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10 Best Camera Memory Card Brands To Go For 10 Best Camera Memory Card Brands To Go For

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10 Best Camera Memory Card Brands To Go For

Written by: Tabinda Mustershad

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High-end cameras are growing in popularity. This has ultimately also increased competition among different camera manufacturing companies. And there is not much difference they can make in terms of camera designs to make them stand out in the market. The only way to make it prominent in such a vast market is by improving the quality of images. Photography enthusiasts are attracted to cameras that take better quality photographs. With better quality cameras, taking better quality images, comes another issue, the storage.




The higher the quality of the photo a camera takes, the higher storage it takes up. So, the problem of finding the best memory card is not only a problem that smartphone users have to face. Camera users, too, have to face the same problem. Especially professional photographers because they take so many photos almost every single day. So, they really cannot sit and delete or transfer all the photos to their computer or laptop, especially while on the go.




Hence, photographers have to do some serious research work if they want the best camera memory card for camera. There are several digital camera memory card available in the market such as Nikon camera memory card, Canon camera memory card etc. The best memory card for your camera depends on your usage and the longevity of the camera you use.  They need to find a card that does not only serves their purpose but also falls within their budget. 



If the memory card read not compatible with your smartphone or camera you can buy a camera memory card reader to serve the purpose. 



So which memory card is best for a camera? Now, there is a huge market filled with camera memory card types and it is really very difficult to choose one from all the options. Some are too expensive, some just do not have enough storage space to fulfill your needs. Or maybe you need a camera memory card with high read and write speeds for your high-resolution video recordings. In this article, we’ve short-listed the 10 most favorite camera memory cards of all time and the difference between camera memory cards. The article will help all those photographers out there in making a decision.




SanDisk MicroSD cards need no introduction. SanDisk is well known for making one of the best MicroSD cards on the market today. In fact, they have earned a good reputation because they have provided their customers with consistently good memory cards. The SD memory card for camera offers high speed, reliability, and durable design. Most of what SanDiskMicroSDcards has had to offer so far has been absolutely phenomenal.




This specific model is barely the size of your thumb. However, it runs at UHS Speed Class 3 rating. It is an SDXC format camera memory card which has seriously impressive read and writes speeds. This means that it can easily deal with rapid-fire shooting in both JEPG and RAW formats. The fast read and write speeds also mean that it has no problem recording 4K videos.  Moreover, you can transfer data to other devices at quite an impressive speed. While some may argue that it is a little pricey, others might not think the same because of the value it offers in return. So, it really just depends on your personal budget and preference. Either way, this camera memory card has all you need as a photography enthusiast.




If you are a photography enthusiast or a professional photographer, there is a very high chance that you might have heard about Lexar. This company is known for manufacturing one of the best MicroSD cards of all time. They have a few models out there in the SD card market that are the go-to cards for photographers. One such camera memory card is the Lexar Professional Class 10 UHS-II 2000X.




It has a very fast data transfer speed. Moreover, it offers transfer speeds of up to 300MB/s and write speeds of up to 260MB/s. This super fast speed also means that it can easily handle all your Full HD, 4K, or other high-resolution video recordings and photography. Additionally, it comes with a maximum storage capacity of 128GB. It may be a little costly than some other options out there. However, if money is not an issue for you, this might be the perfect camera memory card for you.




This is another SanDisk MicroSD card on our list. What sets this specific memory card apart from all other camera memory cards out there is its speed. Speed is basically what this SanDisk MicroSD card is all about. It offers read speeds of up to 300MB/s and writes speeds of up to 260MB/s. Great for rapid-fire photography, full HD, or even 4K video recordings, this camera memory card can take almost everything you throw at it.




It comes in varying storage options offering minimum storage of 32GB and going up to a maximum option of 128GB. This SanDisk MicroSD card can help you with all your high-quality photography and videography sessions. It is a bit more expensive than the SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-I. But this camera SD card is a good investment overall.




When professional photographers go out looking for the ideal camera memory card, they want a memory card that is fast. One that allows them to easily take sequential bursts of the highest quality images. On top of that, they look for an SD card that gives them enough storage. So that they can use their camera a few times before having to connect it to their laptop or computer to swap the files over. Well, in terms of storage, this memory card only gives you two options: 32 GB or 64 GB.




But don’t let the storage numbers fool you and let you underestimate this card’s performance potential. This camera memory card can still give you some really fast data transfer speeds. With read speeds of up to 285MB/s and write speeds of 180MB/s, this camera memory card can take all those full HD or 4K videos that you have wanted to record. These memory cards are also shock and X-ray proof, giving you some added peace of mind knowing that all your data is safe.




If you have been shooting photos or making videos for some time, you probably know how annoying it is when you run out of storage space every now and then and you have to constantly transfer your data from your camera memory card to other devices to get ready to take some more photos. Every photographer wants a memory card for his camera that gives them the freedom or actually going a few days without having to worry about storage space running out. Well, the Lexar Professional 633x SDHC/SDXC UHS-I allows you to have that storage space you have always wanted. You can record lots and lots of 4K videos before having to actually transfer it to some other device because of storage problems.




Surprisingly, this camera memory card is specifically designed for DSLR users. The only drawback here is that the data transfer speeds on this thing are not as fast as some other memory cards have to offer. This memory card makes you decide what you are looking for according to your needs: a fast data transfer, or storage that allows you to take lots of photos and record lots of full HD and 4K videos.





And yet another SanDisk  MicroSD card makes the list. The SanDisk Extreme has the ability to easily handle all your burst mode photography sessions as well as those crystal clear high-resolution full HD or even 4Kk video recordings. This is an SD card which only offers a 16GB of storage space, which probably will not be enough for you if you are a professional photographer. Or even if you are a photography enthusiast in general who likes to take lots of photos. However, if you are a beginner then this is the memory card you are going to want to buy. With a pretty average read and write speed, this memory card is really very reliable.




It is waterproof, shockproof, resistant to high temperatures, and is also X-ray proof. So overall, it is a budget camera MicroSD card which is very durable and probably will serve all the needs of new photo enthusiasts.




This SanDisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash may be a very old design, but an old design most certainly does not mean that it is in any way, not a good performer. This memory card allows DSLR users to choose between storage options starting from 16GB going all the way up to a whopping 256GB.




The read and write speeds on these cards may vary depending on which storage capacity you have chosen for yourself (the more storage capacity, the faster the data transfer speed of the SD card). However, this model is capable of recording your high-resolution full HD videos and high-quality photos. 




The Transcend CompactFlash 800x is also one of the WalmartSD cards, available pretty much at all Walmart stores. This model is the model for you if you are on a tight budget and are looking for a decent camera memory card for your DSLR. It has a read speed of up to 120MB/s and a write speed of up to 60MB/s, the actual performance may vary slightly depending on your camera hardware. But still, it offers a pretty decent data transfer speed for a budget MicroSD card for your camera.




It gives DSLR users the option to choose between storage options starting from 32GB for people who do not need much storage, going all the way up to 256GB which is more suitable for power-users who use their cameras all the time for taking photos and recording videos. This camera memory card is also backed up with a built-in error-correcting code to automatically detect and correct any transfer errors that might occur.





The Samsung PRO Endurance memory card is a bit more expensive than most of the other options on this list. However, it is probably more durable than most of them as well. These are by far one of, if not the best, camera memory cards for harsh environments available on the market. These also offer some decent data transfer speeds of about 100MB/s read speeds and a little slower write speeds of up to 30MB/s.




Still, 43,800 hours of continuous video recording is promised by the highest capacity card of the model line. The warranty may also vary according to the storage option you choose to buy for yourself. It comes with a two years warranty for low capacity cards and a five years warranty for the maximum capacity cards.  It is also a Walmart memory card, meaning you can buy it on any Walmart store or even on their website online.




The Samsung Evo Plus is available in 32Gb, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities and is Class 10 MicroSDHC and MicroSDXC cards. This means that it is pretty fast in terms of data transfer speeds. It comes with an SD card adapter. So it can be used not only in your cameras but also with your smartphones and tablets. The smallest capacity card, which is the 32GB card, will not cost you a lot of money, it is quite budget-friendly.




It is a pretty small SD card in size, being the size of your fingernail, its red color design makes sure that it pops out of its surroundings wherever it is, so you don’t lose it anywhere. Along with a 10-year limited warranty for peace of your mind, it also is waterproof, resistant to temperature fluctuations, X-ray proof, and magnetic proof. So, it is a pretty safe pick in general. Plus it is a WalmartSDcard, meaning that you can easily pick one up for yourself from your nearest Walmart store.



Final Thoughts

DSLRs have really started to become more and more common these days. The number of DSLR owners has drastically increased in the past decade. DSLR users have a hard time going out looking for the best SD card for a camera which will best suit their purpose and is within their budget. As more and more people buy cameras, more people find themselves in the same situation where they cannot decide which SD card is best for them.  




There are just so many options out there to choose from, anyone would easily get confused. Hopefully, our list has narrowed some options for you so you can choose a memory card that fits your needs.

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