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15 Faux Fur Ideas For The Ultimate Luxury Home 15 Faux Fur Ideas For The Ultimate Luxury Home

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15 Faux Fur Ideas For The Ultimate Luxury Home

Written by: Daniel Carter

Experts recommend these eco-friendly faux fur decor options! Get a luxurious look without breaking the bank right now.

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With autumn in full swing and winter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to add a soft, snug touch to your home. Faux fur is a great way to not only add some style to your space but also make it feel welcoming and warm!



Here are 15 fantastic ways in which faux fur can make your house appear more luxurious:






1. Window Nook


What’s better than sipping on a cup of coffee and watching the morning sun from the window?




Window Nook



An ultra-soft faux fur mat placed on a window nook will make the idea all the more irresistible! Go for pristine white or subtle pastels for a peaceful ambiance.



Get EEVAN Super Soft Rabbit Faux Fur Mat from Amazon. 



2. Living Room Rug




Living Room Rug



Whether you’re lounging alone or spending time with friends, adding a faux fur rug to your living room instantly adds a luxurious charm to the whole space.



Be it a full-sized carpet or a smaller rug under the center table, we love both the ideas!



Get LEEVAN Faux Fur Round Rug from Amazon. 



3. A Plush Faux Fur Blanket



A Plush Faux Fur Blanket



The sight of a plush faux fur blanket makes us want to slip right into bed and relax all day long!



Just throw it onto your existing bedding to add a warm layer to your bed that also gives it a stylish look to boot.



Go for a deep brown or indigo shade in case your room has relatively darker shades in its decor.



Get Chanasya Faux Fur Bed Blanket from Amazon. 


4. Bedroom Rug



Bedroom Rug



In the mood to take the elegant faux fur appeal a notch higher? Go for a luxurious bedroom rug to complete the chic bedroom look.



Pick a neutral shade like ivory or beige if your room’s decor is subtle. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for a turquoise or blue rug to add a nice pop of color.



Get Carvapet Luxury Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Area Rugs from Amazon. 





5. Chair Cover



Chair Cover



The easiest way to dress up your chair in some soft, fuzzy warmth is layering it with a feathery-soft faux fur chair cover.



We recommend going for a subtle shade like ivory or beige so it is versatile enough for any chair and room in the house.



Get LOCHAS Deluxe Super Soft Fluffy Shaggy Home Decor from Amazon. 



6. Faux Fur Sofa Cushions




Faux Fur Sofa Cushions



Some faux fur cushions over a couch make for an effortlessly luxurious sight.



If you’re in a playful mood, go for a bunch of wildly different colors to spice up an otherwise subtle space.



For a classy and formal look, pick them in a single color or different shades of the same color.



Get NordECO HOME Luxury Soft Faux Fur Fleece Cushion Cover from Amazon.



7. Accent Pillow




Accent Pillow



We’d love a couple of faux fur accent pillow to snuggle next to, even if we get a tad comfortable and get a little late for work!



Pick one in lovely pastels to turn your bedroom into an even dreamier space.



Get Ceruleanhome 2pc 100% Velvet Flannel Pillow Shams from Amazon. 



8. Children’s Play Area



Children's Play Area



A big white fur rug in your children’s play area can turn it into a winter wonderland.



Try to opt for a relatively thicker rug so it keeps their little feet comfortable and protected. After all, kids love running all over the place, so a bit of cushioning never hurts!



Get YJ.GWL Ultra Soft Round Blue Area Rugs from Amazon. 



9. Vanity Stool



Vanity Stool


This vanity stool with a white fur top takes us back to Hollywood in the ’50s! Place it in your dressing room to sit in style as you do your make up.



Its simple yet stylish design makes it versatile enough to look great in other rooms as well. Now, isn’t this a plush way to kick back and put your feet up after a long day?



Get Christopher Knight Home Mid-Century Faux Fur Ottoman from Amazon.



10. Faux Fur Throw Pillow



Faux Fur Throw Pillow




Want to create a super cushy corner in your bedroom or living room? Take a bunch of faux fur throw pillows in different vibrant shades and pile them atop your favorite sofa or bench.



We promise that you will find not just you but also your friends gravitating to this cozy corner whenever they visit!



Get MIULEE Decorative Dark Blue Faux Fur Throw Pillow Case from Amazon. 



11. Faux Fur Throw Blanket



Faux Fur Throw Blanket



The appeal of a throw blanket is universal, and it’s even more so if it’s made of faux fur! Whether thrown casually around a couch or a center table, the result is almost always a cute chic look.



Just snuggle up under it when you’re feeling a little chilly – it’s the perfect recipe for a lazy afternoon nap.



Get GRACED SOFT LUXURIES faux fur throw blanket from Amazon. 



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12. Table Runner



Table Runner



Dining tables are where friends and family gather around to share stories and meals. And a lush white fur table runner can add a lovely charm to this everyday occasion.



Go for whites and neutral shades for a nice contrast against a wood table.



Get OurWarm Luxury Christmas Table Runner from Amazon. 



13. Accent Chair


Accent Chair



There’s something so incredibly inviting about a plush faux fur accent chair! It not only works great in the bedroom, but it also fits well in your study or living room area. Pick one that is light in weight so you can move it around your home.



Get Urban Shop Faux Fur Saucer Chair with Metal Frame from Amazon. 



14. Reading Area



Reading Area



Every home should have a cozy reading corner to curl up with a book! And the best way to make it super comfortable is to throw an ultra-comfortable fur blanket and cushions.



Since this is your personal corner, don’t be afraid to dress it up in vibrant colors of your choice.



Get Tache 50×60 Faux Fur Throw Blanket from Amazon.


15. Faux Fur Ottoman



Faux Fur Ottoman



A chic white bench like this can up the elegance quotient of any room. Use it to adorn your hallway, living room, or your bedside. We personally love the contrast of the warm brown wooden legs against the fuzzy white fabric.



Get Yongchuang White Faux Fur Ottoman Bench from Amazon. 



If you’re thinking of adding a chic and luxurious element to your home, then going for faux fur decor is a great idea. Be it white fur blankets or vibrant throw pillows, they instantly add an element of plush comfort to your space.


Whichever room it may be, it sure can use a bit of faux fur sumptuousness!

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