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50 Best Garden Party Ideas For A Lovely Time 50 Best Garden Party Ideas For A Lovely Time

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50 Best Garden Party Ideas For A Lovely Time

Written by: Chloe Davis

Family hangs in the garden are a great way to make lasting memories. We've compiled a list of 50 garden party ideas that you can use to have a blast.

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Thinking of throwing an awesome garden party but have no idea on how to make it a huge success? Storables offers solid advice for a memorable event that could take place in your own backyard! Of course, to plan the ideal garden party, we have to address the key elements that can make or break it. 



What To Prepare

Garden Party



It’s essential to prepare the key features of a garden party to ensure that it’s a great celebration. So, what makes a party fun? For starters, invitation cards to the party are important to entice family and friends to come. Decorations are also important for parties as they help to set the mood/ambiance of the event. 




Aside from that, every memorable party should serve great food. It’s important to seriously consider the food you’ll be serving, too. Activities are definitely important to any party: fun activities that can keep the party’s tempo should be planned because nobody likes a boring party.



Garden Party Ideas

Garden party ideas



Now that we know the essentials for a garden party, let’s get to the specifics. Here are 50 garden party ideas that can easily be implemented to make the event as wonderful as possible. Discover the best indoor garden party ideas and more!



The Invitation





As invitations serve as your initial point-of-contact with guests, it’s important that they pack a punch so that your invitees will feel excited to come to the event. We’ve listed down various ways for you to spice up your invitations!



1. Wax Seal With Pressed Flowers





Want an easy way to make your invitations elegant? Add pressed or dried flowers on top of the envelope flap, use a wax seal over it and stamp with your desired design to close the envelope.  One of the best vintage party garden ideas, this adds a delicate touch to the invitation and is perfect for more formal get-togethers. 




What’s needed are a wax seal of any color or colors, a wax stamp with a design of your choice, and some small pressed or dried flowers. 



2. Invitation In A Bottle





For a more theatrical flair and pirate vibes, a simple message-in-a-bottle type of invitation will surely catch your guests’ attention. This is perfect for a garden party that may involve the pool or any water games. However, it can also make for an elegant invitation if you choose the right bottles and invitations. 




Glass bottles with corks and parchment paper will make for the perfect invite. Furthermore, small trinkets inside the bottle and a ribbon around the bottle will add a nice personal touch.



3. Decorative Edges Via Punchers





Sometimes plain paper can be too boring. By using designed punchers for your paper, you can make lacelike patterns on the edge of your invitations. It’s a budget-friendly way to improve your garden party invitations.




To do this, just use any paper intended for your invitations and an edge puncher with a design of your choice. 



4. Wrap A Ribbon Around It





This is another affordable and easy option to make a more enticing invitation. A pretty ribbon can add a sense of elegance to any invitation. Thicker ribbons are usually more pleasing to the eye than thinner ones, but any type of ribbon lace will do for this idea. 



5. Use Beautiful Text





For a long-lasting impression, ensure that your invitations’ text is legible yet beautiful. Calligraphy, the visual art of writing, can be utilized to create a great invitation. This little touch will also make your invitation seem more personal. Alternatively, you can consider using printed invitations that are designed with a nice font and graphics.



Garden Party Decorations

Garden Decorations



No party is complete without decorations. Having a garden space makes the implementation of more elaborate decor ideas possible. Having said that, the decor you will use should follow the party theme and beautify your garden. Here are some garden party decoration ideas/garden party theme ideas you can try for your next party!



1. Flower Up





Since gardens are a nice natural space, it would be perfect to decorate it with other natural things like flowers. Flowers are beautiful and add splashes of color to what would otherwise be a plain green space. They can be used as ornaments for trees or bushes, or hung up with twine to imitate party banners. 



2. Table Piece Bouquets





If your garden party has tables set up, adding mini bouquets that match the other floral decor would further enhance the setting. This is a simple touch your guests would surely appreciate. These bouquets could also have placards to direct guests to their tables or hold a sweet message for them. 



3. Fruity Furnishing





Aside from flowers, many variants of fruits can also add a splash of color to a party’s atmosphere. These fruits can also be placed in baskets to serve as edible decorative pieces on guests’ tables. Furthermore, fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes can be sliced and stuck on cocktail glasses for an elegant feel.



4. Fairy Lights





For a party that lasts well into the night, hanging up outdoor string lights will not only be a stylish but also a functional choice. String lights add an almost whimsical feel to a garden, making it perfect for fairytale-themed gatherings. One of the easiest evening garden party ideas we recommend.




There are several different types of string lights, but we recommend you use white bulb outdoor string lights or small LED string lights.



5. Lanterns





Paper lanterns have become trendy because of how beautiful they look under the night sky. They also definitely make an event’s decoration better with their subtle yet refined beauty. Paper lanterns can be hung on trees or placed on tables or the ground for more light during a party night. 




Storables recommends these paper lanterns for your next garden party. 



6. Party By Candlelight





Another simple yet elegant way to light up a garden party is by using candlelight. Tealights can be placed inside glasses to serve as lights on a table. Furthermore, they can be hung from trees using tin cans or metal candle lanterns. 



7. Neon Signs





Neon signs that say catchy quotes, trendy words, or even cute shapes would look great against a wall of leaves to bring hip vibes to your party. This can also double as a picture taking area as guests will surely be attracted to the opportunity of having a nice photoshoot against the chic backdrop. An added benefit is that these neon signs can also be repurposed for indoor decor once the party’s done! Neon signs like these would do.



8. Faux Foliage Art





By using artificial plants, you can enhance the ambiance of your garden party. Fake vines are especially great for decorating purposes as they can be hung up like party banners or draped on tables or chairs. These vines can even be wrapped around pre-shaped wire to form words or shapes to accentuate walls. 




False vine plants are all that’s needed to spice up your decor. 



9. Offer Insect Repellent And Sunscreen





This may seem like an odd idea, but being outdoors usually means exposure to sun and bug bites. Having an open basket of insect repellent and sunscreen at the ready will definitely be a thoughtful measure on your part. The basket could be decorated with ribbons, flowers, and a sign that encourages guests to use the offered products. 




A plain picnic basket would hold the products perfectly. As for the products themselves, the amount of sunscreen and insect repellent would depend on the number of guests attending. 



10. Have A Shaded Place




Sometimes, a well-shaded spot to chat with friends will be needed in a morning to afternoon garden party. Setting a patio umbrella will offer that cooler place for your guests; seats can also be set up here for added comfort. Alternatively, a canopy could also be used to shade your guests! We recommended this umbrella and canopy. 



11. Picnic Space




For cozier hang out spaces, create a cute picnic area where your guests can relax and interact. This could simply be a blanket with cushions and pillows so that invitees are free to sit or lay down as comfortably as you could. Put an umbrella over the picnic area for the ultimate chill place! 



12. Gather ‘Round The Campfire




Following proper safety protocols, set up a campfire that you and your guests will adore. An ideal little twist that warms up cold nights while providing a lit space for guests to chat around at night time. A bonus feature of this is being able to heat up marshmallows and make s’ mores right by the fire!



13. Dress To Impress

Dressed up people at a party



Even though outfits are not necessarily decorations, they do add a certain tone to a party. By implementing a dress code to match the garden party’s desired theme, you and your guests can more than add to the party’s atmosphere. Some summer garden party dress ideas include colorful striped dresses and denim overalls.



14. Accessorize




Another way to enhance the event ambiance is to give guests an accessory that matches the theme of the party. A straw hat with flowers, puka shell necklaces, and garlands are great examples of affordable accessories that can be given to guests. 



15. Go Natural




As much as possible, try to keep the outdoorsy feel of the party by using natural materials. This can be done by repurposing old wooden boxes as tables or stools or just keeping your garden’s greenery healthy. A well-kept environment translates well as a great garden party venue.



Garden Party Ideas Food

Family Celebration in the garden



Good food is always essential for any event. The catering can make or break a party so it’s important to always put in extra effort to make sure the food you serve to your guests is the best they’ll ever taste. To take your party food to the next level, here are some surefire suggestions from Storables. 



1. Match The Theme




When choosing your dishes, put a little twist by having food served that matches the theme. Bake rose-shaped bread or garnish your plates with edible flowers for more impact. Have fun with your catering and request for themed dishes for your garden party. 



2. Serve With Style




Since it’s an outdoor party, there may be hesitations whether or not to risk using your finest china and cutlery and possibly lose them. However, there are alternatives such as paper plates and plastic utensils. Furthermore, there are gorgeous single-use items for sale as well! 


All you need are a good brand of paper plates and disposable wooden utensils



3. Menu




Having a menu to inform your guests what’s being served for the party will surely help. A fun way to do it is by having a menu board for all your guests to see. This could be done via a chalkboard or a glass panel on an easel with the food and beverage offerings nicely written. If possible, get someone with good handwriting or calligraphy skills to do it! 




To do this, you must first decide if you’ll get a blackboard or glass panel. Then you will need to secure suitable writing materials, which will either be chalk or markers respectively. Lastly, buy the easel that will hold it.



4. Beverage Bar




Set up a beverage bar somewhere in the party area! This lets guests freely get their drinks without much hassle. It’s best to have gallon dispensers to serve multiple people. Additionally, there should be more than one pitcher to serve different beverages. 



5. Drink Cover-Ups




As far as outdoor gatherings go, bugs tend to hover where they’re not wanted. A stray fly landing on a drink or two is far from ideal. Covering cups with cupcake liners and pushing a straw through it is the ideal solution against getting bugs in your drink. 




All you need to do this are some cupcake wrappers and paper straws



6. Fancy Trays





Ever seen those tea sandwich towers from tea parties on TV? Well, you can use those for your next garden party! These fancy-looking trays will not only add a touch of elegance to your party but also provide a practical way to serve your guest’s food. With a tower of three trays, you can fit a great number of food items for your guests. 




Storables recommends this specific tea sandwich tower as it’s both stylish and functional.



7. Finger Food




Since parties tend to take long hours, guests often feel the need to nibble on some snacks while mingling. Whether this is the regular sausage rolls or some succulent shrimp with dip, it’s always a good idea to prepare finger foods for your guests.



8. Flower Stirrers





When decorating for your party, do something special and attach flowers on the tips of the drink stirrers. This will add some elegance to the utensils while emphasizing the outdoor feel of a garden party. 



9. Do It Yourself




DIY is a trendy concept these days that you can incorporate to your party! Set up a salad or burger bar where guests can assemble their food themselves. This allows them to make the food however they like while reducing the time you spend on prepping the meal. 








Now, this is important in every social setting. Encourage your guests to practice cleaning as you go (CLAYGO). Place trash bins in areas where your guests will stay the most for easy access. Remember to segregate and place biodegradable trash near the dining area. Doing so will help make the post-party clean up significantly easier. 



Activities And Miscellaneous

A party is never complete without some type of activities your guests can enjoy. Games are frequently played in parties. The outdoor venue of your party should open up more possibilities to come up with fun stuff. 



1. Flower Arranging




Are there leftover flowers from decorations? Set those aside and make a flower arranging area where guests can calmly chat with one another while making their own bouquets, flower crowns, or even corsages. 



2. Bead Bracelets And Necklaces




Another casual activity that your guests can participate in bead jewelry making. It’s best to designate a matted area for this in case the beads fall down. All that’s needed is a box full of assorted beads and strings. 



3. Colorful Body Art




By using face/body paint, you and your guests can paint various drawings and designs on one another. An activity like this lets your attendees get creative and have fun. Set up a booth where the face paint and different brushes are available to use. Additionally, baby wipes should be provided to clean up any mess. 



4. Lawn Games





Lawn games are great for parties that aren’t too formal. For example, a game of badminton can be easily played in a backyard setting, you’ll just need rackets and a shuttlecock. Games like Jenga can also be played outside as long as there are wooden pieces available. 



5. Human Chess




Remember that Harry Potter scene with the human-sized chessboard? Why not live that fantasy in your next garden party by using a very large chessboard and make your guests help with the pieces? This would be a unique and fun party game that’s sure to test everyone’s teamwork and wits.



6. Set Up A Photobooth 




A lot of your guests will want to remember your party through a token or souvenir. This is why setting up a photo area where your invitees can take quirky shots then take home will be awesome. For a memorable booth, use a large empty frame where guests can pose behind, making it look like they’re inside it. Additionally, have a box of props ready nearby so that guests are free to use them for the pictures.



7. Ring Toss




If your party goes on through the night, try this version of ring toss where you play with rounded glow sticks and a wooden peg. The mechanics will remain the same with your guests attempting to throw the glow sticks to the peg. However, the added glow will make the game extra color and fun!



8. Giant Bubbles




Have some good old fun by blowing massive bubbles with your guests. These bubbles could be used as photo backdrops too! By using bubble solution and hula hoops, giant bubbles can be made throughout the party. 



9. Water Balloons





With some water-filled balloons, you and your guests can engage in an all-out water balloon war! This is a great way to pass time while cooling down during a warm summer day It’s an affordable game that’s sure to evoke much laughter and make your guests happy.



10. Giveaways And Party Favors




Everyone loves a good gift and that’s why it’s important to provide your guests with a token of appreciation for attending. Since it’s a garden party, giveaways can be flowers or even small potted plants such as succulents or cacti. For party favors that can last forever, accessories or display figurines will also be great. Food, especially cupcakes, makes for good take-home giveaways too!



Plan Your Party Now




And those are Storables’ 50 garden party ideas that you should try on your next event. These ideas are sure to bring your party to the next level. Whether it’s the decor, food, or activities, parties are sure to be better when there’s ample preparation for them. Take your pick from the elegant party ideas listed above!


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