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Best Gaming Mouse Pad: 30 Picks To Win Them All Best Gaming Mouse Pad: 30 Picks To Win Them All

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Best Gaming Mouse Pad: 30 Picks To Win Them All

Written by: Henry Campbell

The best gaming mouse pad can level up your gaming experience significantly. Check out these chic options to complete your set-up today!

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The best gaming mouse pad offers more than just comfort. You’d be surprised by the extent to which your choice of mouse pad can shape your gaming experience. Things like constant slipping, out-of-sync mouse movement, and more are some of the many issues that a proper gaming mouse pad can resolve.



Given that, there are a number of factors you have to consider before making your next purchase. Are you looking for something that fits your aesthetics, such as those designed with neon lights or graphic designs? Or maybe one that has extra features for optimal convenience will suit your fancy more, such as wireless mouse chargers?



Nothing’s more frustrating than being interrupted in the middle of a game… and because of a mere mouse pad, no less! But don’t worry, we’ve listed 30 gaming room must-haves for an experience you’ll never forget.



Infographic on the best gaming mouse pad options in the market




One of the key features you should look for in a mouse pad is the texture of its surface. As its outermost layer, it should provide your mouse with a smooth glide with no unnecessary hitches. This particular SteelSeries mouse pad is made with micro-woven cloth that allows just that.



Whatever gameplay style you may have, this mouse pad can definitely accommodate your preferences for an experience that won’t make you want to tear your hair out. Moreover, its high thread count makes optimal mouse tracking possible.



When looking for the best gaming mouse pad, you should also take design into consideration. If you prefer those with cartoon or anime aesthetics, this DJSOK gaming mouse pad can offer you that and more. From anime-related ones to simple graphics, there are a plethora of designs you can choose from.



Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also has a number of useful features that accompany its pretty appearance. It has a rubber base that prevents slipping, a slick surface for smoother and more accurate mouse tracking, and a washable material that ensures the designs won’t fade over time. 




Some mouse pads aren’t actually made for just one device. For example, this ZYCCW gaming mouse pad is able to cover your entire computer desk with its dimensions of 31.5″ x11.8″ x 0.15″. You can place your keyboard and other devices on top of it safely.



Of course, something as large as this one may be challenging to clean. Worry not as this gaming mouse pad is made up of materials that you can use to clean any device. Its edge stitching is part of its convenient and practical design. Thanks to this feature, its edges will not fray nor wear down even after constant use.




The advantage of having an extended gaming mouse pad is that you can place your keyboard in whichever position you like without it interfering with the movement of your mouse. This Logitech model makes using your mouse a breeze. Not only does its wide area provides sufficient space, but it also has an even surface for comfort and ease. Flexible and durable, you can simply roll it up and place it inside the complementary transport tube when not in use.




When you’re on your computer for long periods of time, you’ll need equipment that will ease the physical discomfort of your wrists. This VictSing mouse pad is built with a wrist rest that has a gel filling for maximum comfort. It is able to effectively reduce wrist pain and irritation, especially after hours of usage on end.



Despite it being significantly smaller than its predecessors, it has ample space for proper mouse movement. Moreover, it’s made of high-quality material for durability, longevity, and boasts a smooth surface for improved mouse tracking.



Listed on our top 30 gaming mouse pads is another VicTsing model, but this one is larger in size than the previous one. It’s built with all the standard features that the best gaming mouse pad should have, including a non-slip base, a smooth surface, and stitched edges.



You can use any type of mouse on this. Whether it’s optical or laser, you’re sure to get a smooth gaming experience with this VicTsing mouse pad.




Take your gaming mouse pad game to the next level with one of the best extended mouse pad options around. The Blade Hawks mouse pad is backlit with seven static lighting modes as well as three dynamic ones that give a more enjoyable atmosphere to your games. Plus, it remembers the previous settings that were keyed in whenever you turn it on and off.



Adding to its convenient features is its USB-powered construction. Simply plug this into your computer and you can enjoy everything it has to offer. 




Arguably one of the best gaming mouse pad with wrist rest you can find online, this one is made from high-quality cloth and a rubber base. Expect your mouse to glide on smoothly with no unnecessary movements. It also comes with wrist support to ease wrist stress and irritation. Its compact size, along with the material it’s made of, will offer you both mobility and durability.




The best extended gaming mouse pad shouldn’t compromise functionality for size. Luckily for you, this TYNIKA model balances both aspects excellently. As it’s built with waterproof coating and fiber braided material, best believe your mouse will work in perfect condition. Moreover, its stitched edge adds to its durability even with daily use.



Made with waterproof coating, the AODOOR gaming mouse pad doesn’t just withstand liquids. It also helps prevent fraying, adding to its durability and lifespan. You can simply wipe off the water droplets that fall on top of it without worrying about the material soaking it up.



You also have guaranteed control and speed over your mouse tracking due to its smooth surface. Additionally, its non-slip rubber base prevents unnecessary movement on your desk. Ultimately, this extended gaming mouse pad has everything you need for a better gaming experience.




The majority of gaming mouse pads in the market are made up of thick material. However, the ROCCAT mouse pad is comparatively thin and promises you peak gaming performance. Aside from its sleek appearance, it also serves as a lightweight gaming platform.



Made with advanced coating, it helps reduce friction that comes from constant use. This feature is especially important for when you want an easy glide for speed and control over your mouse. Plus, it’s also a surface that’s easy to clean, durable, and comfortable for the wrist.




If you’re looking for a mouse pad that can fit both your gaming and/or professional needs, this one is for you. The YEBMoo mouse pad comes with a host of features that can accommodate any desk activities you may carry out.



Its non-slip, water-resistant surface that has stitched edges guarantees a conducive environment for your work. Moreover, it has a wide surface area on which you can position your keyboard and mouse any way you like.




Even when you’re just gaming, you should keep your desk free from unnecessary clutter as much as possible. Having an extended gaming mouse pad can help you organize your belongings such that the set-up looks easier on the eyes. It also offers durability and a high-quality gaming experience with its durable design and smooth Lycra cover. 




Sometimes, all you need is an extended gaming mouse pad with a simple yet sleek design. Equipped with the best features, the AUKEY mouse pad offers simplicity and practicality above everything else. There’s no need for fancy designs — just get the features right and you’re good to go.




A good product is as much about aesthetics as it is about functionality. The Psitek model boasts a three-color palette pretty much falls in the middle of the design spectrum. It’s not overboard graphics-wise, but it’s also not just a single block of color.



Aside from its versatile appearance, it also has a densely-woven waterproof surface that’s perfect for optical tracking. Complementing this are other features such as seamless stitched edges to prevent fraying, and a rubber base for stability.






There are instances whereby all we need is a regular-sized gaming mouse pad. Whether it’s due to personal preference, small desk space, or other reasons, you can always rely on a mouse pad like HyperX Fury S. It comes in sizes ranging from small to extra large to fit your desktop needs. Equipped with the standard gaming mouse pad features, it does its job perfectly.




Landing on this list is another option from VicTsing, which is an extended gaming mouse pad this time. Its large size is perfect for unconstrained movement and the placement of a keyboard. It also has the same features as the ones previously mentioned. Noteworthy features include an ultra-smooth surface, a non-slip rubber base, and a water-resistant coating.




Corsair has come out with an extended gaming mouse pad with features that helps you perform well in your games. It has a textile weave surface that’s perfect for low-friction tracking and precision. Moreover, there’s no need to worry about surface peeling as it also has stitched edges for optimal durability. This is perfect for placing both optical and laser gaming mice on.




The best extended gaming mouse pad can be your next multi-functional best friend. The iCasso mouse pad also serves as a desk pad as it is large enough for your mouse, laptop, and other items. What makes this unique is its double-sided use. Both sides have an anti-slip, waterproof, and smooth surface made from PU leather material so you can play Cyberpunk 2077 seamlessly.




This Razer mouse pad is one of the most sought-after options in the market. One of its models, Razer Goliathus, is an extended gaming mouse pad that has won the hearts of many. It is powered by Razer Chroma which illuminates your desk in a wide variety of colors. Moreover, its Razer Synapse improves its surface for a smoother and more precise glide.




The surface of the best gaming mouse pad must fit a certain set of criteria to fit the title. This Logitech model ticks all the boxes in that checklist! It has low surface friction which helps to improve cursor and mouse control, especially when it comes to high-speed gaming. Of course, you would need consistency in texture for better tracking precision and performance overall.




If what you need is a gaming mouse pad you can take anywhere, something as slim as this Razer gaming mouse pad will do just the trick. It has a 1.5mm thickness that makes it perfect to fit in between your laptop’s keyboard and screen. You can also roll it up as a storage alternative.



Moreover, it has fine micro-textures that work with all types of mice. Every movement – no matter how small – can also be accurately tracked on the screen. 



Has your mouse ever run off the edge of your pad while you’re in the middle of gaming? If so, you’re going to need something like this Havit extended gaming mouse pad. Its wide surface area ensures you flexibility in terms of keyboard and mouse placement on your desk. Of course, expect it to also have an edge covering design and a non-slip bottom as one of the best extended gaming mouse pad that’s available right now.




If multi-colored lights aren’t your cup of tea, this ROCCAT gaming mouse pad serves as an excellent alternative. It has a two-directional light for an improved gaming atmosphere. Apart from providing illumination, its top-tier surface and non-slip bottom also add to its high-quality performance.




What makes this TOWWI gaming mouse pad unique is its design. Made from high-quality eco-friendly materials, there’s no real leather in the making of this mouse pad, just PU leather and suede. Given that, it’s also oil, scratch, and stain-proof. Other features include a waterproof surface, anti-slip base, and portable design.




This GIM gaming mouse pad isn’t one of your standard market offerings. As one of the most technologically advanced products on this list, you’ll be blown away by what it can do.  It has a Qi wireless charging pad compatible with smartphones and other Qi-enabled devices. It has ten lighting modes including one gradual change mode, flashing mode, and colorful breathing circulation you can turn on and off with just one touch. You don’t have to worry about it overheating as it has a built-in status indicator as well as an over-temperature protection system.




The INNOPLUS gaming mouse pad has a performance-tuned surface that improves accuracy for a consistent gaming experience. Each mouse movement will get translated accurately into the cursor even at high speeds. Its non-slip rubber base and stitched edges also keep it sturdy and durable over long periods of time.




A gaming mouse pad can easily get messy and dirty, especially if it’s used on a daily basis. Luckily, this PENCHAM gaming mouse pad can be washed by machine. Plus, it has an edge stitching that prevents fraying, a waterproof top, and a rubber bottom that renders it an excellently-made gaming mouse pad.




When it comes to mouse pads with graphic designs, you’re going to need one that has anti-fraying and anti-fade properties. This Shalysong mouse pad ticks both boxes. You can clean liquid stains with just water repeatedly without worrying about its design fading. As for its other features, you also have an ultra-smooth surface and a rubber base that prevents slipping and unnecessary movements.




The Blade Hawks gaming mouse pad has a perfect grip and is flat, so you can use it even on uneven surfaces. To complement that, it has rubberized corners that are skid-proof to prevent unnecessary interference. Moreover, it has a dual surface that is both high-control and low-friction for accuracy and control at any dpi speed. The cherry on top? Its surface is also waterproof and wear-resistant.

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