100 Best Office File Cabinets That Are Super Useful

March 2, 2021

An office file cabinet is one of the most essential and beneficial pieces of furniture that can help you organize your paperwork.


This organizer will not only save you a lot of time when you are looking for important files, but will also make your office space look more put-together, assembled, and neat, and who doesn’t like that? 


If this concept is something you are not familiar with, and the thought of reorganizing your entire filing system is a little overwhelming, the following guide will help you get started with getting the perfect office file cabinet for your space and requirements. 


100 Best Office File Cabinets That Are Super Useful

Filing cabinets are incredible for organizing your important documents, bills, and papers. Investing in a filing cabinet is a good idea, especially when you want to keep your home and workplace neater and more organized.



Filing cabinets essentially secure your important files and upgrade your home and office look. With hundreds of varieties in the storage cabinets, you can choose a perfect match to customize your workplace style. If you look for insight into those varieties in filing cabinets, read this article to the end. Remember, not every good looking cabinet shall suit your home or office decor, keep your priorities in mind before making a decision. We have enlisted some of the best trendy storage cabinets that are graceful and affordable.




Lorell takes pride in providing the world’s best filing cabinets at affordable prices. They blend art and style to create eye-catchy cabinets that add grace and type in the decor. Lorell 14341 has a metal construction and simple design. Due to its versatility, It would suit any decor to enhance its look. It measures 18 x 14.25 x 24.5 inches and weighs 19 pounds.




This vertical Lorell file cabinet has four drawers for extra storage space. The steel construction provides maximum strength, whereas the slide suspension gives additional drawer extension. Also, it weighs 75 pounds and measures 25 x 15 x 52 inches.




There are three drawers in this small file cabinet. The longevity of the item is ensured via high-quality wooden MDF boards. The office cabinet has four casters that can roll flat on both wooden and taped floors.




These 25 hanging folders have a standard size that includes flexible plastic tabs and replaceable white label inserts; slots are cut every 1/5 inch. The  Encased rod tips guarantee soft flapping when opening and closing.




This 5-pocket wall file is made of rugged steel with a black finish for a sleek look. It shows reading material or files neatly. Moreover, Cascading architecture makes visualization simpler and usable. Wall suspended configuration uses wall space that is not otherwise used, so tablets are kept clutter-free.




This 3-tier file organizer supports an effective and productive space for work. It is made from a robust, daily strength mesh material. Besides, its light black colors offer a professional look and easily coincide with the décor.




This cabinet is made from sturdy, heavy steel and environmentally friendly finish, including all drawers for extended durability. The top drawer includes a removable handle, with the bottom tube a removable hanging file bar that adapts letter, legal and A4 documents.




This cabinet has a depth of 18 inches to be easily integrated into your office environment, two storage drawers, and full-extension gloves to allow quick access to all your folders. The steel construction is durable, supporting up to 200 lbs and measures 14.2” W x 18.1” D x 24.6” H.



There is a distinction between espresso and black accents in this cabinet. It features a locking top drawer for added security of personal documents or files. Also, letter and legal size hanging files are housed in the file drawer. It measures 16.38 x 29 x 28.25 inches.




This cabinet has a three drawer case, a one pencil cabinet storage drawer, and a hanging file frame in letter size. Also, the lock secures all three drawers for the protection of your file and objects.




Check out this smooth-glide suspension cabinet with two file drawers to create a change in your decor. It has drawers to secure your letter-size files with a lock. The durability comes from steel construction with a baked enamel finish.




There are a plastic handle and steel structure in this Lorell 18505 cabinet. The file drawer accommodates hanging letter-size files. It measures 18 x 14.25 x 24.5 inches.




This Lorell LLR17427 cabinet has 3 x Drawers for Accessories. Its easy access comes from the gliding suspension. Moreover, It is made with Baked Enamel, plastic, and steel for extended durability.



This three-drawer modular file cabinet is made of solid beechwood with a golden blonde finish. Its classic look and slender legs provide a traditional casual style. Improve your room’s face with a suitable desk, computer desk, corner desk, printer stand, and library. Also, it measures 20 “wide by 18.8” by 29.



This cabinet is provided with drawers to keep your essential documents secured. Its safety mechanism enables you and your family to stay only one drawer open at a time. Solid wood feet give the long-lasting durability.




Arrange with the portable storage cabinet boxes all of your paperwork, letters, folder, and hanging files. The file folder box is highly durable and reinforced underneath is super stable. Also, cleaning linen material outside is comfortable, and any dust from your documents and files is kept away by a convenient lid.




This cabinet features Rich Espresso Oak finished with Chrome’s hardware, which offers easy access to the rear drawers’ contents. It has a simple, elegant, and timeless design.




There are two drawers in this cabinet. The file drawers accommodate letter filing or can be used to keep supplies convenient and out of sight. It measures 15 x 19 x 27 inches.




Keep your files in this modern file cabinet organized for your home office or room. The top 2 drawers are useful for accessories, pins, registers, papers, and books, while the bottom drawer is suitable for all the files and folders.




This home file cabinet is made of sturdy and durable metal. Its 360 ° wheels make moving anywhere easy. It has two lock-designed drawers, and a single lock for each cabinet ensures your privacy and files.



This frame is made of metal with rust-proof electrostatic spray for more extended durability and has a total capacity of up to 200lbs. Besides, the drawer boundary’s closed nature will discourage the mouse or other tiny insects from entering. Swivel Caster 360 degree makes it easy to move this module anywhere you need it.




This case is made of lightweight plastic as an economical alternative to metal. It can store documents and folders of the letter or legal size neatly. The matt grey decoration with dark grey decoration will also add to your decor’s style, and the separately lockable drawers with two keys provide additional safety.




Make full use of the size of this cabinet. The three large bookcase shelves are designed for your college books, children’s toys, animal feed, launderings, plates and vases from your DVD collection, etc. With elegant oval cabinet knobs, you can easily open and close safely and keep you clean of dust for your softcover collection!




These highly durable vertical file cabinets are encased in vertical steel with double-wall tilting to keep your documents safe. This vertical file cabinet is made of solid steel. It contains full-suspension drawers that silently and efficiently open and close, thumb ties that hold drawers firmly closed.




This durable file cabinet has black accents and a drawer that can accommodate letters and legal-size files—also, full extensions for easy filing of glides and metal tracks. Do not worry about safety because it contains a safety lock.




This cabinet has three lockable drawers for privacy, two keys, sustainable metal construction, and your files and supplies. Its overall dimensions are 22” L x 15.75” W x 23” H.




This cabinet is finished for versatile positioning on all sides. The drawers with full extension hold legal or letter-size files to help you maintain your order. Besides, only one drawer can be opened at a time with the interlocking safety mechanism.




This durable cabinet contains a letter, legal, or European file hangers with full extension slides. Also, it is made of engineered, durable, and versatile wood construction. It comes with Antiqued White Finish.




This filing cabinet has a robust mobile box file pedestal for storing all of your office essentials. The file drawer slides provide Easy Access with full ball extensions. Moreover,  The water, scratch, and dent are also durable, with a protective ribbon of 3 mm.




This cabinet has two deep drawers that are ideal for hanging documents in your office file. This desk drawer cabinet is convenient to move and durable with two lockable wheels at the front and one supporting wheel at the drawer’s bottom.




Modernize your office to create a polished look with this locking file case. Overall sizes of the drawing panel: 13″W x 18.5″ D x 4.5″H Bottom drawing panel size: 13″W x 18.75″ D.




You can’t miss this cabinet, equipped with two drawers for filing letters. Other essential offices are stored in the Full High-Sides drawers, and the top drawer is perfect for small items.




This cabinet’s durable laminate-fused thermally removes scratches and stains. It can fit conveniently under a desk wherever you need storage. Besides, the drawers can move on smooth slides to reach files and office provision effortlessly.



This file organizer has elegance and durability. It brings versatility and accessibility to the workplace. Besides, the Desktop File Organizer is widely helpful. It has a glossy black color. If you want to get a style in your home decor, you cannot miss it!




This drawer file frame is going to ease your life. With its optimal size to fit in your home/office and accommodate your files, it should be your top priority. It is made of stainless steel. It measures Letter Size, 9-3/4″H X 11- 3/4″ W; Minimum Length 14″; Maximum Length 18.”



This office file cabinet has three drawers that provide ample storage space for your essential documents. The design is kept simple to suit any decor. It is made of Pb wood that offers extra durability and elegance.




These vertical file cabinets are clad in sturdy steel with vertical supports and a double-walled top kickplate to secure your important documents. We’ve built this with you in mind; our office cabinets have high drawer sides to carry your hanging file files and label holders to help you quickly and conveniently locate the file you need.



In this cabinet, the top drawer features metal runners to provide you with protection. The bottom drawer with full extension slides holds letter-size hanging files to help keep you organized. Also, the finish on all sides makes it versatile for placement anywhere in your home.




This cabinet features drawers with full-length slides to hold letter or legal-sized hanging files to keep your valuable documents sorted. Its protection system requires only one drawer to be opened at a time to keep you and your family safe. Dimensions of inner drawers-26 W x 12.75 D x 8.75 H.




This File Cart includes all letters and legal directories for maximum storage. Mobility is vital, and the wheels make it easier to travel, and the bottom shelf holds books, manuals, binders, and office supplies. Durability comes from steel wire processing, and the cart is sustained by hard repeated use.




Keep your files sorted for every home, office, or space with this new file office. The Convenient three drawer filing cabinet with five castors is easy to pass about. It tends to be ideal next to every desk or work table for additional room.



42. Space Solutions 20227 File Cabinet


Maintain your files in this new file cabinet, the most appropriate for a house or small office storage. Its high drawers feature hanging files in letter size and smooth 3/4 drawer drawers. The casting secures two top cabinets and measures 35.5 “x 14.25” x 18.


Lorell is proud to deliver laminate fabrication and Metal to Metal cam locking links for high-quality cabinets. With 3 mm of PVC sides, the boxed holes with inserts for quick connection by pedestal screws.




This cabinet contains drawers that carry a letter or legal file size with complete extension slides. The proprietary, interlocking control system helps in effective security with one drawer open at a time. It has Engineered wood construction and finished Estate Black. Dimensions assembled: L: 33.307 “x W: 23.465” x H: 29.37.




This Hand twisted paper file cabinet features an anti-flip and hinged lid. Slot handles on one side easy to navigate. Both letter and legal sized files are available in the file cabinet. Its dimension are: 14.96′ L x 10.63′ D x 11.02’h.




The five drawer case can be used as a dressing room or storage room to arrange your items. Durability is obtained from the environmentally sustainable construction of particleboards. The scale is 19.69 x 16.14 x 26.77 cm.



This collection of two gold concept file owners is the holder of this magazine. Measure 9.8 cm to 12 cm to 3.9 cm each. This foldable collection of magazine organizers was made of high quality, sturdy, and reusable cardboard.




This cabinet is versatile and highly durable. The dimension is 18 “x 24.4” x 40.4 “(W x D x H). The dimension of the drawer is 15″x 20.2″x 9.6” (W x D x H). It has three drawers with ball bearing runners.




Try this moving file cabinet with a sturdy laminate. The box drawer is ideal for office supplies and provides convenient access to materials through complete extension ball bearing slides.




This IKEA cabinet is distinguished due to its simple design and extensive storage. Also, it is made of particleboard. It suits every decor due to its versatility.



This file organizer is a package of 2 organizer racks for rolling metal mesh. It is great for file folders and documents to keep. The rolling style makes it convenient to transport the document holder. Its dimensions are 15.0 W x 12.75 D x 11.5 H (in inches)




The storage cart consists of high-quality steel, stable, and long-lasting construction. This cart has 1 tier and the hanging divisors that can be transferred to the file folder legally or in letter size. Its dimensions are 23.5”L x 15.4”W x 22.4”H.



This cabinet has four deep drawers that are medium width. The storage capacity is ideal for storing all personal products, such as shoes, clothing, office supplies, art supplies, toys, bath products, seasonal holiday decorations, and more.




Check out this cabinet with an Espresso finished in Wood Veneer. For easy access, it includes Silver Powder Coat Handles. It is designed to fit any decor and accommodate hanging files of standard size.




This file cabinet is finished with warm honey. For safety and security, the cabinets feature lockable top drawers. Also, it can accommodate standard filing sizes. It has handles made from antique brass.




This cabinet’s top drawer has a locking mechanism that locks both the drawers and the file cabinet, providing convenient movement for its non-marking casters.




It is a robust laminate surface that is thermally fused. It has superior scratch and stain tolerance. Besides, it includes a facial front lock in the lower and upper drawers with a proficient base.



This Damasco file cabinet has a Melamine coating that makes it graceful and impacts resistant. Its two drawers provide sufficient space for your essential document and accessories. This cabinet is a perfect home and office choice with dimensions:23.62 x 15.74 x 23.81 inches.




The sleek, modern finish is simple for office or home study; this mobile file maintains office supplies and files essential documents for a portable storage solution.




The interlocking mechanism secures three drawers and has two keys to safeguard your files and valuables. For additional security, only one drawer can be opened at a time as a security measure.




The cabinet is made of solid stainless steel to make sure the drawer is durable. This unit can be used while still taking on scratches, drops, and even teeth. It has five wide drawers so that this spacious unit is used for maximum use. It is 14 (L) x 10 in weight. (W) x 75 (W). 25 (H) 25 (H).



This cabinet has three drawers, so you can organize the files in different categories and maximize your productivity. The office box is fast and stylish to store files and gives your office a great décor.




Each drawer is fitted with three different steel hanging rails in this cabinet that can handle A4, F4, letter size, and legally sized suspension files. All drawers have a complete extension and a smooth opening and closing steel ball suspension.




For storing letters, A4, F4, legal hanging files, or other things, this steel cabinet with three full suspension file drawers is incredible. This file cabinet can stop tipping and tilting with its anti-rust coating technology and solid case construction with the interlock mechanism design.




This file cabinet has a distinguished look and durability. The laminate finish of its Iconic Cherry Melamine is engineered to withstand everyday wear and tear. The measurements are: 15 x 19 x 27 inches LxWxH.




This file cabinet has a distinguished look and durability. The laminate finish of its Iconic Cherry Melamine is engineered to withstand everyday wear and tear. The measurements are: 15 x 19 x 27 inches LxWxH.




You can’t miss this if you like to apply changes to your style of decoration. This file cart has a unique build and 0 percent fabric. It is mobile and includes five drawers for a pullout.




This cabinet is excellent for extra storage. It has ten drawers and features durability and versatility. It measures Size : W11.8 x D14.01 x H13.07(in) / W300 × D356 × H332 (mm)




The drawers in this vertical file cabinet Vertical File Cabinets have a lock and fundamental security and safety system. It is made of stainless steel for excellent durability.It measures 360×260×260mm




MECOLOR is providing excellent products and is renowned throughout the world. This cabinet has a simple design and features versatility and durability. Moreover, it offers extra storage for your essentials accommodation.




This family desk is a simple aesthetic crafted by a talented designer. It has two ways to satisfy multiple office requirements. Its shelf is built from high-quality particles and a highly stable steel frame.




This file cabinet prevents tilting with its anti-rost coating technology and durable case construction through an interlock mechanism design. Each drawer has one long hanging file and two short dependent file tracks that can be set up to hang files of different sizes.




OSP Home Furnishing takes pride in creating standard filing cabinets. It has a purple finish and high durability. Use it either as a pencil drawer or file drawer or both.




This literature organizer is a 100 % recyclable, durable, wear-resistant, and formaldehyde-free edge screening board with long-lasting usage.




Office File Storage XIANK-UA has a solid reinforced heavy metal frame. Its shelf can hold up to 120 pounds with five adjustable shelves. Additional security is provided in the door lock, which keeps children and animals away.




The three drawers in this mobile cabinet will fit into most offices and under most desks. It comes with a high degree of durability. To keep your essentials protected, and its lockable function operates at best standards.




This mobile cart filing storage is an excellent choice for your home and office decor. It is made of sturdy furniture grade wood with stain and coated with scratch-resistant laminate. It has eight batches, six flexible pullouts, and letter-size racks to provide extra storage for your essentials.




QNN storage unit is a solid wood storage drawer with a multi-layered frame. You can conveniently protect your primary documents with its lock and protection system. It has a universal built-in wheel on the base for easy movements.




QNN desktop storage has comfortable, elegant, and stylish Solid Wood handles. You can pull the drawer quicker and safer with the handle. 2 Layer/40*28*16Cm, 4 Layer/40*28*29.8Cm.




The KANJJ Desktop drawer organizer keeps your work desk free and maintains your office elegant. It has a single-lock door design that is easy to use, uses a key to open five drawers to ensure confidential documentation simultaneously.




Yadianna storage cabinets provide incredible storage capacity. It is designed for everyday needs and is multifunctional and suitable for many occasions. It is used to store office papers, various office supplies, business cards, craft supplies, school supplies, and more.




JKGHK cabinets have a 3-drawer interlocking mechanism with two keys to secure your valuables and papers. To prevent tipping, only one drawer can be accessed at a time as a security mechanism. The red edge design provides the cabinet with a sleek, modern feel to suit your decor.




Bisley storage cabinet has all high durability steel construction. Use Its five drawers to organize documents, craft, and files for a small office. For convenience,it has a sturdy pull-handle. Powder-coated paint is finished for elegance and style. It measures 2 “H x 9” W x 13 “D.




U Hung Brands adds sophistication and style to your office with its unique organizer of files. It provides the convenience of holding up to 8.5″ x 11”of file folders




The OFM file drawer is designed to hold hanging folders in a letter or legal size. The Thermo fusted melamine finish provides durability, elegance, and style in the decor.It consists of 5 casters for easy movement and two stability lock for safety.




IKEA MICKE has maintained its integrity by providing the world’s best drawer unit. They are based in Sweden, where they produce versatile and durable units. This storage cabinet measures Depth: 19 5/8″ Height: 29 1/2″ Width: 13 3/4.




Sandusky Lee is distinguished for its durable products that are accepted all over the world.This LF6A363-05 600 Series 3 Drawer is a metal cabinet with three full suspension file drawers that incorporate letter and legal hanging files. It measures 19.25 x 42 x 40.87 inches.




This cabinet has a 3-layer drawer with locks for the security of your essentials. It makes it easy to access and position office supplies. For your convenience, It is designed to pull the drawer out safely and quickly.




This deep drawer cabinet is known as finger pull because it is so easy to access and handle. The drawer glides subtly on the slides that are manufactured with care and expertise. Moreover, it provides excellent storage for office essentials.




This Calico Designs Niche mobile file cabinet has a simple design that attracts everyone. It has four tiers for mobility and elegant shape to enhance style. It measures 17.25L x 19W x 23.5H.




It has a two-key interlock system to secure the two drawers. Also, when you are away from your desk, it will keep your valuables and files secure. It is versatile and elegant to suit any decor.




A cabinet you can’t forget is the Alera LS583020MC. It is a sturdy low file cabinet great for storage use, and it fits every style with its versatile design. It measures 0.13 x 0.85 x 1.02 inches.




At your fingertips, this file organizer keeps important documents and files. The sides and base are solid and shaped to hold your files securely. It measures 14″W x 9″D x 10 1/2″H.




The ideal office workhorse and need of the hour are the commercial-grade vertical file cabinets. These file cabinets are built with wood cabinets to withstand frequent use.




For all kinds of home interior decoration, this exquisite modern design display stand is suitable and can be used in different spaces. It is ideal for any home space, such as a study room, office, living room, bedroom, etc.




There are three storage shelves for the Victor Midnight desk. Smooth black matt finishes it. For convenience, it has non slip rubber feet.



This filing cabinet is an excellent way to store your paperwork and documents neatly and organize them. The steel cabinet is designed to withstand frequent use of these file cabinets. It measures 46x62x103cm.




Under certain work surfaces, the low profile cart suits. It includes a stunning polished frame and three black drawers. Holds hanging file files (not included) in regular letter size.



This is an excellent file tray to hold letter / A4 paper, folders, stationery accessories. Top 5 tilted trays with 3 Drawer compartments for easy access to documents. Ideal for desk accessories, stationary.




The Z-line file cabinets are handy for office use. With the espresso finish, this cabinet will uplift your style and decor. Moreover, its locks provide extra security to your essential documents.


It is a robust laminate surface that is thermally fused. It has superior scratch and stain tolerance. Besides, it includes a facial front lock in the lower and upper drawers with a proficient base.


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