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20 Best Floating Shelves That Instantly Free Up Space

Storage Ideas: The Ultimate Guide • January 24, 2020

20 Best Floating Shelves That Instantly Free Up Space

Written by: Eric Losloso

Best floating shelves that combine aesthetics with functionality! Achieve a cleaner and more beautiful look in no time at all.

What do a helium balloon, Aladdin’s carpet and Python 3.7 have in common? … They all have strings! Okay, okay – they float too, just like a floating shelf does.


Yes, there are artsy shelves out there, but what we’d like to look at today are the ones that help save space. The ones that either makes the best use of your wall’s space. Or the ones that trick you in seeing a shelf, but it’s not just that. Small ones that fit exactly on that corner or big ones that could be moved for better space efficiency.


Well here’s the 20 that best fit these descriptions. And a couple of tricks to make these floating shelves or other products seem more than what they ought to be.


1. Greenco 5 Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelves

Greenco 5 Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelves


When it comes to room decor, there is a tendency to neglect small, narrow corners. To maximize such unused space, try sprucing it up with a corner floating shelf. This will not only accentuate the corners of your room, but provide additional platform space for your small items as well. These corner shelves are functional and attractive too: they can be used to display collectibles, photos, decorative items and more. Best of all, it’s easy to mount and comes with all the necessary mounting hardware.


Check out Greenco floating shelf here.


2. Love-KANKEI Floating Shelf with Towel Bar and 8 Removable Hooks

Love-KANKEI Floating Shelf with Towel Bar and 8 Removable Hooks


Flexibility is a valuable quality that floating shelves possess: this is why many interior designers choose them as their shelving choice. From living room to kitchen, a floating shelf can be placed in virtually any room. This particular floating shelf boasts a set of hooks for many uses, amongst them a coat hanger in your vestibule to your kitchen’s mug hooks.


Check out Love-KANKEI floating shelf here.


3. Flexzion Floating Shelves Scrollwork Design Wall Decor

Flexzion Floating Shelves Scrollwork Design Wall Decor


For an aesthetically pleasing yet functional floating shelf, these Flexzion Scrollwork design floating shelves have everything you need. Everyone needs shelves in their home: they make storage safer and much more accessible. This is far more effective than bookcases or cupboards. You can stick them on the wall to produce efficient yet stylish methods of storing. They could make all the difference to your home.


Check out Flexzion floating shelf here.


4. Haotian Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table

Haotian Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table


When space is a premium, creativity is your best source of inspiration. Floating shelves that double as furniture are the answer to your dilemma. And what’s best about this floating shelf is that it folds readily as well, effectively providing you double the space in your small home.


Check out Haotian floating shelf here.


5. WELLAND Arlington 2-Tier Floating Shelf

WELLAND Arlington 2-Tier Floating Shelf


Here’s a two-tier floating shelf that can be used in more than just a couple of ways. Apart from adopting a unique foldable design, it also features a durable bracket and a walnut grain wooden board. Its white metal frame and light-colored board are suitable for hanging on the wall of any room. Without a doubt, it’s the perfect choice for adding additional shelving space.


Check out WELLAND floating shelf here.


6. Mounted Heavy Duty Small Folding Wall Table/Shelf

Mounted Heavy Duty Small Folding Wall Table


Like any other kitchen shelf that holds your kitchen appliances, this wall-mounted folding table/shelf can increase your kitchen space quickly. The small table/shelf with folding brackets are built to accommodate heavy loads, while its 14 gauge cold rolled steel is powder-coated for a perfect finish. And the top surface is 1 inch thick with high resistance to scratches & friction.


Check out Hebei Need floating shelf here.


7. Toirxarn Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Collapsible Bracket

Toirxarn Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Collapsible Bracket


If you are into “DO IT YOURSELF” DIY, then these brackets are the ones to use. Not only do they enable you to place floating shelves, they can be folded to save space as well. It’s up to you, how big a plank you’d like to place: they’re available in sizes ranging from as small as 1 foot to as large as 4 feet. After choosing your plank, simply adjust the brackets to your desired plank size. 


Check out Toirxarn floating shelf here.


8. QsQueen Floating Shelves

QsQueen Floating Shelves


Talk about convenience! These floating shelves come with stick-on hooks, rendering usage of a drill or hammers unnecessary. That would mean you’ll only need to wipe the wall clean and stick the adhesive hooks on. If you’d like to move your shelves sometime in the future, worry not: instructions that come with the product will teach you how to remove the hooks.


Check out QsQueen shelf here.


9. SAND MINE Wood Wall Hanging Shelf

SAND MINE Wood Wall Hanging Shelf

Photo from Amazon


If you’re into rustic old design accents, then this is the shelf for you. They come in a set of 3, with ropes already attached to the planks. The rustic wood hanging shelf is great wood wall decor for any wall. It is a perfect spot to hold ornamental items and/or displaying all of your treasures, while simultaneously amplifying your home decor. Overall, it’s an easy way to showcase your favorite items while staying stylish and organized.


Check out SAND MINE shelf here.


10. Emfogo Floating Rustic Wood Shelves

Emfogo Floating Rustic Wood Shelves

Photo from Amazon


A plain wall is exciting, but can also be challenging to work with. But with these wood floating shelves, it’s simply a matter of positioning. Thanks to the flexible design of the buckle structure,  these wood shelves could be installed in any creative way you like. Choose your favorite way to display shelves and match your décor. Made of solid paulownia wood and processed with a torch, this product features a carbonized black finish and clear texture. It’s a great rustic addition to any wall.


Check out Emfogo Floating Rustic Wood Shelves here.


11. Emfogo Wall Mounted Rustic Floating Shelves

Emfogo Floating Shelves

Photo from Amazon


If your craving for creativity hasn’t been fulfilled, why not choose this three-tier floating shelf for your next project? This one is as flexible as the other Emfogo floating shelves, and provides you with the materials required and clear instructions to assemble your shelf. Its lifetime warranty includes free exchange and return: the company says they’ll respond to your queries within 24 hours.


Check out Emfogo Wall Mounted Rustic Floating Shelves here.


12. Emfogo Floating Shelf with Drawer

Emfogo Floating Shelf with Drawer

Photo from Amazon


What’s better than a floating shelf? A floating shelf with a drawer! Not only do you get the space-saving qualities of a floating shelf, it will also provide you with extra space to store small items. Place your floating shelf near your bed and an electric socket to turn it into a bedside nightstand. Made of solid wood and carbonized black color, this shelf features a rustic design style. Two holes behind the shelf make it easy to install and durable enough to hold up to 22 lbs.


Check out Emfogo Floating Shelf with Drawer here.


13. Easy & Eco Life Bedside Bed Organizer

Easy & Eco Life Bedside Bed Organizer

Photo from Amazon


This bedside organizer cum floating shelf latches readily onto any wall. It’s made from premium plastic and is thus highly durable. Its sheer versatility means it is able to hold various items like power banks, cellphones, and glasses. Beautiful satin finishes with a smooth edge make the finishing touch to protect the wall from scratches. Ideal for installing in your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.


Check out Easy & Eco Life floating shelf here.


14. SED Home Drop-Leaf Folding Floating Shelf

SED Home Drop-Leaf Folding Floating Shelf

Photo from Amazon


Once again, this is best for small spaces, since folding fixtures always doubles your physical space. Once the drop-leaf is folded, space can be reused for other purposes. Made from highly durable wood and does not contain any harsh chemicals. A multi-use wall-mounted drop-leaf shelf gives you extra work or dining space. What’s noteworthy about this product is that it can be folded down and taken out of the way when not needed.


Check out SED folding floating shelf here.


15. ASHOP Wall Mount Clothes Hanger

ASHOP Wall Mount Clothes Hanger

Photo from Amazon


While this may appear to be just any other hanger, there’s more that meets the eye: this brilliant invention functions as both a hook and shelving simultaneously. Since this pack comes in 2 pieces, both could be mounted side by side. Then a wooden or any material plank could be placed on top to turn it into a floating shelf.


Check out ASHOP clothes hanger/floating shelf here.


16. FLEXIMOUNTS Garage Wall Floating Shelf

FLEXIMOUNTS Garage Wall Floating Shelf

Photo from Amazon


Industrial floating shelves like this can hold heavy items: usage should not be restricted only to rooms within your house, but your garage as well. Made to be more sturdy and stable, the buckle design with Velcros prevents the brackets from falling or bending. Heavy gauge steel construction provides safety, carrying loads of up to 400 lbs.


Check out FLEXIMOUNTS floating shelf here.


17. DIY Floating Wood Shelves on Industrial Pipes

DIY Floating Wood Shelves on Industrial Pipes

Photo from Amazon


For that rustic cabin living look, these floating shelves are what you’re looking for. Sturdily built to be a reliable fixture on your walls, the shelves can be mounted wherever you please. Use them in the kitchen to display cookware, in a restroom to hold toiletries, or in your bedroom as a bookshelf. The distressed wood and brushed metal combination looks great: a modern industrial aesthetic or a rustic farmhouse or cabin-in-the-woods feel.


Check out Olillo DIY industrial pipe shelf here.


18. Muzilife Floating Picture Ledge

Muzilife Floating Picture Ledge

Photo from Amazon


Made with good craftsmanship and solid MDF wood, this picture ledge offers excellent quality and high-end design that will keep you satisfied for a lifetime. This hanging shelf will utilize your walls efficiently and get rid of clutter that is sitting on your coffee table or floors. It can also hold kids’ books in the playroom and keep ingredients in the kitchen. A perfect addition to your minimalistic interiors.


Check out Muzilife floating shelf here.


19. Love-KANKEI Rustic Wood Floating Shelves

Love-KANKEI Floating Shelf with Towel Bar and 8 Removable Hooks


No wonder this is the top-selling floating shelves: the ease of installing and dismantling this product is incomparable. just place two mounting screws and that’s it. Useful for adding additional shelving space that could store and organize small items or clutter. It can be placed in a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and more, and is great for clearing up clutter on the counter. Super sturdy, easy to follow instructions and all mounting hardware included.  Sweet.


Check out Love-KANKEI here.


20. HCoolfly Rustic Solid Wood Floating Shelves

HCoolfly Rustic Solid Wood Floating Shelves

Photo from Amazon


Beautifully designed and functional, it is easy to place this shelf in any room. The brackets are made of Paulownia wood and industrial metal. The characteristics of the metal parts are lightweight, stable, durable and never rust. The board is waterproofed to resist mold and algae contamination for a long time.


Check out HCoolfly here.



So there you go, the best floating shelves in the market today. Most in this list are even marked as “Amazon’s Choice”. They’re all stylish, practical, efficient and most of all space-saving. Indeed, you can’t go wrong with your next wall project if you incorporate some of these. 

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