20 Best Memory Cards Options To Store Your Files

December 11, 2019

Two Mini SD memory cards on blue background close up


Amid the current Covid-19 crisis, the role that technology plays in our lives is bigger and more significant than ever. With everyone spending so much time at home, people are increasingly turning to their computers for both work and entertainment. 


Like physical documents, the files in our devices also need to be organized as they can become a great source of stress and anxiety. You can keep your mind clear and ready to do whatever you need by investing in an appropriate memory card that fits your needs. Check out the options below for the very best of the lot. 





Prograde is a pretty popular brand when it comes to camera memory cards. Not only are their products heavy-duty and incredibly durable, what happens underneath the hood is also every bit as impressive as they’re made out to be. The Prograde UHS-11 comes with a considerable amount of storage (256 GB) and features a 250MB/s read speed. Videos and photos are often quite large in terms of file size, so this one’s definitely perfect for the photography/videography enthusiast.





Handheld gaming consoles are now more popular than ever. With their integrated screens, they provide entertainment right at your fingertips without the hassle of needing to plug into a television set. The PS Vita is one of the more prominent players in the handheld console industry, and this memory card is a trustworthy choice that is hard to go wrong with. The con is that they make use of a specially shaped memory card, so you can’t just pop any old Micro SD Card under the hood and expect it to work.





Be it extreme sports or travel adventures overseas, a GoPro is a reliable companion for all of your favorite activities. Here’s a memory card that has the ability to record hours content on end. Memory cards usually come in standard colors (e.g. black, white) especially since they just slide into your devices. However, this one has aesthetic value that draws you in too!





Here’s another great option for a camera memory card by a big player in the flash memory business, SanDisk! Though it doesn’t have as large a capacity as Prograde, most casual photographers and film enthusiasts will be able to manage quite well with the specifications on this card. Oftentimes, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Your camera also won’t appreciate being unnecessarily hard, so overkill with your equipment shouldn’t apply to your camera memory card.





This memory card by Gigastone is specially created for use with gaming consoles that support Micro SD cards as memory cards. This particular Nintendo Switch Memory Card has a respectable 128 GB of storage space and 100 MB/s upload speed, making it ideal for those who plan to stream their gameplays online.





Remember when Android phones could only be expanded by only 8GB to 64GB? Well, good news: the models today can now be expanded by up to 256GB, and you can get these monster memory cards from established companies like Samsung. Apart from smartphones, such mega-companies also produce plenty of reliable devices ranging the gamut from headphones to appliances.




Another adorable but highly functional option for a Nintendo Switch memory card is this one from SanDisk. With its adorable yellow color and iconic invincibility star from Super Mario Brothers, it has even more storage space to offer your Switch, with a whooping 256 GB of space for all of your game files.



The PS Vita memory card can be quite expensive because of its specialized shape. However, you can easily resolve this problem by getting an adapter for the PS Vita slot, which can accommodate a Micro SD card. You will then  have your very own PS Vita memory card without having to break the bank!





The Playstation has come a long way from its initial iteration that features many wires and physical memory cards that you had to insert manually into the console. Today, Playstations come with their own built-in hard drives, but I’m sure anyone can tell you that it’s hardly enough to accommodate the large sizes of game files that it has to deal with. The PS4 Memory Card comes in the form of a portable hard drive, can give as much as 2TB in terms of storage expansion and is also able to back up the contents of your PS4.




Older camera models are quite particular when it comes to the memory cards you use with them. Memory cards with storage that is too large might not be read by the camera and upload speeds that are too fast can really mess with the system. It’s always important to check the boundaries and limitations of your devices just so you don’t accidentally overwork them. With camera memory cards especially, it’s always important to remember that bigger is not always better.




When you think of HP, you don’t really think of memory cards. They’re more well-known for their printers and laptops so it’s a pleasant surprise to see them offering accessories such as memory cards. This offers 256 GB of storage in a simple yet sturdy casing.



Unlike most commercial cameras, professional cameras require more heavy duty memory cards and they are specially made to fit into the nodes of these powerful cameras and nowhere else. This monster of a camera memory card is for Sony Professional Cameras in the XQD G Series and offers 120 GB of space with a read speed of 440 MB/s and a write speed of 400 MB/s.





Thankfully, most micro SD cards come with an adapter to be able to cater to an even wider array of devices. Smartphones can simply take the Micro SD Card as is but some devices like cameras require an adapter as Micro SDs are too small. This option from Alisinsen offers 256 GB of storage and is more affordable than most popular brands, making it worthy of anyone’s consideration.




Affordable memory cards options are rare in the realm of photography and film-making but here is a superb choice. With a storage space of half a terabyte and an upload speed of 95 MB/s, you can get a budget memory card that can pack a crazy amount of media in exchange for slightly slower performance. However, in most cases, this speed is more than enough to meet your needs.




Professional cameras and older models usually still make use of CF or CompactFlash cards. These are whole memory cards that have integrated storage inside the casing. Unlike most camera memory cards today, CF cards are much larger and more robust for added protection. The only downside to them is that you need a special CF memory card reader to transfer your files to a computer, instead of a micro SD which can be directly connected with the help of an adapter.




Complement your gaming consoles with an equally playful-looking memory card. This choice from Tohaoll is super adorable with its hot pink and light blue with the adorable mischievous shark on the design. It offers 128 GB of storage which is more than enough to store your favorite games!





One look at this memory card will instantly tell you that this camera memory card mean business. Though it doesn’t offer the crazy 512 or 256 GB capacity that a lot of cards offer today, Lexar creates products that are built to last and will probably never betray your trust in terms of quality and performance. Despite the 128 GB storage, it offers a read speed of 250 MB/s which is incredibly fast too. Overall, it’s a solid choice for both casual and hardcore users!




Samsung also released a line of memory cards that are called the Pro Endurance which are specially designed to be really durable and high performance. Has your card ever been detected as “corrupt” by your computer for no good reason? It’s truly the most annoying thing ever, but you can let this be an issue of the past by investing in this premium memory card line.




Apple products are truly on a league of their own and as such, they require their own unique set of accessories when it comes to storage expansion. Simply insert this 128 GB storage expansion option from Transcend into your MacBook Retina for more space to organize and store your files. Fewer files in the hard drive of your computer might also help to speed up the performance of your MacBook.




Aside from gaming memory cards, Gigastone also produces some really great camera memory cards such as this 128 GB SDHC card for older camera models. It’s always important to check compatibility with memory cards. Older devices can only accommodate SDHC memory cards and not SDXC which is more prevalent in memory cards today. Always remember that SDHC can work with SDXC compatible devices, but never the other way around.



Memory Card Types

Memory cards come in a range of sizes (both storage wise and physical shape). Highlighted below are several types of memory cards for users to consider:



SD cards have a non-volatile memory which is extremely helpful in keeping the data stable. It means that the data isn’t threatened by the loss of power source and doesn’t need to be refreshed periodically. 
MiniSD cards use the same technology as SD cards, which means that users get all of the advantages of an SD card but in a smaller package. These smaller SD cards are used in devices such as mobile phones and MP3 players.The MiniSD cards are often sold with an adapter which allows users to use the card in a normal SD slot or USB port.
MicroSD cards are like SD cards but a lot smaller in size. Devices that use these MicroSD cards range from ultralight/small laptops and mobile devices all in the name to save space. Similar to the MiniSD card, adapters are also sold with the MicroSD card to ensure users are able to use the card in a normal SD slot or USB port.
A MultiMedia card, also known as a MMC is a form of solid-state memory introduced by SanDisk in 1997. It is a memory card for PC that is typically used as storage media for a portable device in a form that can be easily removed for access. It measures at 24mm x 32mm x 1.4mm and is similar in size and shape to an SD card. 
Sony has designed many flash memory cards for digital storage in cameras, camcorders and other handheld devices. The first memory cards designed by Sony were introduced in 1998 with 4MB and 8MB capacities. Sony also designed memory sticks as I/O devices for cameras, GPS and Bluetooth modules, however, they were not widely used.
A SmartMedia Card is a media storage device that consists of a flash-memory chip which stores data. The first card was developed by Toshiba and over the years, SmartMedia cards have been manufactured with storage capacities ranging from 2MB to 128MB. A typical SmartMedia card has a NAND-flash chip embedded on the thin plastic cover card. SmartMedia cards with higher storage capacities come fitted with multiple linked chips.
The xD-Picture card is a proprietary format developed by Fujifilm and Olympus for use in their digital photography products. The xD-Picture cards have been designed to minimise power consumption to ultimately save the device’s battery life. Very few new cameras are designed to be compatible with these cards making the xD-Picture card almost irrelevant in today’s market as it’s being phased out.



Frequently Asked Questions About Memory Cards


1. What Does a Memory Card do?

A memory card is known to be a small storage medium generally used to store information. The most common type of data that it stores include videos, pictures, audio and other types of file formats. It’s also used for smaller, portable as well as remote computer devices.



2. What is the Difference between an SD Card and a Memory Card?

A memory card is a non-volatile storage device which can store data permanently. An SD card is also a memory card, however, it’s a card which is developed following all the SDA (Secure Digital Association) standards. If a memory card follows all the standards formulated by the SDA, then that memory card gets certified as an SD card which can be used in any electronic device which has a memory card slot. This basically means that by following the SDA standards (which includes a lot of consumer privacy and security related guidelines), SD cards prove to be a safer option compared to a non-SD memory card.



3. Which Memory Card is the Best?

The most common and popular memory card in the market would be the SD card. The most obvious reason being its ability to achieve increased storage with ease for all types of users (from beginner to advanced). Smartphones come with limited storage space so if you run out of internal storage on your phone, adding an SD card is the most effective and simplest way to gain additional storage space. After adding an SD card to your phone, you can also move large files such as movies and music from the phone memory to the SD card. 



4. What Are The Best Brands Of Memory Cards? 

Essentials for both home usage and the workplace, there are plenty of memory card options in the market. We narrow it down to the 10 best memory cards of all time. 



5. When is the Release of the New PS Vita Memory card?

Unfortunately, Sony has ceased the production of the PlayStation Vita as it never came close to its rivals’ Nintendo DS range. The most current PS Vita memory card available on the market is 64GB. Find out more about the other PS Vita memory card options here.



6. How Do You Use a PS Vita Memory Card Adapter Properly?

The SD2Vita adapter uses your PS Vita game card slot so if you play a lot of physical Vita game cartridges, it may be inconvenient for you. Users have the ability to use a MicroSD card (up to 256GB). Version 3.0 and 5.0 of the SD2Vita adapter are the latest and greatest versions of the adapter. Any SD2Vita adapter older than version 3.0 is not recommended. There are various tutorial videos available online where you can learn how to set up your PS Vita adapter.



7. How to Fix a 64GB Memory Card?

Memory cards are extremely handy to have, however, when we encounter issues with technology, there are various reasons as to why it breaks. Below are a few common issues that users encounter with their memory cards:


  • Identifying if the memory card is locked or write protected
  • Memory card isn’t recognized
  • Memory card will not format
  • Files have been hidden or have become shortcuts
  • Forgotten password or accidently formatted the card by accident
  • Memory card does not have enough space



Regardless of what the issue is, it is our recommendation to follow the guide provided by your memory card manufacturer to ensure further technological issues don’t arise. 



8. How To Maximize Usage of 64GB Memory Card? 

A 64gb memory card can be used to store plenty of information, including but not limited to: photos, songs, videos, and documents. Here’s how you can make full use of your 64gb memory card. 



9. When is the Release of the Nintendo Switch Memory Card?

Currently, the following types of microSD cards are supported on Nintendo Switch:


  • microSD (up to 2GB)
  • microSDHC (4GB – 32GB)
  • micro SDXC (64GB and above)



Please note that in order to use a microSDXC card on the Nintendo Switch console, a system update is required. Also, in order to improve your gameplay experience, using a microSD card with a higher transfer speed is recommended. For more information on the Nintendo Switch memory card, be sure to give this article a read.

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