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20 Best Small Outdoor Tables: 2022 Edition 20 Best Small Outdoor Tables: 2022 Edition

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20 Best Small Outdoor Tables: 2022 Edition

Written by: Emily Roberts

These small outdoor table picks are perfect for a BBQ party! Add classiness and functionality to your patio or yard today.

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Whether you’re fond of dining al fresco, or drinking your coffee while admiring the scenery, it’s convenient to have a small outdoor table. If you need ideas regarding furniture that goes best with your yard, we have a full list of inspiration just for you.


20 Best Small Outdoor Tables: 2022 Edition


Wooden tables almost always go well with the outdoor environment, which makes this Acacia table perfect for any yard or patio. This table is water-resistant and more durable than those made from regular wood. Versatility is one of the strongest points of this small outdoor table, as it can easily turn into a set with any chair.



When you need tables for outdoor use, you may find it easier to go for something portable. This table meets that criteria since it is a foldable table that’s convenient to store and move around. It is also deceptively sturdy in spite of its small surface area. The beautiful wooden finish should add more charm to your outdoor space.


Given its build and durability, this furniture set will be perfect for your yard, poolside, or patio. This is a small table that you can also bring indoors if you need a piece of furniture for a small room.



This Adirondack style table comes in different colors so it’s easy to find the right shade to match your home’s decor. The regular-sized table measures 12 by 14 inches while its larger variation is 18 by 15 inches. This table may even make the perfect companion for trips to the beach or weekends spent camping.


Let’s face it: sometimes you just need a table outdoors for specific events. If you typically want to keep furniture out of your yard on regular days, this folding table is exactly what you’re looking for.



When it comes to folding tables, this white granite table from Lifetime is undoubtedly one of our favorites. Its design may be plain and simple, but its build is sturdy enough. It only weighs 19 lbs and comes with a carry handle. To top all of that, you can adjust the table’s height to suit various occasions/groups of people.



The material used for the table — a mixture of polyethylene plastic and powder-coated steel — can easily withstand weather changes. This table is all about utility and it will serve you well as your small outdoor dining table.


If you’re going for a contemporary look, you may consider getting this piece from Modway. With its anodized aluminum frame, this outdoor table will seamlessly fit in a small space.



Although stability is one of the top-selling points of this table, this Modway table definitely holds its own when it comes to appearance. This chic table will look perfect in a contemporary home with its minimalist look and clean lines. It’s also perfect for al fresco dining and any other activities held outside your home.


With this set, you’ll get more than just a table—it’s a complete dining set with chairs included. This will work well both as an indoor table and an outdoor centerpiece as it comes with four armchairs. What’s more, you have two choices for the color—teak and eucalyptus.



You can use this round table indoors or outdoors all year round, but it’s better to apply a wood sealer oil to maintain its finish against the elements. The product also includes a kit with the cleaning tools you’ll need to keep this furniture in tip-top shape.


With its versatile coat of black paint, this table can fit almost any deck, yard, or patio. It also has a tempered glass top with a ripple finish to make it look stylish. The table’s powder-coated steel frame makes this 23.5-inch furnishing even more durable.


If you’re a big fan of tables with tempered glass, this VINGLI piece is perfect for you. This table is great for both summer and winter, although you may want to take extra care of it during a hurricane.



Thanks to its powder steel-coated frame, this round patio table is both rust-proof and weather-proof. The 5 mm glass tabletop can also hold as much as 160 lbs of weight. The top is made of glass and has a pre-drilled umbrella hole that comes with a lid in case you decide not to use an umbrella at all.


Sometimes, backyard picnics are more enjoyable when you have a table and bench to enjoy the scenery. Thankfully, you can do that with this picnic table with built-in benches.



Complete with three benches seating two people each, this picnic table can seat up to six people in total. There’s also a pre-drilled umbrella hole in the middle of the table in case you want some shade while staying outdoors. To be on the safe side, it may be useful to seal the table for additional weatherproofing.


Sometimes, the best small outdoor tables are the ones with specific functions. If you’re fond of multi-functional furniture, this particular piece is ideal because it offers storage space as an outdoor table. Featuring a brown espresso color, the table is completely weather-resistant. Moreover, this outdoor table also features two sidebars where you can hang paper towels, spice racks, and more.


This cast aluminum side table from Christopher Knight Home comes with a beautiful lattice pattern on top. The retro style makes matching furniture easy to find. This table is also built to withstand changes in weather, so you won’t have much issue when it comes to rust.



Furthermore, this 19.25-inch round table comes with a bronze finish. With its size, you could move this piece to any location with ease. Like most furniture, you need to assemble this table when it arrives. Not to worry, though – it comes with clear instructions and additional parts for easy assembly.


Sometimes, all you need is a small table for outdoor use: nothing too fancy or too big, but large enough for some snacks and a cup of coffee. If this is exactly the purpose you have in mind, this metal outdoor side table from Grand Patio could add a nice touch to your yard. With different colors from black to pink and even lime green, it’s easy to find the right table to complement your home.


While it’s not exactly a table, this stool could definitely function as one. Made from reclaimed woods including rubberwood, pine, and acacia, this stool has a rustic feel to it. It could serve as a mini table that would be right at home in any garden.



Since it is made from pressure-treated wood, it can withstand insect damage and rot for years. This upcycled wood also looks like the real thing. You can also use this mini-table indoors, and it will complement a rustic decor theme perfectly.


If you’re up for something fresh to accent your home, this 100% stoneware side table with a Moroccan pattern could be the unique piece you’ve been searching for.



This ceramic side table is chip-resistant, and it comes in a variety of colors including navy, off-white, and grey. You can also use this table indoors or outdoors. The fun part about this ceramic table is that you can clean it with just a soft damp cloth.


This patio table from PHI VILLA comes with a metal steel frame, so you don’t need to worry about its durability. It can withstand changing weather conditions and maintain a flawless appearance for a long time.



This square table is also small enough to fit in tight spaces. Like most furniture pieces from PHI VILLA, it has a minimalist design and a slot for an umbrella in case you feel the need for some shade. This table also comes with a five-year warranty.


Wicker furniture is one of the most popular choices when looking for outdoor furniture. If you need a table to give your yard or patio more style, this wicker accent table can fit in small spaces while providing extra storage for your patio. Made from a powder-coated iron frame with wicker covering, this piece is a great buy for any home.


Outdoor tables ought to be pretty like this mosaic table from Dali. But this round table is not just about looks – it’s equal parts functional and gorgeous. Highly durable, its porcelain tabletop is able to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. Aluminum frames make this 28-inch bistro table ideal for outdoor dining, so you can chill/party with friends any time you like.


The YEFU Oversize Outdoor Side Table is a classic American-style furniture with an average load-bearing capacity of up to 200lbs. This table can double up as a makeshift seat, and can even can easily accommodate a small refrigerator. Boasting a hassle-free installation with only 8 screws, this table promises anti-UV and 100% weather resistance, with no risk of paint chip after prolonged use.


This two-tiered side table by Yesker can effortlessly match with a variety of styles and other furniture. It is not only easy to integrate into your home, but also sports a sturdy metal construction, perfect for outdoor use.


This small outdoor table by the Atlantic Store is revered for its removable tray top that makes serving guests easier. Besides having a stylish and modern design, this outdoor table folds flat for convenient storage when not in use. It also requires little-to-no assembly and can withstand up to 500 hours of direct sunlight without risk of damage.


Add a fresh breath of color to your outdoor lounge area with this intricately designed ceramic tile side table from Christopher Knight. Featuring vibrant hues of green and blue, this small outdoor table is balanced on a sturdy iron frame. Complete with a matte black finish, this table can easily withstand harsh weather conditions, without fear of tipping over or significant damage.


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