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5 Cheap & Easy Steps To Make A Hanging Flower Pot 5 Cheap & Easy Steps To Make A Hanging Flower Pot

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5 Cheap & Easy Steps To Make A Hanging Flower Pot

Written by: James Anderson

Install hanging flower pots using these simple & easy steps to give your home a colorful & vibrant makeover. See the magic happen INSTANTLY!

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Are you tired of the décor of your home and looking for a budget-friendly way to spruce it up? Do you have green fingers but don’t have the space to indulge in your hobby? Then you should consider dotting your home with a hanging flower pot or two.



We understand if you are a bit wary about this idea. After all, why would anyone want to hang heavy pots of plants on a ceiling? Isn’t that a disaster waiting to happen?



Fortunately, hanging flower pots are quite sturdy as you will soon see. And by the end of this piece, you should know why you need them and also how to safely install them in your home.



What Are Hanging Flower Pots?




For those who are just hearing about this concept for the first time, then it should not be difficult to grasp. Hanging flower pots are a novel way to introduce nature into the home without taking too much space. Just like the name implies, they are plants growing in a hanging pot or basket.



How To Install Hanging Flower Pots

If you are still reading up to this point, then we can assume you are finally sold on dotting your house with these beauties. So let’s proceed to learn about how to install them.



Things You Will Need For Installation

  • A drill
  • A ladder
  • A step ladder
  • Ceiling hook
  • A scale for weighing the flower pot or basket



Step-By-Step Instructions For Installing Hanging Plants




1. Weigh The Flower Pot Or Basket




Watering your plants regularly makes them heavier. So if the ceiling hook is not sturdy enough to carry the increasing weight, it will all come crashing down. Thus, to prevent this from happening, you will need to weigh your plant on a scale. To be on the safe side, ensure the plant is wet before weighing.



Now, whatever the weight is, you will need to buy a ceiling hook that is heavier than your plant. For instance, if your plant’s weight is 5 pounds, then your ceiling hook should weigh more than 15 pounds.



2. Pick Your Desired Spot

Before settling on a spot for your plant, you have to know under which conditions they can thrive. Let’s assume you have a plant that either needs all day sunlight or just a half-day of sun. In that case, hanging the planter where they can get just the right amount of sun would be preferable.



Also, consider the temperature of a room when choosing a spot. Keep your hanging plants away from areas of extreme temperatures like heater vents, drafty windows, or air conditioners. Extreme temperatures can make your plant shrivel and die.



3. Drill A Hole At Your Desired Spot

Now that you have picked your spot, it is time for the actual installation. You will need a ladder for the rest of the installation. So, use a drill to form a 1/2-inch deep hole in your chosen spot, preferably on the ceiling. The hole should be a bit smaller than the part of the hook that will be attached to the ceiling.



4. Attach The Ceiling Hook

attach the cieling hook



Push the ceiling hook into the drilled hole and turn in a clockwise manner to tighten it. Ensure that the hook is not loose or it may pull out of the hole and ruin your ceiling.



5. Affix Your Hanging Planter

Affix Your Hanging Planter



Strong hook? Check. A choice spot for your plants? Check. The last thing on the list should be attaching your hanging planter to the hook.



At this stage, let your inner creativity come out to play. You can choose to stagger the lengths of your hanging planters or make them the same size. It’s your home, make your personal statement.



Why You Should Try Hanging Flower Pots?

We understand if you are still not decided about having an ecosystem dangling above your head like the Sword of Damocles. Hopefully, the following points should make you see the allure in having these elegant décor in your home.



It Gives Your Home An Aesthetic Appeal

The presence of a hanging flower put in a home dramatically adds to its appeal. They upgrade the look and feel of a room, giving it an understated elegance and style.



Besides, hanging flower pots are not just for aesthetic purposes, they are also practical too. Indoor plants are noted for increasing productivity and ridding the air of toxins. So it’s a two-in-one offer.



It Frees Up Space In The Home

Let’s be honest, this point is really a no-brainer. A hanging flower pot barely takes up space in the home since they are hung vertically. So, you can cram as many as you want into a small space without it looking out of place. Little wonder hanging flower pots are coveted by most people with small spaces.



It Makes Gardening Easy

Another benefit of a hanging flower pot is how easy it makes tending to plants look. That’s right! You can easily relocate your plants from one corner of your house to another, based on what the plants need at a particular time.



How Is That Possible?

Well, let’s assume you noticed that the place you installed your hanging flower pot isn’t sunny enough and your plant needs lots of sunlight. What to do? Simply move the hanging flower pot to a much sunnier area and watch it grow.



What if the sun is too much and you feel your plants could do with some shade? Then move the hanging flower pot to a shady place. In essence, the ease with which you can decide how much sunlight, water, and shade your plants need, makes gardening easy.



It Requires Little Maintenance

Plant hangers are ideal for those who hate the thought of spending huge amounts of time gardening. Since they are located in a small pot or basket, they grow fewer weeds, especially when compared to ground-level gardens. So, you don’t have to spend hours pulling up unwanted growth or doing general maintenance. Hanging flower pots only requires a few minutes of attention and then you are on your way.



It Is Affordable

Yes, hanging planters may not look like it but they definitely save you money. How? For one, you don’t need experts to install them, you can easily do them by yourself. For another, a little fertilizer goes a long way. This is in sharp contrast to ground level plants whose fertilizers are easily washed away by groundwater.



With plant hangers, your manure or fertilizer will last you a long time as they stay in the pot.



Sometimes, doing things the conventional way can get boring. And that’s why the concept of hanging flower pots is revolutionary. So for added lushness and a spark of color, think hanging planters. You will be glad you did.

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