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20 Best Christmas Light Storage To Bid Tangles Goodbye 20 Best Christmas Light Storage To Bid Tangles Goodbye

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20 Best Christmas Light Storage To Bid Tangles Goodbye

Written by: Tabinda Mustershad

Get your hands on these SIMPLE yet BRILLIANT Christmas light storage solutions that will make your post-Xmas storage hassle-free and super convenient!

Standing with a tangled mess of Christmas lights, wondering how on earth we’re going to get on with the tedious task of untangling them. And then find ourselves making silent vows to be good next Christmas so that Santa would gift us an organizer that could take care of these wires. Haven’t we all been there at least once?



Although Santa might take some time to grant you your wish, we’re here to save your day with some amazing Christmas light storage solutions. These are not only affordable but make for great Christmas light storage and Christmas tree storage ideas that you can pass on to friends and family as well. If you want to know how to conquer that massive bunch of tangled wires, keep on reading.


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Christmas lights are pretty delicate and need extra care. However, this bag is perfect for your lights if you require heavy-duty protection for them. It is a Christmas light organizer with three spool reels to wrap your lights around. The accompanying bag features 600D Oxford canvas with a PVC lining for added durability. Simply place the reels inside the bag once all lights are secure, and zip up the bag to store it away until the holiday season comes around next time.  




This Christmas light storage bag by Zober is such a compact storage bag. It allows you to store around 3 lights easily. It comes with 2 fabric covered cardboard dividers that you can remove, along with three cardboard wraps to store your Christmas lights around. Once you’ve wrapped the lights around the cardboard wraps, simply stack them one on top of the other with the divider in place to ensure they don’t get tangled with each other. Since this comes at a very affordable price, you’ll end up ordering multiple bags if you have many fairy lights. These bags are honestly cheap and functional that you’ll end up recommending them to family and friends.




When it comes to finding the best Christmas light storage solutions you can’t go wrong with transparent polypropylene bags that give you a clear view of what is inside and provide protection from dust, water, insects, and more. These bags come in a set of five and are pretty affordable, seeing the amount of storage you get for a reasonable price. If you run out of lights to store, you can repurpose the bags to store other items inside like Christmas wreaths, tree skirts, and even ornaments.




Are you up for a bit of DIY Christmas light storage? We’ve got this cloth bag divider that comes in a pack of six that you can repurpose for Christmas lights. Not only does each pack come with a big clear window through which you can see all the items inside, but you can also stack them on top of each other and make storage more compact. Each pack is made out of waterproof, breathable, and dustproof material that comes in four colors. Additionally, if you’re short on storage space, this will fit right in as it doesn’t take up much space.




Another smart Christmas light storage DIY is this ornament storage box that comes with compartments where you can store multiple fairy lights and ornaments all in one. Moreover, it also has a front pocket to store longer Christmas lights in without having to compromise on the safety of the wires. The compartments can be removed to make space for lights that are longer in length. Moreover, the red bag opens the full face and zips up completely for secure closure.




Get ready for some awesome Zober Christmas light storage solutions. These light storage options make for great Christmas organizers since they make the holiday decorations go by in a breeze. They make cleaning up and storage easy to do, too. This storage unit comes with four plastic wraps that you can simply wrap around the fairy lights to store inside the box vertically. It not only protects the lights but makes sure they don’t get tangled with each other as well. The exterior surface of the box is made with a 600D Oxford canvas fabric that is not only sturdy but also resistant to moisture and dust. Furthermore, it is also tear-proof. It also comes in red, green, and black to suit your specific tastes.




As mentioned earlier, Zober has some awesome Christmas light storage solutions. Check out this similar storage box that comes with three heavy-duty, unbreakable metal reels to wrap Christmas lights around without risking them getting entangled. These reels won’t break easily and the bag comes with stitched handles so you can carry them easily wherever you go. Moreover, it is a simple, compact, and smart way of storing lights without any of the bulbs breaking or wires tearing.




We’ve talked about Christmas light storage solutions in the form of bags and boxes and if you have boxes already but need a system to keep the lights separate and tangle-free, then these cord wind-ups will be your savior. This pack of four cord wind-ups makes it easy to wrap Christmas lights around and place them anywhere you like. Furthermore, it can easily hold around 100 feet of wire, garlands, beads, or other wires you need to be organized and stored.



Here is another option for a pack of four Christmas lights cord wind ups. These containers are not only multipurpose but also compact enough to be stored away in narrow storage spaces or attics. These also come with 8” built-in hooks where you can secure the ends of your light or electrical cords to prevent loose ends. It is a pretty straightforward Christmas light storage solution that you can get for a reasonable price.           




People who want a heavy-duty Christmas light storage solution that they can reuse for other things should more than consider this product as their next purchase. Bayco has a cord storage reel that has been tested for safety and durability in hard and tough situations. Made from heavy-duty impact-resistant plastic, this won’t break if it falls from a height. It will more than keep your Christmas lights protected as well. It can hold up to a 100-foot cord, so you will make the most out of this one.




If you’d like to have Christmas light storage solutions where all your lights are in one place and divided into sections, this Christmas lights organizer by Simplify checks all boxes while looking festive and up for the occasion. With five compartments and made of red foil material, you’ll be able to store lights safely without them getting tangled with each other and easily take them out whenever the holiday season starts. Better hurry up and buy it before its stock runs out because it’s a perfect storage box for your Christmas lights.     




Talk about being festive with a cranberry-colored duffle bag with snowflakes on the exterior. It has multiple compartments and you can store up to 1500 feet of mini lights or 800 feet of large lights with ease. With the clear-view lid and padded cushions, your lights will be protected and preserved to be reused for many holidays to come. While it is a bit pricier than we would like, it’s definitely a worthwhile purchase since it can hold so much Christmas lights.




Technically this is a Christmas wreath storage box. But if you have longer Christmas light cords with delicate bulbs that could use some extra padded safety from any wear and tear, this can easily be a DIY Christmas light storage idea that you can use. It is a large capacity box with two layers, and you can wrap around the lights to the circular design. The best part about this is that it isn’t expensive at all.




We know this isn’t exactly one of the more classic Christmas light storage solutions you can find. However, this Philips storage option kills two birds with one stone if you’re looking for an organizer and lights to accompany it. These beautiful lights come with a reel that has 250 light bulbs attached to it. This will truly light up your Christmas tree and any room you place it in. It is pretty straightforward to use and simple to pack away after the Yuletide season.




Simple Living truly has provided a simple solution to our Christmas light storage solutions with this unique organizer. There is a single reel with a capacity to hold three individual lights. You can wrap them around when you’re done and simply place them in the bag. Made out of durable material, it will protect your lights from moisture, dust and preserve the quality for years to come. It is as simple and functional as the brand name itself.




Homz has this sturdy and universal plastic container as a Christmas light storage solution. It comes with four light wraps to roll your Christmas lights around. The plastic lid hinges on the box when you open it, so you’re not looking where you placed it once you’re done organizing all the lights in it. It comes in a pack of two for a very affordable price, and its neat and compact look makes it a winner in our eyes.




Alright, hear us out on this one! Sure this is a gift wrap organizer that you may already have, but have you thought of repurposing it as a Christmas light storage solution? No? Then what’s stopping you from doing so?! This one by ZOBER has many slots and interior pockets with padding. You can easily store multiple Christmas lights in it without having to buy more boxes or containers. Made with an Oxford 600D canvas material, it is durable and functional with its handles on the side. It also comes with a five-year warranty so you can get a new one when this gets damaged. This more than worth considering, don’t you think?




If you haven’t guessed it already, using reels to store your Christmas lights is a personal favorite of ours. This one by Trademark is not only sturdy, but it also comes in a pack of four and a zippered bag to store them all in. Each reel can hold two 100 mini light sets or a single light set in case it has a delicate bulb on it. Priced very reasonably, you can hardly go wrong with it.




Juvale has made a pretty straightforward Christmas light storage box that is transparent. It also has a compartment to store multiple lights in without them tangling together. Not only is it pretty affordable, but the frosty plastic exterior and brown trimming also gives it a neutral look that will work well with your home’s interiors. It will stand out while not blending in too much with the rest of the boxes you may have in your attic or storage room.



For our last option, we’re going to give you a DIY Christmas light storage idea. These hardshell stacks of four dish storage boxes can easily be reused to store all your fairy lights and Christmas ornaments at the same time! One of the boxes comes with compartments that make it super easy to safely store small-length fairy lights or Christmas ornaments without breaking. It is definitely a costly option, but these boxes will last you a long time. Moreover, you can label each box with what they hold through the clear card slot.

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