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30 Best Storage Ottoman That Leave You Spellbound  30 Best Storage Ottoman That Leave You Spellbound 

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30 Best Storage Ottoman That Leave You Spellbound 

Written by: Noah Bennett

Storage ottoman has always been a trendy piece of furniture. They are a stylish addition to your interior setting and here are our top 30 best picks.

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Storage ottoman has always been a trendy piece of furniture. From benches to chairs and tables, all kinds of ottoman with storage are available in the market. They are not only a stylish addition to your interior setting, but they are also very convenient and a very modern way to add storage space here and there around the house. 




If you are thinking of getting some of these for your place, 30 of the most brilliant storage ottoman ideas are mentioned below for your ease of choice. 



30 Best Storage Ottoman Ideas 





This Ottoman with storage is an adorable yet classy footrest with a  removable lid covering a wide space for storage. These come in a variety of colors, all of which are vibrant and beautiful. 





Stylish and functional, this storage ottoman cube is a low-profile but very adorable piece of furniture for your empty corners and smaller items to store. They come in a variety of colors you can choose your favorite. 





This beautiful item is another elegant storage ottoman cube that acts as a stylish, comfortable footrest as well as a genius way to store your smaller items such as remote controls and chargers. The seat is padded for extra comfort and supported by a wooden frame that ensures durability. 





If you are looking for a comfortable seat in your living room, but want more space to hide away your blankets and fabrics, this will be a perfect purchase. The storage ottoman bench features a padded seat with faux leather and covers an extra-large capacity for storage under its lid. Plus, the overall aesthetic of the furniture is mind-blowing. 





This particular model can be used as a footrest, a table, as well as a storage ottoman bench. The versatility and multipurpose quality of this bench make it a crowd-favorite. On top of that, it has a gorgeous blue exterior with padded seats and tufted fabric.  





While we’re still on the subject of storage Ottoman benches, take a look at this one. It comes in six different colors and gives you the ultimate versatility in terms of usage. It can be used as a table, a place to sit, as well as a storage space for your extra cushions, shoes, or whatever you feel like putting away. The lush, leather exterior makes it perfect for any casual or formal setting.





If your indoor furniture is more stylish and modern, consider adding a similar-looking Ottoman stool to your collection such as this one. With its beautiful color, small, round shape, and gold, metal legs, there is no way you will be able to resist it. It comes in four different shades ranging from teal to black, all of which are stunning and suitable for all kinds of interiors. Apart from this luxurious design, it features as multipurpose furniture with hidden storage space under its lid. 





For those whose aesthetic style is more floral and traditional, this particular storage ottoman will be a must-have. It features a contemporary design, smooth upholstery, and pressure hinges to ensure easy open and close of the ottoman.





A great idea for an indoor pet house is a living room storage ottoman square. The furniture is suitable for both cats and small dogs and can feature as a storage ottoman coffee table or bench as well.





This item is another great option for those who look for vibrant and printed fabrics. This model, in particular, features a hinged lid with a geometric pattern all over it. The smooth, comfortable fabric and durable wooden legs make the item work as a bench as well as a storage ottoman coffee table. You can put it in a bedroom as a bench or use it in your living room as a center table.





Do you have a lot of parties at your place? Are you simply a person who enjoys a good movie time? If yes, this storage ottoman square will be a lovely addition to your home. The fabric-covered lid conveniently flips to form a large tray with a good capacity to hold your snacks and drinks. Underneath the tray, the chest offers more space to hold more of your storage items. 





The brand offers a variety of colors and shapes for a storage ottoman coffee table. This one, in particular, is brown and features a premium construction with modern design and lots of hidden storage underneath the lid. You can reverse this lid and use it to hold your items and convert the bench into a coffee table within seconds. 





Moroccan patterns are a beautiful and stylish pop to any living room design. Similarly, this storage ottoman comes in three different colors that add aesthetics to your space. The furniture comes with plush cushioning, soft fabric, a wooden frame, and plastic gliders under all its legs to avoid scratches. The Ottoman also features a significant amount of storage space under the lid. 





This brand always comes up with minimalistic but stylish designs for maximum comfort and functionality. The same is the case with this beautiful, stylish storage ottoman that features trays specifically made for its size and shape to give a perfect fit. This feature enables you to put down your items on these trees without the risk of them falling off. Furthermore, a hinged lid hides lots of storage space for your extra items. 





This storage ottoman is another unique design by convenience concepts. The fabric handles on the sides of the stool allow easy portability. Plus, the lid multi-functions as a wooden serving tray when flipped over. 





Not all Ottoman furniture has hidden space, some feature smart ideas for extra storage, such as this one. This beautiful storage ottoman square comes in two elegant colors: blue and green. The seat on top is tufted and comfortable, while the rest of the frame is black metal. Furthermore, the stool offers open storage space underneath the seat so you can temporarily put away your unwanted items. 





What’s unique about this storage Ottoman bench is that it features a lift-open lid but only in the center of the bench. The sides remain a part of the frame. Plus, the seat features a child-safety hinge so that the lid does not slam shut. It’s construction consists of durable wood and strong rubberwood feet. 





A great idea to add extra storage to furniture is to adjust it in chairs. Stash Comfy has done exactly this. The modern design of the chair hides a compact area of hidden storage where you can put away the child’s shoes or toys and keep the mess at bay. 





This adorable Ottoman with storage features a printed, script-style design in two different colors. It is small, square, and sturdy, making it perfect for small corners in every room. The lid is padded with hinges for easy access into the internal storage space where you can hide your small items and keep them out of the way. 





We all love a multifunctional furniture item, don’t we? If you do too, you’ll love this storage ottoman. Not only is it beautiful, chic, and adorably sized, but it also features as both a footrest and a tray-holder. You can reverse the lid to unveil a beautiful black serving tray and flip it back when you don’t need it anymore. Easy and convenient! 





Christopher Knight is well-known for its comfortable living room furniture, and the brand has done it yet again with its collection of ottoman with storage. This particular ottoman includes a comfortable seat with extra cushioning and alert space for storing your fabrics and magazines. The item can multifunction as a footrest as well as a small coffee table. 





Another Christopher Knight item in the list: this one features a gorgeous red leather fabric with birch legs and hidden storage space under the top seat. You can hide away your board games and DVDs under the lid and let them stay hidden and secure. Plus, you can use the ottoman as a footrest, a seat, or a couch. The lid also multi-functions as a tray that you can flip over when needed. 





The leather durable, the legs espresso, and the Ottoman multi-purpose, what more could you possibly want from a furniture piece? This design features a large internal storage space as well as a flip-over lid that serves the purpose of a serving tray. 





If you want footrests or stools for your place, consider this product for an added opportunity of storage. It comes in two different colors, both of which are made of faux leather. The cube can support a weight of 660 lbs and has a hassle-free assembly. 





If one tray Ottoman is not enough, here’s one that has two. This model features a great design and comfortable seat, along with sturdy construction and lots of storage space. Both of the lids can be flipped over into serving trays and can be flipped back whenever needed. The overall design and exterior are beautiful and can fit any sophisticated and formal setting. 





A unique design of an Ottoman coffee table, this product is a crowd-favorite for its style and quality. It can be used as a comfortable footrest or seat, as well as a great coffee table with storage underneath. The materials used are MDF, steel, foam, and 100% polyester fabric. 





If you are looking for extra storage space and a stylish bench for your bedroom, get this furniture item to merge both the features into one. The item features a foldable, tufted seat on top and lots of storage space underneath. The seat is made of polyester fabric while the rest of the chest is made of vinyl and MDF. 





At an affordable price range, you can consider this storage ottoman with rich leather-like, and easy-care fabric, tufted buttons, and a variety of colors to choose from. The ottoman comes with a lid that can be taken off easily to reveal the storage space underneath. 





While you are furniture-shopping for your living room, take a look at this stylish ottoman bench. Not only is it amazingly comfortable and modern, but it also features great space for storage under its seat. You can choose from a total of three color varieties.





If you don’t want removable lids on your ottoman storage furniture, you can get this foldable chest that features lids that you can conveniently lift up and put down without separating them from the bench. The bench is perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, and they can be used as both storage chests and comfortable seating. 

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