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How To Store Ornaments How To Store Ornaments


How To Store Ornaments

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

Discover the best way to store ornaments and keep them safe with our helpful articles. Find tips and tricks for preserving your favorite holiday decorations.

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Decorating for the holidays brings joy and cheer to our homes, and what better way to add a festive touch than with beautiful ornaments? However, once the holiday season is over, it’s important to properly store your ornaments to ensure their longevity and keep them in pristine condition for the following year.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of storing ornaments, providing you with tips and techniques to protect them from damage and deterioration. Whether you have delicate glass ornaments, sentimental heirlooms, or a vast collection of decorative baubles, our step-by-step guide will help you store them with care.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your cherished ornaments will be ready to shine and sparkle when the next holiday season arrives. Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways:

  • Properly storing ornaments ensures their longevity and pristine condition for future holiday seasons. Follow the step-by-step guide to protect delicate ornaments, organize by theme, and maintain a clean, pest-free storage area.
  • Gather supplies, sort and organize ornaments, select appropriate storage containers, and wrap delicate ornaments with care to ensure they’re ready to shine and sparkle for the next holiday season.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Before you begin the process of storing your ornaments, it’s important to gather the necessary supplies. Here’s a list of items you’ll need:

  • Storage containers – Choose containers that are sturdy, stackable, and ideally have dividers or compartments to keep ornaments separate.
  • Wrapping materials – This can include tissue paper, bubble wrap, or soft cloth to provide cushioning and protection for delicate ornaments.
  • Labels – Use labels or sticky notes to identify the contents of each storage container, making it easier to locate specific ornaments in the future.
  • Moving blankets or old towels – These can be used as additional padding or cushioning if needed.
  • Gloves – It’s a good idea to wear gloves when handling fragile or delicate ornaments to minimize the risk of accidentally dropping or damaging them.
  • Egg cartons or cardboard dividers – These can be repurposed to provide individual compartments for smaller ornaments, preventing them from shifting or rubbing against each other.

By having all these supplies ready, you’ll be prepared to safely store your ornaments without any last-minute scrambling.

Step 2: Sort and Organize Ornaments

Before you start packing away your ornaments, it’s important to sort and organize them. This will make the process of storing and finding specific ornaments much easier when you’re ready to decorate next year. Follow these steps:

  1. Inspect your ornaments: Start by inspecting each ornament to ensure they are in good condition. Discard any broken or damaged ornaments, as they may cause harm to other decorations or become a safety hazard.
  2. Sort by type or theme: Group your ornaments based on similar themes or categories. This could be by color, shape, material, or sentimental value. For example, you could have a separate category for glass ball ornaments, wooden ornaments, or sentimental ornaments that hold special memories.
  3. Consider ornament fragility: Take note of which ornaments are more delicate or fragile. These will require extra care during the packing and storing process.
  4. Organize by size: If you have a variety of ornament sizes, it’s helpful to separate them based on size. This will prevent larger ornaments from crushing smaller ones and make it easier to fit them into the storage container.

By sorting and organizing your ornaments, you’ll have a clear idea of what you have and how to store them most efficiently. This will save you time and frustration when it’s time to decorate next holiday season.

Step 3: Select Appropriate Storage Containers

Once you have sorted and organized your ornaments, it’s time to choose the right storage containers to keep them safe and secure. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Container size: Select containers that are appropriately sized to accommodate your ornaments. Avoid containers that are too small and may crush or damage the ornaments. On the other hand, too-large containers may allow ornaments to shift and bump against each other, increasing the risk of breakage.
  • Dividers or compartments: Look for containers that come with built-in dividers or compartments. These will help keep ornaments separate and prevent them from rubbing against each other. Alternatively, you can purchase or make dividers using cardboard or foam to create individual compartments.
  • Durable and stackable: Choose containers that are sturdy and durable to provide adequate protection for your ornaments. Opt for stackable containers to save space and keep your storage area organized.
  • Transparency: Consider using transparent or semi-transparent containers so you can easily see the contents without having to open each one. This will help streamline the process of finding specific ornaments when you’re ready to decorate next year.

By selecting the right storage containers, you can ensure that your ornaments are stored safely and efficiently, minimizing the risk of damage during storage and making it easier to retrieve them when needed.

Step 4: Wrap Delicate Ornaments

When it comes to delicate ornaments, it’s important to provide extra care and protection during the storage process. Follow these steps to wrap delicate ornaments securely:

  1. Wrap individually: Wrap each delicate ornament individually using tissue paper, bubble wrap, or soft cloth. This will prevent them from scratching or bumping against each other.
  2. Cushioning: Place a layer of cushioning material, such as tissue paper or bubble wrap, at the bottom of the storage container to act as a protective barrier.
  3. Layering: As you place wrapped ornaments into the container, create layers with additional cushioning material between each layer. This will provide extra protection and prevent movement during storage.
  4. Avoid overcrowding: Don’t cram too many delicate ornaments into one container. Overcrowding can increase the risk of breakage. Instead, use multiple containers or allocate enough space within a container to allow for proper cushioning and protection.
  5. Consider egg cartons or cardboard dividers: For smaller delicate ornaments, consider using repurposed egg cartons or creating cardboard dividers to provide individual compartments. This will prevent them from shifting and rubbing against each other.

By wrapping delicate ornaments carefully and providing the necessary cushioning and separation, you can ensure their safety during storage and maintain their pristine condition for years to come.

Step 5: Label the Storage Containers

Properly labeling your storage containers is essential for easy identification and retrieval of your ornaments in the future. Follow these tips to effectively label your storage containers:

  1. Use descriptive labels: Clearly label each container with descriptive information, such as the contents or category of ornaments stored inside. For example, you could label a container as “Glass Ball Ornaments” or “Wooden Snowflake Ornaments”.
  2. Color-coded labels: Consider using color-coded labels or stickers to further categorize your ornaments. This can make it even easier to find specific types or themes of ornaments when it’s time to decorate.
  3. Include a inventory list: Create an inventory list of the ornaments stored in each container. This can be a simple handwritten list or a digital document. Include details such as the number of ornaments, their descriptions, and any sentimental value they hold.
  4. Attach labels securely: Ensure that the labels are securely attached to the containers to avoid them getting lost or damaged. You can use adhesive labels, sticky notes, or even tie tags with string or ribbon.

By labeling your storage containers accurately, you’ll save time and effort in locating specific ornaments when the holiday season rolls around again. It also helps to keep your storage area organized and allows for efficient inventory management.

When storing ornaments, consider using acid-free tissue paper or bubble wrap to protect delicate items. Store them in sturdy, stackable containers to prevent breakage and make sure to label the containers for easy identification.

Step 6: Store in a Dry and Temperature-Controlled Area

Ensuring the right storage environment is crucial for preserving the condition of your ornaments. Follow these guidelines to store your ornaments in a dry and temperature-controlled area:

  1. Avoid moisture: Choose a storage area that is dry and free from moisture. Moisture can cause damage to ornaments, especially those made of delicate materials like fabric or paper. Avoid storing ornaments in basements or areas prone to water leaks.
  2. Control temperature: Optimal temperature conditions for ornaments range between 60-75°F (15-24°C). Avoid extremes in temperature, as they can lead to cracking or warping of delicate ornaments.
  3. Shield from direct sunlight: Direct sunlight can fade colors and cause materials to deteriorate over time. Store your ornaments away from direct sunlight to preserve their vibrant colors and integrity.
  4. Avoid extreme temperature changes: Rapid temperature fluctuations can also cause damage to ornaments. Avoid storing ornaments in areas that experience frequent temperature changes, such as attics or garages.
  5. Elevate from the floor: Keep your storage containers elevated from the floor to prevent damage from potential leaks or flooding. Use shelves, plastic bins, or sturdy racks to raise the containers off the ground.

By storing your ornaments in a dry and temperature-controlled area, you can protect them from environmental damage and ensure their longevity for future use.

Step 7: Separate Fragile and Non-Fragile Ornaments

It’s important to separate your ornaments based on their fragility to prevent damage and ensure their safe storage. Follow these steps to separate fragile and non-fragile ornaments:

  1. Identify fragile ornaments: Take a close look at your ornaments and determine which ones are more delicate and prone to breakage. This typically includes glass ornaments, porcelain figurines, or ornaments with intricate details.
  2. Create separate storage containers: Allocate separate storage containers for fragile ornaments and non-fragile ornaments. This will help you handle fragile items with extra care and minimize the risk of damage.
  3. Add extra cushioning for fragile ornaments: For fragile ornaments, provide additional cushioning by using soft cloth, bubble wrap, or tissue paper to wrap each ornament individually. This will offer an added layer of protection during storage.
  4. Place fragile ornaments on top: If you’re using stacked containers, place the containers with fragile ornaments on top. This way, they won’t bear the weight of other containers and are less likely to be damaged.
  5. Label containers accordingly: Clearly label the containers housing fragile ornaments to remind you and others to handle them with care. This will help prevent accidental mishandling or rough treatment.

Separating fragile and non-fragile ornaments during storage ensures that your delicate items are given extra attention and protection, reducing the chances of damage and preserving their beauty for years to come.

Step 8: Store Ornaments by Category or Theme

Organizing your ornaments by category or theme during storage makes it easier to locate specific decorations and helps maintain a cohesive and visually appealing arrangement when it’s time to decorate. Follow these steps to store ornaments by category or theme:

  1. Group ornaments by category: Sort your ornaments into different categories based on their material, shape, color, or style. For example, group all glass ornaments together, separate wooden ornaments, or gather ornaments with a specific theme like snowflakes or Santas.
  2. Allocate separate containers for each category: Assign a separate storage container for each category of ornaments. This will keep them organized and prevent them from getting jumbled together. Use labels to easily identify the contents of each container.
  3. Arrange containers logically: If space allows, arrange the containers based on the order in which you plan to decorate. For example, place the container containing your favorite ornaments or the ones you typically use first in a more accessible spot.
  4. Consider using ornament organizers: Invest in ornament organizer boxes or trays that have individual compartments or slots designed to keep ornaments separated and protected. These organizers often come with dividers and provide an easy way to store and transport your ornaments.
  5. Create a catalog or inventory: Take photos or create a catalog of each category or theme of ornaments. This will serve as a visual reference and can help you plan your decorations in advance. You can also use the catalog as a checklist to ensure you have all the ornaments you need before decorating.

Storing ornaments by category or theme simplifies the process of finding specific decorations and allows for a more efficient and enjoyable decorating experience when the holiday season arrives.

Step 9: Use Protective Padding for Extra Fragile Ornaments

For extra fragile ornaments that require additional protection, it’s important to use protective padding during the storage process. Follow these steps to safeguard your delicate decorations:

  1. Wrap in soft material: Prior to storing, wrap each extra fragile ornament in a soft material, such as tissue paper or soft cloth. This will provide a layer of cushioning and help prevent any contact or impact damage.
  2. Use padding materials: Place a layer of padding material, such as bubble wrap or foam, at the bottom of the storage container. This will create a soft and protective base for your delicate ornaments.
  3. Create individual compartments: Use dividers or separate sections within the storage container to create individual compartments for each extra fragile ornament. This will prevent them from touching or colliding with other ornaments.
  4. Add more padding: Surround each extra fragile ornament with additional padding materials to ensure they are securely nestled and protected. This could involve using bubble wrap, soft cloth, or even crumpled tissue paper to provide extra cushioning.
  5. Avoid stacking or overcrowding: To minimize the risk of damage, avoid stacking too many layers of fragile ornaments on top of each other or overcrowding the container. Give each delicate ornament enough space for protection within the storage container.

By employing protective padding techniques, you can safeguard your extra fragile ornaments and preserve their delicate beauty and integrity for future holiday seasons.

Step 10: Keep the Storage Area Clean and Pest-Free

Maintaining a clean and pest-free storage area is vital for the long-term preservation of your ornaments. Follow these steps to ensure a clean and pest-free environment:

  1. Clean the storage area: Before storing your ornaments, clean the storage area thoroughly. Remove any dust, dirt, or debris that could potentially damage or soil your ornaments.
  2. Seal the storage containers: Make sure the storage containers are tightly sealed to prevent any bugs, dust, or moisture from entering. This will help protect your ornaments from potential pests and keep them in pristine condition.
  3. Use pest deterrents: Consider using pest deterrents, such as mothballs or cedar chips, to ward off insects or pests that may be attracted to your ornaments. Just ensure that the deterrents are placed away from direct contact with the ornaments to prevent any unwanted odors or residue.
  4. Avoid storing in areas prone to pests: Choose a storage area that is less likely to attract pests. Avoid areas such as basements, attics, or garages where pests like rodents or insects are more prevalent. Instead, opt for a clean closet, spare room, or a designated storage area within your home.
  5. Regularly inspect and clean: Periodically inspect your ornaments and storage containers for any signs of pests or damage. If you notice any issues, take immediate steps to resolve them and ensure the ongoing protection of your ornaments.

By maintaining a clean and pest-free storage area, you can keep your ornaments safe and free from any potential damage or infestation, allowing them to be enjoyed for many holiday seasons to come.


Storing your ornaments properly is essential for their longevity and ensuring they remain in excellent condition for future holiday seasons. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can protect your ornaments from damage, preserve their beauty, and make it easier to locate and decorate with them in the future.

Remember to gather the necessary supplies, sort and organize your ornaments, select appropriate storage containers, and wrap delicate ornaments with care. Label your storage containers, store them in a dry and temperature-controlled area, and separate fragile and non-fragile ornaments. Additionally, store ornaments by category or theme and use protective padding for extra fragile decorations. Finally, keep the storage area clean and pest-free to ensure the ornaments’ safety.

By taking the time and effort to store your ornaments properly, you’re investing in their longevity and keeping the holiday spirit alive year after year. The joy of unpacking and rediscovering each beloved ornament is well worth the effort. So, follow these steps, give your ornaments the care they deserve, and be ready to add a touch of festive magic to your home when the holiday season rolls around again.

Frequently Asked Questions about How To Store Ornaments

What are the best ways to store ornaments?

The best ways to store ornaments include using acid-free tissue paper or bubble wrap to protect delicate ornaments, storing them in sturdy containers with dividers to prevent breakage, and keeping them in a cool, dry place to avoid damage from moisture or extreme temperatures.
How can I prevent my ornaments from getting tangled or damaged during storage?

To prevent ornaments from getting tangled or damaged during storage, you can use ornament storage boxes with individual compartments or layers, wrap each ornament in tissue paper or bubble wrap, and label each container to easily identify the contents.
Is it important to clean ornaments before storing them?

Yes, it is important to clean ornaments before storing them to remove any dust, dirt, or residue that could cause damage over time. Use a soft cloth or gentle cleaning solution to carefully clean each ornament before packing them away.
What should I do if I have fragile or heirloom ornaments to store?

If you have fragile or heirloom ornaments to store, it’s important to take extra care in packing and storing them. Consider using specialized ornament storage containers with padded compartments, and wrap each delicate ornament in tissue paper or bubble wrap for added protection.
Are there any specific tips for storing different types of ornaments, such as glass or fabric ornaments?

Yes, for different types of ornaments, such as glass or fabric ornaments, there are specific tips to ensure proper storage. For glass ornaments, use padded containers and wrap each ornament individually. For fabric ornaments, avoid folding or crushing them, and store them in breathable containers to prevent moisture buildup.

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