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16 Best Water Storage Containers For Emergencies 16 Best Water Storage Containers For Emergencies

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16 Best Water Storage Containers For Emergencies

Written by: Sophie Thompson

Secure your source of water with these water storage containers: these could potentially save your life if disaster strikes.

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An essential for all emergency situations, water storage containers provide us with the means to survive in tough or dire times. The best water storage tanks are food-grade, BPA free, and super sturdy. Here are 16 durable options to invest in today.



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Essential For Survival

Water is the most important resource; it is a must-have for all living things to survive. This is often a topic that is overlooked because of the  false perception that our water supply is infinite. The truth is, ample as global water reserves may be, access to a potable water supply is gradually becoming more and more difficult. We depend on water for our everyday needs, so it is important to have enough of it at all times.


Why Water Storage Is Important?

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In the same way, water storage containers/drinking water storage containers are just as significant. Why? It highly determines the longevity, quality, and accessibility of our water supply. Water storage containers are as significant as water itself. Here are some reasons why we should educate ourselves about it:


  • Issues in water supply such in the case of the Dakota Pipeline, and Flint Michigan water crisis
  • Natural calamities, make water accessibility a challenge.
  • Economic collapse, wars, riots greatly affect the accessibility and availability of supply.



Best Drinking Water Storage Containers In 2020


This portable and pack worthy water storage bag is perfect for disaster situations. It’s readily accessible and lightweight. According to Hydrapak, it’s flexible design is so light and compact, you’ll forget it’s in your bag. It can withstand temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can freeze your water and thaw it when needed. It’s compatible with most water filter threads (up to 40mm). Also, it’s 100% BPA free and PVC free so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals. You’re covered for a lifetime because the warranty will last you that much. Besides that, it comes in three sizes, 2-liter, 3-liter, and 4-liter variants. It’s one of the best portable emergency water holders you can find out in the market.



According to the National Academies of Sciences, the average human consumes 50-100 liters of water a day. Thus, the average human drinks about half a gallon a day. That means this plastic tank will provide you the needed four gallons of water per week, per person, with half a gallon to spare. Just four of these will store you enough water to last you a month’s worth. It’s perfect for when you don’t have access to water supply right away. Just like when you’re quarantined in the house for weeks on end due to a circulating pandemic. So go right ahead and stock up, as this is the perfect mini plastic tank for a water emergency.




This little one may be small, but do not underestimate its capacity. The Datrex is the more compact choice. What it lacks in size, it compensates for in terms of efficiency. In our book, the less space it takes up, the more water you can keep in the long run. You can buy these lightweight sachets by the bulk, and they are budget-friendly too. Making it a fit choice for those who want to make a frugal alternative.  This product proves that you don’t always have to go big or go home. Bring it anywhere with you in a jiffy, when you’re frazzled and pressed for time. You know you’ve made the right choice when you’re squeezed into an emergency shelter and it fits like glove.




The WaterBrick emergency water and food container is an economical choice, and one of the best water storage containers for camping. This is because it comes in 8 packs at an affordable price. It’s versatile too, as you can store almost anything in an emergency. It’s easy to carry because of its handles, so load it onto a boat, ATV or truck right away. While, it’s easy to lose items during a calamity, this one you can spot right away with its stunning blue color. This provides you with 3.5 gallons of water per container. That’s a whopping 63 gallons of water in total! 



You won’t be thirsty in the hot desert with this as your companion. Introducing the LCI military water can, it’s one issued to soldiers around the world. First, it’s great for survival storage and provides you with 5 gallons of drinking water. Second, it won’t pass for a fuel can at all, because of it’s one-handle design, and it’s the delicate color tone in desert tan. This is the most suitable for any emergency as it’s durable, accessible and portable. Finally, it features a screw top closure for easy filling. Do you know how they say that a soldier can’t be without a gun going into war? Above all, you can’t be in a disaster situation without this military water can either.


Manufactured in the USA, this product is a plastic water tank made close to home. This Coleman jug composes of tough polyethylene construction. Hence, the material is durable and made to last for long periods. The container holds up to 5 gallons of water. This meets the ideal capacity for emergency preparedness. It showcases a spigot for easy water access. It also has a sturdy handle for easy gripping. 




Each emergency water canister from Brio is BPA free. Also, it consists of FDA approved, food-grade plastic so you have peace of mind while you drink. The container seals shut and will protect your drinking water from contaminants. Each canister is also equipped with easy-grip handles, that allow for easy transport. The material used in this container is highly durable and will withstand ample force. One of the best emergency relief water storage systems available. This measures 15.625″ x 6.5″ x 9″ and features a spigot for easy dispensing.



The seven-gallon holding tank design is great for emergencies. The Aqua-Tainer is perfect and created for calamities and disasters. Thus, it is suitable to address water emergencies. What sets it apart is that it’s stackable, which makes it a space saver for easy storing. This features a screw-in vent that securely fastens to prevent spillage. It makes our top-ten picks as it has a high volume of ratings at 1,752. What makes this one of our choices is that it has a five-year warranty. So you know you’re covered.



Looking for an industrial-grade water storage container? This might just be your best bet. The API Kirk Container is perfect for emergency preparedness, as it is sturdy, reliable and made of food-grade plastic. 


Are you the sort of person that prefers to keep one water storage unit at a time? No problem – large water storage containers like this one will do the trick. This 55-gallon drum will keep water stocked for you. It makes use of food-grade polyethylene plastic that is EPA approved.



Are you tired of those water containers that give you a plastic-like after taste? Say no more, because of the WaterStorageCube, water will retain its pure taste. The BPA free material is odorless, and there are no harmful chemicals in it too. This keeps its form and shape, unlike other ones on the market. You can easily bring it with you anywhere with its collapsible design. You won’t encounter any issues with draining, filling or reusing it. Easily store it away when not in need. In addition, water flows fast from the spigot.


Four individual water containers will give you a total of 40 days worth of drinking water. These do not take up much space as each measures 11 x 14 x 10 inches. These are stackable as so put them on top of each other with no worry. These are good for any pantry space, garage, kitchen or emergency shelter. These may not be portable, but it makes up for it by being durable and dependable for the long term. Plus, it’s made of BPA free, high-density polyethylene. No harmful chemicals, strong odors, or plastic aftertaste to report here.


You may be looking for a water holding tank that is multipurpose. This Polyvbag Collapsible Carrier from Reliance Products will make a great alternative. It measures 12.0″x4.0″x16.0″ and weighs 0.65 lbs, which makes it lightweight and easy to store. Plus, unlike others on this list, this one comes in a clear container, making it easy to spot contaminants. It performs like no other water holding tank. Easy to refill, reuse and put away when not in use.




It’s never too late to replace your good old 32-year-old tank. At least for those giving this product positive reviews, this is the primary choice for a durable replacement. The quality, make and performance of this tank makes it a popular choice for many households. Meanwhile, if we talk about capacity, this monster tank comes in different sizes, but the largest variant can host 34 gallons of water. Additionally, the steel system connection withstands aggressive water flow. This product measures 1 x 15 x 47 inches and is lightweight, weighing only 31 lbs.




These water storage containers are also called Italian Fustis. These are not just perfect for emergency situations, but for keeping other fluids. It features a stainless steel body that is rust resistant, and corrosion free.  It also features a gasket and an airtight lid to ensure that there is no spillage. The unit is made of fine Italian Stainless Steel that gives you maximum durability over time. The NSF tests and certifies products to ensure that they meet health standards on a global scale.





If you’re looking for a water storage container that’s easy to transport and portable, then this is the perfect one of you. This may not be the size of a plastic water tank, but it’s the perfect for a water emergency.  This 6 gallon water storage is perfect for hauling and the transport of water from one place to another. In addition to this, this is lightweight as it only weighs 2.2 lbs and measures 14 x 8 x 21 inches. It features a spout for easy pouring, and quick water flow. 



As the age-old saying goes, “it’s better to be safe than sorry”. Never underestimate the importance of water storage containers – they come in extremely handy when natural disasters (such as droughts and typhoons) or pandemics strike.

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