100 Best Office Desk Storage That Cannot Be Missed

March 19, 2020

Office desks form an integral part of the office environment. They provide ease of use in terms of conducting office work, provide ample storage space, and a neat way to organize your belongings.



Recently, companies have begun experimenting with office interior décor in order to find better ways of organizing space and providing employees with a more comfortable environment to work in.



Office desks have, as a result, gone through serious design changes over the years with increasing diversity now available in terms of sizes and built. Even those working from home can find an office desk to be quite useful.



Overall office desks are a much-needed necessity and the right features can add to your office décor, which this buying guide will discuss in detail.



From describing desk storage to discussing alternative options and where to buy these desks, this guide will cover it all. This buying guide will also reflect upon various office desk storage types and also answer several FAQs that prospective buyers may have.


Desk Office Storage Ideas You Should Know

100 Best Desk Office Storage That Cannot Be Missed

Ryan Rove Belmac Glass Large Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Office Desk


Buying desk office storage may seem like a fairly simple task on the surface. However, if you jump in and buy any desk storage that you come across online, you may end up regretting your decision later on. The reason why is because you need to make sure that the desk storage you are investing in is right for you and your storage needs. Sure, a good mesh file organizer on your desk might seem the perfect addition to your desk, but is it suitable for the space you have on your desk, is it the right color, does it go along with the overall aesthetic of your office space? 



These are some important questions you need to ask yourself before you go ahead and hit that “add to cart” button. In this guide, we’ll go over some of the best desk office storage that you can buy online. Whether you work from home or whether you want to declutter your desk space in your office, you’re bound to come across options in our list that will suit your needs. But before we get started with our list, let’s take a look at a few things that you should consider. 



1. Think about your personal workspace needs. Everyone has a different working routine and a different approach to how they best organize and prioritize their work task. Make sure you keep in mind the preferences that you have in terms of office desk storage and organization. 

2. Your overall budget should be considered before you go ahead and buy any item. Make sure you have a clear idea how much you are willing to spend and then purchase items accordingly. 

3. Think about the size of the desk that you own. Is it large enough to hold the storage items you are planning on purchasing?  

4. Lastly, think of the aesthetic appeal of your office. Are the items you’re purchasing compatible with the rest of your office decor? 



By simply taking these aspects into consideration, you can make a much better purchasing decision. Let’s take a look at some potential desk office storage items available online. 


We’re starting off our list with this gorgeously designed gold desk organizer that primarily features a wire mesh design. It actually comes in 5 different colors but the rose gold one has our heart. It has a very noble and elegant feel to it. Moreover, this office desk organizer comes with 5 compartments and 1 mini sliding drawer that is excellent for storing office supplies. 



Free up your office desk space with this simple yet elegant printer stand for desktop. The printed stand is multi-functional and also offers considerable storage space for files, papers and a pencil case holder. Ideal for both home and office use, the printer stand itself can hold up to 44 lbs of weight easily. Furthermore, Z-shaped construction makes this storage organizer look modern and appealing. 



Even a pencil organizer that features a simple design can be a huge blessing on any cluttered workspace. Marbrasse store offers this 3 Pcs big desk organizer. The organizer is super efficient in terms of its design. It features a horizontal and vertical design that allows you to store pens and pencils according to your preference. Store all your stationery using this organizer, whether it’s paper clips, scissors, letter opener, eraser, ruler, etc. 



This wood desk organizer features a pine coating that brings out the fine wooden texture that goes really well with almost any kind of desk. It features different compartments that you can use to store all your office supplies.




With 9 compartments and a storage rack to store additional office supplies, this mesh organizer will never run out of space. It is super convenient for easily storing as well as sorting through some of the more smaller items in your office stationary like paper clips, pens, markers, etc. In fact, the mash desk organizer is super versatile in terms of its usage. You can even store your makeup supplies in the organizer. 



With 5 different color options to choose from, this desk organizer can be bought by matching it with the rest of the decor of your office space. The wire mesh organizer features 3-tier sliding drawers that are big enough to easily hold A4 papers as well as documents. Overall, the mesh is durable and smart-looking. You can declutter your desk space with one of these in your workspace easily. 



Another wooden desk organizer by Marbrasse, this one has 12 compartments and a drawer that offers a large storage capacity. This wooden desk organizer features an environmentally-friendly wooden board that is not only sturdy, but also non-toxic. Overall, this wooden desk is great for decluttering your workspace and organizing your items. 



Bamboo is an eco-friendly material that is non-toxic and does not have a pungent smell unlike certain wooden materials. For a desktop bookshelf organizer, it offers a great deal of storage space for storing other items as well. With an adjustable shelf, you can change the size of the organizer to suit your workspace area available. Shelves that are not being used for storing books can be utilized for storing other everyday use office items like paper weight, pencil holders, paper clips, staplers and even a potted plant or two if you are into additional decor like that. 



Another beautifully designed storage rack for your desktop. This one is made out of MDF board – a natural wood which is non-toxic and completely safe. Moreover, the assembly is super easy for this one. It actually comes with two parts that can be adjusted to suit your desktop space.



We had to include this elegant desktop on our list. Unlike most office desks, this one comes with two storage shelves that can be used to store office supplies. In fact, the shelves are featured underneath the table-top which ensures that your desk is not used up unnecessarily with papers and documents. You can simply place all of these underneath on the storage shelves. Moreover, the storage shelves can be adjusted to either the left or the right depending on what is convenient for you. 



And while we’re on the subject, here’s another desktop that comes with plenty of under-desk storage space that is perfect for those of you who want their table to be completely free of paper clutter. This desk features a steel frame and durable metal construction that is sure to remain in a good shape for years. Moreover, the bottom drawer offers enough space to be used as a file cabinet. If you have a home-office, consider getting this table. It’s sturdy, durable and offers plenty of storage space so you can store more items as opposed to just your computer. 



These mesh magnetic storage bins are perfect for any office desk. If you work with a lot of dry markers, pens, pencils or ball points, these mesh magnetic storage bins are exactly what you need to organize your workspace. Furthermore, these bins are made out of a steel wire in a very sleek black color that goes well with almost any kind of office desk. 



If you deal with a lot of paperwork in the office and your table is always littered with documents and folders, this onyx mesh under desk 4-tier hanging tray is the perfect decluttering solution. It features a strong commercial-grade steel construction that is durable and long-lasting. So, even if these under desk storage trays are put through rough usage, they’ll still hold their original structure and do the job alright.



An office desktop decluttering solution for those who exclusively deal with computer-related tasks or IT work. This under desk cable management tray is an effective way to ensure that all your computer and other hardware equipment wires remain untangled and organized. These cable management trays can be easily installed under any MDF board or desktop. Furthermore, the open wire mesh design requires less maintenance overall. 



This leather office desk organizer comes with 7 divided compartments that are perfect for organizing all your pens, markers, pointers and other office supplies. Moreover, the compartments can also be used for storing all your business cards and even any remotes you may be using. Additionally, the storage compartments are also suitable for keeping your phone, earphones, etc. The full-leather construction is smooth to the touch and doesn’t scratch the desk surface when placed on top. Furthermore, it comes in over 10 different vibrant colors. Head on over to Amazon to select one that fits with your office decor well. 



This wooden adjustable display shelf comes with two different parts that can be adjusted to suit the available office desk space. Additionally, the shelf is made out of a non-toxic MDF board that is environmentally-friendly. Overall, the shelf is super light-weight so moving it around is super easy as well. 



Instead of investing in individual pencil and pen holders, get this wood grain board desk organizer. With 16 different compartments and enough storage capacity for 240 pencils and 130 pens, you’ll never have a problem organizing your stationary. The slightly-tilted design makes it super easy to access the items when placed on the desk. 



For those of you who like to keep things simple and have a rather minimal office decor, this mesh desk drawer office organizer is a good investment. It features 6 different storage compartments that can easily store your basic office stationery including pens, markers, clips and paper pins. Additionally, the design also includes a rubber padding underneath that prevents this organizer from sliding on the surface of the table or creating scratches. 



This compartment storage features both horizontal and vertical storage compartments suitable for storing both office stationery and documents/ papers. Moreover, the sleek black design is super professional so if you’re going for that look in your home office, get this storage compartment. Furthermore, this storage organizer also features a notepad stand at the far back which is great for storing files or books. 



Probably the biggest clutter on an office desk is created by papers and unorganized files. This stackable office letter tray makes it super easy for you to organize all your paperwork. Additionally, it is made out of durable and long-lasting plastic material that stands the test of time. The design itself is space-saving so the organizer won’t take up too much space on your desk either. 



This office storage rack comes in three different colors including jet black, a natural wood tone, and a white wood tone. Made out of natural wood, this organizer is eco-friendly and free of toxins. Moreover, it comes with an expandable design that you can adjust using the two compartments depending on the space available on your desk. 



This wooden organizer is made out of the 100% green and natural bamboo wood. Moreover, it features an all in one design that is perfect for storing papers, post-its, paper clips, pens as well as other office items like a clock or a potted plant. 



If you want an eccentric looking pencil holder, this one is a good choice. The design of the pencil holder is basically an elephant. You can store the pencils and pens in the body of this case. Furthermore, the trunk of the elephant pencil case holder serves as a phone holder. This elephant pencil holder comes in several different vibrant colors. Be sure to select one that goes well with the rest of your office decor. 



A simple file organizer on your office desktop can solve the problem of the paper clutter on your desk. This file organizer features a sleek black design with an exclusively steel mesh design. The steel is durable and long-lasting. You can store all your files and papers easily in an organized fashion using this vertical desktop. 



You can choose this 4 compartment desk organizer in three different colors including pink, green and apricot. This desk organizer is made out of a non-toxic, no odor plastic. Additionally, the different allow compartments allow for this organizer to offer multi-functional storage. So, you can easily store your pens, markers, business cards, post-it-notes, etc.



Steel wire mesh bins are a useful addition to any office space. They are simple and elegant and offer functional storage capacity. You can use these bins to store your office supplies and organize items inside the drawers of your office desk. Moreover, these besh bins feature non-slip foam feet that ensure that the bins don’t slip or slide when the drawers are opened. 



Sort your pens, papers, calculator, stapler and all of the other office supplies using this office desk organizer set. This organizer is made out of fireboard material that is strong and easy to clean. The design of the organizer is pretty unique, it has a lock and also is super easy to set up, detach and move around in case you decide to rearrange office space. 



Select this file organizer holder from a wide range of colors, depending upon your office decor and aesthetic preferences. Whether it’s magazines, documents or simple paperwork, this file organizer holder is perfect for any office desk. Soft to the touch, this file organizer is made out of leather that gives it a stylish yet durable quality. 



This desk organizer is made out of MDF board and comes with multiple compartments and a separate drawer that can be used to store items that are easily lost. You can store your devices in this organizer as well, like remotes, or your phone, etc. 



Rolodex Mesh tray storage is a good option to store notebooks, binders, folders and files. Furthermore, this tray sorter comes with 5 different compartments that make it super easy to sort files separately instead of putting them all together in a single drawer. Moreover, the tray features an all-black and industrial look that would fit right into any kind of office space without looking too odd or out of place. 



This plastic letter organizer features a 5-tier tray design that is perfect for storing A4 size documents, files and papers. The trays can be stacked on top of each other and remain locked. These trays are perfect for home office use. 



A combination of wood and plastic, this desk organizer looks very elegant and classy given how it’s minimally designed. It’s great for holding items like a remote, phone or other office supplies that easily fit inside. Adding this simple remote control holder to your desk space can make a huge difference in terms of how organized it looks. 



Here’s a wooden office desk organizer that features 2 shelves and 2 drawers. The drawers alongside the shelves offer considerable storage space for storing documents, notebooks, files as well as office stationary. Moreover, the desk features a bamboo construction that fits well with any kind of office decor. 



This multi-functional leather desk organizer comes in several different colors. It features 7 different compartments that are perfect for storing pens, pencils, scissors, remote control and even your cell phone. The leather design is actually pretty suitable because it is super easy to clean and looks good on any desk too. 



This desktop cabinet organizer is just the perfect size to fit your office desk nicely and give you additional storage space. It features 2 drawer cabinets that offer enough storage space to store your iPad, phone, pens, papers, files, file holders, documents, etc. Moreover, it comes with a no-slip base which doesn’t scratch against the desk surface. 



Quite similar to the elephant design pen holder we mentioned earlier, this one comes in two unique designs: a whale and an elephant. The functionality and usage is pretty much the same with plenty of storage space for storing pens, pencils and markers and an additional space for storing your phone. Both the whale and elephant pencil holders are made out of a high-quality wooden plastic board. 



For those of you who need something rather classy and elegant, this metal pencil holder is a good investment. It has a 3 slot design that allows you to store all your items while keeping them separate. For example,1 slot can hold your scissors, while the other can hold all your pencils and pens. The gold wire design is an instant eye-catcher and bound to look elegant and classy on any kind of office desk. 



For those of you who are at work and want your makeup supplies right in the office so that you can use it on the go, this cosmetic office drawer is perfect. Made out of a durable and eco-friendly wood, this cosmetic drawer comes with 4 big compartments and 5 small ones. All of these offer ample storage space to store all your makeup supplies. And there’s no installation required, you can simply unpack the box and place it on your office desk right away. 



This file folder features a very handsome triangular design and comes in several different colors from black to rose gold and other bright colors. It features high quality paint and the geometry of this file folder is remarkable. It is super stable and sturdy to the feel and does a reasonable job holding all your files neatly on your office desk. 



This desk organizer features 4 compartments and a PU leather design that has delicate stitching. You can add one of these to your home office decor and spice things up immediately. Moreover, the 4 compartments that it comes with are perfect for storing all your writing supplies as well as any devices that you may have like a phone or a remote. 



Store all your business cards and office pens in this beautifully designed pencil holder by Nipole. Made out of eco-friendly bamboo wood, this pencil holder will keep your office desk organized at all times. Moreover, those muted/ nude tones of the wood can instantly make any office desk look more appealing. 



You can put this tray on your desk but ideally it is designed to keep your desk drawer organized so that tiny items such as paper clips, pins or small sticky notes don’t disappear in the drawer by jumbling up with other items. Additionally, the desk drawer tray features several compartments that offer deep storage for all kinds of items. 



Investing in a drawer organizer for your office desk is always a good decision. These organizers feature a stackable design and a bamboo construction. The stackable design allows you to store these organizers on top of each other in various combinations. So, no matter the size of your drawer, you’ll be easily able to determine how to fit these organizers right in and get to decluttering your desk.



You can hang this wall file holder over your office desk and free up some space. This wall file holder is made out of premium quality metal that is strong and durable. The installation is super easy and takes just a few seconds. You can utilize the wall space over your office desk effectively.



This leather desktop storage box is not only suitable for storing office stationary like pens and pencils, but also for storing larger items like your phone, business cards, sticky notes, etc. Furthermore, the synthetic leather design makes this desktop storage box super easy to clean. It comes in various vibrant colors that you can check out on Amazon. 



A super clever design features 9 built-in magnets that keep all your pens secure attaching to their holder. Additionally, the mesh metal design makes it super easy for you to view the items held inside at a glance. This pencil holder requires no assembly and you can start using it straight out of the box. 



Another gorgeous magnet desk pen holder on our list. This one comes in several different colors that you can choose from. It has a very functional design with 7 different compartments that you can store your office stationary in. Furthermore, this bedroom organizer is made out of a combination of PU leather and MDF board, both of which are durable and long-lasting materials. The pencil holder on its own looks very stylish and can serve as a decoration piece for your office desk. 



Don’t let the plain design fool you, this mesh desk organizer is super useful for organizing your documents, paper work, notes, etc. It comes with 2 letter trays and 5 different file holder compartments. Pop one of these on to your office desk and you’ll notice the clutter reducing in no time. 



This office desk organizer comes with 7 different storage compartments capable of holding diverse kinds of office supplies including pens, pencils, scissors, staplers, notebooks, etc. The wooden construction is completely environmentally friendly. Moreover, the wooden design goes well with any kind of office desk. 



This pencil holder features a very creative design called the Japanese garden style. If you want something super aesthetically pleasing on your office desk, just buy this pencil holder. It’ll add a vintage appeal to your workspace instantly. The pencil holder is made out of a bamboo material that is eco-friendly and super durable. 



With a duty chrome steel finish, this cutlery tray will never rust and last a long while looking good as new. Store all your office stationary in these mesh trays easily and have your workspace decluttered.



This 3-tier bamboo shelf organizer is perfect for organizing all kinds of office supplies like ball point pens, pencils, business cards, cards, notebooks, etc. If you are looking for a functional design, this bamboo wood is a super good option because it is super eco-friendly and 100% natural. Moreover, besides the shelves, the organizer also comes with three different drawers that are excellent for storing items that are easily lost in the clutter of papers and documents. 



A simple yet elegantly designed desk organizer can do wonders for you office desk organization. This 3 drawer leather desk organizer is made from a delicate but premium quality PU leather. Whether its paper clips, post-it-notes or large items like remotes, your phone or even the office stapler, these drawers will hold everything. 



UnionBasic Store on Amazon has several listings of diverse office desk organizers. This one comes in several different kinds of colors that you can pick and choose your favorite from. This organizer comes with 7 different compartments that allow you to store items in them separately. It has more than enough space to hold all your office desk stationary as well as any additional items like your phone or your wrist-watch. 



Add a pop of color to your office desk with this drawer organizer. This organizer has a personality of its own, it adds color without going too overboard. Five different colored drawers, shaped to be letter-sized provide ample storage space for holding all your paperwork on your office desk neatly. Amazon also offers a 10-drawer option if you have slightly more storage requirements. 



With several divided compartments and a separate drawer, this compartment desk organizer is any workhaholic’s dream. It’s just the right size, not too big and not too small and offers sufficient storage capacity for holding your office stationery and other items like your personal phone. Moreover, the compartment organizer is made of PU leather and a high density board that is durable and sturdy. 



This bamboo desk organizer is classy and vintage in its design and comes with two shelves and two drawers that offer ample storage space. Moreover, the compact design makes it highly suitable for small office desks. Furthermore, since it is made out of bamboo wood, the surface is super easy to clean. 



Wooden desk organizers have a charm of their own. They have an instant eye-catching appeal that beats any plastic organizer you may have. This one is made out of an MDF environmental board that has good stability and durability. Moreover, it comes with a unique design with space for holding documents, notebooks and papers as well as separate compartments for holding pens, papers, scissors, business cards, etc. 



If you are after something that offers more security for your office items, this lockable drawer cabinet is a highly efficient option. It comes with an adjustable digit lock that allows you to lock the drawers with a unique 4 digit combination. Furthermore, the organizer itself is made out of ABS plastic which is known to be super strong. Additionally, it also comes with a slide-mounted pencil box that you can use to store your pens and pencils that you use more often. 



If your office desk has several drawers and you find that they are frequently cluttered and disorganized, you might want to get yourself one of these drawer organizers. With these clear drawer organizers made out of Class A acrylic panel, you’ll no longer have to rummage through your entire drawer to find the item you’re looking for. Find all your items at a glance by simply installing one of these drawer organizers inside. 



These drawer dividers for your office desk are made of high quality PVC plastic. Unlike most popularly drawer dividers, these don’t break or crack easily even after rough usage. Moreover, these dividers are adjustable according to your drawer space. Anywhere between 11” and 17” is their expandable capacity. The setup is super easy and takes only a couple seconds. 



This bamboo desk organizer features a 1 big slot that can hold your phone/ calculator or other big devices and 4 smaller compartments perfect for storing office stationary and business cards. A minimal design overall, the organizer itself looks very zen and elegant. The white frame adds to the overall elegance of this organizer and can make any desk look instantly neat and organized. 



A very unique wooden shelf made out of eco-friendly bamboo material, this organizer is great for storing books, documents and notebooks. Moreover, this desk organizer has an adjustable design which means you can expand its length to suit your desk space. Additionally, two extra drawers are available for storing small office items.



If your work involves staring at a computer screen for hours, consider investing in this monitor stand. This stand features an ergonomic design that is super useful for your neck and back. The design automatically encourages good posture. Moreover this stand also comes with 4 non-slip pads to ensure that your monitor stays in place and the stand doesn’t scratch the desk surface. 



For offices who deal with a great deal of hand-written mail on a daily basis, consider investing in this mail sorter by Intriom. It can also be used to store other things like business cards, notes, etc. Furthermore, the design itself is super simple and elegant. The organizer features bamboo material that is super environment-friendly. 



Drawer bins serve the same purpose that drawer dividers do. They help you  declutter the items stored inside your office desk. These drawer organizer bins are made from a very soft polyester felt which doesn’t ruin the inside of your drawer by rubbing against it. One packet comes with 5 different bins that you can use to store different items like sticky notes, markers, paper clips, etc. Also, these bins come in several different colors that you can choose from depending on your personal preferences. 



This pack of pencil holder cups is our absolute favorite. Made of a very unique translucent OPP plastic, this pen holder features a very thick and durable design. If you are all for minimal and zen aesthetics, this holder would make a great addition to your office decor. If you’re going to declutter your desk, declutter with style and get one of these pencil holders. We promise you won’t regret your decision. 



Sometimes a simple plastic basket trays can do wonders for your cluttered office space. This basket features a completely black design. Moreover, it comes with a stackable design so if you choose to stack these baskets up, they will easily mount each other without a problem. You can store diverse kinds of items inside including small notepads, pencils, markets, scissors, gluesticks, etc. 



These 2 piece office desk organizers feature bamboo dividers and come in a classic grey faded color that gives off a very professional look. The design is super functional with 3 removable dividers and separate slots for storing scissors, markers and your phone. If you deal with a lot of arts and crafts projects in the office, this organizer would suit you equally well. 



This package comes with 8 sets of desk drawer organization trays. These trays are made out of PET felt material that is super soft to the touch. Moreover, this also prevents the trays from scratching against the office surface. These trays come in several different colors featuring a two tone design that you can pick your favorite from. 



This wrought iron desktop storage rack is super multifunctional. You can use this to store sticky notes, stamps, files, documents, notepads and papers. The design of this organizer is super functional. You can simply slide items inside from the opening and be on your way. 



This 4 slot pencil organizer is made out of Acrylic material. This material does not break easily and is super durable. Store one of these on your office desk and you’ll have a great pencil holder to organize all your office stationery. 



From Bonasaii comes this super simple metal mesh desktop organizer featuring 3 different storage compartments. The last storage compartment can be used as a holder for sticky notes. Moreover, this organizer is designed to be super strong and it features anti-fall and anti-crack capabilities that makes it great for long-term usage. 



Pen holders featuring double-color designs are a wonderful option to consider. This pen holder features a very beautiful double color design with a blue and yellow contrast. Moreover, it is made out of ABS material that is known for its durable naturel. You can store pencils, pens, ruler, markers and other office stationery inside this pen holder. 



Transparent organizers have several benefits, probably the biggest being that they make it super easy to find your objects at a glance. This acrylic pen holder is extremely tough so it won’t break easily. In fact, it is tougher than glass. Moreover, it features 4 different slots that you can use to organize your office desk items.



Depending on the nature of your work, this magazine file holder can prove to be highly effective in your workspace. Decluttering can become an overwhelming process if you don’t have the proper storage supplies for all the different kinds of items you own. This file holder might seem like something you can overlook but we highly recommend you invest in one, particularly if your work involves a great deal of paperwork and folders. 



Another perfect storage solution for your desktop. This organizer comes with 4 different compartments with enough storage space to store commonly used office supplies including pointers, pens, pencils, scissors, etc. Moreover, the organizer features a high quality plastic construction that will last you a long while. 



This pen holder features an all-steel mesh construction. It comes with separate compartments for storing pens and pencils as well as sticky notes. The mesh organizer is made out of a scratch-resistant steel wire that will continue to look brand new even after long-term usage.  



Zen bamboo storage products have an appeal of their own. This bamboo office desk organizer comes with a document holder and separate compartments for storing office stationery. Moreover, you can also use these compartments to store your phone, business card or calendar, etc. 



This desktop paper tray folder comes with a storage drawer as well. You can store all your documents, files, notepads using the top half of the file folder and tuck away your office stationery neatly in the drawer below. 



Sometimes keeping your office decor super simple is a good idea. When investing in office desk storage, keep in mind the practicality and effectiveness of the product and prioritize it over design and aesthetics. This simple black plastic tray organizer might not be too much to look at, but it would make an excellent addition to any workspace. You can use it to store drawers inside the desk or even use it on the top of the desk to store items or stationery that you use regularly. 



An all-black mesh construction goes well with almost any kind of office decor.This desk supplies organizer comes in a unique set of three bins. These bins are excellent for safely storing small items that are prone to getting lost easy amongst the clutter of the office workspace. 



This office large desktop rack comes in several different colors. Opt for the classic black or the more eccentric yellow, blue or pink. Regardless of whichever color you end up with, you’ll come to love the multi-functional design of this rack. The rack features several different compartments and levels that you can use to store diverse office desk items. For example, you can use the top compartments for storing items that are used more often like your phone, sticky notes, pens and pencils, while the lower compartments can be used for storing notes, papers, files, etc. 



Never say no to a good magnetic pencil holder. If you’re going to declutter your office desk, do it smartly. Investing in a magnetic pencil holder as opposed to a regular one has its perks. This magnetic pencil holder features two different compartments and ensures that all the pens and other items like scissors for example are kept in place at all times. So, even if the holder topples over, you won’t have to go running collecting all your supplies, they’ll simply stay in place. 



Another favorite storage item of ours on our list, this one comes with a very unique design and several different color options that you can choose from. While this is primarily a pencil holder, it also comes with a tissue box inbuilt as a part of the design. Overall, you get to use 4 different storage compartments to store office desk supplies. 



If you want something quirky for your office desk, go for this pen holder featuring a simple but adorable black cat design. It is fashionable, lightweight, fancy and perfect for holding pens, pencils, scissors and other office desk supplies. 



A super minimal design, this acrylic pen holder would look good on any kind of office desk. If you are not a huge fan of dramatic designs and fancy structures, go for this plain yet elegant looking pen holder. Moreover, the pen holder is sturdy and is likely to give you a lot of use for years to come. 



File organizers are often overlooked but one of these on your office desk can do wonders for your workspace organization. This file holder from Dunwell Store comes in several different colors. There’s a classic black option as well if you want to go for something less dramatic. The blue, pink and white colors are some additional colors you can choose from. 



Another file holder made out of cardboard that is super efficient in terms of saving your desk space by organizing all your files. The style and design of these file holders are simple. They come in a plain cardboard format and do not have any unnecessary frills or modern color fills. If you prefer a simple office decor, the nude color of these file holders will blend in quite well in your workspace. 



A minimal yet super stylish desktop storage by Poeland, this is made from durable and long-lasting plastic that is also resistant to scratches. Store your glasses, a small notepad, a stapler, and other tiny office desk supplies in these elegant organizers. 



If you deal with a lot of mail, papers, catalogues, magazines or notepads in your workspace, this bankers box literature sorter might be a good option for you to consider. The color of all the 8 compartments are different so you can easily store files or documents separately. This also makes it super easy for you to remember which files are stored where. 



All the tools required to assemble this stackable leather tray come packed within the package so you don’t need to invest in tools separately. The design and overall look of this letter tray holder is highly vintage and aesthetically pleasing to say the least. Moreover, the 3-tier design is super efficient for small office desks that don’t have a lot of space. 



This letter tray desk organizer features a smooth gold powdered surface that does not chip off or peel easily. The organizer does not need extra tools for assembly and can be used right out of the box. Moreover, the borders of this tray are thickened by an elegant steel frame that doesn’t scratch easily. Furthermore, the two-tier design makes it super easy for you to store files and documents in separate compartments easily. 



This desk organizer comes in several different colors and features a 4-tier design. It’ll hold all your files, folders and letters easily. If you wish to use it for storing items other than papers and documents, you can add an organizer bin to one of the shelves and store whatever office items you may like. 



This dural-tone letter tray is made out of resourceable bamboo so the product is completely environment-friendly. The tray is perfect for storing office supplies and documents that would otherwise be littering your desk. If you frequently find your items haphazardly lying around on your office desk, get yourself one of these trays and watch the space declutter. 



We absolutely love this desk organizer by Reamtop. It features a very unique design with a figure holding a guitar. Moreover, this pen holder is a great way to add some personality and fun to your workspace. Furthermore, the cylindrical metal container serves as the primary pen holder for the desk. 



This pen container is designed to look like a white snowy owl. The container is multi-purpose and can be used to store pens, pencils and other items like rulers and scissors, etc. Moreover, the owl design can work as a stand-alone decoration piece in your workspace area as well. 



A post-it holder is a great way to ensure that your notes are all organized on your desk. This particular one by Post-It Store features a unique cat paw design. It has a very convenient one-hand note dispensing design that allows you to keep the notes within the reach of your finger tips. 



Another uniquely designed notepad holder for your office desk! This one is shaped to look like a super cute Morris the donkey. The design is very elegant with very nude and muted colors being featured as a part of the construction. This notepad dispenser will keep your notes ready for you so that you can simply grab and scribble on the go. 



This desktop organizer comes in an industrial, or perhaps corporate would be a better word, grey color. It will hold all your office essentials from post-it notes, scotch tape, pens, markers, highlighters, stapler, etc. The scotch-tape, post-it flags and post-it notes in different colors come with the organizer itself so you don’t have to pay for them separately. Moreover, you can easily get a refit for them when they run out. 



Types Of Office Desk Storage


The most common type of office desk storage found in homes or small offices is that of writing desks. Writing desks boast a table design with a spacious underside. There is usually no storage attached apart from a keyboard tray or pencil drawers. Extra storage capabilities are gained by introducing movable pedestals.


Computer desks can be aptly described as the shorter versions of the executive desks. These desks have drawers and cabinets to store your belongings as well as providing cable-trays and leeboard trays to support personal computers. Moreover, they are optimum for small offices or home offices as they take up moderate space and provide great utility. They are also called desktop storage shelves. 
If you have a lot of office space, executive desks are the choice to look to. They provide an exquisite look while providing ample storage with two pedestal design. Equipped with drawers and shelves, they can stow away all your office supplies and documents. The best executive desks are heavy-duty desks with front-facing wooden panels that hide the user’s legs.
Credenza desks are narrower than your traditional office desks and have a couple of pedestals for storage purposes. The knee space in the middle allows the credenza to be used as a workstation desk. They are usually accompanied by a hutch that provides vertical storage and a U-shaped desk for more versatility. They are perfect for storing office supplies and documents as they possess drawers and pencil drawers. Affordable credenza desks can provide multipurpose features on a budget.
Corner desks populate the corners of your office space with style and grace. They efficiently use the corners to save you space and provide maximum storage abilities. The most popular variant of corner desks includes the L-desk, which has two components, a more large tabletop for housing your computer and a smaller component to provide extra storage. The two parts are usually separate, but care must be taken to accommodate both in the corners only as their design requires that.
Secretary desks usually provide a classic look with small desk design. They are capable of being folded in to make more space and come with a hutch or storage cabinets. The best secretary desks provide all these features as well as optimum storage for storing office supplies.
Floating desks or wall mounted desks are the perfect way to utilize vertical storage space of a wall while providing the functionality of a desk. High quality floating desks are usually mounted on the wall with a hatch like opening that forms a tabletop and can be folded when not in use. It makes for very efficient utilization of space.
The roll-top desks, as the name suggests, have a rolling top surface that hides the tabletop when not in use. This covering is usually a sliding wooden construct that can be easily pushed or pulled depending on the usage of the desk. Most roll-top desks come as secretary desks with compact shapes and excellent usability.
Standing desks or more commonly known as adjustable desks are a great addition to any workplace. They are perfect for users who don’t want to waste any time and utilize their workspace in a standing position. Adjustable desks can be lowered or heightened depending on the usage. These desks are used in conjunction with adjustable seats and sometimes a standard desk as well.
Wood is an ever-present material when it comes to office furniture. Office storage desks are no different; wood provides an excellent blend of aesthetic charm, durability, and versatility. Wooden decks are renowned for oozing class even though the contemporary world has shifted to a more minimalistic setting. Wood is still the major office furniture material and hence a reliable one.
Glass is a material that provides sleekness and a touch of minimalism to your office space. Glass desks usually consist of tempered glass tops with the metal underbody. Glass is a clean surface; however, it is prone to smudges and fingerprints. To avoid streaks and fingerprint marks, you can opt for a wooden deck with a small inlay of glass.
Metal desks are usually composite desks, as most manufacturers go for a metal frame with a glass or wooden top. This combination is an excellent choice as it provides stability and durability of stainless steel while also providing the aesthetics with chrome or powder-coated finish. Metal desks come in different varieties, mainly differing in the gauge of the metal used.




Frequently Asked Questions For Desk Office Storage

FAQ sign over light blue background



1. How Do You Store Office Supplies Without A Desk?

If you possess a desk that has no storage space, worry not. You can still opt for several alternatives to store office supplies and files and folders. Movable pedestals that go under a table can be arranged as well as portable drawers and plastic storage boxes to store office supplies.




These boxes go easily atop the table and help you keep your office items. Moreover, to enhance storage options, invest in filing cabinets as well as drawers and shelves. To store office supplies, always assess your storage needs first and then opt for the storage solution.



2. How Do I Organize My Office Desk?

Organizing your office desk is one of the most asked desk office storage FAQ. Some of the ways to organize your office desk are:




  • Work out a layout for your belongings. Make sure the computer screen is at the center of the table and organize things around it.
  • Supplies that you need daily should be put on the table; all others should go in drawers.
  • Personal effects such as photographs and other souvenirs should be moderate in number. They should not clog your desk space.
  • Make sure you have storage pedestals to store items. Otherwise, opt for a hanging shelf or wall-mounted one for increased storage.
  • Pasting of sticky notes should be kept to a minimum to give a neat look.



3. How Do You Organize Office Desk Or Cubicle At Work?

A cubicle is a small personalized office space that speaks volumes. To organize an office desk or cubicle at work, take some time to do some planning to ensure careful execution. Here are some ways to manage this:



  • Perform a quick purge of the things you don’t need or may need rarely. Put these things in the bottom drawer or cabinet.
  • Arrange your daily items of use neatly on your desktop. These items should be the ones that you require all day long.
  • Items that are used once or twice in a day can be placed in easily accessible drawers.
  • You can also use wall mounted small storage boxes to house stationary or small office supplies.
  • Do not clutter your desk with unnecessary personal belongings; use the cubicle wall for displaying such images.
  • Leave at least half the desk empty so that you can work with files and documents when required.



4. How Do You Organize Office Desk Accessories?

Office accessories come in all sorts of varieties. From staplers, pencils, highlighters, to paper-organizers such as clips, all these items require convenient storage. These accessories may be small, but they add to the clutter of your workspace. Here are some simple ways to organize office desk accessories in a better way.



  • Use cardholders that also support pencil holding and, in some cases, even cups.
  • Cups or mugs can be used to place small stationery items such as markers and pencils.
  • You should employ a docking station to keep hold of your personal belongings.
  • Use a tabletop mesh organizer to store all your files and other accessories.
  • You can also use small storage racks to accommodate the accessories on your table.
  • A bamboo shelf organizer with retractable drawers can help you keep supplies safe.
  • Use a desk organizer that can be placed under your computer screen.



5. Which Is Better Metal Or Wood Office Desk With Storage?

Both metal and wood are top-grade materials when it comes to office desk storage. However, a combination of both materials is the most economical and sturdy option. All wood desks are quite expensive and hence used by executives only. For this purpose, go with metal and mixed wooden design.  



6. How Much Is The Cost For Office Desk With Storage?       

Executive desks are the costliest option available in the market for office desk storage. They range from $1000 to $10,000. Meanwhile, standard desks can be bought for around $150 to $750. For the less costly ones, you will need storage pedestals as these desks are without inbuilt storage options.



7. How To Assemble Office Desk With Storage?

The best option to assemble an office desk with storage is to consider it as your DIY project. Most office desks that need assembling come with the assembly guide. Stick to the guide as much as possible, and if you are stuck somewhere, consult any video tutorial for visual confirmation. You should have a partner so that the assembly can be done at a brisk pace.

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