Bathroom Storage: The Ultimate Guide

Bathroom Storage

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Bathroom storage may well be a major headache waiting to happen. However, this does not have to be the case when you know how to do it in an organized manner. If there’s anything we’re good at, it’s keeping items at home in line, and this includes bathroom necessities. We’ve mapped out a comprehensive blueprint: follow our tips if you want to add dimension, functionality and ultimately space to your bathroom.




Why Make Use Of Bathroom Storage?

Bathroom storage is essential, if you want to shorten your preparation time. It’s not just that, it’s about creating a space that is conducive to your lifestyle. The bathroom is the one area in the home that cleanses you from dirt and bacteria. Bathroom storage hosts your hygiene needs. To take care of yourself, and keep a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to keep your hygiene in a safe environment. Hence, you have leverage to take care of yourself more. That being said, its important to keep it in order, so you’re returning your bathroom the favor of keeping it spic and span as well. We often take this for granted, making storage seem like a trivial part of our lives. However, it is important to understand why picking the right storage items for your bathroom will make your life a lot more easier. 


Things To Consider When Buying Bathroom Storage

Aside from the primary factors we usually think of when purchasing storage, there is little to no difference. Cost, space and materials are some of the major factors to consider. However, there are some particulars too. Such other factors are functionality, design and durability. Ultimately, deciding what storage fits your needs and preferences is a matter of priority.



Before you make your purchase, it is important to have a budget. This will be the powerhouse that will keep your project going. This applies the most to bathroom remodeling, or even storage customization. The reason being is that when you remodel your bathroom, storage construction is highly dependent on the cost of materials and supply and manpower. When you create strategies on how you spend on these will highly determine the success of your project. You also have to be cautious and smart about spending your budget. Your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive to achieve quality results. 



Planning what elements and storage items go into your space is important. Size and dimensions play a vital role in deciding which storage items will fit which space. When you have a lot of space to spare, the more storage you’re capable of building. However, an advantage to keep space-saving storage is that you get creative when maximizing your space. Building storage systems for your bathroom has to be planned with careful intent. You do have to make adjustments to your storage systems when it does not meet the dimensions required to fit the objects you intend to put in it.



The durability of your storage will highly depend on the materials used. In addition, there are different kinds of storage used in bathrooms. So the materials used depends on what kind of storage is utilized. Say for example, cabinets composes of plywood, solid wood and MDF. 


Where To Buy Bathroom Storage

Nowadays, you can get your hands on storage almost anywhere. There are plenty of shops that have physical stores, and some of them even have pop-ups in the mall. The best storage you can find however, is online. Most brands, if not all, have an online presence. Moreover, when you shop online, you get a chance to visualize how items fit your space. It’s a candid way to gradually put the puzzle pieces of your jigsaw of a plan together. Online pieces allow you to conveniently check each storage item, and return these items when these do not meet your standards.This is why it’s convenient to find storage that suit your needs and preferences on a vast online resource.


Bathroom Storage You Need To Have

Storage cabinets offer a lot of stability. When you keep one in your bath, you get to access all your important toiletries in one place. This allows you to ease into your daily routine and preparation without breaking a sweat. Cut down on preparation time fast, with these cabinets today.
These are just as good as shelves as the frame structure on this storage gives extra support to it. Plus, make a great addition to your bathroom as you can move it around whenever you please. Not only do you get to stock on bath items that come in big containers, this saves you space. It’s sleek and slender design allows you to keep individual items into specific compartments. Hence, you can easily access your belongings without cluttering the floor. Storage towers are made for keeping various items in one place and within reach. These are especially helpful when you have small floor space as you can fit it in snug, even between sinks, bathroom vanities and doors. Plus, because of the height, you can easily check which items are missing or lacking from a vantage point.
Stack a couple of brackets on a clean wall and add some floating shelves to your bathroom. Hence, you completely save on floor space as it does not take up any of it at all. The great thing about shelves is the fact that you can store almost anything on them. Plus, these are quite easy to customize and are very accessible.
Keeping benches where you bathe may be unconventional, to say the least. This might just be an idea you have yet to encounter. But in the interior design space, the number of users making use of bathroom storage benches are growing in popularity. However, storage benches are perfect to use instead of those cabinets and bulky shelves. Plus, you get a lot of freedom in terms of design, as you can move it around. Lastly, there are plenty of custom finishes to choose from, so you have leverage as it complements any space.

These storage items are perfect to organize other pieces of furniture. They act as compartments for those shelving and cabinets that don’t have dividers. Baskets fit almost any space, such as under the sink or over the toilet. They make a great alternative to plastic baskets as they look genuine and homey. Aesthetic wise, storage baskets look more attractive, rather than the plain and regular plastic containers.

You will usually find storage carts in the living room to keep the typical wines and spirits. If you’re not drinking much alcohol and have a bar cart somewhere, then you can re-purpose it for the bathroom. Use it to transport your everyday electric toothbrush, a couple of towels, an epilator or even some grooming shears.


How To Organize Your Bathroom Storage 

There is a vast spectrum of storage options available, and you’ll find that when you research, you can get lost in the multitude of products and choices. The easiest way to avoid this is to prioritize what’s important to you. Now this may vary from person-to-person. However, the most common factors to consider in organizing your bathroom is to keep things succinct and ultimately, simple. 


Step 1: Use storage items that can host anything.

Make use of versatile storage items, where you can keep multiple items at once. An example of these are under the sink cabinets. You can store almost anything in them, large cleaning products, linen, bathroom necessities and more. 


Step 2: Get storage for everybody.

Use individual caddies for each family member. When you do this, you keep the peace by avoiding the conversation on who gets what. Ultimately, when you have individual caddies, you keep things from the counter, or the sink. Thus, you create a space that is tidy and clean, with an air of clarity.


Step 3: Take advantage of wall space.

Utilize wall storage with a couple of hooks, inverted hooks or brackets. This clears away clutter on the bathroom floor. This allows you to access items without having to crouch or strain your back. 


Step 4: Think Outside the Box

When you think outside the box, you let those creative juices flow indispensably. Thus, you allow yourself to take control of your clutter, and enjoy it at the same time. When you have this sort of attitude towards getting things ready or putting things in place, you free yourself from disarray and gain positive energy to fill your day. In addition, you can find so much more when you find other uses for item specific storage. Last but not the least, the golden rule is: there are no rules to storage. The more unconventional the pieces you choose, the more it gets interesting for you.


Small Bathroom Ideas To Save Space

Are you troubled by the lack of area in your bathroom? Not to worry. We came up with a way for you to keep maximum options for limited space. Stay tuned, and you’ll get up-to-date with how you can keep your petite room a spacious one.


Build Shower Niches

Shower niches provide you a lot of room in the shower or bath. When you keep these built-in compartments in the wall, your space becomes cohesive. Plus, you no longer need to get extensions, or furniture. These chambers allow you to keep individual items within reach.


Stack Up On Bins And Baskets

Bins and baskets take up minimal space and conceal those intimate items for the bathroom. If you like to keep things discreet, then baskets and bins are the ones to turn to. These storage items not only maximize space, they offer tons of concealment for things you want to keep hidden. 


Incorporate Your Sink Into A Counter-top

Let your sink be one with your counter-top–yes–literally. Not only do you get to customize the dimensions of the piece, and have ultimate control of where this piece goes (in the bathroom). You get to enjoy more space, and admire the consistency of these pieces. Lastly, this will create a serene appearance as all the elements mesh well together.


Make Use Of A Ladder Shelf

Interior of light modern restroom


The vertical design of a ladder shelf will extend your minimal space. When you put a shelf in the room, this evidently keeps storage off the floor and won’t take up floor space. Plus, it gives the appearance of a much bigger room, as it draws the eyes upward and accentuates the wall. 


Get Under The Sink Options

Under the sink cabinets or shelves are spacious, and convenient. In addition, you get to keep those cleaning products, shampoo bottles and other bath essentials too. It’s perfect for keeping your stash for when you need to replenish later on.


Clever Bathroom Storage Bench Designs

A storage bench in the bathroom to keep those goods? That’s not something we see everyday. However, there are lots of reasons to keep storage benches right where your sink, toilet and tub is. First, a storage bench is quite versatile, as it offers you plenty of functionality. Keep it as storage for your bathroom essentials, or you can sit on it in front of your bathroom vanity. The main thing to remember is that there are plenty of different kinds of benches. You might want to pay attention to the specific kind that’s compatible with your bathroom. Say for example, some storage benches may not work in the bathroom as it may be designed particular to a different room in the house. Use it alternative to a stool, when you’re trying to reach hard to grab objects stored overhead. These can also be placed near the bathtub, to those lit scented candles you don’t want to accidentally slip into the tub. There are different finishes and materials used in bathroom benches, the best among them are the plastic and wood. However, you may have to be careful about getting these wet as this may be a cause for water damage.


Tips and Guide To Have Your Ideal Bathroom Storage

We’ve compiled the best tips, tricks and guides to the bathroom storage of your dreams. We know how hard it is to sneak in some research time to start adding bits and pieces to your dream bathroom plan. So we decided to give you a guide through it.


First, you should be practical rather than ambitious. This is not to say that you can’t go all out. You can still be extravagant, without hurting your budget.


Second, you have to visualize your end goal. Once you have the proper set of milestones in place, the more set to stone you are to accomplish it.


Third, you have to understand the contours and dimensions of your space. Hence, you won’t be disappointed when there’s a need to make any changes or adjustments.


Last, understand that things won’t always go the way you plan it, but you have to move forward in order to finish. If you really can’t live with these changes, then it will be easy to make modifications down the road. To cut down on time and expenses, it’s important to execute the more meaningful and essential parts of the project. Stick to what you know, and don’t be ambitious. Trust us, this practical advice rather than limiting you from your agenda.


DIY Bathroom Storage

Have you searched far and wide to look for the perfect storage, but can’t seem to find the right one for you? This is where customization fits into the equation. When you have the freedom to custom-create your own storage, it makes you more resourceful. In addition, it makes you more conscientious about your consumer choices. If the manufacturers can’t seem to give you what you need, why not put your skills to the test?


DIY bathroom storage may seem daunting at first. But don’t let this mislead you, as it can prove to be worth the while. It can be enjoyable, and an activity you can share with a friend or loved one. Especially, when you are stuck at home with nothing to do. DIY projects are also fulfilling in a sense, because you make use of your time efficiently. You learn new skills, and evidently save on costs. Why? Because when you learn how to create storage, you’d know how to tweak and fix it when it breaks. Storage pieces are great DIY projects because these not only make you frugal, creative and resourceful. It also allows you to learn new skills that you can use for other practical activities.


Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Storage

We’ve been getting plenty of inquiries and we want to make sure we have all bases covered. We answer the most frequently asked questions on bathroom storage. Get the answers to those boggling questions you want to discover with our FAQ. Storage doesn’t have to be a mystery and we give you the rundown and the lowdown on it.


1. How to add storage to a small bathroom?

The first step to optimizing your petite bathroom space is to consider your options. It will be highly dependent on what you want to accomplish, and where you want to place your storage. It can be as simple as adding certain storage pieces or furniture. Meanwhile, it can be as complex as building storage systems with multiple objects that function as one. Once you identify what you want to create, measure your space. It’s important to know which items will fit which corners of your area. After you do this, you get to understand what you need in terms of storage functionality and capacity. Our guide will give you tips, tricks and best practices of the trade so that you get the best out there. For example, making use of a large mirror with cabinet space, this will give the illusion that your bathroom is spacious. Another tip, make use of bins, baskets and ladders. These take up minimal floor space, while accentuating your bathroom. There are tons of different storage options you can either purchase online or build yourself. Always remember that it pays to do a little more research and stick to your plan whenever you’re feeling unsettled or confused.


2. How to build a bathroom storage cabinet?

Some say that traditional storage cabinets are a thing of the past. We disagree, we believe that cabinets are timeless and can go across different periods and borders. Bathroom storage cabinets are no exception. We’ve composed the easiest guide to building bathroom storage for you to learn from and enjoy. So anybody, no matter what age, or denomination can enjoy it wherever they are in the world. Storage cabinets are the easiest bathroom storage to get a hold of. There are tons of options to choose from, in terms of make and finish. High end materials range from Solid Wood, Plywood and even MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard). We discuss this further in depth with our guide. In addition to this, we’ve compiled easy and straightforward steps that will transition your materials and supplies into the finished product in a convenient way. We’ll teach you where to get the best materials that are affordable. Also, we’ll give you practical tips to make use of tools so you can get  just the right storage cabinet outcome you imagined. Hence, you no longer have to sift through magazine spreads or check online stores to buy one. Our guide is guaranteed to equip you with the skills to get the job done.


3. Use the back door for bathroom storage

Over-the-door bathroom organizers prove to be great space savers. Not only do you get to quickly access them once you get through the door, you also get to organize your essentials. These back door options are not limited to just over-the-door ones. You can hang shelves on your door or keep compartments to the back of cabinet doors. This is a great way to maximize your space and resources. The reason is you not only get to fill out the space in the cabinet, you also extend your space and reach by adding compartments to it’s doors. Now, you’ll know how to put the bathroom doors to good use.


4. Benefits Of Built-In Bathroom Storage Cabinets

As opposed to putting together shelves purchased at the dollar store, built-in bathroom cabinets have plenty of benefits. For one thing, built-ins give character to the bathroom space, and moves with the space it occupies. Thus, when you install built-in cabinets, you’re not just purposefully putting together a couple of wooden fixtures and mounting them. Instead, these wall fixtures are torn down by professionals who strategically build these storage systems. These cabinets may encroach on open windows, or even designed to be a part of the bathroom wall. Whichever the case, built-in offer a more permanent and space saving alternative. Aside from these, there are other benefits to having built-in cabinets: built-ins in comparison to purchased ones from the store, give you the freedom to fit the storage seamlessly into the coveted space. These are aesthetically pleasing as well, as they give a cohesive appeal to the observer. Once you decide the specifications of your built-in, you get to strategically make choices as to what to stock in your cabinets. Our definitive guide on building cabinetry and built-in cabinets will guide you to execute your blue-print. Whether you’re hiring a professional to get it done, or taking matters into your own hands, you won’t regret giving it a try.


5. 5 Simple Bathroom Storage Ideas

Here are simple and quick to do ideas so you can move freely in your bathroom once again. These are quick tips that are straightforward and won’t require tricky assemblage or installation.


Make use of sliding doors.

Are you tired of shower curtains? Do you ever catch yourself making a face in the morning when you swing your bathroom door open? We have a solution. A quick installation of sliding doors creates partitions within the bathroom, thus dividing and extending your bathroom area. Another great thing about sliding doors: you need not strain yourself to open them. A swift motion to pull it open or push it shut will make your day a more convenient one.


Use racks to keep towels and linen in place.

Easily get a hand of your towels right after a shower by keeping them on a rack on the wall. When you make use of bars on the wall, not only do you save on shelf or cabinet space, you ensure that you let your towels air-dry properly so bacteria won’t fester. Hence, your towels will remain clean and dry throughout the day. 


Keep toiletries in order with an organizer

Those small items can be a pain to store. A clear multi-pocket organizer will hold those small objects in place and will allow you to do your necessary preparation right away.


Coral all your hair devices in one place.

Hair accessories and devices can make bathroom space cluttered, fast. Hence, you should ensure that you keep specified compartments, or corral these items together. Once you do this, it’ll be easy to carry on with your hair care routine as smoothly as possible. 


Keep your tissue holder on the toilet tank lid.

You know what we’re talking about. Keep your toilet holder off the floor, and on your toilet. We’re referring to the space above the seat. As opposed to making use of those free standing tissue holders that take up floor space and time to get it ready.


6. Ideas To Maximize Your Small Bathroom Storage

There are plenty of ways to make sure that you efficiently utilize each inch, area and crevice of your bathroom. However, you may think that a small bathroom is limiting your ability to do so. We’ve come up with solutions to free up the area in your lavatory. We’ll give you a whole range of options. For example, a wide variety of bathroom vanity options for your powder room. Another idea is to keep built-in cubicle shelves to keep those unruly hygiene necessities. Read on further to check out our best tips, hacks and guides for you to get your dream bathroom fresh and clean. 


7. Different Style Of Bathroom Storage Tower

Are you a fan of vertical, free standing storage? If so, then you’ll enjoy these different bathroom towers. These take up floor area at the minimum. Hence, there’s plenty of space for other storage items you can use with it. Check out different designs and finishes that will fit the trim of your space. In addition, bathroom storage towers elongate your bathroom walls, giving your bathroom a larger appearance. We give you different options to choose from so you can find one that is suitable to your preferences and fit the dimensions of your bath.


8. Smart Bathroom Storage Over Toilet Ideas

The space above your toilet is great for keeping more storage for your bathroom. You can build a couple of small cabinets on top of your toilet. Meanwhile, you can even put some open shelves above it. This will prove to be space-saving as you can make the space above the toilet. This storage option proves to be highly customizable, practical and efficient. There are different shelf options and cabinet styles to choose from. In addition to this, you can also add other types of storage such as medicine cabinets or custom storage units. Our guide will allow you to explore the different options you have, and give you an idea of where to start.


9. 8 Creative Uses Of Bathroom Storage Shelf

Storage shelves can be designed to fit different uses. Our article on bathroom storage shelves will look into the various ways you can utilize your bathroom shelf. Hence, you have the freedom to decide what to store in those shelves. We’ve seen a different array of items stacked or nest on shelves. May it be the typical succulent, perched close to the window to absorb daily sunlight, or a set of grooming shears, shelves can host the most peculiar of items too. Shelves can even be used to host heaters, or even candles. You won’t want to miss out on eight ideas we came up with to use your shelves creatively.

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