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Spring Flowers For A Fresh & Lively Feel Spring Flowers For A Fresh & Lively Feel

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Spring Flowers For A Fresh & Lively Feel

Written by: Sophie Thompson

These spring flowers are guaranteed to give your home the best makeover ever! Beauty and grace all in one, don't hestitate to grab yours now.

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When the silent and monotonous winter days slowly melt to the sound of birds chirping in the morning, you know that spring has come. Soon after that, you’ll discover your surroundings bursting with spring flowers of numerous colors, shapes, and sizes.



If your home is always adorned by a bunch of fresh flowers, it can be hard to choose the perfect kind. Aside from a massive spring cleaning, choosing the best spring flowers for your house can take a chunk of your time. Hence, making the spring season the busiest time of the year. Luckily, you’re in for a treat because here is a list of 10 lovely spring flowers you can find for ushering in the most jovial season of the year!



spring flowers infographic



1. Crocus



No flower spells spring quite as much as crocus does. Fondly called ‘Tommies’, these spring flowers come in several colors and varieties. These are short in stature but not in beauty and charm, plus crocus forms colonies to usher in spring. Be it ‘Pickwick’ crocus, a zenith, or the most commonly found ‘Grand Maitre’, the flower has its attraction in its contrasting petals and stamens. With spring in mind, you can never go wrong with a blooming bunch of crocus.


2. Daffodil



Who can ever forget Wordsworth finding ‘bliss of solitude’ with his memory of daffodils? “And then my heart with pleasure fills, / And dances with the daffodils”. Undoubtedly, daffodils are such classic spring flowers that match the sprightful season. It comes in luscious shades of tangerine, cream, lemon, salmon. Be it the ‘New baby’ variety or the ‘Red devon’, the weariness that the long days of winter leave behind is vanished with when you notice valleys and meadows filled with the daffodil cultivar.


3. Lily of the Valley 

lily of the valley


Though a perennial plant, lily of the valley comes next in our list of spring flowers to give spring a warm welcome. Adorned with bell-shaped petals, this lush variety of spring flora brings a soothing fragrance with it. With easy access to the warmth of the full sun, lily of the valley can do wonders to the winter blues and is the exact one you need to usher in spring. Just be careful about its one strong feature. If you have a pet or a little toddler at your home, this flower can be poisonous for them if ingested.



Whether in full or partial shade, pot or container, lily of the valley can be your ornamental garden cover for the summer as well. This beautiful flower indeed brings the essence of the spring season to your home.


4. Hyacinths

Beautiful blooming bright fresh hyacinth flowers in the garden


During spring, do you smell a lovely sweet flowery scent in the air? If daffodils and crocus represent spring, it is hyacinths that bring the smell of spring with it. Also a member of the lily family, this particular beautiful flower comes in a wide range of colors which truly speaks of the spring charm. With the vibrancy of hyacinths, you can spot it even from a distant. From bluish-purple to bright fuchsia, there are numerous colorful varieties for you to choose from.


5. Tulips



Speak of spring and visualize tulips? A staple to a garden in spring, this beautiful flower is a winner in visuals. Again, with a wide array of colors on offer, tulips resemble gorgeous color pops at par with the youthful spring. A must-try is buying tulips in large bunches and groups to up the beauty quotient of your home several notches higher. As the poet A. E. Stallings says, “The tulips make me want to paint,” you are also to enjoy the jovial company of this beautiful flower ushering in the season of spring.


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6. Camellia



This flower has ‘Spring Festival’ in its name. For obvious reasons, we bring to you the camellia as our next beautiful flower you can confide in for welcoming spring. French poet Balzac found romanticism in a camellia due to its ability to be unaffected by the wrath of winter. When rose and lily fails in the face of adversities, this flower stays true to the poet’s words, “I gladly see camellias shining bright,”. In contrast with glaucous foliage, the pink (or pale pink) bloom catches the spirit of spring in its entirety.


7. Primrose



When spring comes, you can see the meadows filled with vibrant colors of primrose spring flowers. Rich in a variety of colors, no list of spring flowers will be ever complete without these youthful blooms. From subtle pastel shades to bold colors like yellow, bold pink, blue and red, primrose flowers are a perfect companion of spring. The evergreen plant with blooms in spring is a must while ushering the season to your abode.


8. Magnolia



Also known as the Star Magnolia, this flower is truly the star of a garden. Calling it just a ‘beautiful flower” will do injustice to its beauty. It boasts with a pristine form of prettiness, making its appearance certainly grand in early spring. Also, its strong fragrance makes it stand out of the lot. White, dark, or pale pink flowers on empty branches before the new leaves unfurl is a picture to stand by and admire. Hence, a magnolia flower is perfect for getting the unmistakable feel of spring throughout your mind and soul.


9. Winter Aconite

winter aconite


Welcome bees, butterflies, and other pollinators with this extremely beautiful flower variety while you’re welcoming spring. Quite similar to the buttercup flowers, this variety can give you a feeling of looking at a long spread of yellow carpet. The bright yellow color matches the liveliness of the season spring, making it the perfect set of spring flowers to decorate your home or garden with.


10. Double Rock Rose

double rock rose


Last to include in the list of spring flowers is rock rose, which blooms in the latter half of the spring. This flower will likely test your patience but it is completely worth it once it unfolds its beauty for the world to see. Gardeners and spring flower specialists put their complete faith in double rock rose plants and refer to such spring flowers as one of the most beautiful and best blooms during the awaited season.




They say spring has a healing power to get rid of winter blues. Truly, you can say that spring is when the weather seems to be in a “jocund company” and drenches you with warm sunshine—something to be excited about as the winter season subsides. With this, don’t forget to check this list and go through the wide array of spring flowers that will make you say Bienvenido to the season!



On a side note, check these cheap and easy steps to make a hanging flower pot for your living room. This is the best DIY project to do when you want to add some greenery for your interiors that require that much-needed makeover.

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