50 Best Bathroom Storage Ideas Of All Time

November 25, 2019

Bathroom Storage


Bathroom storage may well be a headache waiting to happen. The best way to deal with clutter is none other than organization. If there’s anything we’re good at, it’s keeping items at home in line, and this includes bathroom necessities. We’ve mapped out a comprehensive blueprint: follow our tips if you want to add dimension, functionality and ultimately extra space to your bathroom.




Bathrooms are usually filled with awkward nooks and crannies that are seemingly difficult – if not impossible – to deal with. The good news is that you can find ergonomic cabinets that fit into these spaces. With this option, you’ll be able to store toilet paper, cleaning supplies and whatever other bathroom necessities you may need. Overall, it’s a slim package that delivers top-class value, and we couldn’t recommend it more.





Storage carts are super useful in the bathroom because they add an element of “functional portability”: you can store your entire skincare or even makeup collection in it. From body salts to bath bombs, indulge in some after-work bliss by having your items within an arm’s reach. Just wheel it out whenever the occasion calls for it, and keep it neatly stowed away afterwards.




When it comes to spaces that are moist and damp, stainless steel is your go-to material as other materials like wood tend to become warped or decayed when exposed to too much moisture. This lightweight and compact shelf will definitely serve you well – you can organize your bathroom essentials better thanks to its multiple tiers.




The space over your toilet can be so much more than just a towel rack or a shelf. Why not incorporate an entire shelving system where you can store other things, like magazines or back-up rolls of toilet paper? Its sleek chrome finish is especially great for those who don’t like the heavy look of plastic or wooden cabinets.




Baskets are highly useful no matter where you decide to put them. This black and gold combination is so incredibly stylish that you’d probably love to flaunt this fashionable and trendy piece. You can put your toiletries in here while on the bathroom counter or sort out your cabinet storage with these. You can take out large quantities of things instead of struggling to pull them out one by one.




If you don’t like the heaviness of a full cabinet, shelves are able to do the trick… especially if you don’t have a lot to store. This shelf makes use of a really popular finish in contemporary interiors which is slightly warm toned wood partnered with sleek black metal. This is guaranteed to make your bathroom ready for a photo shoot in a magazine.




Counter space can be scarce, especially if you have a small vanity. The easy solution to this is to build upwards! When it comes to storage, always make sure to utilize vertical space as much as possible. This drawer is light and stylish, yet not so tall that it’ll obscure your reflection in the mirror. If you like, you could also buy a few units and stack them on top of one another.




Give your bathroom that effortless nautical feel with this white painted wooden cabinet that evokes images of the seaside. Everything about this product – from the light paneling to tiny details like its built-in hand grab – give it a very cozy and familiar vibe. This furniture will no doubt look good in almost any bathroom.




Beauty/vanity tools such as Q-tips and cotton balls can look awkward and messy, especially if you leave them in their respective packaging. This ultimately results in a messy-looking table. Get things in order by purchasing matching containers for your supplies (like these gorgeous acrylic jars)! They are sure to make your bathroom look more organized and luxurious instantly.




Here’s another great choice for a tabletop organizer that makes good use of vertical space. This design cleverly combines plastic baskets and a metal frame. This is a superb idea as plastic is the easiest to clean and also light to carry around. This type of organizer has so many possible uses, you don’t have to confine it to your bathroom.




If you’re in the market for a more structured storage space above your toilet, this over-the-toilet shelf might be the one. It has frosted glass panels to keep it from looking too solid or heavy but still maintains the privacy of whatever you want to store inside. The main advantage to a cabinet to a shelf is always the privacy it provides. Its crisp white tone is also bound to freshen up your bathroom.




A little extra space in your bathroom can accommodate this bamboo shelf which can store anything such as reading materials, spare towels and even your comfy room slippers. Make it a focal point of your bathroom by hanging some art or a wall-mounted wooden shelf above it.




You can also organize the space under your sink as it’s usually a large open space that tends to get under-utilized. By putting in solid divisions, you can organize your stuff better. However, this metal organizer is so pretty that it’d look just as great on top of your counter. Wire frame drawers are especially useful as they provide less surface area for pests to hide under.




Beveled sidings are a nice touch to make any piece of furniture look comforting and remind us of homes in the suburbs. Your bathroom can have that same level of coziness and familiarity with this beautiful cabinet from VASAGLE. It has an open shelf in the middle for placing decorative items or extra rolls of tissue paper. Your cleaning materials can be concealed discretely within its sizable storage space.




Small, slim, and lightweight, this adorable little over the toilet shelf almost reminds you of an easel for painting. The crisp white coat of paint makes it super fresh and will match your toilet nicely. The shelves here are on the narrow side, so it’s perfect for putting adorable little decorative items to spruce up your bathroom.




The industrial-inspired design can extend to even your bathroom towel rack. Here, you have a very robust metal frame with textured wood shelves for an extra rugged feel. This will definitely go perfectly in a bathroom but will also act as a nice accent wherever you may place it!




Sometimes, a no-nonsense cabinet is all you need. Here, we have a completely enclosed cabinet with minor detailing on its doors that give a nod to art deco buildings of the ’80s. Despite its almost retro-design, it will definitely have a place in most contemporary bathrooms. You can put a mirror well as your favorite perfumes and scented candles on top.




Tension rod designs are especially popular in apartments. Although they can look tacky because of the glossy plastic, this lightweight design from ALLZONE proves that it can look chic when done right. If you don’t want to drill a hole in the wall for your bathroom storage, this will serve you nicely.




Styling the top of your toilets is a nice little touch that will add to the homey feel of your bathroom. This little gray woven basket is the perfect size for putting a room freshener or some extra rolls of toilet paper. This can also be used as an organizer for your toiletries on the bathroom counter.




Amidst all the white paint and white plastic, here’s an over-the-toilet shelf that sports a dark body but still looks surprisingly lightweight. Its fine metal frame looks delicate but will still be able to hold plenty of your items. With this new addition, your toilet will no doubt look super chic.




A thin full-length cabinet can fit in the tightest spaces of your bathroom and will do a great job hiding cleaning tools and rolls of toilet paper. Basically, anything you don’t want lying around can be stored in this tall cabinet that will blend seamlessly into a corner of any room.




Storing hair dryers and other hair tools can be tricky because of the unconventional shapes and sizes they come in. They’re not boxes you can stack, nor small objects you can place into a drawer and forget about. So why not opt for this metal organizer with holsters for hair brushes and your hair dryer? When you use these things daily, it’s better to just have them neatly organized on your counter instead of trying to hide them away.




The surface of your door can be more than just a few hooks to store your towels or pajamas. In fact, it can also be a comprehensive storage area with the hold of these hanging organizers that can store so much stuff. It can be a laundry hamper or simple a space to store your pajamas.




Woven materials can instantly give a more tropical or resort-like feel to your furniture, and they go especially well in spaces like your bathroom. They’re also incredibly lightweight so it’s easy to pull them out despite having a lot of stuff stored. This features a sturdy wood frame with lightweight baskets all in a monochromatic look that’s chic but still fairly contemporary.





Who says small things can’t be extremely useful? This compact bathroom cabinet will be sure to stun you with its multiple compartments that can store so many toilet essentials. It’s also worth noting that the variety of storage spaces will really encourage you to be creative. You can store your small skincare items in the small drawer while cleaning materials can be aligned in the elongated bottom drawer.




If you want a storage cart that’s wide but is still pretty compact, this one might be straight up your alley. It sports a completely plastic frame but is still pretty minimalist that it would surely fit into most home interiors. Talk about pretty and functional!




A distinct piece of furniture that will surely elevate your space to the next level, this beautifully finished wooden shelf can be used to store your towels along with some indoor plants. The tone of the wood evokes feelings of a warm log cabin, making every trip to the bathroom feel like a mini-vacation.




You can also have a more unique way of storing your extra toilet paper rolls. Instead of tucking them away somewhere, why not make them an accent piece? This metal organizer can be hung easily from your cabinet door or towel rod.




Varied storage spaces are more ideal for bathrooms especially since the things used tend to be smaller. Large storage spaces tend to be underutilized so smaller drawers like this one is good. However, you still have a large open space on one side which can accommodate larger items like cleaning materials.




Whether you use them to organize the contents of your cabinets or leave them out to sort out your stuff on shelves or your countertop, small woven baskets are invaluable in a bathroom. They’ll look beautiful and will also make it so much easier to clean spaces because you can pull out all of your items at once instead of picking them up one by one. You can pull the baskets out, clean them, then put them back – it’s as simple as that.




Instead of typical rectangular forms, this design gives it a nice little twist with a semi-circular metal frame. It then has nice catchers for the planks of wood that serve as shelves. Not only can you store a lot of clutter, it can also be used to display decorative items that can help you express your personality.




This piece will definitely please even the most particular customers who want a fashionable storage area for their things. Whether it’s in the bathroom, your bedroom or even your home office, this sleek metal tray will look absolutely gorgeous while serving the functions it’s intended for!




The area under your sink can get really disorganized because bottles and toiletries don’t generally have a standard size that it’s hard to keep them together. Use this adjustable organizer to better navigate the tricky contours of the underside of your sink and make the most out of the limited space.




Level up your bathroom game with these acrylic organizers that will add a contemporary touch to your space. This one has a beautiful sea blue tint that reminds us of a nice time by the beach. It has small subdivided compartments to hold things upright, and is able to hold your toothbrushes or skincare items.




Your shower wouldn’t be complete without a stylish and functional shower caddy to hold everything you need in the shower. There’s nothing more annoying than not having enough space to store your bath essentials (e.g. shampoos and body washes) that you sometimes have to put them on the floor. With a spacious shower caddy like this, that will be an issue of the past.





Q-tips are weird little things to look at in your bathroom, especially with their unusual forms. You can get this very specialized container that dispense Q-tips while looking very fresh and stylish.




Fabric organizer baskets will look especially nice on over-the-toilet shelves as these will help categorize your items even further (as opposed to just displaying them in a row). Whether it’s in your closet or your bathroom cabinet, they’re so versatile for organizing your space.




Of course, who could leave out a classic medicine cabinet for your bathroom? This one includes a little towel rack for hanging your face towels or hand towels. It’s always important to have some privacy in terms of storage in the bathroom. Here, you can keep your pills and other private bathroom items.




A rotating tower is great because it makes use of vertical space for storage while making everything very accessible: you can simply spin it around to get what you need. You’ll never have to worry about items getting shoved into the back because you can bring ’em to the front anytime.




Over-the-toilet shelves are typically tall, but here’s an option that chooses to take things horizontally. It has a ton of storage space without having a giant footprint which is important in a bathroom. The idea is that you can easily reach random things while sitting on the toilet, which also means the design would suit people with disabilities.



You can use the walls in your bathroom as well as your doors to mount a rack for your towels. If you’re the type to forget to bring a new towel whenever it’s time to switch or change towels frequently, this will suit your needs perfectly.




Your bathroom mirror can also serve as a secret storage space by having a cabinet behind it. Although this design is not new, the interpretation of a cute decorative mirror with an exotically designed frame is so refreshing and will surely be a nice little accent for any bathroom.




Tall storage bins are particularly ideal for safely storing longer items like bottles and aerosol sprays. This is going to keep your bathroom cleaning agents safe because most bins have a low lip which can be prone to long bottles falling out from being moved around. The tall walls will keep your items in place and prevent them from spilling out.




You can level up your door hooks with this upgraded storage solution for the back of your door. No need for drilling any holes on this as it will just hang off the top. It has five hooks with two slim shelves up top. Stylish yet useful, we can see this becoming a stable in almost any home.




Here’s a very simple drawer design in a very modern acrylic material where you can easily see its contents without needing to pull out the drawers. From certain angles, the contents within will look like they’re floating. Be careful not to overcrowd them though so it won’t look cluttered inside.




Here’s a metal shelving unit for a more modern touch to your bathroom.  There’s also a semi-circular frame for a more interesting look instead of a basic rectangle. Your bathroom will look extra cool and luxurious with this bathroom shelf.




Seagrass baskets are a great way to incorporate that tropical vibe to your space and this slim little cabinet is no exception in giving a more natural touch to your bathroom. Here, you can store your extra rolls of tissue paper or some scented candles on reserve. You can keep this beside your toilet thanks to its slim frame. It can probably fit in tight spaces around your bathtub.




Here’s a simple shelf you can use on the floor as a low-level storage solution, but you can also mount it on your wall with a laundry hamper underneath. It’s quite straightforward in terms of its storage spaces. The tone is also quite cool but still provides some coziness to its overall look.




Here’s the quintessential bathroom wall cabinet that gives a closed compartment for your more personal items as well as an open shelf underneath for anything you’re alright with displaying; from rolls of tissue to backup bottles of body wash and shampoo. It’s also in a crisp white coat of paint that is like a breath of fresh air in the bathroom.




Here’s a very updated take on the classic medicine cabinet in bathrooms. Instead of a simple plastic or wood frame, it’s completely frameless and sports a beautiful bezel on the mirrored surface. Your medicine cabinet will look almost like a beautifully cut diamond and leave you feeling like a million bucks!




Your bathroom can be an extension of your personality as well. It’s not just about making your living area and bedroom pretty but even your bathroom needs as much attention as you can give. Especially with tighter spaces, it’s even easier to feel that it’s messy which can lead to it feeling very claustrophobic. Your bathroom should be a nice haven for you to relax in and be your most vulnerable state, so you should keep it free from clutter which can lead to so much anxiety and stress. Luckily, there’s so many available ways to maximize storage inside the bathroom. Whether it’s making use of your walls or the awkward spaces, you can definitely spruce up your bathroom like a pro with these amazing bathroom storage furniture.



Things To Consider When Buying Bathroom Storage

Aside from the primary factors we usually think of when purchasing storage, there is little to no difference. Cost, space and materials are some of the major factors to consider. However, there are some particulars too. Such other factors are functionality, design and durability. Ultimately, deciding what storage fits your needs and preferences is a matter of priority.




Before you make your purchase, it is important to have a budget. This will be the powerhouse that will keep your project going. This applies the most to bathroom remodeling, or even storage customization. The reason being is that when you remodel your bathroom, storage construction is highly dependent on the cost of materials and supply and manpower. When you create strategies on how you spend on these will highly determine the success of your project. You also have to be cautious and smart about spending your budget. Your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive to achieve quality results. 




Planning what elements and storage items go into your space is important. Size and dimensions play a vital role in deciding which storage items will fit which space. When you have a lot of space to spare, the more storage you’re capable of building. However, an advantage to keep space-saving storage is that you get creative when maximizing your space. Building storage systems for your bathroom has to be planned with careful intent. You do have to make adjustments to your storage systems when it does not meet the dimensions required to fit the objects you intend to put in it.




The durability of your storage will highly depend on the materials used. In addition, there are different kinds of storage used in bathrooms. So the materials used depends on what kind of storage is utilized. Say for example, cabinets composes of plywood, solid wood and MDF.




Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Storage

Cotton balls, pads and swabs on white countertop in bathroom


We’ve been getting plenty of inquiries and we want to make sure we have all bases covered. We answer the most frequently asked questions on bathroom storage. Get the answers to those boggling questions you want to discover with our FAQ. Storage doesn’t have to be a mystery and we give you the rundown and the lowdown on it.



1. How to build a bathroom storage cabinet?

Some say that traditional storage cabinets are a thing of the past. We disagree, we believe that cabinets are timeless and can go across different periods and borders. Bathroom storage cabinets are no exception. We’ve composed the easiest guide to building bathroom storage for you to learn from and enjoy. So anybody, no matter what age, or denomination can enjoy it wherever they are in the world. Storage cabinets are the easiest bathroom storage to get a hold of. There are tons of options to choose from, in terms of make and finish.



High end materials range from Solid Wood, Plywood and even MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard). We discuss this further in depth with our guide. In addition to this, we’ve compiled easy and straightforward steps that will transition your materials and supplies into the finished product in a convenient way. We’ll teach you where to get the best materials that are affordable. Also, we’ll give you practical tips to make use of tools so you can get  just the right storage cabinet outcome you imagined. Hence, you no longer have to sift through magazine spreads or check online stores to buy one. Our guide is guaranteed to equip you with the skills to get the job done.



2. What Are The Benefits Of Using Built-In Bathroom Storage Cabinets?

As opposed to putting together shelves purchased at the dollar store, built-in bathroom cabinets have plenty of benefits. For one thing, built-ins give character to the bathroom space, and moves with the space it occupies. Thus, when you install built-in cabinets, you’re not just purposefully putting together a couple of wooden fixtures and mounting them. Instead, these wall fixtures are torn down by professionals who strategically build these storage systems. These cabinets may encroach on open windows, or even designed to be a part of the bathroom wall. Whichever the case, built-in offer a more permanent and space saving alternative.



Aside from these, there are other benefits to having built-in cabinets: built-ins in comparison to purchased ones from the store, give you the freedom to fit the storage seamlessly into the coveted space. These are aesthetically pleasing as well, as they give a cohesive appeal to the observer. Once you decide the specifications of your built-in, you get to strategically make choices as to what to stock in your cabinets. Our definitive guide on building cabinetry and built-in cabinets will guide you to execute your blue-print. Whether you’re hiring a professional to get it done, or taking matters into your own hands, you won’t regret giving it a try.



3. What Are Some Small Bathroom Storage Ideas To Try?

There are plenty of ways to make sure that you efficiently utilize each inch, area and crevice of your bathroom. However, you may think that a small bathroom is limiting your ability to do so. We’ve come up with solutions to free up the area in your lavatory. We’ll give you a whole range of options. For example, a wide variety of bathroom vanity options for your powder room. Another idea is to keep built-in cubicle shelves to keep those unruly hygiene necessities. Read on further to check out our best tips, hacks and guides for you to get your dream bathroom fresh and clean. 



4. What Are The Different Styles Of Bathroom Storage Tower?

Are you a fan of vertical, free standing storage? If so, then you’ll enjoy these different bathroom towers. These take up floor area at the minimum. Hence, there’s plenty of space for other storage items you can use with it. Check out different designs and finishes that will fit the trim of your space. In addition, bathroom storage towers elongate your bathroom walls, giving your bathroom a larger appearance. We give you different options to choose from so you can find one that is suitable to your preferences and fit the dimensions of your bath.



5. Which Smart Bathroom Storage Over Toilet Ideas Really Work?

The space above your toilet is great for keeping more storage for your bathroom. You can build a couple of small cabinets on top of your toilet. Meanwhile, you can even put some open shelves above it. This will prove to be space-saving as you can make the space above the toilet. This storage option proves to be highly customizable, practical and efficient. There are different shelf options and cabinet styles to choose from. In addition to this, you can also add other types of storage such as medicine cabinets or custom storage units. Our guide will allow you to explore the different options you have, and give you an idea of where to start.

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