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10 Best Things To Put On Your Cube Storage Shelves 10 Best Things To Put On Your Cube Storage Shelves

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10 Best Things To Put On Your Cube Storage Shelves

Written by: Emily Roberts

These 10 items are guaranteed to brighten your cube storage shelves like never before! Catch hold of them & make your space more lively, vibrant & stunning.

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Cube storage shelves or cubbies are a great way to organize your things, regardless of the size of your space. They are cheap, versatile, and an increasingly popular storage option because they are modern and efficient. You can find these cube furniture in a lot of forms like bookcases, wall units, individual shelves, or modular compositions.



Each has its own unique features that can suit every space or room and hold every item you can think of. They may look simple, but cube storage shelves offer a wide variety of materials and design options for your interior. Some of them include modular cubes that allow more flexibility for your growing storage demands. There are also clear display boxes that provide a practical yet beautiful way to show off your precious collections.



You can find them anywhere, and there are plenty of creative ways you can use them to keep your home neat and tidy. Check out these stylish ideas that make use of cube boxes. You may find inspiration from these suggestions to make your home more aesthetically pleasing!


1. Nightstand Essentials


Versatility is one of the best qualities of cube storage shelves. You can use them as a substitute for furniture such as nightstands. Storage cubes do not look as bulky as regular nightstands, making them a better option for displaying various items like books and accessories or holding extra sheets and blankets. You can also put anything on top of the cube, from your reading glasses to a night lamp. Storage cubes provide a modern display with hidden storage options.


2. Kids’ Toys


Storage cubes are very useful for storing every little item in your newborn baby’s nursery or kids’ playroom. They offer a neat and clean way to organize books, toys, clothes, accessories, drawing supplies, and more. Thanks to their wide availability, you can even find bright plastic cubbies with patterns and accents that correspond with the color scheme of each room.


3. Home Bar

Cube storage shelves are the perfect way to organize your home bar, even with limited space. You can fill your storage cubes with plates, glasses, mugs, and your favorite bottle of liquor. It can make for a nice entertainment corner when you have friends and family over. These cubbies can easily fit a coffee station or mini bar. You can even place them along the wall to not block any pathways.


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4. TV or Media Cabinet

In whichever part of the house it may be, cube storage shelves are great for organization. It can be used for virtually anything, from the dining area to the living room. Storage cubes are a terrific option to use as a TV or media cabinet. The bins are incredibly functional and can store your magazines, books, CDs, DVDs, or Blu-rays. You can arrange modular cube storage shelves in many interesting ways to create a fun entertainment area in your living room. There are lots of details and designs that come with their own flair, and we’re confident that you can find one that suits your needs. This makes it a dynamic decor option with great flexibility and functionality.


5. Office Supplies


Cube storage shelves are a great storage option to make the most out of your office space. It enables you to organize your important documents, stationery, reading materials, and supplies necessary for your work. Cubbies create an interesting visual dynamic and efficient storage solution in modern offices.


6. Bathroom Essentials


Storage cubes are equally useful and stylish. Aside from the common areas in the living room or the office, they can also be used in the bathroom. Cube storage shelves help save space by holding a considerable amount of toiletries. You can efficiently store and separate your first aid kit, cosmetics, towels, and toilet paper. The shelves keep your bathroom clean and orderly at all times.


7. Kitchen Wares and Utensils


Kitchen storage can be tricky, but cube storage shelves are more than a superb answer to these woes. Each cube can hold a good number of kitchen utensils and tableware for easy access and organization. Your serving dishes can go into one cube while glasses or cutlery go into another.


8. Clothes and Accessories


Whether it’s placed in your bedroom or the laundry room, cube storage shelves can keep your various clothing items organized. Sometimes, it can be hard to find the perfect shirt or pants when it’s stored in a closed space like a cabinet. Storage cubes with open shelves remove that hassle by allowing you to easily locate any clothing you may need. It can make room for your jackets, shirts, jeans, underwear, and even accessories such as hats, scarves, or gloves.


9. Arts and Crafts Supplies


Cube storage shelves provide enough space for various crafting supplies. For example, modular cubes can hold your art materials, drawing boards, sketchbooks, crochet, and various other items in your DIY kit.


10. Display Items


Cubbies are a great way to enhance your interior’s visual dynamic. They help organize your display items without disrupting the overall awthstic of your home. These decorative elements include plants, frames, figurines, or even jewelry and accessories. Cube storage shelves help get rid of clutter and maximize your space by turning small items into decor. There are available in different colors and textures that can add an accent to your interior. These will make your home more attractive and spacious.




Cubbies are very practical and help keep the area clean and tidy. They come in various sizes, colors, and designs. Just note that the ideas mentioned above are not the only items you can put in cube storage shelves. Think outside the box and get creative by also adding them as part of your home decor and fully transform your home into a modern place that’s as visually appealing as it is functional.

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