The Ultimate Guide To Have The Perfect Desk Office Storage

Office desks form an integral part of the office environment. They provide ease of use in terms of conducting office work, provide ample storage space, and a neat way to organize your belongings.



Recently, companies have begun experimenting with office interior décor in order to find better ways of organizing space and providing employees with a more comfortable environment to work in.



Office desks have, as a result, gone through serious design changes over the years with increasing diversity now available in terms of sizes and built. Even those working from home can find an office desk to be quite useful.



Overall office desks are a much-needed necessity and the right features can add to your office décor, which this buying guide will discuss in detail.



From describing desk storage to discussing alternative options and where to buy these desks, this guide will cover it all. This buying guide will also reflect upon various office desk storage types and also answer several FAQs that prospective buyers may have.




What Do You Need To Know About Office Desk Storage?

desk storage


Before buying anything, you must have a working knowledge of the item to be purchased. In the hunt for office desk storage, you must know a couple of things. What are office desk storage and some of the things to consider on buying office desk storage?



What Is Office Desk Storage?

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An office desk storage is a place where you can put all your office belongings, including your personal artifacts and items. The office desk can also be desktop storage. It usually represents a home away from your home as it is the sum-total of your belongings in an office.



For this reason, the office desk, and consequently, the office desk storage, is a big part of your office ecosystem.



The office desk storage space revolves around a desk that comes in various diverse forms. They include executive desks to computer desks and cubicles depending on the office where you work and your position. Offices with larger space tend to have larger desks; meanwhile, organizations housing a large number of employees in an open space resort to cubicles.



Be it a cubicle or an executive desk; your office desk must provide ample storage space to organize all your belongings. These include personal things as well as office files and work files and folders. To store all these necessary items, you must opt for an office desk that will cater to all your office storage needs.



Office desk storage comes in a variety of forms; it can be built in the desk as well come as a standalone option. Choosing the best option is a task that should take on only after assessing all your storage requirements for your office and personal belongings you need to store at the office.




Reasons Why You Need An Office Desk Storage

There are many reasons to opt for an office desk storage, the most important ones are listed below:


  • Organizing your office space can be done in a hassle-free manner when you employ office desk storage. An office desk that caters to all your personal belongings and small office supplies will do wonders in removing the clutter from your office space. Keeping a desk organizer set will provide a neat and organized look to your space and subsequently increase your productivity.
  • Improving the aesthetic of your workplace may not be a top priority, but getting an office desk storage can undoubtedly change that. Getting an executive-looking wooden desk will help you achieve a certain aesthetic that speaks class. The wooden desk with a clean, polished surface will give an exquisite look along with removing the clutter and making all the accessories look chic.
  • Storage is one of the main priorities of getting office desk storage. It declutters your desk but, more importantly, it stores all the requisite office files and folders. Furthermore, it neatly tucks away all the heavy stuff off your hands and out of sight. All your office supplies are made accessible with an efficient office storage desk.




Things To Consider On Buying Desk Office Storage

Things to consider


The varieties on hand in today’s markets may overwhelm you; hence it is essential to set out some basic requirements in your mind before setting out to buy desk office storage.



Things to consider on buying desk office storage include the type of desks, the dimensions of the desks, and the shape of desks, storage features, and lastly, the budget that you can allocate.



  • The first and foremost of the things to consider on buying desk office storage is to pick out the type of desk you need for space. The kinds of desk include executive desks, writing desks, drafting tables, shell desk, floating desks, secretary, and leaning or ladder desks. All these office desk storage types cater to a specific function, hence you can choose from this wide range while keeping the purpose in mind.
  • Another vital aspect to consider when buying office desk storage is the dimension of the desk—getting all the dimensions of the space where you want to put your desk is a must. This way you’ll ensure that the space is sufficient enough to house the desk. There are usually three sizes that you can choose from: large, medium, and small. Looking to arrange a desk in your home office may call for a small-sized desk to counter the lack of space. Meanwhile, the standard size is the medium size with width ranging from 40 to 60 inches.
  • It is also essential to consider the height of the desk as most high-quality writing desks and standard desks have to be at a certain height to avoid physical distress to the user. To achieve this, you should look for a table that has a height equivalent to your height divided by the factor of 2.5.
  • The shape of the desk is a crucial factor when looking at office desk storage types. There are many shapes in the market, namely rectangular, L-shaped, U-shaped, and oval. All these desks serve a different purpose and sometimes more than one. The L-shaped desks are most suitable to put in a corner, whereas the oval-shaped will be suitable for meeting rooms. The rectangular desks are the most common and go along with most office spaces.
  • Storage is one of the most important considerations when buying an office desk. Some offices involve large transactions of files and folders, making storage needs of the desk, a top priority. Office desks come with plenty of storage in the form of drawers, cabinets, and shelves. Hutch desks are suitable for people looking for more than just traditional storage. They provide a vertical storage option and go perfectly well with a larger room.
  • Many office desks are equipped with cable-trays and keyboard trays to accommodate the functioning of laptops and computers. This functionality is beneficial in giving the electronics housed on your desk a neater look.




Where To Buy Office Storage Desk

Office storage desks can easily be bought from big retail stores across the country. Hence, when asked the question regarding where to buy office storage desk, the first answer is to look for large warehouse level stores.



However, for more ease and selection of more alternatives, you should browse the web. Many websites, including Amazon, Alibaba, and even Walmart, provide a variety of desks for your purchase. This pretty much answers the question of where to buy office storage desk, however, also be sure to look for online as well as physical outlets of renowned franchises that produce office desks.




Types Of Office Desk Storage


The most common type of office desk storage found in homes or small offices is that of writing desks. Writing desks boast a table design with a spacious underside. There is usually no storage attached apart from a keyboard tray or pencil drawers. Extra storage capabilities are gained by introducing movable pedestals.


Computer desks can be aptly described as the shorter versions of the executive desks. These desks have drawers and cabinets to store your belongings as well as providing cable-trays and leeboard trays to support personal computers. Moreover, they are optimum for small offices or home offices as they take up moderate space and provide great utility. They are also called desktop storage shelves. 
If you have a lot of office space, executive desks are the choice to look to. They provide an exquisite look while providing ample storage with two pedestal design. Equipped with drawers and shelves, they can stow away all your office supplies and documents. The best executive desks are heavy-duty desks with front-facing wooden panels that hide the user’s legs.
Credenza desks are narrower than your traditional office desks and have a couple of pedestals for storage purposes. The knee space in the middle allows the credenza to be used as a workstation desk. They are usually accompanied by a hutch that provides vertical storage and a U-shaped desk for more versatility. They are perfect for storing office supplies and documents as they possess drawers and pencil drawers. Affordable credenza desks can provide multipurpose features on a budget.
Corner desks populate the corners of your office space with style and grace. They efficiently use the corners to save you space and provide maximum storage abilities. The most popular variant of corner desks includes the L-desk, which has two components, a more large tabletop for housing your computer and a smaller component to provide extra storage. The two parts are usually separate, but care must be taken to accommodate both in the corners only as their design requires that.
Secretary desks usually provide a classic look with small desk design. They are capable of being folded in to make more space and come with a hutch or storage cabinets. The best secretary desks provide all these features as well as optimum storage for storing office supplies.
Floating desks or wall mounted desks are the perfect way to utilize vertical storage space of a wall while providing the functionality of a desk. High quality floating desks are usually mounted on the wall with a hatch like opening that forms a tabletop and can be folded when not in use. It makes for very efficient utilization of space.
The roll-top desks, as the name suggests, have a rolling top surface that hides the tabletop when not in use. This covering is usually a sliding wooden construct that can be easily pushed or pulled depending on the usage of the desk. Most roll-top desks come as secretary desks with compact shapes and excellent usability.
Standing desks or more commonly known as adjustable desks are a great addition to any workplace. They are perfect for users who don’t want to waste any time and utilize their workspace in a standing position. Adjustable desks can be lowered or heightened depending on the usage. These desks are used in conjunction with adjustable seats and sometimes a standard desk as well.
Wood is an ever-present material when it comes to office furniture. Office storage desks are no different; wood provides an excellent blend of aesthetic charm, durability, and versatility. Wooden decks are renowned for oozing class even though the contemporary world has shifted to a more minimalistic setting. Wood is still the major office furniture material and hence a reliable one.
Glass is a material that provides sleekness and a touch of minimalism to your office space. Glass desks usually consist of tempered glass tops with the metal underbody. Glass is a clean surface; however, it is prone to smudges and fingerprints. To avoid streaks and fingerprint marks, you can opt for a wooden deck with a small inlay of glass.
Metal desks are usually composite desks, as most manufacturers go for a metal frame with a glass or wooden top. This combination is an excellent choice as it provides stability and durability of stainless steel while also providing the aesthetics with chrome or powder-coated finish. Metal desks come in different varieties, mainly differing in the gauge of the metal used.



What Are Office Desks Made Of?

Office desks come in various forms, shapes, and sizes; however, there are only a select few materials that constitute all these desks. These materials can be classified as wood, metal, plastics, glass, and laminate/composite.



Wood is one of the main constituents of office desks. Wooden desks are common in an office with the executive desks almost exclusively constructed out of wood. The durability, ability to withstand wear and tear, and a classy aesthetic makes wood a preferable choice of construction.



Metals are the most trending material for office desks in today’s world. Combined with glass, wood, and composite material, the construction easily provides contemporary aesthetics. These minimalistic looks are achieved with a sleek metal frame that provides a sturdy construction as well.



Glass as an office desk material is used sparingly. You will hardly see office desk made of glass alone as most desks opt for a tempered glass top with a metal frame. This combination provides the strength and the contemporary look the user wants.



Plastics are a cheap alternative to the materials mentioned above. They provide functionality, a neat look, and are durable enough. However, plastics do not last as long as other materials and also offer less load-bearing capacity.



The laminate material is a good substitute if you want the looks of wooden furniture but the ease of a maintenance-friendly material. The laminate material can be easily cleaned and resist smudges and fingerprints better than other materials.




Can Office Desk Be Repaired?

Yes, the damaged desk in your office can be repaired. The effort to repair the office desk depends on the extent to which the damage has occurred. Restoration can be done according to the amount of damage sustained. If the legs are broken, or the wood is eaten up, it may prove trickier than to restore the luster of your office desk.



You can either hire professional restorers or opt to work on the desk yourself. If you’re attempting on your own, make sure you have all the supplies at hand. To repair and restore normal wear tear, you may use sandpaper, coats of stain, and polyurethane. All these are basic things you can work with at home and do not require too much expertise.




Frequently Asked Questions For Desk Office Storage

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1. How Do You Store Office Supplies Without A Desk?

If you possess a desk that has no storage space, worry not. You can still opt for several alternatives to store office supplies and files and folders. Movable pedestals that go under a table can be arranged as well as portable drawers and plastic storage boxes to store office supplies.




These boxes go easily atop the table and help you keep your office items. Moreover, to enhance storage options, invest in filing cabinets as well as drawers and shelves. To store office supplies, always assess your storage needs first and then opt for the storage solution.



2. How Do I Organize My Office Desk?

Organizing your office desk is one of the most asked desk office storage FAQ. Some of the ways to organize your office desk are:




  • Work out a layout for your belongings. Make sure the computer screen is at the center of the table and organize things around it.
  • Supplies that you need daily should be put on the table; all others should go in drawers.
  • Personal effects such as photographs and other souvenirs should be moderate in number. They should not clog your desk space.
  • Make sure you have storage pedestals to store items. Otherwise, opt for a hanging shelf or wall-mounted one for increased storage.
  • Pasting of sticky notes should be kept to a minimum to give a neat look.



3. How Do You Organize Office Desk Or Cubicle At Work?

A cubicle is a small personalized office space that speaks volumes. To organize an office desk or cubicle at work, take some time to do some planning to ensure careful execution. Here are some ways to manage this:




  • Perform a quick purge of the things you don’t need or may need rarely. Put these things in the bottom drawer or cabinet.
  • Arrange your daily items of use neatly on your desktop. These items should be the ones that you require all day long.
  • Items that are used once or twice in a day can be placed in easily accessible drawers.
  • You can also use wall mounted small storage boxes to house stationary or small office supplies.
  • Do not clutter your desk with unnecessary personal belongings; use the cubicle wall for displaying such images.
  • Leave at least half the desk empty so that you can work with files and documents when required.



4. How Do You Organize Office Desk Accessories?

Office accessories come in all sorts of varieties. From staplers, pencils, highlighters, to paper-organizers such as clips, all these items require convenient storage. These accessories may be small, but they add to the clutter of your workspace. Here are some simple ways to organize office desk accessories in a better way.




  • Use cardholders that also support pencil holding and, in some cases, even cups.
  • Cups or mugs can be used to place small stationery items such as markers and pencils.
  • You should employ a docking station to keep hold of your personal belongings.
  • Use a tabletop mesh organizer to store all your files and other accessories.
  • You can also use small storage racks to accommodate the accessories on your table.
  • A bamboo shelf organizer with retractable drawers can help you keep supplies safe.
  • Use a desk organizer that can be placed under your computer screen.



5. 10 New Design Office Desks With Storage

  • Contemporary L-shaped computer desk with a minimalistic touch
  • Sleek metal frame and glass tabletop computer desks
  • Minimalistic and large wooden top rectangular office desk
  • L-shaped industrial design with pedestals and open space for storage
  • An elegant 3-tier shelf organizer office desk made of bamboo
  • Covet desks with triangular-shaped storage space underneath the desk
  • A duplex work desk that acts as a private space with an adjustable top wooden hatch
  • The WD desk design with a sleek finish and a small platform under the desk to hold files
  • The treasury desk comes with a matt finished tabletop with drawers underneath of various sizes
  • A couple of desks with varying heights that can go under the other. These desks can be neatly tucked under each other, saving space when not in use.



6. Which Is Better Metal Or Wood Office Desk With Storage?

Both metal and wood are top-grade materials when it comes to office desk storage. However, a combination of both materials is the most economical and sturdy option. All wood desks are quite expensive and hence used by executives only. For this purpose, go with metal and mixed wooden design.  



7. How Much Is The Cost For Office Desk With Storage?       

Executive desks are the costliest option available in the market for office desk storage. They range from $1000 to $10,000. Meanwhile, standard desks can be bought for around $150 to $750. For the less costly ones, you will need storage pedestals as these desks are without inbuilt storage options.



8. DIY IKEA Office Desk

If you’re looking for a DIY option for your office desk, then IKEA has got the best solutions. IKEA provides a range of small to medium desks that can be easily arranged on your own. These desks come with a comprehensive manual and user guide on how to put together the desk. Following the guide meticulously, you can easily be done by setting up the desk within hours.



9. How To Assemble Office Desk With Storage

The best option to assemble an office desk with storage is to consider it as your DIY project. Most office desks that need assembling come with the assembly guide. Stick to the guide as much as possible, and if you are stuck somewhere, consult any video tutorial for visual confirmation. You should have a partner so that the assembly can be done at a brisk pace.



10. Things That Will Help You Organize Your Important Things Using Office Desk With Storage

  • PC Monitor Desk Organizer
  • A Desk Potato
  • Compact Office Supplies Desk Organizer
  • Stackable Plastic Boxes
  • Letter Tray Organizer
  • Cup Holders and Pencil Holders
  • Personalized Catchalls
  • Hanging Storage Units for Files
  • Docking Stations for Small Supplies

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