted space under your bed and keep the stuffed animals out of sight. Turn an IKEA storage shelf into a rolling under bed toy box.


Wooden toy crates on wheels are super cute and fun, especially for your toddlers. They love to move it around the house. 


8.2 Rolling Toy Storage Ottoman


Ottoman storage boxes are simply one of the best-stuffed animal storage ideas. It serves as toy storage and a piece of furniture. 


9. Bins And Drawers For Stuffed Animal Storage

toy organiser

Photo from Amazon

Bins with shelves or drawers can be used to organize cute stuffed animals. They are made of plastic or wood. Plastic bins are more popular and affordable. They help to keep all the stuffed animals organized and easily accessible.


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10. Bountiful Baskets and Cheerful Chests


10.1 Chests

toy chest


Chests are a practical solution that has been used as storage for decades. Stuffed animals are no exception. Get a chest that your child will love. If you want, you can also customize it to their likes.


Check the latest price and Read More Reviews here


10.2 Baskets

toy storage

Photo from Amazon

If you have children who are restless and don’t have the patience to put their toys back in place. Buy some baskets. It will be fun for them to throw in their stuffed toys into the basket.


Baskets come in all sizes and colors. Get some beautiful big ones to store the stuffed animals. Neutral colored baskets work for most, but you could always check the latest price and Read More Reviews here.



Catch hold of any of these brilliant ideas mentioned above and make your home clutter-free and mess-free!

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