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25 Best Plastic Storage Containers You Will Love 25 Best Plastic Storage Containers You Will Love

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25 Best Plastic Storage Containers You Will Love

Written by: Daniel Carter

Get your hands on these plastic storage containers to free up space instantly. Decluttering and tidying has never been easier.

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Plastic storage containers are a homeowner’s best friend. They provide reliability, durability, flexibility, and interchangeability all in one. These plastic storage containers serve a variety of purposes around the house and make for an excellent storage option.



These plastic containers cater to your specific organizational and storage needs. From food storage, keeping tools in the garage, storing dirty laundry to placing utensils in the kitchen and organizing kids stationery, plastic storage containers have become an ever-present commodity in modern homes. Storage materials should be reliable, durable and long-lasting, and the plastics’ longevity and durability make them perfect for house storage. You can use them over and over again without the need for an immediate replacement.



More people are embracing sustainable practices to ensure an eco-friendly living in all areas of life for the planet’s well-being. Plastic storage containers can be reused and recycled effectively, making them a terrific storage option. They can even be interchanged for different uses within the house, thereby saving you money.



The great variety of plastic storage options makes them an even better fit for storage purposes. Plastic storage containers are made in all shapes, sizes, and colors. From large plastic storage bins for trash to small storage boxes that house stationary, they’re just super useful to have in your home.



How Durable Is A Plastic Storage Container?

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Durability is the ability of a material to withstand pressure without any wear and tear. Most plastics used today are man-made, synthetic polymers. Thus, they can be made according to the specifications and requirements of the end user.



Plastics easily resist water and decaying microorganisms, making their disintegration almost impossible. Resistance to wear and tear as well as buckling under pressure make plastic storage containers the best option for storage and organization. They can sustain rough use around the house. Withstanding harsh conditions makes them the perfect candidate to be molded into plastic storage bins, storage boxes, and plastic drawers. Outdoor plastic bins are subjected to the full force of conditions including sunlight, heat, and rain but still manage to maintain their overall structure regardless. This makes them suitable for various kinds of environments: outdoor and indoors, humid or dry.



The long life of plastics makes plastic storage containers a sound investment. A one-time investment in plastic storage containers will yield greater productivity than using materials such as glass, wood, and metals.



The durability and long-lasting nature of plastic storage containers are undoubted. Its molecular structure provides them with this property. They can face stress, wear and tear, and heat for many years without damage. Their versatility in shape and form, color, and size makes them a durable companion for storing all sorts of materials.



Top 25 Plastic Storage Containers

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With its two-layer body, this Snap ‘N Stack storage container by Snapware is an absolute must-have. It is the ideal choice for storing arts and craft materials. Furthermore, if you work from home, this container is perfect for storing home office supplies as well. It can easily hold cosmetics, jewelry and lots of other beauty items easily. The ladies might want to get this one for their dresser! 


The Snapware plastic container also comes with customizable stack trays that provide easy access to the items without any mess and can be added or removed according to the user’s needs.




The Sterilite Latching 64 Qt. Storage Box may be one of the more affordable options on the market, but it still maintains high standards in terms of quality. On top of that, it’s gorgeous, simple, and elegant to look at! It comes with an easy-to-use latch and recessed lid. This design makes it appropriate for stacking multiple storage boxes. The transparent design makes it easier to distinguish stuff from one another as well.




This six-pack Flip Top Storage Tote has the combined capacity of storing up to 48 gallons. The lid design on this tote ensures its non-removability while moving around. The lid can be removed if access is desired frequently. These storage boxes provide the convenience of easy stacking while accommodating a diverse set of items to be placed inside.




You must get one of these pastic storage containers for your garage, no joke!


The IRIS 169 Qt. Remington Storage Bin is the heavyweight champion of plastic storage bins. Capable of storing a mammoth 169 quarts of items, it easily caters to all your storage needs. From outdoor supplies to household items, it’s got you covered and securely. Its treasure chest-like design with padlocks ensures you don’t have to worry about your things getting stolen.




This plastic container is produced from high-density polyethylene. The Rubbermaid Commercial 9S30 Brute tote is the perfect fit for all your food handling and processing purposes. Approved by the concerned authorities, it possesses high strength and durability. Innovative design allows for easy cleaning and removes any water buildup from its handles. The totes can also be stacked and easily transported when required.


Looking for a photo organizer? The Iris Extra Large 4″ X 6″ Photo and Craft Storage Case helps you store your photos. It has plenty of storage space to accommodate your images.


You can also easily store other small items including stamps and stickers. A rounded design prevents damage while the snaps keep the items secure. An built-in handle allows convenience in transport.






Organizing small things and saving space comes hand in hand with this Sterilite 6-Quart Latching Container Bin. It can easily store your shoes as well as small toys, winter accessories, and stationery supplies. This clear storage box comes with two lids, one of which acts as a hinge to make its contents accessible.




The HOMZ Tough Durabilt Tote Box possesses an industrial build design to withstand the harshest conditions. A six-hasp design puts security firmly on the agenda along with elevated tie-down dividers. The lid is also made of heavy-duty plastic to ensure durability, ease of transportation, and stackability. A lifetime durability warranty also adds to its must-buy status.


The Rubbermaid Cleverstore 16-Quart Plastic Storage Container promises you an easy solution to your clutter problem. With its clear design, it can help you organize its contents without the need to open boxes again and again. These storage boxes by Rubbermaid is perfect for storing small items such kitchen spices, toys, and shoes. They can easily be stacked as well thanks to a convenient recessed-lid design.





This plastic storage container provides ease, convenience, and safe storage for your items. The see-through design enables quick access and visibility for your stored stuff. The easy latches with stackable design make storage hassle-free. The lid is air-tight to prevent any fungal accumulation. The Sterlite 30 Qt. Ultra Latch Box can be stored in attics, basements, or the garage.




These plastic storage bins are a perfect replacement for Tot Tutors’ toy organizers. In case you lose them, these storage boxes are the optimum fit for all your toy storage needs. Their size promises efficient usage of space, be it in the closet, on shelves, or under the bed. The construction of these boxes is sturdy and reliable.




The Akro-Mils Plastic Storage Hanging File Box is a unique product with a clear focus on protecting all your important documents. The 12-Gallon box does not allow any moisture or dust to enter the box when sealed. It is sturdier than your typical cardboard holders, ensuring better capacity and stackability. It is easy to carry around with its ergonomic handle design.




With the Sterilite 16 Quart Stacker Box, you can put your worries about the durability of plastic storage containers to rest. Its rugged construction and strong latches provide the stored items maximum security. Its size makes it perfect for housing tools, shoes, and other household accessories. The grip of the boxes is assured due to its textured surface, allowing ease in maneuvering it around.





The organization of art supplies can be a tricky task due to the different shapes and sizes these items come in. The Artbin Super Satchel Double Seep provides an all-round solution to this task. With the option of dividing the box into two–eight compartments, it can easily stow away all your art supplies. You can be assured that your paints, letters, cards, and staplers. can all be stored safely in this plastic storage container.



The Pekky Small Plastic Storage Bin offers an appropriate size to stow away all the kids’ stuff. The clear container allows ease of access when using the storage boxes. It is easy to use, and the simple locking system ensures all your items are stored securely. You can use this plastic bin for storing craft supplies, makeup supplies, kid’s puzzles, toys, clips, beads, and combs.




These plastic storage bins can be used for toys, books, toiletries, fruits and vegetables in the kitchen, and much more. The stackability of Titan Mall’s Stackable Storage Bins is a real space saver that you and your family will love. You can stack them or put them side by side depending on your preference. A mesh design promotes ventilation, making it a must-have for storing fruits and vegetables.




This is another convenient way to store all your stationery and books as well. These storage bins enable you to compartmentalize the bins according to your own needs. Available in neon colors, these plastic storage bins are storage options your kids will surely love. The bins also help adults efficiently remove clutter and organize stuff for a more orderly household.





This 40-piece set with 20 containers and 20 lids is a dream come true for all kinds of food storage. The set contains storage boxes in 10 different sizes, suitable for diverse uses. This container also comes with a four-hinged locking mechanism to ensure the safety and the retention of nutrients in food. Approved by the FDA, it contains no harmful chemicals and is completely safe for storing food items.




We have a lot of stackable storage containers on this list for a reason. They’re just perfect for all of your diverse storage needs! These gorgeous plastic containers by Vtopmart are air-tight and are ideal for storing food items. Your kitchen will honestly thank you for this purchase. A great advantage these storage containers present is that they keep your food items safe and fresh for longer periods of time. They also look pretty neat, all stacked up on the kitchen shelf! 




Storing food made incredibly convenient with these plastic containers by Prep Naturals. The sturdy construction and strong lids make sure that there are no nasty leaks while you move the food from one place to another. The containers are not only microwave- and refrigerator-safe, but also stain-resistant. You can also use these plastic storage containers to store hardware supplies, office items, etc.



These meal prep containers by Prep Naturals are a great investment for all those who are diet-conscious. They come in portion control that is designed to specifically help people stick to their diet. They can also be used either as lunch boxes or office tiffin containers. These high temperature resistance of these containers makes them a durable choice.




Stackable storage containers are super handy when you have to store different food items all at once. Comfy Package takes care of this with their premium plastic food containers that come with airtight lids. The 16 oz. containers are a perfect choice not only for food storage but also for portion control and meal prep. Moreover, they are great as lunch containers, travel containers, and leftover containers.





If you’re looking for something that would help you efficiently store food, FineDine food storage containers are your best friends. These silicone gasket containers with a four-snap airtight locking lid help in extending the shelf life of food. They are also 100% leak-proof and have raised wave channels which let air flow between food and container to keep it from getting soggy.




The small storage bins make it highly convenient to keep small parts safe and secure while moving them. The tough polypropylene used in these containers will not shatter or crack easily. These plastic storage bins would not only save your time and money but also help you store and organize your small items.





This three-drawer cart is a must-have for your homes. Whether you need to store bedroom essentials like cosmetics, clothes, jewelry, makeup, and accessories, or you need it for keeping your hardware supplies safe, this storage drawer is a terrific go-to storage product. It comes in a clear design so that you can easily identify your items.



And that concludes our list of the top 25 plastic storage containers on Amazon! We hope you find something that suits your storage needs in this list. Have you used any of these plastic storage containers before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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