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10 Ways To Grow Your Very Own Indoor Garden 10 Ways To Grow Your Very Own Indoor Garden

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10 Ways To Grow Your Very Own Indoor Garden

Written by: Daniel Carter

An indoor garden can turn any house into a small paradise. Keen to keep plants but have no clue how? Here's all you need to know about indoor gardens.

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An indoor garden sounds dreamy and almost too good to be true: just picture roses spilling out from every corner of the house, like a scene from a fairytale.



Yes, indeed: indoor gardens turn houses into small paradises, but growing one is more complicated than you may think.



Keen on creating a wonderland of your own? Here are 10 ideas that will certainly inspire you to set up your own indoor garden:





1. An Indoor Garden On A Windowsill

 An Indoor Garden On A Windowsill



Here is a good spot to place your green plants: the windowsill. This placement will allow your plants to get all the sunlight that they need.



Mix and match plants of different sizes. These plants will add chicness to the delicate space that is the window sill.



Once done, soak in the sight from the living room – the view will bring about a certain sense of calm and inner peace.




2. An Indoor Garden In The Kitchen

An Indoor Garden In The Kitchen


When it comes to type, aromatic plants are a great pick for the kitchen.



Such plants are normally used to add flavor to our dishes. So here’s our suggestion: why not grow some of your own?



Some plants can occupy the top of the cupboards, which are generally unoccupied.


Others can be hung above the countertop in decorative macrame – instead of encroaching on the workspace, they will gracefully decorate the place.



Happy cooking with your freshly gathered herbs!



3.  An Indoor Garden With Smart Furniture

An Indoor Garden With Smart Furniture



Technology can be very enabling. Indoors or outdoors, we love the idea of smart garden kits for plants.



Take, for instance, this hydroponics growing system with self-growing plant pots. Requiring little to no maintenance, it’s perfect for busy and/or forgetful individuals.



With features like smart lighting and automatic hydration, this kit is bound to solve all your plant-growing woes.



BEAUTLOHAS’ Indoor Herb Garden is available HERE




4. An Indoor Garden In The Living Room

An Indoor Garden In The Living Room



Green plants invite themselves with great pomp in our interiors and offer themselves a place of choice in the living room.



There is no need for heavy curtains to protect you from the sharp rays of light. Opt for large shelves provided with greenery, that will let soft rays of the sun into your interior.



The accumulation of cacti and other green plants placed near the window will perfectly play the organic screens. So you will get an absolutely beautiful garden inside your home.




5. An Indoor Garden In The Dining Room

An Indoor Garden In The Dining Room



It’s akin to having a mini jungle at home, really – go for a plant room divider, or scatter some large potted plants around your dining area.



Another idea would be to hang plants from the ceiling, right above the dining table: this adds a refined edge to the dining room.



Whether arranged on a window sill or on a piece of furniture, plants breathe a resolutely refreshing air to the room.



Dried or not, they bring a vegetal note chic.



Play the total look by betting on a poster displaying herbarium.




6. An Indoor Garden On Shelves

An Indoor Garden On Shelves


Contrary to popular belief, indoor gardens don’t necessarily require a lot of space: in fact, you’re good to go if you have at least one spare shelf at home!



Between a row of books in the living room and your most beautiful kitchen tableware, fill up one or more shelves with greenery (i.e. plants).



The only downside of this installation is that very tall plants are – sadly – out of the question.



For a finishing touch, don’t hesitate to customize your terracotta flower pots using paint or masking tape!




7. An Indoor Garden With Wallpaper


An Indoor Garden With Wallpaper



Don’t have a green thumb? No worries – you needn’t be an expert on plants to have your own indoor garden.



Fortunately for you, many wallpapers these days mimic the real thing.




Wow visitors to your house with this plant-themed wallpaper. It’s is so realistic, we did a double-take when we first saw it!



8. An Indoor Garden In The Bathroom

An Indoor Garden In The Bathroom



In a bathroom with a total white look or wooden furniture, incorporate greenery for an indoor garden aesthetic.




Large green plants in wicker baskets, hanging plants in decorative macrame – turn your bathroom into a haven of jungle chic!



hoose plants that are able to withstand high temperatures as the bathroom tends to be rather hot and humid.



Ficus and ferns will be the best choices for such an environment.



Tip: Always make sure that the containers are not full of water so that the plant roots are not suffocated.




9.  An Indoor Garden On A Table

An Indoor Garden On A Table




Who says plants don’t belong on the table? We say they definitely do!



Spruce up a table with mini cacti and succulents: the little bit of greenery soothes the eyes, and makes for great visual interest.



Variety is the spice of life – test the indoor garden gathered on a table, aligning various plants, large or small, short or tall.



Buy Plants for Pets’ Succulent Plants (5 Pack) from Amazon. 




10. An Indoor Garden Under Glass

An Indoor Garden Under Glass



Ain’t this tiny terrarium just adorable? Coming in all shapes and sizes, terrariums are perfect for putting succulents in; this combination generally requires less maintenance than “ordinary” plants.



So what’s the idea or solution here?  Put under glass your most beautiful finds, green leaves, flowers… anything goes, really.



Complete your mini indoor garden by adding frames of different sizes and finishes.

Get your SHE’S HOME Round Glass Wall Planter today.



Having read this article, which of the above 10 ideas is your favorite?



Share your opinion with us below, and stay tuned for more cool garden ideas!

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