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50 Vegetable Garden Ideas For Delicious Meals 50 Vegetable Garden Ideas For Delicious Meals

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50 Vegetable Garden Ideas For Delicious Meals

Written by: Benjamin Parker

These amazing vegetable garden ideas will help you grow big and healthy plants! Feast on cooling cucumber, tantalizing tomato and more.

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No matter what happens with the world, growing your own vegetables and fruits is a hobby that will surely pay off in the long run. This is a practice that is great to get into at any age and at any time. Aside from growing your own food to save money, it’s also a fantastic way to gain a deeper understanding of how food is made, and perhaps a newfound appreciation for what you eat. Also, it’s hard to top the feeling of seeing the literal fruits of your labor grow before your very eyes.



It’s also important to remember that managing your own vegetable garden doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a giant yard or even acres of land, but you can size it up or size it down to whatever works best for your home setup. You can even integrate it easily into your existing garden. After all, it’s easy to make a little bit of room for a tomato plant or even a small basil tree. This guide is all about providing you with smart vegetable garden ideas to make sure you’re at your very best whenever you garden. From DIY ideas to even simple layout tips, you’ll definitely find something here to help bring in a wonderful harvest.




What you’ll need:

1. Crates



Even if you live in a smaller place, you can still enjoy a gorgeous vegetable garden at home even though it’s probably not the large farming plot you’ve imagined for yourself. It’s always smart to make full use of the vertical space in a limited space. Combining wooden crates can create an easy and effortless plant rack for your small plants to thrive on. Always remember to position it where it can the most sun.




What you’ll need:

  1. PVC pipes



PVC Pipes are essentially cylinders but you can turn them into so much more by cutting them at different angles and creating an easy peasy tool rack for your gardening gear. There’s going to be nothing better to streamline your farming work than having all your stuff neatly organized in one place.




What you’ll need:

1. Pallets



Big tools like shovels and rakes shouldn’t just lean on a wall or just be set on the ground. Doing this will keep them a risk for a lot of home accidents. The last thing you want is to step on a rake and have it smack you in the face like a cartoon character. The solution to this is as easy as creating a rack out of pallets.




What you’ll need:

1. Ladder

2. Planks



Another great hack for a vertical plant box rack is to simply combine some planks and a ladder for an adorable little garden right in your home. Not only is this set-up incredibly stylish, but also super efficient for maximizing on garden space.




What you’ll need:



Bed slats are a natural framework with even spacing which makes it absolutely perfect for keeping a vertical garden. You can simply get planters with mounting holes and combine them with S Hooks. This is probably one of the fastest ways to create a simple and clean vertical garden layout right in your very own home.




What you’ll need:

  1. Storage cart



Time can sometimes be of the essence when gardening and you shouldn’t waste too much time digging through your tool box and drawers just for the right gear. Making trips back to your shed can also waste a lot of time so you should have something that moves with you as well like a storage cart for fast tool storage.




What you’ll need:

  1. Rake



If you ever have an old rake lying around, the prongs can pretty much act as an instant tool rack where you can leisurely hang your spades and other gardening gear that you’d like within arm’s reach at all times.




What you’ll need:

1. Spice rack



A magnetic spice rack has so many uses as it is essentially a vertical rack with tons of small containers. Whether they’re little stake markets for digging into the soil or even seeds of the next crop you want to try to grow, they would make the perfect DIY storage.




What you’ll need:

  1. Tin cans
  2. Moldable adhesive



Cans are often repurposed as containers for other things. Most commonly, it’s used as a desk organizer to place all our pens in. However, what happens when you stick them together and create a more comprehensive storage solution right on your desk without needing to spend a lot of money at all? You can get as creative with the form as you want and you’d have yourself the perfectly sized tool rack of your dreams for effectively tending to your raised vegetable garden.




What you’ll need:

  1. Mason jars



If you have a lot of small tools or seeds you need to keep organized, a super cheap way to create extra storage is to fasten jars to the underside of your shelves or even hanging cabinets.




What you’ll need:

  1. Door hooks



We all know that gardening requires more and more tools the more you get into it. It’s obviously difficult to grow your plants effectively without the proper gear to help keep you at your very best. Simply add door hooks to the door panels of your cabinets to double your tool storage capacity.




What you’ll need:

  1. Shoe organizer



We’ve all seen a typical shoe organizer used as a very effective DIY storage for random things you find around the house. However, you can line them with plastic and instantly have a vertical garden right at home at a very low cost.



What you’ll need:

  1. Flower pots
  2. Chalkboard paint



When a plant is very young, it can be confusing as they will all tend to look very similar. The last thing you want is to accidentally mix up your crops and create a lot of problems – potentially wasting all your hard work. This issue can easily be avoided by labeling your plants! Simply slap a coat of chalkboard paint on your pots then label away to have the most satisfyingly organized garden.




What you’ll need:

1. Salad bowl



Not only are salad bowls gorgeous wooden pieces on the dining table, but they can also be turned into a member of your vegetable garden. They’re deep and also keep a nice and hospitable environment for your plants. You can improve its drainage by drilling holes on the bottom.




What you’ll need:

  1. Metal drum or any large round container.



The last thing you’d want to happen is for you to trip over a garden hose while carrying your potted plants around your vegetable garden. Keep your movement around the garden smooth and efficient by keeping your garden floors free of clutter. Simply store them in a large round container and you’ll never have to worry about this again.




What you’ll need:

1. Rotating tray



A rotating tray isn’t just for keeping your food or spice rack on a convenient spinning disk. It’s basically a mobile surface which is actually also perfect for moving more sensitive plants around. A lot of younger plants especially shouldn’t be left to burn under the sun so you can keep them moving easily with a simple rotating tray.




What you’ll need:

1. Chalkboard paint



The small tools in your shed can also be further organized and labeled by using some chalkboard paint. If you use mason jars as storage for your tools and seeds, you can paint the lids to make them easy to write on.




What you’ll need:

1. Construction boards or wood planks.



A baby plant needs a lot of nurturing and monitoring so you can make your very own nursery with organized dividers right in your very home just with some wooden planks. This way, you can keep them in order without giving yourself too much hassle.




What you’ll need:

1. Magnetic tape



Your many tools for gardening deserve to have an easy and accessible mode of storage and we all know it’s not exactly easy to find the perfect box or container for different shapes and sizes. You can save yourself the time of thinking too much by putting a strip of magnetic tape and just putting all your metal tools there.




What you’ll need:

1. Candy jars



If you need a planter that retains a little bit of heat, a candy jar could do the trick. Its slanted opening grants a unique air flow that retains a little bit of temperature inside. They’re particularly good too if you have some climbing plants that you want to spill over to the outside.




What you’ll need:

1. Hanging fruit basket



Storage for toiletries is always a challenge but you can make this a problem of yesterday by purchasing a hanging fruit basket with multiple tiers. These are actually quite widely available in the market. You don’t have to limit your use of these baskets just for your bananas anymore!




One of the best innovations ever is the creation of the self-watering planter. It cycles any extra water on the bottom to maintain a steady supply of nutrition for your crops. This also avoids overwatering which is one of the biggest causes of plants dying.




Although wood is a gorgeous planter to have around in your garden, all the moisture that happens in a garden is really bad for it and could end up eventually hurting the plants that it carries. You can invest in a wood planter with a plastic sleeve to keep your garden stylish but also smart.




Even if you don’t have a yard, you can still nurture a gorgeous vegetable garden layout of your own with window boxes that you can mount on the railings of your terrace. Not everyone can have a giant yard but that vegetable garden is still attainable by mounting this planter on a ledge or window sill.




If you require a small but simple nursery, this wooden planter has divisions and some decent depth to provide a simple place to keep your baby plants until they’re ready for a bigger planter outside.




One of the most vegetable garden ideas out there is the invention of the water meter. Aside from self-watering planter, the meter exists to specifically measure moisture content in the soil. You can easily tell if your plants need watering and can prevent you from giving too much TLC which can also be a very bad thing.




The simplest protective measure you can give your vegetable garden is plastic netting. It helps keep pests and birds away while giving your plants enough room to breathe.




Sometimes, an elastic net may not be enough and you’ll need a full-blown vegetable garden fence. The net won’t be enough to stop rabbits or squirrels so you might want something more structured and solid. These will also work great with a raised vegetable garden.




Root vegetables are hard to monitor as they develop underground. It’s not uncommon to wait months and see that the carrot you’ve been waiting months for was just the size of your thumb. You can help keep an eye on their growth with the use of Grow Bags.




If you’re just starting out on your vegetable garden journey, you can begin with something as simple as a full cart like this. It can contain all of your essentials while having a sizable planter up top.




Hydroponics is the technology of growing your own vegetables on just water. There are a lot of veggies that actually don’t require soil to grow such as lettuce and arugula. These are so self-sufficient with their own grow light that even darker homes can work well with this.




If you’re not really a big DIY person, then you’ll probably be very happy to know that you can get a complete raised vegetable garden bed ready made. Just like that, you can have your very own farming journey with just a few clicks.




Vertical gardens have so many interpretations nowadays that you don’t have to be limited to a full framework installed on a wall. You can have something as simple as a tabletop and have this gorgeous tower of greens.




Tending to your garden is fun and fulfilling. However, it can be straining to your body especially when you have to dig deep. You can keep yourself at a comfortable elevation by simply bringing your crops closer to you. Your back will thank you!




If you’ve always dreamed about having a gorgeous white picket fence for your yard and have a raised vegetable garden to match, then look no further than this ready-made raised bed design which is definitely one of the best vegetable garden ideas out there.




Vertical gardens can tend to have unequal sunlight distribution as they’re on top of each other. You can also go for this vegetable garden idea which makes use of a stair design to keep the sun on all levels.




The last thing you want is giving the wrong care to the wrong plant. You can keep your crops completely organized and labeled with these bamboo plant labels. Not only will they help identify your plants but also make your garden look super cute.




Not everyone has enough space for a stairs type design for their raised vegetable bed. Another good vegetable garden idea is this gently inclined vertical planter system. It also has individual water catchers that lessen the mess and prevent overwatering.




If you’re starting to get serious with your vegetable garden, you might need an easy but effective mode of protection for your crops. You would instantly have a greenhouse that also protects your crops from getting too much sun.




A lot of people probably don’t want to think too much about their gear especially when just starting out with vegetable gardening. One of the leading killers of enthusiasm is a lengthy prep time. A great vegetable garden idea for beginners is to just a purchase a complete set with a raised metal bed and full protective tent like the one above.




You’ve probably dreamed of putting your precious plants in a gorgeous planter but they might not create the best environment for your babies. Invest in a good grow bag to maintain a better environment while also keeping your pretty planters looking good.




If you want a cohesive looking garden and you don’t really want to go through the trouble of writing on labels, there are also ready-made labels that you just need to stick into the ground. Your garden will look so cute with this cute vegetable garden idea.




Gardening is a very long process and it’s always a good habit to plan ahead. You can keep a gardening planner and document your progress and even any vegetable garden ideas you might think of along the way.




Having limited yard space definitely does not mean you have to give up your dream of growing lots of fruits and veggies. You can always start small with this full greenhouse complete with shelves for your own slice of a gorgeous little vegetable garden. You’ll definitely think this is one of the best vegetable garden ideas out there.




Your raised vegetable garden bed can benefit from having some division markers to prevent any plant care mistakes such as over-watering and over-fertilizing. It can also help keep your plant growth within an appropriate zone and maintain a good vegetable garden layout.




Plants also have their own preferences especially when it comes to soil conditions. If you’ve ever wondered why a plant can’t seem to survive in your soil then it could be the PH level that’s killing it. You can monitor your soil by using PH testing strips.




A typical raised vegetable garden planter can tend to be very heavy so if you require some mobility without losing a nice home for your plants, you can try this fabric raised bed for a more flexible option when it comes to vegetable garden ideas that will help keep your plants easy to move.




If you’ve ever found yourself a little green when it comes to gardening, you probably don’t really know what it means when experts say a plant requires a specific level of watering or light, and even the pH level of the soil. You can invest in a functional soil meter to address all of these concerns.




You’ve probably seen square watermelons being grown in Japan for easy storage and stacking but you can also achieve this on your own by using Grow Molders to help shape different veggies into cool forms.




As we all know, plants can have a really erratic growth behavior so you might find yourself needing to keep their growth in a more stable direction. Plants with softer stems will also require a lot of guidance so be sure to use a lot of handy dandy lengths of garden ties. It will definitely be one of the best vegetable garden ideas you invest in.



Once you’ve gotten the hang of managing your vegetable garden, you would be surprised at just how fast you can get hooked on this hobby. It’s not uncommon for a lot of people to start with something simple like an oregano plant and then gradually evolve into a curious gardener trying to grow every vegetable and fruit that comes their way. Of all the hobbies you can try out, this will no doubt be the best possible choice you could consider. You get to truly appreciate the wonders of nature while saving up on a lot of money for food. You’d also be more secure when it comes to any artificial toxins or pesticides that could be found on commercially grown food. Not only will your mind be at peace with your delicious meals, but your body will be too.

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