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25 Best Mug Warmer To Keep Your Drinks Hot 25 Best Mug Warmer To Keep Your Drinks Hot

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25 Best Mug Warmer To Keep Your Drinks Hot

Written by: Jason Panuelos

Here are some gorgeous mug warmer choices for your home! You don't need the whole shebang to keep your drinks warm, especially this winter.

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Whether you’re working from home or at the office, it’s always comforting to have a hot cup of coffee or cocoa to keep you company while you get through your day. It’s become such an essential item for many people that the thought of not being able to get their favorite cup can vastly affect their performance at work.



Of course, when we do get our favorite hot beverage, we’re not usually able to down it all in one go. We tend to set it aside and take a few sips here and there as we do our work. The sad thing is that our fresh cup of coffee doesn’t taste as nice anymore a few hours later. The overall experience becomes greatly diminished once the temperature drops.



When this does happen, a lot of people tend to just throw their whole cup away. The reason for this is twofold: reheating the whole thing in a kettle isn’t exactly appealing, and it’s a waste of energy to go through all that trouble for what is probably just half a cup of coffee. Here’s an invention that earns its place in that weird little position between a kettle and a stove, and that is a mug warmer!



You can think of them as your trusty little sidekick to help you and your drink get through the day just fine. The mug warmer helps keep your favorite drink at the perfect temperature as you go about your day. It also comes in a ton of colors and options to suit every taste out there.  We’ve tested them all, and here are the best mug warmer products around. 



Simple infographic on the different types of mug warmer options available




When it comes to designing how your desk looks, it’s always satisfying when everything follows a certain theme. In this day and age, you probably have a wireless charger for your phone, and those usually come in round pedestals very much similar to the mug warmer above. Not only is this mug warmer effective at keeping your drink hot, but it’ll also look visually pleasing and match your other desk accessories. Just make sure to charge your phone in the right spot!




Since we all know that wood is the only material that can provide this level of warmth and life to any setting. You can even incorporate a little bit of wood into your choice of beverage warmer. Electronics usually just come in black or gray, all of which are versatile but it can make your desk feel lifeless. This can easily become a problem of yesterday if you opt for this heater.




For some reason, this mug warmer will remind you of coffee makers in popular restaurant chains such as McDonald’s or Krispy Kreme. From its rounded plastic body to the cursive branding, there’s something familiar and nostalgic about its design that just attracts your eye and earns your confidence. It’ll give you as good a time as hanging out in your favorite coffee place.




There’s nothing more trustworthy than an appliance that sports a stainless steel body. It looks absolutely durable and, not to mention, super premium thanks to its sleek build. This mug warmer has a fully-functioning induction warmer combined with a handy digital display to keep everything user-friendly and stylish.




Sometimes all you need is a punch of vibrant color on your desk. Enough with the natural finishes, plain blacks and grays. Why not opt for a shade of powdery blue that’s sure to give your desktop a burst of color that’s easy on the eyes and budget? This affordable little gadget will look cute while keeping your drink warm for every sip you take throughout the day.




In the world of smart appliances, it makes complete sense that mug warmers should have USB compatibility. This mug warming station is not only gorgeous to look at but is also incredibly convenient as you can simply plug it on the side of your computer. You can just work the day away while it does its own job at keeping your coffee hot. From its gorgeous green color to the rose gold controls, everything about this warmer is highly stylish!




Let’s go back to the concept of design context. If you have a ton of black gadgets on your desk or black appliances in your kitchen, you’d probably want a cup warmer to keep the motif going. This particular design looks like a tiny induction cooker that would look absolutely adorable in your condo-style kitchen. It’s a design that’s simple but highly functional to match your every mood.




Of course, not every kitchen appliance has to sport a sleek black look: just take a look at this gorgeous pearly white option! If you’re going for a clean and minimalist look, this white mug warmer will look gorgeous and elegant alongside your other white gadgets. It will also keep your desk looking light and airy, like how you’ve always it wanted it to be. 




Although the holidays are over, it’s always a sentimental occasion that we’d always like to be reminded of. This adorable little Christmas cup warmer will hopefully remind you of cozy winter days spent with family or friends and make an awesome gift for anyone who enjoys a warm drink on a cold day.




When it comes to small gadgets, it’s always a battle between looks and functionality. A lot of companies tend to skimp on quality or performance just because of how small mug warmers are. Alas, they usually break within a few months due to lack of attention by the manufacturers. You won’t have to worry about that with this product that features a solid steel body and a highly functional touch interface.




Having too many things on your desk can be confusing. The last thing you want to do is accidentally place your phone on top of your mug warmer and your mug on a charger. You can avoid making this mistake by just getting a full station for both your coffee and your phone. This also minimizes clutter on your desk and provides you with a one-stop station right from the convenience of your table.




Rich emerald is definitely a hot color when it comes to fashion and design right now, and this beautiful mug heater by Xtor makes us totally see why. It’s easy on the eyes and looks sophisticated without becoming too stuffy. This design of the heater is incredibly simple and straightforward. Thanks to its distinct form and color, you’ll never have to worry about losing it in a sea of clutter.




Marble is an incredibly popular material in the world of interiors right now, so it’s not surprising that it has made its way into gadgets as well. Getting something in pure white can be a bit boring so considering switching things up a bit by incorporating white marble effects on your gadgets. This little marble cup warmer will do its job while sitting pretty on your desk.




While most cup warmers are simple little pedestals that heat up your drinks, they can also be really prone to get knocked over due to lack of support. If you tend to be clumsier with stuff on your desk or just really don’t want to risk knocking anything over, this cup warmer stand is perfect for you. It provides a little bit more support to avoid any accidents. It gives you the peace of mind to go about your day.




If you like to keep your drink at a very specific temperature, a simple drink heater might not cut it. With its tiny display where you can set your desired drinking temperature, this simple little design will keep your drink at the perfect temperature that you want. It also comes in chic neutral colors to look great in any set-up you can think of.




Here’s another cute little digital mug warmer that’s worth your consideration. There’s nothing too complicated about this one, either. It’s honestly great for all kinds of tastes with its simple aluminum siding and its gorgeous glassy top with induction heater. The icing on the cake? A small digital display to tell you what temperature your drink is.




I can confidently say this list has something for everyone, and this is said with the fact that not everyone wants a minimalist vibe for their desk. If you fancy yourself as a gamer or just have a computer set that emits RGB lighting, you might want a mug warmer that fits the bill as well! There’s nothing more satisfying than having a desktop look cohesive, and this drink heater is sure to bring the various elements together.




Speaking of computers, this particular mug warmer is reminiscent of an expensive graphics driver. This design makes it look ten times cooler. However, it still manages to look incredibly classy with its glossy white body that looks almost ceramic and will definitely look equally luxurious against any design motif you’ve got going on.




If you ever find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the different features and interfaces, you could always go for a simple and fuss-free option such as this mug warmer from VOBAGA. It’s so minimalist and user-friendly, all you really have to do is set your drink on top and press the power button to get it going. Not much to think about regarding this one; it’s an easy choice for just about anyone who loves a hot cup of coffee.




There’s something about this option from Ember that just screams premium. Reminiscent of luxury tumbler brands such as Corkcicle, you know that it’s a mug warmer that you can trust and absolutely enjoy for years. It comes in a super stylish matte black body for subtle flexing on Instagram.




A subtle touch of wood is always nice to see on random appliances. It’s almost reminiscent of station wagons from the 70s which could be nicely nostalgic for a lot of people. However, everything about this cup warmer is modern and gorgeous, not to mention super functional. The muted tone of the wood gives an organic feeling but blends just enough with everything else in your room.




Not to be mistaken for a wireless charger, this drink heater sports a super minimalist design. With a glassy black top contrasted by a textured matte body that’s slim and compact, it’s hard to believe that it can keep your drink warm for hours on end. There’s nothing complicated about its controls and you can keep an eye on the temperature thanks to its digital display panel. 




The problem with some mug warmers are their lack of demarcations as to where you should place your drink. It does become a bit of a problem when you think your drink has been heating up but it turns out that it wasn’t just because you placed it a little bit off-center. With a cup warmer design such as this one, you’ll be able to clearly see where you should place it thanks to the change in material and slight depression.




Just like with any induction cooker, you have to make sure that the cup you’re using for your warmer is compatible and the heat can be conducted. If you’re worried that your cups at home might not work with them, you could always opt for a mug warmer set that comes with its own cup.




Probably our favorite in this list, there’s nothing as gorgeous as a combination of green and gold and it’s a rare combination to see in appliances nowadays. Not only does this mug warmer look gorgeous and unique, but it’s also highly functional with its user-friendly controls and sturdy build. You definitely can’t go wrong with this one!




Whether you’re into the sleek black aesthetic or maybe even a matte pop of color for your desk mug warmer, there’s certainly going to be something in here for you and your hot drink!



Just make sure that when you do finally get your mug warmer, place it in a particularly clear area of your desk as the last thing you could ever want is any accidental spills or you just knocking into the warmer. Another good rule to follow is to use the warmer when you feel like the drink is losing some of its temperatures. Don’t keep it on the whole day as it can consume a lot of power. Otherwise, feel free to sit back or get to work, while your mug warmer awaits your next tantalizing sip.

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