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20 Best Christmas Ornament Storage To Keep Them Safe 20 Best Christmas Ornament Storage To Keep Them Safe

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20 Best Christmas Ornament Storage To Keep Them Safe

Written by: Benjamin Parker

Grab these best ornament storage to keep your precious christmas decorations dust-free and hassle-free. See how ornament storage gets easier with these!

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It is that time of the year again! Bring out your Christmas decorations and get your home into the festive spirit. If you find yourself rummaging through the attic in search of last year’s ornaments, you may enjoy these Christmas ornament storage solutions.



Storing Christmas ornaments and Christmas lights using a proper system can ensure that they are in fine shape to be reused year after year.


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20 Best Christmas Ornament Storage Solutions


Let’s kickstart our list of the best Christmas ornament storage solutions with this festive and functional option. Complete with two removable trays, this storage solution can hold up to 48 4-inch ornaments. Besides being removable, these trays won’t discolor or damage the ornaments. This is thanks to its acid-free tray lining. As such, your ornaments are sure to stay shiny for years to come.


If you’re looking for affordable Christmas ornament storage containers, this one by Elf Stor has a capacity for 64 ornaments while only weighing four pounds. If you have delicate Christmas balls or vintage ornaments, they’ll be safely protected in this Oxford canvas storage box. Complete with an eye-catching red or green color that is suitable for the holiday season, this box features riveted handles for added convenience.


This cranberry-colored, winterberry motif-designed Christmas ornament storage comes with trays. Its fabric material and sturdy build will keep your ornaments safe and sound all year long. Not only can it hold up to 60 ornaments, but the trays can be modified to fit ornaments of different sizes.


Another affordable Christmas ornament storage option is this single-layer box that allows you to store up to 40 ornaments at once. It provides a snug fit to keep the top of the ornaments protected with its fabric lid. Moreover, you can easily store this box in your cupboard or under your bed. The box folds flat, so you can easily store it without much fanfare when it is empty. Furthermore, it also comes with removable dividers so that you can store ornaments of different sizes without much problem.


This heavy-duty container allows you to store up to 72 three-inch ornaments. Not only can you store ornaments in it, but this organizer comes with front and side pockets to store tree picks, fairy lights, or garlands as well. The carry handles make it easy to move around, and the acid-free tray lining will prevent discoloration or damage to your precious decorations.


Primode makes reasonably affordable Christmas ornament storage boxes. This one not only stores 64 ornament balls but also has four layers that allow you to stack your beautiful Christmas decorations safely and neatly. Available in three colors: red, green, and black, this ornament storage box includes a customizable label on the front for hassle-free categorization.


This Christmas ornament storage box is revered for its tear-proof tarp material and heavy-duty look appearance. It promises to protect your ornaments from rain, sunshine, dust, and insects.


This Christmas ornament storage container with snowflakes sports a grey background with red lining. It also boasts four layers of storage space, a 600D Oxford fabric material, and a five-year warranty. With this product, you can expect to store approximately 64 ornaments at a time.


These festive boxes can keep the holiday spirit alive even when the decorations are in storage. Available in two patterns: holiday stripes and a snowflake design, this box can hold up to 48 Christmas balls safely without diminishing the quality of your ornaments. Moreover, the container can easily be cleaned with a damp sponge or cloth if it gets dirty.


This Christmas ornament solution ticks all boxes when it comes to space and durability. With the ability to hold up to 96 ornaments in several three-inch compartments, this storage solution can be stowed under the bed or on a shelf. Moreover, it comes with a zipper for maximum protection from dust, insects, and more. Best of all, it is an absolute steal, given its price.


Zober makes some amazing Christmas ornament storage options, and this one is no exception. Showcasing a zipper lid covering that slides back for a full or partial opening, this storage box enables you to stack decorations safely across four layers. It can hold around 64 holiday ornaments and is available in three colors: red, green, and grey.


This Christmas ornament storage box not only has slots to store ornament balls but figurines as well.  You can store figurines up to 16″ in size, and trust this box’s 100% tear-proof fabric to protect your decor.


We can’t forget miniature or small-sized Christmas ornaments that need their own special, size-appropriate compartments. Snowkingdom has made a compact organizer to ease small Christmas ornaments storage. It is made with all-clear plastic material so you can see every decor you’ve placed inside. Not only is it extremely affordable, but it also comes in a stackable pack of three.


This Christmas ornament storage box by Whitmore not only has space for 112 ornaments but also allows you to peer in through its transparent material. The frosty plastic exterior with red trimmings gives it a unique look and provides easy access when placed in a storage room full of items.


What we love the most about this storage container are the sliding trays. Access all ornaments with ease without having to worry about possible damage. Worth every dime, this organizer is made with 600D Oxford material to keep your decor in mint condition for years to come.


Are you looking for a Christmas ornament storage solution that screams Santa Claus, the holidays, and a merry good time from a mile away? Then look no further than this storage box with a Santa Claus and reindeer lid. This fabric organizer has a capacity for 25 ornaments and can be adjusted to fit embellishments of different sizes. It also folds easily when empty to not take up too much space. Even the Grinch won’t be able to hold himself back from the cuteness and functionality that this box offers.


We know organizers and containers for Christmas ornament storage can get expensive. Furthermore, finding durable, long-lasting options can be a headache. But this storage container lets you store approximately 64 ornaments in it without costing you an arm and a leg.



It is a sturdy and heavy-duty Christmas ornament storage container with 600D Oxford cloth and heavy cardboard. Thanks to its construction, this product can protect your ornaments and Christmas balls from dust and insects. It is a win-win storage option as it is stackable and compact at the same time.


So far, we’ve mentioned Christmas ornament storage boxes that are made of fabric and can be layered. However, plastic organizers are just as popular. This Iris ornament storage box is a great option, as it comes with a divider and can hold up to 75 ornaments. The hinged plastic lid is also quite handy for keeping the lid in sight when unloading.


We know this Christmas ornament storage solution isn’t the most festive-looking. But what it lacks in appearance, it makes up for with its durable construction and non-woven polypropylene fabric. Its zippered closure ensures that no dust or water trickles in. You can even store up to 64 ornaments in it, as each cube is large enough to store one medium ornament or two small ones at the same time. When the container is not in use, you can also effortlessly collapse it and hide it away.


This last Christmas ornament storage solution comes in six different colors and five unique designs. These patterns range from mistletoes and reindeer to snowflakes and more. If that wasn’t enough to inspire Santa Claus to come right down the chimney, it also has storage space for 64 ornaments. The best part about this storage option is how you can store anything from fairy lights to Christmas canes and hats. You can also carry it anywhere you want, thanks to its convenient handles.

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