The Ultimate Guide To Have The Perfect Office File Cabinet

An office file cabinet is one of the most essential and beneficial pieces of furniture that can help you organize your paperwork.



This organizer will not only save you a lot of time when you are looking for important files, but will also make your office space look more put-together, assembled, and neat, and who doesn’t like that? 



If this concept is something you are not familiar with, and the thought of reorganizing your entire filing system is a little overwhelming, the following guide will help you get started with getting the perfect office file cabinet for your space and requirements. 




Things To Know About Office File Cabinet 

office file cabinet


An important thing to remember about office file cabinets is that each cabinet is different and is meant to fulfill different purposes. They come in different styles, textures, designs, sizes, prices, and whatnot.



However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before buying a cabinet for yourself. These include your requirements, space, budget, office theme, and the overall vibe of the place. 



Another vital thing to know about office file cabinets is that they are versatile. If a piece of furniture is labeled as an office file cabinet, it does not mean that you can’t use it for other purposes as well.



Depending on their size and design, you can use an office file cabinet for storing other items such as stationary, extra folders, fabrics, keys, and supplies, etc.



What Is An Office File Cabinet? 

Let us start with the basics. An office file cabinet is a piece of office furniture that is purposed to store paper documents such as files, registers, folders, and other paperwork. It consists of pull-out drawers in which you can arrange your files as you wish. A good reason to have office file cabinets is to assort your data and clear space in the room. 



Why Do You Need An Office File Cabinet? 

As previously mentioned, an office file cabinet is an essential organizer to keep all of your files in place and categorized according to your liking. If you are somebody who has a lot of data in their office and you spend a lot of time looking for individual papers at crucial timings, this piece of furniture will be your lifesaver. 



Another reason why you might want to have an office file cabinet is that it can provide you with more number of drawers and shelves in the room. If your files and folders are piling up on the floor and in random corners of your office, you definitely need a cabinet.




Different Office File Cabinets

There are various filing cabinet types that you can choose from. They are different designs, materials, and sizes. Each of these can be used for storing different kinds of organizing and storage items. You can choose your favorite office file cabinet according to what you prefer and what your requirements are. Various choices for file organizations include wooden cabinets, metal cabinets, aluminum cabinets, and even plastic file organizers. Each of the different materials has its pros and cons that you need to consider before making your purchase decision.  While wood may be more aesthetic and cost-effective, it can change color easily and may be prone to damage under humid environments. 



Metal has its pros and cons as well. Steel is scratch-resistant and can hold o a lot of weight. The material is sturdy, durable, and mostly weather-resistant, but the design options are limited. They do not always look as aesthetic as you want them to. Also, these office file cabinets can have sharp edges which can cause injury as well. Although aluminum can be cheap and lighter than steel, it cannot hold much weight and can dent easily. If you are on a budget, and you can compromise on the strength of the material, these can be perfect as your office file cabinets.



Similarly, plastic cabinets are affordable, they have more designs, and they are light-weight. However, they are not durable and can only be best as temporary storage space.




Reasons To Have Office File Cabinet 

There are several important reasons to have an office file cabinet. They include:


  • Organization of your paperwork.
  • Saving time while looking for important files. 
  • Clearing space from your desk and floor.
  • Giving a neater, professional look to your office space. 
  • Protecting your crucial files and documents from intruders and hazards.




Types Of Filing Cabinets

As discussed previously, there are several filing cabinet types available in the market. These have different designs and sizes for different purposes.


They have drawers that are shallow and have a higher capacity for filing and storing other items as well. Their average measurements are 32 to 36 inches of width, so they can easily contain legal and undersized documents. The number of drawers in a lateral file cabinet is customizable. However, to draw units are the most commonly-found designs. They are low-profile and easy to fit underneath surfaces, and in smaller corners of the room without taking much too space or grabbing attention. These are great to store files that have a higher number and need to be stored for the long term. 
The average width of their drawers is 15 to 20 inches.  The number of drawers in these cabinets depends on how tall you want the cabinet to be. The taller the piece of furniture, the more drawers you can install. Apart from the number of drawers in a vertical file cabinet, its style and design are also customizable. They come in various materials such as wood and metal so you can choose according to your personal preference and the overall interior design of your office.
Another exciting type of office storage cabinet is a mobile file cabinet. These cabinet drawers have wheels underneath so that you can move them around. Probably one of the most versatile and useful pieces of furniture, these are easy to move around the office. Overall, mobile file cabinets are light-weight, easy to carry, and move around. For added stability, some of these designs have an extra fifth wheel apart from the ones on the four corners. Apart from this, various other features are also available in these cabinets such as locks, windows, and different materials of your choice. When stable and stationary, you can even put items on top of these cabinets and use them as tabletops. 
This particular design is can contain more essential documents that can be laid flat side to side. Flat File Storage cabinets are shorter in height and have narrow drawers.You might not be able to stack and pile up items in these drawers, but it does give you a full width to keep more things separated and laid down for easy access. You can display your blueprints, artworks, maps, and other essential documents that you don’t want to fold or roll-up.
Side tab filing systems are cupboards with shelves that can display your documents vertically. They are similar to the idea of a bookshelf and are commonly seen and used for medical records. This kind of file display allows easy access to users who want to find a particular labelled file among a lot of others. These come in open designs, or with drawers and windows. They also come in various heights, and you can choose between many shelves and their sizes. The best way to use these side tab file cabinets is to categorize each shelf and separate the space into further sections. 
The best way to store house-cards and index cards is to organize them in a card file storage. These are specifically designed to hold cards of 3×5 inches or 4×6 inches. They are stored in a front to back pattern and can be assorted according to their size, colors, or any other feature that you want. They have drawers that can pile up on top of each other. You can choose between a variety of numbers and sizes of drawers according to your requirements. Mostly, these come in metal materials, but they can also be custom-made using wood. 



Places To Buy Office File Cabinet

Shopping trolley minimal


If you are thinking about where to buy office file cabinets for yourself, there are several places you can look for one. Good stores and brand options to buy high-quality lateral file cabinets include Wayfair, HomeDepot, IKEA, and Target. 



The advantage of buying an office file cabinet in a store is that you can thoroughly inspect the product before purchasing it. You can make sure it fits your requirements, preferences, and your space. You can see what the color looks like in natural lighting and the smaller details of the furniture. 



However, if you are more of an online-shopping person, several websites have good options for office file cabinets, the most popular one being Amazon.



Either way, dig deep through the market to decide where to buy office file cabinets and to find the perfect piece of furniture for your office organization. 




How To Build Office File Cabinet 

Close up key cabinet in office building laboratory science classroom interior.


If you are not satisfied with the cheap file cabinets that you are finding on the market, or if none of them fulfill your particular requirements, you can quickly build an office file cabinet yourself.



Not only will this be more cost-effective, if done right, it will also be precisely the way you want it and thoroughly customized for your space and liking.



There are various ways to create an office file cabinet for your needs. From Lateral cabinets to mobile files, you can build whichever design you like. 



All you need is:



Decide which design you want to build and take measurements of the space that you want to put the cabinet in. Cut slabs for the sides of the cabinet, as well as the top and bottom.



Now divide the entire area between these four walls into drawers, and decide how many of them you want. Now take measurements of the space. Divide it into the number of drawers that you want, and cut wooden pieces according to these measurements. 



To make a drawer, cut wood for the base of the drawer, the sides, and then the front. Add a handle to the front, and your cabinet is ready.  



To transform this cabinet into a mobile one, simply add wheels underneath. 




Things You Should Never Store In Your Office File Cabinet 



As versatile as these cabinets can be, there are still a couple of things that you should never store in office file cabinets. These things include hot objects, such as glue guns or other tech gadgets that are still turned on.



The best way to store such items is to turn them off and let them completely cool down before you save them in any closed storage space. 



You also want to keep fluids and other edible items out of your office file cabinets. In case of hazards or spilling accidents, your relevant documents can be ruined, so make sure that such things are nowhere near your office file cabinets.




Frequently Ask Questions For Office File Cabinet



When it comes to the most common problems and office file cabinet FAQs, the following guide will help you make better decisions and help you store your files properly.



1. How Much Does A Filing Cabinet Cost? 

An important aspect of wood office file cabinet FAQ is its affordability. The price of an office file cabinet depends on what size, design, brand, and material of the furniture you want.



The cheapest file cabinet cost can be anywhere between 30 to 40 bucks, while expensive ones can go as high as hundreds of dollars. Features such as locks, security, and other additional facilities can also add to the cost of the product.



A DIY file cabinet costs you less and can be budget-friendly if you choose the right materials for it. Self-built items decrease the cost of labor and delivery and are thus cheaper than ready-made apparatus. 



Depending on what your budget is, and how much time you want to spend in building an office file cabinet, you can choose from a variety of filing cabinets costs and designs. 




2. How Wide Is A Filing Cabinet? 

The width and size of a filing cabinet is entirely your call. These cabinets can be as small as 10 to 12 inches and can be as big as 50 to 60 inches as well. It depends on how many items you want to store and what your office space looks like. 




3. What Is The Best Brand Of Filing Cabinet? 

One of the best brand filing cabinets is Lorell. For under $100, the company provides some of the best office storage.




4. How Many Drawers There In A Office File Cabinet 


The number of office file cabinet drawers is customizable. You can opt for a cabinet that has two drawers or a dozen or go for the one that can be locked with file cabinet locks. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose any number of drawers that you want. 




5. Tips On How To Arrange Things On Your Office File Cabinet 

The easiest way to arrange your items in an office file cabinet is by sectioning them into different categories. You can divide them based on dates, priorities, and subjects.



You can even split your drawers into further sections by using file separators or cardboard pieces. This trick helps you create more space in your drawer as well as separate specific files from the others. 



You can even color-code different drawers and files to make organization easier. You can use colored chart papers or markers to color-code your items. Using label-makers, and small whiteboard or blackboard bars can also help you arrange things on your office file cabinet.




6. How To Restore Your Used Office File Cabinet 

Reusing an old office file cabinet is one of the most cost-effective and smart ways to organize your documents and folders. Depending on what the condition of the furniture is, you can fix it in several places and make it look good as new. 



You can repaint it, or switch the old drawers with new ones. You can also replace old handles with new ones to make it sturdier and to give it a more modern look. 




7. Quick And Easy Ways To Access Files On Your Medical Office File Cabinet 

Medical files need to be exceptionally organized so that you can find certain documents quickly during urgent times. Some tips to make these files more accessible for the user are the following:



Make an inventory. Having a log or record of the data that is inside the cabinet makes it easier for you to know which documents are where. This way you can save time when you are searching for a necessary file. Moreover, you must upgrade this inventory regularly to avoid any mistakes and confusion. 



Use color-coding. Allocate certain colors to specific types of files and their allocated drawers. 



Label specific folders and drawers. You can use paper, whiteboard or blackboard bars.



You can even label them using markers. If you decide to tag the files individually, just make sure you can see the names on the top easily when you open the drawer. 




8. Small Office File Cabinet That Can Maximize Your Space 


It may sound ironic, but the smaller the office file cabinet, the more space you have for storage. Smaller items take up less space so you can get more of them in a single room.



More storage cabinets mean more space to organize, and more space allows you to store more items. Thus, smaller file storage cabinets can sometimes be a better idea than larger, full-size furniture. 




9. Different Design Ideas For A 2-Drawer Office File Cabinet 

Even though a 2-drawer cabinet sounds like a straightforward concept, it has a lot of opportunities in terms of design.



You can paint it in different colors, and put it in a corner to add vibrancy to your room. If not, you can color it according to your overall office theme and add to the sophistication of your space.



You can do all of this while having lots of storage for your documents. You can add single or multiple handles of the size, color, and design that you like. 



Another great benefit of having a small 2-drawer cabinet is that you can pile these up. You can put these cabinets on top of each other or align them horizontally next to each other. They take up less space than bigger furniture and give you more storage opportunities. 




10. Organize Your Files Using An Office Furniture Lateral File Cabinet

Lateral file cabinets have shallow drawers that give you more opportunities for storage. You can further make more space in their drawers by sectioning the area into smaller containers.



Not only will that help you create more space from items, but it will also help you categorize your supplies and documents according to your liking. 



Lateral file cabinets can also be used as tables so that you can organize or store more items on top of them.  

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