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10 White Bathroom Ideas For An Absolute ‘Me Time’ 10 White Bathroom Ideas For An Absolute ‘Me Time’

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10 White Bathroom Ideas For An Absolute ‘Me Time’

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

Transform your bathroom into an abode for private time with white bathroom ideas that are easy to implement. Here’s a list for a beautiful white bathroom!

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White is one of the most preferred colors for décor in any part of your home. The calm, clean, and relaxing hues of white never fail to lend to the beauty and elegance of interior design. Bathrooms are certainly no exception. Nothing quite makes the cut as an all-white bathroom that spells style and sophistication. With a few simple décor ideas, you can transform your bathroom into an all-white haven that promises for the perfect rejuvenation spot in your home. Here’s how. 

1. Lacquer Cabinets

white lacquer cabinets

An all-white bathroom can get a little too overwhelming if you don’t infuse different materials and textures to break the monotony.

A great way to do that is to introduce lacquer cabinets amidst all the tiling and sanitary fittings. Lacquer cabinets contribute well to white bathroom ideas while adding a touch of contemporary sophistication. 

Go For Silver/Gold Handles

Blend in your white lacquer cabinets with metallic silver or gold handles to add that touch of class to white bathrooms.

Not only do they not stain easily, but these metallic handles can also serve as modern accent pieces to your monotone all-white bathroom.

2. White Rugs

White bathroom ideas

Picture Credits: www.pinterest.com

A white rug with a tinge of silver or grey can be a perfect accompaniment to that antique white bathtub you’ve been eyeing.

While it may demand a bit of your time in terms of maintenance and upkeep, there is no denying the luxurious appeal a classic rug can lend to your white bathroom. 

Ideal Materials For Bathroom Rugs

If you’re wondering how you can accentuate your bathroom with a rug without wrecking the rug, the key to this is choosing the right material.

Woolen rugs and jute rugs are ideal for damp areas such as bathrooms as they can withstand the moisture, dirt, and traffic of a bathroom without carrying any germs or bacteria. Opt for a non-slip machine wash variant to go easy on maintenance. 

3. Shower Curtains

white shower curtainsIf you are looking to embrace the sophistication of white in all its glory, why leave your shower curtains behind.

An all-white shower curtain has been done to death. We would recommend you opt for a fun geometric or quirky design that breaks the monotony of your all-white bathroom. 

Match Your Shower Curtain Rod With Other Metallic Elements

To maintain symmetry, you could match the rod of your shower curtains with the same metallic handles to your cabinets and doors in the bathroom.

That way, your white bathroom idea will display a sense of evenness in theme and design across all its facets. 

4. Linen Cupboard 

Linen closet

Picture Credits: www.grierstrong.com

Should your bathroom space allow you the luxury of a linen cupboard, grab it with both hands!

White bathroom ideas exude a certain classic charm and nothing embodies that better than a classic white wooden linen cupboard. Place your linen cupboard in a cozy corner of your bathroom near the bathtub or vanity console. 

5. Bathroom Vanity & Stools

white bathroom vanity

We love how white bathroom vanity spaces can uplift the look of commonplace bathroom interiors. While wooden white bathroom vanity consoles are most breath-taking, it isn’t the easiest to maintain.

We suggest you opt for a natural white marble or while tile material at the top surface that can withstand exposure to water.

A great way to accessorize your white bathroom vanity space is by putting up mirrors or various geometrical vintage bevelled designs. These mirrors add the illusion of size and also give your white bathroom an element of fun.

Invest In An English Spool Chair Or Antique Vanity Stool

Once you design your vanity dressing console at a certain height, ascertain the height of seating furniture that can comfortably slot itself underneath it.

We recommend you opt for an antique English spool chair with arms that never goes out of style. If you’re looking for a more compact seat, an antique four-legged stool won’t disappoint you. 

6. White Doors & Windows

white bathroom windows & doors

White bathroom ideas can be extended all the way up to your entryway with laminate or lacquer doors that blend well with the all-white interiors.

Match the frame of your bathroom windows with the same material to ensure uniformity. If you’re worried about your bathroom door looking too stark, you could break the monotony with nude-colored drapes on your windows for that much-needed privacy. 

7. Statement Bathtub

Statement white bathroom

A classic white bathtub can never be a wrong choice. Choose from styles that match the décor theme of your bathroom.

For vintage bathroom ideas, opt for antique sanitary fittings that atop your bathtub. For a more contemporary look, go for minimalistic fittings and a woolen/jute rug at the foot of your bathtub to complete the look.

Place Your Bathtub Near An Outlet

If you have a set of French windows or an outdoor garden alongside your bathroom, placing your bathtub along this outlet is a great bathroom idea. This gives you a wonderful view to peek out to when you run yourself an indulgent bath. 

8. White Vase

whit flower vase in a bathroom

Decorate your vanity space or bathroom counter with a delicate white vase that’s perfect for all seasons.

A great bathroom idea is to have a large vase near your bathtub with a tall plant stemming from it. Your bathroom is the ideal spot for a plant that thrives in humid temperatures with plenty of sunlight. 

Potpourri For The Aroma

If having a plant in your bathroom doesn’t sound like a pleasing idea, here’s what you can do.

Choose a medium-sized vase and sprinkle a generous amount of potpourri in bright colors of purple or maroon.

These colors can come as a welcome relief to your white bathroom ideas while ensuring your bathroom always smells fresh and fragrant. 

9. Accent Lights

Accent lights

Picture Credits: www.paradyz.com

Why restrict white bathroom ideas to the floor when you can extend all the way up to your bathroom ceiling?

Go for a statement piece of lighting in your bathroom that’s sure to grab some eyeballs. There are a host of options to choose from including chandeliers, spotlights, battens, pendant lights, and many others.

Look at investing in something that blends well with the bathroom ideas you have already set in place in terms of sanitary fittings, floorings, and tiles. 

Placement & Position Of Your Accent Light

If you want your accent light to be a successful white bathroom idea, give it the necessary focus it deserves.

Always install your statement light fitting as a stand-alone piece that’s away from the other utility lights you may have around.

Also, when you switch on your accent light with a house full of guests, give the other lighting options in your bathroom a miss to allow your accent light to soak in all the attention. 

10. Sheer White Tiles

White Bathroom Ideas

Picture Credits: www.galleriastone.com

White bathroom ideas aren’t complete without a veil of white tiles to adorn your bathroom walls and flooring. In fact, it’s with white tiles that you can play with the most in terms of designs and prints.

Some of the patterns you can explore with white tiles for your bathroom are Geometrics, stripes, subway prints and paneled.

Needless to say, you would want to make sure the white tiles on your bathroom floor are anti-slip variants that ensure you make a sound grip every time.

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Semi-Tiled Walls With Printed Upholstery

Many designers also opt for tiles that run halfway up the wall to give way to a gorgeous sheet of upholstery to blend with the theme of the bathroom. This also provides for some interesting wall art in the form of paintings, wall decals or wall clocks to adorn the upholstered portion with finesse. 

So, the next time you’re out to renovate your bathroom, know that there’s so much to explore and experiment within white bathroom options!

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