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13 Bronze Color Ideas For A Touch Of Instant Glamour 13 Bronze Color Ideas For A Touch Of Instant Glamour

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13 Bronze Color Ideas For A Touch Of Instant Glamour

Written by: William Harrison

Instantly elevate the look of your house with these gorgeous bronze color ideas! Whether on walls or as decor, add class to any space today.

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Bronze color is the Big Daddy of all metal accents. It’s understated, shiny, but still uniquely dull at the same time. So, how exactly can you use them in your spaces?



Here are 13 ways to glam up your house with these shades!






1. Statement Light Fixtures



Statement Light Fixtures



Whether it’s a large chandelier or a classical hanging light, a statement light fixture in dull bronze hues can definitely ramp up the glamour of your spaces.



These fixtures can be both retro and dull or sleek and bold. It totally depends on your choice of interior design style!



Check out this range of bronze metal light fixtures Amazon has to offer.



2. Furniture Finishes



Furniture Finishes



Deco painted furniture is an excellent way to emulate bronze-colored glamour in a home interior.



The best part about this venture is that you can be as subtle or glaring about this idea as you want. If you want to be understated, you can simply have the smallest parts of your furniture painted a dull copper color.



And if you want to go guns blazing, then you can choose the largest parts of your furniture to be painted in these metal accents.



A little bronze paint can go a very long way!




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3. Dry Arrangements




Dry Arrangements



Have you ever seen either bronze or copper color in nature? Well, of course – the entire fall season is chock full of bronze-colored nature!



From dried pine cones to leafless branches and gently falling maple leaves – all of them are the metal accents of Mother Nature.



You can take your pick from these and create a gorgeous dry arrangement to effuse some of this classic beauty in your home interiors!




4. Mirror Frames



Mirror Frames



Whether it’s a small, compact round modern mirror with a copper-colored frame or a full-sized rococo masterpiece in brass color, mirrors can enhance the overall look of a space greatly. You can certainly add bronze glamour to your spaces with the help of it.



Thre’s no ‘right’ way to go about choosing a mirror frame: honestly, the selection process depends largely on your interior design style.



It’s best to pick a simple one for a modern interior. An elaborate mirror with classy metalwork, on the other hand, looks best in neo-classical or rustic spaces.



Beautify your house instantly with these bronze mirror frames.



5. LED Backlit Artwork


LED Backlit Artwork



Art has transcended the typical mediums these days. Artists create so many new and amazing things all the time: it’s no surprise, then, how backlit LED artwork has become a staple of glamorous interior designs.



Click here for some quick and clever wall art ideas to use today.



Hang a bronze-colored artwork on a wall to instantly transform it into a statement wall! It can totally effuse your spaces with a quintessential contemporary charm.



Just imagine the glowing halo of brass-colored artwork in your own rooms – looks lovely even in your imagination, doesn’t it?



These bronze LED artworks make great compliments to any room.




6. Pendant Lights




Pendant Lights



Apart from being a modern convenience, pendant lights also indisputably make great daily essentials. We reckon it’s a good thing, then, that they come in so many different designs and finishes.



A cluster of shiny bronze pendant lights hanging above your dining table, breakfast bar, or entrance foyer can totally give a bold and glamorous look to an otherwise ordinary space!



Achieve an effortlessly glamorous look with bronze pendant lights.



7. Metal Wall Hangings



Metal Wall Hangings



Nothing quite beats the casual vintage charm of metal wall hangings! Their casually artistic aura is exactly the thing you need to glam up with simple interior design. What’s better is that they’re available in so many different designs these days!



Can’t get enough of wall decor ideas? Be sure to check out Splendid Wall Decor Ideas For A Stunning Wall.



You can even create a gallery wall that features a cluster of these in different finishes – bronze, copper color, brass color, etc. – all in a single space!



Choose from a wide array of bronze wall hangings here.



8. Decorative Bird Cages



Decorative Bird Cages



You don’t need to have an actual pet bird to feature a bronze finished birdcage in your home interiors. In fact, decorative birdcages are one of the most eclectic and trending home décor accessories in the market.



Use a single cage to make a statement, or feature a cluster of three to add some visual dynamism.



For a more unusual look, consider adding these bronze bird cages to your living room.



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9. Vintage Lanterns



Vintage Lanterns



When most people hear the word copper or bronze, they immediately think of ‘vintage.’



Well, this idea is not completely far off because brass colored vintage lamps are a huge thing. They’re very old-school and since literally no one uses oil lamps anymore, they can be used as a simple decoration piece to add some glamour.



10/10 rating for these pretty vintage lamps!




10. Desk Accessories



Desk Accessories



The addition of subtle brass color accents can definitely inject class and sophistication into your workspace.



What’s great is that you don’t even have to select large items – some simple accessories (yes, even stationery items) will do. We could gush over these gorgeous desk decor all day. All you have to do is arrange them artistically on your desk!



Get these desk accessories to instantaneously enliven any workspace.



11. Staircase Railing & Door/Window Frames



Staircase Railing & Door:Window Frames



What’s the most subtle yet effective way to add some copper-colored highlights in your spaces? Staircase railings and frames, of course!



Not only is a bronze railing/door/window frame a unique way to blend in subtle metal accents with the surroundings, you can also use them in bulk without much fear of going overboard.




12. A Trick of the Light



A Trick of the Light



Sometimes, you don’t even need to have an actual bronze design element in your homes.



You can use gold lighting and brown surfaces to achieve the copper color effect easily. All you’ll need is an accent lamp set up against a deep brown colored surface.



Whenever you click on the lamp, the light reflected off by the brown surface would create an aura similar to that of a glammed up bronze interior design!




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13. Bronze Stone Surfaces



Bronze Stone Surfaces



If you want to emulate the bronze color in your home while retaining a sleek modern vibe, you can go for classic stone surfaces.



These days, there are a lot of artificial and engineered stones in various shades and textures of bronze color that you can feature on your statement walls, kitchen countertops, dining tables, and more! They look positively glamorous without losing that contemporary edge.



All of these ideas are an excellent way to glamorize your spaces with bronze metal accents. Don’t believe us? Try them out and see the results for yourself!

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