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Top 25 Wall Storage Shelves Of 2022 Top 25 Wall Storage Shelves Of 2022

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Top 25 Wall Storage Shelves Of 2022

Written by: Noah Bennett

Find out the best wall storage shelves right away! Open up endless opportunities for utilizing space without racking your brains.

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The world of wall storage shelves opens up endless opportunities for utilizing space. From decoration pieces to books, toys to tools, cosmetics to clothing items; shelves provide endless ways to stow away your household items. They can be regarded as an efficient tool for managing the storage of materials, tools, products and everyday stuff.



The diversity in shape and sizes, color and finishes, wall-mounted shelves or floor standing, makes for an intriguing but a good conundrum to have. All these options at the household’s disposal make storing items fun and interesting. It helps bring about your personality as well as adding to the interior décor of your place.



These sturdy structures can accommodate a lot of materials that would normally be seen as clutter. Thereby, helping in the organizing of the household stuff and giving a neat look. Today’s world demands a more efficient use of space. Even closets and former storage racks are redesigned with shelves and compartments to make them utilize the space better.



Wall storage shelves not only add functionality but also adds extra layers of storage options wherever necessary. A single wall shelf can stow away your shoes, laundry, books, DVDs and seldom-used stuff. This can be easily achieved by the floor to roof wall shelves. It can pack the maximum items and occupy minimum space without being tacky.



Wall storage shelves are for everyone, be it a fashionista, a bookworm, a tech geek or just your average housewife; it can be customized to cater to your unique requirements.





Greenco Decorative 4 Cube Intersecting Wall Mounted Shelves are true to Greenco’s motto of providing quality and affordable goods for home, kitchen, and bath. It achieves this by an intricate design of intersecting boxes, perfect for décor purposes. It also provides ease of installation and a neat white finish. The white finish is suitable for any setting including living room, dorm, office and even dining rooms; displaying your collectibles and decoration pieces





  • BAMFOX floating wall shelves are made of eco-friendly and sturdy bamboo material and complemented by a smooth surface.
  • BAMFOX has more than 20 years of experience in working its magic related to bamboo material with a top-notch R&D.
  • The rustic bamboo look provided by these wall storage shelves makes them a good fit for many spaces including the bathroom, living room as well as kitchen.
  • Assembly instructions are user-friendly and the shelf easy to install.




  • These wall mounted shelves with a sleek rustic design combined with an industrial look speaks volumes of BAMFOX’s artistry with bamboo materials.
  • Renewable and heavy-duty bamboo promises durability and eco-friendly construction.
  • The metal brackets itself compliment the graceful and rustic look of these hanging wall storage shelves.
  • They complete your living room, bathroom, kitchen by providing an extra bit of panache.
  • Easy to install with minimum fuss.





If you are looking for simplicity and functionality, look no further. The Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves provide you with a simple look while achieving maximum functionality. These wall storage shelves are perfect for displaying decoration plants and ornaments as well as other collectibles. Removing the clutter around your kitchen, bedroom or living room becomes easy with these graceful wall shelves. The rustic touch of solid Paulownia wood adds to the elegance.





The InPlace Shelving 9084760 SLimline Floating Wall Mountable Shelf is a modern work of art. With its metal bracket installation, it adds to the weight capacity as well as easy to remove the installation. Built along with the new CARB standards, a durable MDF build ensures up to 17 pounds of weight carrying capacity. Built for functionality these wall shelves are a perfect fit for laundry rooms, children’s playrooms, and living rooms.




  • The BAYKA Floating Shelves are made after careful research and customer feedback, hence these wall shelves are an instant fan-favorite.
  • BAYKA shelves provide sturdiness in abundance with its solid Paulownia wood and iron build.
  • Unique design allows for a two-way installation allowing for diversity in styles without compromising durability and strength.
  • Suitable for multiple scenarios, these shelves provide a wide support base suitable for housing ornaments, collections, decoration items, and toiletries if needed.


  • The versatility of the SUPERJARE Wall Mounted Shelves is unquestionable. Books, small toys, photo-frame, small plants can all be placed on this shelf with ease.
  • The cream color ensures an aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes look. It bodes well for any background, adding a touch of elegance to the wall.
  • The two hanging shelves are independent of each other and can be easily installed in a compact or spacious manner.





SRIWATANA’s wall-mounted shelves boast solid and hundred percent guaranteed wood construction. The set of three shelves provide diversity in functionality. They can be alternated, put in parallel or series designs depending on your unique décor needs. They are easy to install and can be placed in the kitchen, living rooms, and even the washrooms without worrying about any wear and tear. These solid wooden wall shelves help you optimize your living space.





A retro ledge made of solid wood and waterproof coating meets rustic-looking metal brackets to produce this unique wall shelf. Supporting loads of up to 33 pounds per shelf, this premium wall shelf provides quality with visual aesthetics. Suitable for all settings, the shelves can be put up in no time by following the in-package instructions. The utilization of space is optimum for small apartments as it follows the minimalist design.





This ultra-slim bathroom organizing wall storage shelf is every homeowner’s dream. With solid wood built and a white finish, this storage shelf is gorgeous to look at. It’s highly practical because it can store all your toiletries easily without cluttering the space. The design of the shelf allows for eye-level access to the items making this super accessible and easy to use. 





  • Micup Floating Shelves provide an alternative to the everpresent Paulownia and fir made storage shelves.
  • The Solid Pine construction on the wall-mounted shelves promises sturdy construction that can easily hold up to 45 pounds of weight.
  • The easy to install shelves are pre-assembled making them more user-friendly.
  • The metal brackets provide dual functionality; acting as support braces for the torched-finished wooden ledges and to ward off items from falling.



  • These 5-tier Wall Mount Corner storage shelves help you decorate your corner spaces with ease and class.
  • The espresso-colored shelves will lighten up any wall, be it the living room, office space or a dorm room.
  • They are perfect for housing decoration items and your photos, adding panache to your living space by utilizing the corner spaces that usually require a lot of thinking to decorate.





Equipped with all the necessary hardware, this easy to mount floating U-shelf is a minimalist addition to your interior. White-colored and chic-looking, these wall shelves provide an elegant resting place for your photos, ornaments, small decoration pieces as well as functional items such as keys, wallets, books, and DVDs. The U-shaped design prevents the items from falling over adding more functionality to your living space.





The KINGSO Wall Shelf Rustic Wood Floating Shelves may sound like any other traditional hanging shelves but they have a unique design due to a circular metal frame. This unorthodox design hosts three ledges inside a round metal frame, thereby accentuating the interior décor up a level or two. This rustic wall mounted shelf will make decorating fun with the added ease of a quick installation.





This 3-tier hanging shelf is another cool innovation by the manufacturer BOLUO. This hanging shelf comes with adjustable boards that can easily cater to different book sizes. This makes it a good item for a utilitarian who is also looking for a delicate and sophisticated design. This sturdy installation with a rounded metal frame, dark gold, and white color-combination are sure to bring out an aesthetic look of your living space.





  • The EKNITEY Floating Shelves are multipurpose wall storage shelves that capture the imagination of anyone looking for style, durability, and functionality.
  • The placement of these hanging shelves allows a whole host of different combinations, adding to the utility and appeal of the shelves.
  • The shelves provide an X-factor to your living room table, vanity or the kitchen cabinets.
  • The powerful rustic metal brackets provide strength to the installation.





  • The Melannco Floating Wall Mount Molding Ledge Shelves are a must-have for any enthusiast of minimalistic aesthetic.
  • The set of 4 shelves with a classic black finish is sure to provide a visual appeal as it suits any background.
  • The size of each shelf varies from 6 inches to 24 inches providing you a variety of options to place them.
  • The shelves are easy to install and easy to clean with a dry cloth whenever needed.





The Balluci Wooden Interweave Floating Wall-mounted Shelves are durable MDF shelves that can be placed both horizontally and vertically. A shelf consisting of 3 cube compartment, is interwoven with each other to provide maximum aesthetic appeal.



This interwoven shelf still manages to appear minimalistic and can hold all your collectibles, photo frames and small decoration items. So, there are no visible connectors to ruin the view. Also, it’s super easy to install. 





  • The Giftgarden Floating Wall Shelves provides diversity in purpose and an extra touch of ornamental design due to its circular brackets.
  • Black coiled brackets provide a different look to any wall in your house, making it a popular decoration organizer.
  • The easy to install shelves can be used for books, collectibles, and even kitchen items. The living room can benefit from its pleasant design and give the surrounding walls an aesthetic touch.





Give your living room a fresh perspective by installing these Criss Cross Intersecting Wall Mounted Floating Shelves. The criss-cross design ensures functionality as well as style to your wall. The installation can add an extra oomph to your bedroom, living room or even kitchen by housing small ornaments and collectibles. An easy to install design with an espresso finish makes this wall-mounted shelf a must-have for its minimalistic appeal.





In your quest to find a longer than a traditional wall-mounted shelf, the Magicfly Wood Wall Shelf provides the answer. A 22.8-inch long shelf with a wide wooden ledge makes your storage issues find an aesthetic home. You can decorate almost anything with these long wall storage shelves and a wooden texture provides added grace. The waterproof and mildew proof shelf provides extra ornamental value with holes in the brackets allowing more stuff to be hanged.




  • This ornamental shelf comes with a unique inverted U-shaped metal bracket to hold the wooden ledges.
  • The aesthetic and contemporary design adds value to any living room space.
  • A solid particle wood couple with a smooth finish ensures a chic look.
  • A varying 3- way installation, provides extra versatility to an already appealing design.
  • Holding up to 24 pounds of load; toys, ornaments, collectibles, and picture frames can be placed to accentuate the living space.





  • The Emgofo Floating Shelf is accompanied by two drawers, making it an appropriate choice for a bedside storage shelf or housing collectibles and ornaments in the living room.
  • The dual functionality of these storage shelves makes them an ideal component to use when providing privacy to your household items e.g toiletries, receipts, etc.
  • A rustic solid wood ledge with carbonized black color lets you store your items gracefully and uncanny elegance.




Homfa Hanging Entryway Shelf epitomizes diversity in purpose. Its sleek design promises, the function of diversity is met with grace. The panels are made of durable, stain-resistant, wear-resistant, and eco-friendly MDF material. The cube-like compartments can easily stow away books, décor items, and toiletries in the washroom. Hanging your winter clothes temporarily is made easier via four hooks provided in these multi-purpose storage shelves with a modern design.




Mkono Wall hanging shelves provide an exquisite look to your interior or outdoor décor. Made up of wooden planks and jute rope, these hanging shelves utilize unused small spaces like none other. The rustic finish and wooden texture provide elegance and robustness. A multipurpose and thoughtful gift on any occasion. Easily accommodates spices in the kitchen, holding toiletries in the bathroom or decoration pieces in the living room.



The beauty of wall storage shelves is that they can be used almost anywhere around the house – from the kitchen to the bathroom to the garage. And with several beautiful options available on Amazon, you can purchase one that fits your home’s interior decor without any hassle!

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