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10 Best Gamecube Memory Card To Save Your Progress 10 Best Gamecube Memory Card To Save Your Progress

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10 Best Gamecube Memory Card To Save Your Progress

Written by: Olivia Parker

A gamecube memory card helps to secure your gaming info, progress and high scores even when your console is switched off.

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The release of home gaming console GameCube in 2001 saw it quickly become a favorite among gamers, thanks to its unique controller and innovative selection of games. A single Gamecube memory card can store up to 1024 megabytes of information. Gamecube memory cards are compact and easy to carry around.



If you’re looking to save your gaming information for future use, such as player stats or game progress, there are some great memory cards on the market. Here are our top picks.



Are you searching for a new Gamecube memory card? Well, look no further because here’s the perfect one. This high-performing memory card with 1024MB is compatible with Nintendo Gamecube or Wii consoles (model number RVL-001). 



In addition, it can store games and characters on your console. The best part is that it’s guaranteed to work well with all of them, so there won’t be any problems when trying to save different kinds of data, like levels or top scores. 



  • Offers high-speed storage


  • Newer versions of Nintendo and Wii might not be compatible with this card


The Memory Card can easily save up to 251 blocks of game information, which is more than four times the amount of data GCN Memory Cards 59 can hold. Moreover, the number of blocks needed for each saved file varies with the data that is to be stored and where you’re playing from. But no doubt, if the card has enough space, your memories are safe. Besides, it may not save all the Wii games but does work on the Wii to save Gamecube games.



  • The card saves information more than the GCN cards
  • It has 16MB of capacity


  • Different games require different numbers of blocks for game information to be saved


The VOYEE high-capacity 512MB (8192 Blocks) GC memory card provides ample and secure storage for your game data. 



The convenient on/off switch saves power when the console is not in use by shutting down abruptly to conserve energy but automatically powers up again with just one push of the button. Also, they have an expanded capacity that can store information from larger games such as Animal Crossing, Madden Custom Robot, etc. 



  • Easy to load, save, copy and delete information
  • It doesn’t work for Wii


  • It might show an error message at first


This memory card for Gamecube has a large storage capacity. You can use this SD memory card with your Nintendo Wii to store different kinds of games and save options on your system. 



This black, slimy-designed, high-capacity MMC is compatible not only with the newest consoles like Microsoft Xbox 360 or Sony PS3 but also with older generation game systems, including NES/SNES. 



  • It works well with all versions from Sega (Genesis)
  • Moreover, the card has a super-fast transfer rate


  • The card can’t be formatted if has ever been corrupted



The perfect accessory for Nintendo GameCube and Wii gamers, this memory card is compatible with both original consoles. The first generation RVL-0 offers storage of up to 128 MBs of data on your gaming console. Besides, you can easily save and load games without any additional software or equipment needed. 



Simply plug the high-capacity memory card into one slot while playing a game from another cartridge. In addition, this durable device can hold many hours of gameplay.



  • High-capacity memory card
  • Fully compatible with GameCube games


  • It won’t work for Wii u.

The Mekela Gamecube memory card is a great addition to your gaming experience. It is suitable for the Gamecube console. It can be used to replace the original memory card. And it has a large storage capacity of 512MB (8192 blocks). 



Moreover, the plug-and-play feature allows you to load, save, easily copy, and delete games. If you find out the product is faulty, it will be replaced and refunded within 45 days. 



  • Red light to indicate that it’s currently working


  • Not applicable for newer versions of Wii and Wii U consoles


This memory card is designed for Nintendo GameCube or Wii consoles. It has a large capacity of 8192 blocks, which can store 512MB of data. It is easy to use and plug-and-play. In addition, you can save your game data on it and copy games from one device to another easily. 



Besides, the card is compatible with both the Nintendo GameCube and Wii gaming systems, so you can enjoy all of your favorite games without having to worry about losing your progress in the middle of a quest.



  • High speed, durable, and easy to use
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • It will get easily damaged if pulled out accidentally


We all know that Wii and GameCube consoles are outdated now. But if you have the Aoyoho 128MB memory card, it will make game playing so much easier! This is a very high-quality product with such an affordable price. 



Moreover, it’s got plenty of space for your games without costing too much money. What more could anyone ask for? This memory card is perfect for backing up and storing your favorite Wii or GameCube games. 



  • It can save all types of games for Gamecube or Wii Console


  • You need to format it according to either Nintendo Wii or Nintendo Gamecube standards before using it


A high-quality 128MB memory card allows you to store characters, levels, top scores, and much more!. Moreover, it is fully compatible with GameCube/Wii games and saves options. Easily load, save, copy and delete games for your Nintendo Wii or Nintendo GameCube console.



Also, you can independently save different kinds of games on this card. It can save data from the Mario series (e.g. Mario Sunshine, Mario Party 7, and Mario Kart Double Dash) easily.



  • Offers plenty of storage


  • You can’t delete any stored content


10. Mcbazel 1024MB Non-Compress Memory Card Gamecube

Mcbazel 1024MB Non-Compress Memory Card Gamecube

It’s not easy to save your game data, but it can be easy with the right type of accessory. This Wii Card is a simple solution that meets your needs. All you have to do is just switch out cards when you need to change games or if there’s some other issue on your console that needs to be fixed.



Besides, it also has its additional benefits like easier installation but don’t worry about compatibility. In addition, it comes backed up with a one-year warranty if anything goes wrong during the installation or use/damage incurred after that.



  • Efficient and easy-to-use product


  • Only compatible with Gamecube and Wii consoles with model number RVL-001


Frequently Asked Questions about Gamecube Memory Card


1. How to Save Gamecube Games on Wii without Memory Card?

It’s possible to save your games without a memory card in the equation. You can enter your Wii into NMM (No More Memory-Cards) mode with USB Loader GX and DIOS MIOS (Regular or Lite). This Reddit user kindly shared how to do so, step by step.



2. How to Fix a Corrupted Gamecube Memory Card? 

If an “error” message appears, try to power off your device. Remove the memory card before inserting it back in and switching your console on again. If the message persists, transfer all working files to another memory card. Alternatively, you could try using Remore Recover to safely restore data files, before proceeding to reformat it.




Not only are these Gamecube memory cards affordable, they’re also highly secure, with each being able to store multiple of your favorite games. Expand your collection with one of the above options – treat yourself and game on, we say.

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