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25 Best Living Room Chairs That Set You Free From Aches & Pains 25 Best Living Room Chairs That Set You Free From Aches & Pains

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25 Best Living Room Chairs That Set You Free From Aches & Pains

Written by: Sophie Thompson

Check out these 25 of the best living room chairs that can add class and elegance to your living room space without compromising on comfort.

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Plenty of people suffer from some kind of musculoskeletal problem. Whether it is sad, but someone we know — it could even be us — has to endure back pain, neck stiffness, or leg cramps,  regularly.  But did you know that you can live pain-free if you make some changes in your life?



Chairs and sofas play a huge part in our lifestyle because of their frequent use. Therefore, it is essential that you pick the right chair. You need to make sure that the chair is designed to encourage good posture.



If you’re working from home, getting yourself an ergonomic chair is a good idea. Check out the following list of pain-free living room chairs that you can get for your living room and home office.




25 Best Pain-Free Living Room Chairs 




This recliner and ottoman combo by Oslo is a perfect marriage of style and comfort. They allow easy recline and provide brilliant lumbar support, so back pain patients will love this model. Covered in top-quality leather, it also comes with a separate ottoman so you can put up your feet and relax after a tough day at work. 





This stylish recliner chair comes with a soft, leather covering all over its surface. The chair is padded and you can swivel the seat to move around while staying put. You can adjust the recliner using a knob as well for maximum comfort. This Flash Furniture piece is a great addition to your working space.





Whoever said gaming chairs can’t be used for office work? Even though they were originally designed for gaming, the comfort level of the X Rocker Pro Series H3 chair makes them perfect for your living room and home office. While this model may not be the most subtle in terms of its style, the design is overall strong and modern. Moreover, you will love this chair for your gaming sessions with its high-quality, black, leather foldable seat. 





These beautiful Relaxzen recliners come in two beautiful colors (black and brown) to fit the overall theme of your living room, but they do more than just look gorgeous. They feature eight vibration massage motors that help relax and calm your muscles. These motors target your upper back, mid-back, thighs, and calves. You can even customize your relaxation by choosing an independent zone for massage along with nine pre-programmed random modes and five intensity levels. 





If stylish subtlety is what you are looking for, you will love this recliner by Davis Fabric. It comes in 4 different shades including beige, black, burnt orange, and grey. The relaxing chair is 17.25 inches high, 20 inches wide, and features both foot extensions and reclining functions. The wooden frame gives you stability and strength while the soft fabric provides comfort to relax your mind and body. 





This massage chair is a living room must-have for those who prioritize comfort and functionality. It offers pre-installed heat therapy and air massager system, as well as a back recliner for complete relaxation of the body. One of its many unique features is its computerized body scanning that can detect the size of your body and customize the massage system settings to your individual needs. 





This gorgeously comfortable piece of furniture will surprise you in terms of comfort. It offers maximum comfort with its durable construction and stylish design. You can sit in your living room and have a great time watching TV without worrying about your back with the Harrington chair. It requires assembly but does not take a lot of time and effort to do so.





Are you a fan of swivel chairs? Because if you are, you will love this Ravenna Home Pull Recliner. Apart from being amazingly modern and stylish, this swivel chair is covered in comfortable and durable fabric. The chair’s features include a hardwood frame, foam padding, and microfiber upholstery. It also gives you the option of reclining, 360 swivels, and rocking. 





For anyone who suffers from spastic and cramped muscles, a massage chair is a must. And if you are looking for one, this good-looking model by Flash Furniture should definitely be on your list. Not only does it offer a multi-position recliner, but it also gives you major comfort in sleek black leather. Talk about being stylish, functional, and durable, right? 





While JC Home’s Drammen massaging recliner has a similar design to other living room chairs in the market, what sets it apart is its nine different massage modes and five different intensity levels to choose from sets it apart. This chair can target your back, lumbar region, legs, and thighs. The seat is double-padded, and you can use the remote control to operate the heat relaxation system. Plus, it comes with a timer and three different colors to choose from.





Dining chairs are an important part of a good meal, and we all deserve the most comfortable chairs available. Whether you sit on the dining table for food or work, the structure can have a major impact on your physical well-being. Rivet realizes this and offers a contemporary design of luxurious velvet and comfortable upholster. It comes in four different shades, all equally glamorous and modern. 





Speaking of comfortable dining chairs, Roundhill’s solid dining chairs most definitely have to make the list. With six different colors to choose from, these fashionable and modern chairs are a beautiful example of design and comfort. The seats and the backs are padded with button tufts. The legs are wooden, highly durable, and lightly colored to match the aesthetics of the fabric. The backs of the chair are slightly curved to air your perfect posture and reduce strain on your lumbar back. 





Dining chairs with slightly curved backs are ideal to maintain your back’s posture and comfort during long hours of sitting. These chairs have an elegant design, durable construction, and open sides to provide maximum range of motion. They come in two classic colors (chalk and ink), them an ideal purchase for all kinds of formal dining sets. The brass legs are squared to keep the chair stable while keeping its looks. 





This Christopher Knight Home recliner chair is one of the most fun- and vibrant-looking chairs on the market. Literally, all 13 colors in this design are beautiful and perfect for your casual mid-century living room setting. The fabric is durable, textured, and environment-friendly. The birch legs have a dark espresso finish; the cushion is extra padded and back is button tufted. The best part of the design is its subtlety: it looks nothing like a traditional recliner. 





This Stone and Beam Lauren living room chair is a top-selling accent chair on Amazon, and it’s not a mystery why. It comes with a hardwood frame, comfortable overstuffed seat, and track arms for added feasibility. Furthermore, it comes in seven different colors to select from. You can pick and choose your favorite to suit your preferences and your interior. Overall, it is the perfect addition to your chic and cozy living room. 





If printed fabrics and furniture are your thing, consider this JC Home recliner chair. It comes with a fabric upholstery under three different color schemes to choose from. The chair is compact and is covered in nice leather. The recliner offers two positions for napping and watching TV. The seat has a separately wrapped cushion, and the back has excellent neck support to reduce the strain on your upper body. 





It is evident by now that JC Home makes some of the most comfortable accent chairs in the market, and this one is also a huge hit. It comes in three different shades: white, brown, and grey. It is all-leather with high-quality, durable material and a sturdy metallic base. It also has a multifunctional quality as it can swivel, recline, and glide. The whole chair is padded including the back, the headrest, and the seat cushion. The foot-rest is retractable to support your legs and give you maximum comfort. 





This list has something printed, colorful, traditional recliner chairs for all the classic-style furniture lovers, and this Christopher Knight fits the bill perfectly. It offers both style and comfort with its wingback and armrests. It also comes in two different color schemes, both of which are soft and elegant. The design comes with extra padded cushions and birch legs with a dark-brown finish. 





This number one best-seller on Amazon has all the reasons to be so popular. It comes in three elegant colors and features high-quality fabric that is not only thick and padded but also breathable. The steel-framed foot-rest adds to the stability of the design. It is freely adjustable and is perfect for relaxation in your living room after a long hard day or a comfortable movie or two in your home theatre. The chair has a 265-lbs capacity, and the recliner offers 90 to 165 degrees of adjustment. 





While the name may throw you off track, this chair is a perfect addition to your cozy living room. It has a minimalist aesthetic, comfortable backrest and seat, and an overall ergonomic design for maximum comfort and longevity. The chair’s metal frame is of excellent quality and gives you stability and strength. The upholstered material is amazingly soft and durable so you can relax on it for hours. Plus, the cover comes in two amazing shades (black and pink). 





The right accent chair will provide you comfort while looking stylish. Pay close attention to their structure, fabric, and design to see whether they fit your needs. This chair by Rivet is not only beautiful and elegant to look at, but it also has a subtle way of adding comfort and convenience to your living room life. The stainless steel base gives you stability while the oversized soft cushion adds to the factor of comfort. The chair is not heavy so you can move it around the house to sit wherever you want. 





The perfect combination of modernization and vintage style, this recliner design brings good looks and comfort to your living room chairs. The recliner has a slim silhouette and soft fabric, with the option of manual reclining. The manual recline allows you to customize and personalize the chair’s position however you want without struggling with electronics and complex technology. The chair is filled with high-density, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic foam. Furthermore, you can pick and choose a color that fits your mood and personal preferences. 





Considered as one of the most comfortable swivel chairs on the market, this OSP chair has a delicate and cozy design along with over nine different colors to opt from. The seat is thick, padded, and tufted with buttons to give a casual and fun look to the chair. Apart from this, the frame metal frame is wrapped in resin wicker, making it durable and charming. A few of these added to your living room will light up the whole place with warmth and color. 





With their leather seats, hardwood frame, and a metal base, these Rivet living room chairs give you the perfect ratio of comfort, durability, and strength. The design comes in four professional-looking colors that are all equally stunning to look at. The elegant design and rotating base give you the touch of class with the ease of movement. Overall, it is a great product to give you a pain-free sitting experience. 





Let us end the list with these beautiful accent chairs by Christopher Knight. They have a tufted back and statement design to become the highlight of your living room. Add a cozy blanket to the armrest and an elegant coffee table to its side, and you have yourself the perfect corner for autumn evenings and winter tea. The material is 100 percent polyester fabric, and the legs are made out of durable, strong wood with a dark brown finish. It comes in six colors that you can choose your favorite from. 

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